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  1. Just get rid of events already

    Looks like the OP was more talking about the missions like the '25 torp strikes' that many people are working on, while many of us assumed he was talking about the Corgi event. Yeah, some of those missions can lead to some dumb player behavior, but lets be honest, those players probably weren't going to be carrying anyone in the first place. And I include myself in that number. It would be nice for missions like these to have an alternate method, like "Get 25 torpedo hits *or* (something not torpedo-related) so that people don't feel forced to zerg with a ship they're not that familiar with.
  2. Just get rid of events already

    Literally everything else.
  3. Change one thing to a tech tree ship

    One thing on one ship? I think I'd tweak New Mexico's dispersion to equal Arizona's.
  4. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    Isn't that pretty much Tier X play every day? :D
  5. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    To continue that analogy, though, the show (i.e. the game) might not have ended but the skits (i.e., the events) changed, as the person who drove the skits was no longer there.
  6. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    While I'm of the opinion that this should be the last Corgi fleet event, I'm all in favor of a replacement player event with a different twist. I think Splash and Radar will come up with something good. Also, I want to see similar events continue, if only to further **** off people like the mouthbreather that was cursing me out because he was "tired of hearing about stupid corgis". I laughed hard - I was in Arkansas Beta and he charged me in a Clemson. I took one torp as he left his smoke, slipped through his second spread, then put a full salvo of HE justice in his face. RNG let him survive that (barely) but as he turned to torp me at close range, our Kirov deleted him. And customer support got a nice gift-wrapped copy of the replay for their entertainment. :D
  7. The Toxicity recently?

    That dashboard ain't circa 1945, bro. ;)
  8. Operations rewards ?

    You should have gotten the rewards for all 5 levels when you 5-starred it. So no more rewards. Well, except for the XP/silver rewards, which aren't bad for co-op play.
  9. Totally different. If it comes down to surviving and win for the team, or dying and giving stuff to one red player, your team wins.
  10. How did this happen?

    While it could have changed, I know detonations used to come from AA or secondaries. LWM had a fairly lengthy treatise on the subject.
  11. Frankly, as a 3-time Corgi veteran, I'm incensed that some Corgis might behave that way - very much against the spirit of the event. The only time I survive a Corgi match is when the other team folds like a house of cards and I can't find the last red ship quickly enough to ram him. I think I've survived two matches this time around, maybe three. The one that I do feel bad about, I got surprised by a BB at close range, but managed to avoid his shots and torped him, then finished him with guns. Then I realized that the only other red ship was at the far side of the map with 3 greens closing. I should've just rammed him. Honestly, if you have a replay of such unsporting behavior I'd send it to @Radar_X - they can't do anything about this time (and this is probably the last Corgi event) but they can make sure players like that don't get selected for the next event, whatever that is.
  12. How did this happen?

    Well, the rudder is a module, same as any other like, say, a secondary gun. Ordinarily AP doesn't do module damage because modules generally don't have enough armor to set off the fuse. But perhaps the rudder has enough when combined with the water impact to fuse the shell under proper conditions.
  13. How did this happen?

    Hmm, I guess that could happen if the AP shell actually hit the rudder, since AP can penetrate the water and do damage. An HE shell would explode when it hit the surface. Still, that's a pretty random result.
  14. How did this happen?

    Same thing, it was HE splash damage that took out a module.
  15. How did this happen?

    This. To explain a bit further for the OP, an HE bomb hit the water next to your ship, close enough that you were within the bomb's splash damage radius. So it wasn't technically a hit. The splash damage destroyed a module, probably an AA gun or secondary, which triggered a check against your detonation chance.