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  1. _5_6__2015

    Cleaned my ships out.

    That is true about the cost, unless you have to pay it many times for ships as hotfixes change the setup you might want. Now If there was a way to only change individual skills and not drop the whole lot, that might work out cost wise. But I have yet found a way to pick and choose one to change. If there is a way, please share it with me.
  2. _5_6__2015

    Cleaned my ships out.

    About 2 hours. I went through and removed captains first and then went back through taking of the modules. That way I wasn't going back and forth between the two screens on every ship one at a time.
  3. _5_6__2015

    Cleaned my ships out.

    Since the CV rework has caused so many issues and since WG gave us some time to change captain skills for free along with upgrades (which was a nice idea). I have gone through and removed all of both from 173 ships. The only ships left battle ready are tier 6 cruisers for the current Operation of the week. On Tuesday night of next week, I'll clean those off also and then wait for the dust to settle after hotfixes, public testing leading to updates and so on. I figure I will not play another Random battles again until mid summer once it all gets smoothed out. Right now it's just not fun when matchmaker gives one side two CVs with captain who know what they are doing and the other gets two morons who should never have raised above Hosho to begin with. Spending the first three minutes of battle dodging torps and then being sunk may be fun for the CV, but not for the other 10 players.