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  1. jahawa

    Don't won't to be that guy

    I have played a few battles since starting this post. Both Co-op and regular. The bottom line is I suck big time....Lol. But as I re-read the post today, I can see a lot of things I am doing wrong. Basically I play too aggressive. I am used to Blitz in tanks and ships, which is a fast paced battle. So I need to slow down. Thanks once again to all that have posted your thoughts. It's a lot to digest, but it has all been helpful.
  2. jahawa

    Don't won't to be that guy

    Wow. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I can see the learning curve is fairly steep like tanks. It just takes time. I haven't made the effort to put a lot into ships yet. Thanks for explaining co-op. Didn't have a clue what it was. I will certainly avail myself of that mode.
  3. jahawa

    Don't won't to be that guy

    Thank you for that. I have learned a lot from watching tank videos. I will look them up.
  4. jahawa

    Don't won't to be that guy

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds a lot like tank strategies. Didn't know angling was a tactic to use in ships. From all of my WWII submarine reading I figured turning your rear to the enemy was good and zig-zagging helped. Learning about ammo hasn't been on my radar, other than understanding the basic differences between HE and AP. Sounds a bit more complicated than tanks. Mini map awareness is crucial to tanks, knowing about it is easy, but making it happen is the hard part. One thing I don't understand is the detection dynamics and resetting your "camo" so to speak. That's a key element in tanks. I will keep the premiums in port, and continue to work the lower tiers.
  5. I am a long time WOT Blitz player who has been playing both WOWS and WOWS Blitz more lately. I have less than 100 battles in WOWS and close to 400 in blitz. I am pretty serious tank player, but not a great player. But I like to win. I like winning in ships alos, but I am still a noob, trying to figure out the strategies and techniques of the game. At this point I don't care that much about stats in ships, but I don't won't to be that guy we all hate in tanks; the one we call a window licker, who just drives around spinning their turrets. In WOWS, I noticed I received several premium ships with a time limit on them. I also have a couple of tier 8's. I played the tier 6 Graf Spree yesterday and promptly got destroyed. I understand yoloing is not good, but I don't understand tactics real well yet. I am a WWII history buff, so I mostly understand the historical use of the different ships. In tanks one of the problems is higher tier tanks can be bought or won in containers and the player can be clueless about how to play. So, any suggestions on how to not be that guy, that you good players on WOWS hate to see on your team?
  6. jahawa

    Navigating the Port page

    Ok, thank you that helps.
  7. I am a sporadic WOWS player. I am mainly a Blitz player on both tanks and ships. I started on WOT, but found it somewhat complicated to navigate thru the garage and all of the different options. I find the same thing on the ships page. I have looked for some explanation of how to navigate around the Port page and haven't found anything. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but that is the point, it shouldn't be hard to find. For example, after leaving a battle is there anyway to see the results of the battle? Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.