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  1. Some 30 years ago, I was in Narvik and stayed with friends for the summer; the old man witnessed the battle and told me all about it. I have even been on he wreck of Z2 “I think it is” in Romsbaksfjord. They had a summerhouse where the Eskimo was hit. There is a bridge there now over the fjord. He told me a very strange story about a torpedo that hit the beach outside of their house without exploding! Apparently, after the fight British sailors came ashore and disarmed it! He was very thankful for them doing this. I did not have the heart to tell him that it probably was because they were after or protecting some secret or other and not just helping him.
  2. (8). It is not intended that any Forces shall be landed in Norway until the Germans have violated Norwegian Territory, or there is clear evidence that they intend to do so. In addition to the above Forces a Striking Force should be available at Rosyth from P.M. 3rd to deal with any Seaborne expedition the Germans may send against Norway.
  3. Looong you need to get back Commander is killing your Clan man