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  1. Been bottom tier many times in her , but just like db4100 said just play her like a big cruiser and you should do fine .
  2. I love how it eats cruisers especially at mid range . Been having some great games with mine to .
  3. This ship looks like its going to be a lot of fun and I cannot wait for her to be released . Ships are only op in the right hands
  4. great job . now put all the commander bonus flags on him and rake in that xp to use on other commanders to get them leveled up .
  5. That's the op score . he was sunk and following the César around . notice the camera controls at the bottom .
  6. that's abyss score , he was following after he was sunk .
  7. Is it just me or does the César look like its gonna be alot of fun for teir 5 with the turret layout and her speed ?
  8. Wow what a great carry . and even if the ship is op its more of the players skill . you can be driving the most op ship and get your rear handed to you if your not very good or your having a bad day .
  9. Seen most on Friday and a few on Saturday and one on Sunday with my average of 7 games. the one on Sunday said he had been playing for 17 hours and was dead tired after he was sunk.
  10. I for one was glad to have a corgi on the team . it seemed like I won every match that had one on my team ( not that I won much this weekend ) and they played fairly well . watching others chasing them all over the map was pretty entertaining. didn't see much salt about them at all.
  11. If you like battleships and like to maneuver the Alabama will be very rewarding.
  12. had 3 games in her and to me she is very fun ship . I know her dispersion can be hair pulling but any bb can do that to you . just take a break from her and let the hype settle down some and try her again
  13. going to take the warspite out for a spin with her new turret rotation to get my brit fix , lol
  14. I find the spee to be a different play style ( I stink at cruisers ) but this one just works well and saying she sucks means she not right for your play style . If you have a play style . Lol