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  1. _5_6__2015

    Lunar New Year event.

    I'm either blind, stupid or both. But I have done searches in the forum and looked and looked for the "dedicated" article for the event and can not find out how you get the missions. I found where it says it starts the 16th which is today and they are not in my mission log. I've also read on the forums about guys getting Lunar containers and can't find crap about that either. Am I missing a link somewhere to join the event?
  2. _5_6__2015

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I did the same thing with stage one and then the premium boost. But it shows my rewards, will not let me collect them and my dockyard was reset to "0" progress. Hoping it strathens itself out in a little while.
  3. I assumed getting disconnected twice and having to reload the game, along with half a dozen screen freeze battles that it was my normal Comcast experience. But after asking in battle chat, I find I'm not the only one having the problem. Is it wide spread?
  4. _5_6__2015

    Update 0.8.8 - Feedback and Performance

    I logged into my laptop at 8 PM last night and intaintly a update started loading. I went to bed at midnight and it was only 40% loaded. I just got up at 7 AM and it's 91% loaded. What the hell is loading? If it's not complete in 30 minutes I have to shot the laptop down and pack it for a road trip. What happens then?
  5. _5_6__2015

    Random dominated by poor players.

    OK, I guess most of you got your flaming at me done. So I now understand. Random battles are about me and me alone. Screw the team, farm points for me and who cares about anyone else. Turn off the chat so I don't have to see anyone give me a suggestion or cry when I hide behind the island they wanted to hide behind or used my smoke for myself and not to help them. Thank you, so many of you have made it much much easier to play now. lmbo
  6. _5_6__2015

    Random dominated by poor players.

    Frustrating is exactly what I've been facing since early last week. I just fought a Random in Helena and we got creamed. We had one guy with 51% win rate then me at just over 50%. Everyone else in low 40% range. Red team had three over 55% and four more over 50% with no divisioned clans. I'd pay to get on the good server side, lol.
  7. _5_6__2015

    Random dominated by poor players.

    I guess I just don't get it. Many of you seem to think one or two good players or even average players can carry a whole team of noobs. I rarely get lucky and end up on the side of the server than matchmaker seems to favor with these one sided blow outs. Someone mentioned clan battles. I was in a big clan and would sit for a couple hours waiting for guys who "swore" they would be there to never show up. That got old so I left it. Oh well, good hunting all and be gentle when you see me headed toward the battle while my team runs to the other side of the map, lol
  8. _5_6__2015

    Random dominated by poor players.

    So you're saying I should run, hide and snipe? Sorry, I don't find that very fun.
  9. _5_6__2015

    Random dominated by poor players.

    I disagree. If you spawn on a flank with 3 guys who run as soon as you spot the enemy, I don't care how good you are, you will die trying to avoid concentrated fire from 4 enemy ships. 1. I'm 60 years old, don't assume someone with an issue is some young guy. 2. I know how programming works. If a company can tell you looked at a link that they sponsored and star sending you daily email adds, I think WG could figure a fix. 3. "exclusionary" so you admit there are "thousands" of bad players worldwide, lmbo
  10. _5_6__2015

    Random dominated by poor players.

    You would also have better players on your own team, making the battle a battle and not a shooting gallery for the guy stuck with 6-7 worthless team mates hiding the whole battle. Or at least I would think it would.
  11. I've come to agree with my old clan mates who stopped playing Random battles and only do Clan, Ranked and Scenario ops. The quality of play in Random battles is in the crapper. Very few learn the game before they tier up and have no clue how to fight at mid to higher tiers. I've seen dozens of players put their ships on auto circle the last week and fire each time their guns come around. Some charge forward like they're still in Black Swan in coop battles and want kills fast, other are turning and running for the map edge from the start of battle. If we had more Scenario battles and one for every tier, Random would be dead to many of us. I know matchmaker is random, I know you get what you get with team mates. I know the best is to division with guys you know will play good. But one would think they could figure a way to put guys in a tier 8 shipswith just enough battles under their belt to get that ship, with guys closer to their skills. A tier 8 that has an average xp per battle of 350 or a win rate of 35% with guys who have played 7,000 Random battles and 1,000 xp per if unfair to both players. Just my opinion and let the flaming begin.
  12. _5_6__2015

    Screen flickering

    I figure WG did it. after the last update half my mini map range settings had been shut off.
  13. _5_6__2015

    Screen flickering

    Bingo, I went to settings and Vertical synch had been shut off. Turned it back on and no more issues. Not sure how it happened as I have not been in settings for a while.
  14. _5_6__2015

    Screen flickering

    Thanks. I'm an old man (61) and know about as much about computers as I do about rocket science. But really, thanks for the replies guys.
  15. _5_6__2015

    Screen flickering

    I just ran 3 speed test from 3 different servers (Comcast, ATT and a local one) I have zero upload. I really hate Comcast cable.