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  1. Play a line to Tier X. You'll know which ones you might want to keep. If only the progression interests you, then don't keep any of 'em!
  2. If you don't enjoy it, there's no reason to keep it just becaues someone else thinks it is "great."
  3. And right there, you lost your audience. And 100% troll?
  4. I personally like this ship and can't wait for release. But then, I gravitate to the quirky and flat-out weird side a lot. ;)
  5. And if your first run was a 4-5 star, then you got all of them at once and probably didn't even notice.
  6. Heh, *that* is understandable. :D "We're taking on water, quickly". OH really?
  7. Yes. His skills are Expert Marksman /and/ Expert Loader.
  8. This. Warspite captains are already used to having glacially-slow turrets, so speeding them up isn't a huge benefit. Besides, it is exactly the same bonus as Steven Seagal, and that wasn't OP at all, even on USN's (marginally) faster turrets.
  9. Welcome aboard! Yes, it isn't quite a sim, more than you already realize. Just read some of the hot topics on this forum to get the gist of it. ;)
  10. Yeah, that's universally true for all low tiers. Of course, one man's cheap is another man's fortune. When I started playing this game I thought "there's no way I'd spend $15 for a pixel bote that someday will go away when the game closes up shop." *looks at port* Yeah, that pretty much went down the toilet long ago. ;) Actually, my 'premium fleet' isn't that bad all things considered. Three BBs I paid for (TX, AZ, and Warspite). I love my Dunkerque but she was actually a gift. Four cruisers. Belfast is the priciest ship I own. Perth wasn't cheap, but Murmansk (still best $/fun ratio) and Aurora were. One DD, Campbeltown, which I bought because I fell in love with warships after reading Douglas Reeman's "The Destroyers" as a kid. That book is a somewhat fictionalized version of the St. Nazaire raid.
  11. Depends why you want her. She's perhaps the best example of a port queen. Buy her because you love history and want to look at her in port. Play her because you want to giggle at the fireworks as your secondaries fire all around. But for making XP/credits/wins? No, just no.
  12. Not to mention more high-tier experience with other ships. Know your enemy, etc. Sure, radar does make a big contribution. In Missouri's case, it probably contributes more to increased win rate than it actually contributes to more damage/XP for the Missouri captain, simply because most of the time you're only going to get one salvo off during the radar uptime. Of course, if they manage to get the special radar mod for +40% duration, they'll be able to get off two salvos. It is more about lighting up the red ships for your teammates. Advantage, sure. But I don't think it is enough to put her into OP status. As others have said, the OP comes across as being salty because he couldn't roflstomp a Mizzou with his indestructible Yamato.
  13. Hmmm, interesting. And he has twice as many battles in Missouri as Iowa. My first thought (and mind it is just off the top of my head) is that I'd like to see if most of those Iowa games were older. Say this person unlocked Iowa, played a couple hundred games, maybe moved on to Montana. Then he drops the Free XP on Missouri, and plays it near-exclusively. He learned all the lessons in Iowa, and is applying them in Missouri. He's a better player, not because of Missouri, but because of the experience he gained in getting to that point. I think it is almost as interesting that he does more damage in Izumo than Iowa, but his win rate is way lower. And what is that column labeled 'Srv' on the right side? Just goes to show, statistics can't tell the whole story.
  14. Lower tier planes vs fully specced AA. But it does seem like the teams are actually cooperating in this operation, which is stunning. I think I've played thru about 8-9 times, and only one loss in the bunch.
  15. Hmm, "everyone" said that Dunk was not OK for ranked at the beginning of the season. Maybe only the ones who are very comfortable with Dunk and know how to use her strengths and avoid her weaknesses are using her?