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  1. French battleship

    No that would create a firestorm on the forum the likes we have never seen.
  2. Snob, Entitled & Know it All T9-T10 BBs

    Wow by your stats and posts it looks like you don't listen to anyone . with that low damage you must be hiding the whole game .
  3. Good going . may it be the first of many for you .
  4. On the topic of OP ship's?

    So you're saying you want the USS Alaska for a premium and some don't because it would be to powerful. I think ?
  5. First 1 Million Credit Game in Musashi

    It gives a +5% bonus to credit and xp I think . I will have to look at mine to be sure .
  6. I have really enjoyed her and have been racking up some good damage. I'm a bb player mostly and she is very comfortable to play . All ships will have issues out to 20km or I should say with dispersion and aim .
  7. Filthy Roma

    The ships handling and armor feel good but the gun dispersion just gives me to many issues . Fired three salvos at a ship less than 10km and broadside and all but one shell was a straddle.
  8. Love this . been wanting a way to increase my collision distance alarm.
  9. Initial Santa Crate results

    10 5$ boxs 20 3$ boxs gallant kidd huanghe de grasse bunch of flags and camo , with 5000 in gold . not a bad haul .
  10. Two feet of snow out. Be careful.

    Try finding shoes in that size . lol.
  11. HMAS Vampire marathon is up

    Looks like a 3 tube launcher ? can't wait to get out of work and start grinding for her.
  12. Wargaming please don't make christmas themed ships.

    Time to throw on the old Christmas cameo on the Cleveland .
  13. 142 so far . some ships for me just have that blend of firepower , speed and maneuverability to pull it off .
  14. Cesare when top tier

    Been bottom tier many times in her , but just like db4100 said just play her like a big cruiser and you should do fine .
  15. Cesare when top tier

    I love how it eats cruisers especially at mid range . Been having some great games with mine to .