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  1. They do have smoke but you can only perma spot a DD if it's off on it's own, away from the fleet. I don't really consider that right since they went solo. Any ship off on it's own will get focused and killed. Not only all that but radar was put in just because DDs would kite slower ships with no way to find them, so the plane spotting isn't that bad when you take it all into account i think. Also spotting a DD with a plane takes away a CV resource. It be like removing one of your ship gun turrets just to spot a DD. However it's not like they shouldn't get any AA just not something like Def. Fire that just turns you into a AA King for a boat with 1/5 the amount of AA mounts on a BB, and BBs don't even have Def. Fire. But if you really want to be an AA DD then i would be fine with a hull spec where you lost nearly all your main guns for AA mounts. Then you could have Def. Fire in my mind.
  2. The problem with it is mostly not at t10 vs t10 but there still needs to be fixes too. It's mostly match making with the higher tier boats getting in with lower tier CVs (also because there aren't enough CV players). it's so many AA boats with Def. Fire and other boat problems that makes AA to much and to help balance that i talked about nerfs to the CVs that wouldn't make them as powerful like no short drop. Also these nerfs would be needed if we ever want CVs to be in clan battles with the low number of ships per battle. If CVs can't short drop you also don't need a crazy amount of AA to protect boats because they can't maximize damage on you, and so you would have to bring up CV bomb and torp damage to help balance the loss in focus dropping. This is also why Def. Fire for BBs that are bigger, less mobile ships would make more sense and because of the amount of AA mounts they have on the boats. Cruisers are just to powerful a boat right now, they are fast, mobile, good damage, good AA, good radar and that's why i bring up new ship hull types that you can hard spec into an ability like an AA build hull that has draw backs to other systems, you don't give up much in going AA spec as it is right now. Def. Fire for the fast and agile DDs just doesn't make sense, not to talk about the low amount of AA mounts they can fit on their deck to start with. it wouldn't be so bad if Def. Fire didn't mess up drop angles but i like that feature just it's not needed for DDs in any way or form. most of everything else you talked about i can't say more on or i agree with you.
  3. 1. Its an idea not realistic in the game now, i'm not sure you understand the concept of this forum. 2. There are many problems for CVs in clan battles hence why i talked about some very BIG nerfs to their play style and abilities as well as buffs to other ships to counter them. 3. All players have different skill levels so just because it's a CV player doesn't mean anything. You are still looking at it from how things are now. 4. Ships often ran in flotillas in real life because of planes so are you saying you are worried that it would make game play to realistic? 5. CV's will be in clan battles at some point just how they are put in is the problem, and that is what this thread is all about. Again you could have just said from the very start you don't want them in then left. But at least you are now giving some very basic reasons why you don't want them in. Thanks for the contribution.
  4. Still so condescending but you are finally understanding what i'm getting at. What i'm going after is a CV rework idea(i understand they are doing one). This is just an idea on how to fix some big problems with a few different boats. I don't care if you like it or not but you gave no reason why it was bad just that you thought hull swapping in that manner was redundant, ok. then you finally said what was the only statement needed You could have saved yourself a lot of typing just by saying that in the first place. That's all you have to add to the subject. The whole point of this is to work them into clan battles but as they are now it can't be done, and as other boats are its not going to work. But thanks for playing better luck next time.
  5. wow so many forum elitist just talking out their stern with nothing really constructive to say in the matter. the idea is to bring CVs into clan battles and help balance out the Cruiser as well. Also making the CV not nearly as powerful with taking away their short dropping and give more defense to the bigger less mobile ships (that have more AA mounts). As for the CV drop out rate, I have a lot of clans and friends i talk with on this game and they all said the same thing. they stopped playing their CV around T8 because of AA. And why continue? you can't take them into clan battles. As for the hull stuff. It would be a good way to fix the problem of linear game play. there isn't much you can do but you can make things more flexible and give people better options with some consequences to help balance out the ship. Cruisers are by far the most useful boat in the game in the higher tiers and what do they do every game? camp, they run radar to spot out DD's making them nearly useless and heavy AA so you can't even get near the fleet with planes. Hull types that give them advantages in one area but take away in another would give them better roles in battles, also targets that need protecting from the fleet. This would change the game play in a way to make it more realistic and fun for different players that would enjoy more supporting roles.
  6. Things that could make clans battles better and get CV's into them. consumables, Anti-Air, Static boat types and matchmaking. Consumables are out of control, to many boats have to many different consumables that give them an edge over other boats with no negative effects. Destroyers should never get defensive fire because they just can't fit enough AA mounts on their hull to get the ability and since they have a high mobility why do they need it? Cruisers should only get defensive fire if they pick an AA hull, and battle ships should get defensive fire because of the large amount of AA mounts they have already. The Anti Air in tiers 8,9,10 are to high and people stop playing their Aircraft Carrier just out of frustration of not being able to do anything. The boat types are limited and you can only play a boat one way, why not give different hull types so the player can change the boat spec to suit what he needs or wants more of. If a player wants to go Anti Destroyer he can pick a radar hull that will come with less main guns but a long range radar, if he wants to go Anti Air he can get an AA hull that will have more AA mounts with longer range and less main guns. Aircraft Carriers shouldn't be able to short drop torpedoes and bombs. Finally match making, i would wait an extra minute in queue if it means i would never have to face ships higher then one tier above me, it isn't fun and feels like i'm wasting my time playing that match.