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  1. For sure, if you want to try destroyers, do it in Random, not co-op. The bots are programmed to shoot DDs first, so the second you get lit, every bot on the board is gunning for you.
  2. Then please do. You've got 6300+ battles? And you can't torp a carrier or dodge torpedoes? Did you *buy* this account or something?
  3. As I said already, they aren't going to change a premium like that, and premiums don't have multiple versions. Camo, sure, but not changing weapons or stats. They just don't do it, and I don't see that changing.
  4. Are you afflicted by some strange compulsion that forces you to hit the ESC button? Now you have me wondering if one could remap the ESC key, and if so, would that make any difference...
  5. You are guaranteed to get one of your choice. Not three. You asked a question, you got an answer. So sorry it wasn't the answer you wanted.
  6. Quite aware, but that's not my point. Nelson has crappy AA intentionally as a balancing factor. Right or wrong, that's how the devs see it, and it isn't going to get changed. You and I might not agree with it, but at this point it doesn't matter.
  7. Cool thread! Ajax is in game - as Leander. My main 'goal' ship is Oklahoma - I figure if they get around to the second USN BB line Nevada will be in there, which is close enough so long as there's a late-30's era hull available. Also waiting patiently on Richelieu and I'd like to see Renown in game.
  8. So divide by 10 instead, and cap it at 20 seconds. Or whatever. Just make it a range from 10 sec to 20 sec. I mean, I'm a BB main, but c'mon, throw DDs a bone or somethin'.
  9. You always get three things. At least one is guaranteed to be what you selected, the other two are random. So if you select 100 'credit' containers, you'll probably get close to 200 credit awards, with the other 100+ split roughly evenly between signals and consumables, and a smattering of other stuff such as Free XP crates, port slots, etc.
  10. You do realize that's part of the balancing of a ship, right? Texas isn't that big a deal because while her AA is a no-fly zone, it is almost all short range, and at the end of the day she's still rolling 14" guns, so it isn't a huge problem if she can defend herself from CV strikes. Nelson is another story. She can bring 9 16" rifles to bear on targets without showing broadside. Making her more vulnerable to CV strikes is used as a balancing tool. Bottom line is, this change will not happen, barring a complete change of philosophy by the dev team. You're simply going to have to stick with other ships and try not to get isolated. CVs look for lone BBs out there unprotected.
  11. I'm saying they won't make that change to an existing premium. Why they didn't use Nelson's late-war AA suite already I couldn't tell you, but they won't change it now.
  12. They won't make changes like that to a premium. I suppose there's a tiny chance they'd consider Rodney as a regular premium someday with a late-war AA suite, but I highly doubt it.
  13. Corgi III flag? You're welcome. EDIT: Actually, I probably need to make the Corgi a bit larger, but you get the idea...
  14. There's plenty of ways to counter Belfast. Sure, she makes you change your tactics. It is a challenge to overcome.
  15. No. KGV with stock 14" guns would not be competitive at Tier 8. So Monarch is a 'planned alternate' that was considered for the KGVs before they settled on the 14" guns.