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  1. He is aware of that. What the OP is saying is that he is able to fly two copies of the same flag at once. Which, if one could do that with, say, the Veterans Day flag (the bonuses *probably* wouldn't stack but then he shouldn't be able to fly two of them anyway) then that could be a problem.
  2. Azur Lane Voice

    I'm not certain that there will ever be an English version - in fact, I rather doubt it.
  3. Credits...how to use

    Conversely, if you aren't wise with your credits you can find yourself cash-poor and unable to buy the higher tier ships.
  4. Battleships firing from the Bow?

    Well, I think it was worse because you went 'bigger' when you should have gone the other way. ;)
  5. Battleships firing from the Bow?

    Umm, not much on math, are ye? It's 24.8 miles. I mean, your point is still valid - the record is Warspite's hit at something like 24,000 yards, or about 13.7 miles.
  6. Is this how low the xp is supposed to be

    In other words, "Yes, working as intended"
  7. Thrawn, you've been here awhile so you *should* know this already, but there might be folks here who don't. I'm unsure whether you saw a supertester, community contributor, or maybe a press account. If it was a ST, they cannot tell you anything. Even after the ships are released, we are contractually bound not to discuss any testing. Had it been me, I'd have said, "They make a 'pew pew' sound when red planes fly by." As for your response, well, getting focused is pretty much part of the job. But hey, it makes it easy to test durability, sinking animations, etc.
  8. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Wow. Friday was a black day. My mom's brother Butch finally lost (or won, depending upon your point of view) his battle with cancer. The hockey community was gutted when a semi t-boned a bus carrying a junior team to a playoff game in Saskatchewan. And this. Dsee was a great guy to discuss ships with - a tremendous resource. His passion will be sorely missed. It's funny. I've been involved with online gaming since before most people had even heard of the Internet, starting with online MUSH/MOO roleplay stuff. You'd think that there wouldn't be much connection - after all, you know so little about the guy on the other end of the proverbial 'line'. But in reality, losses like this seem magnified in some way. Maybe its because we don't see all the little stuff in their day-to-day lives, the personae we interact with online become some amplified, idealized version of themselves. I don't suppose it matters why. All I know is that the loss of someone like Dsee seems to hurt more. Goodbye and Godspeed, my friend. And if you find yourself at the gates next to a diminutive old gent with a big beard, give him a hug from me.
  9. Sometimes The Grind can be fun

    Fair enough, thats a good place for him. ;)
  10. Sometimes The Grind can be fun

    Fun?!?! Who *are* you, and what have you done with the *real* Crucis?!?!
  11. Aigle

    Doesn't mean no one else does. Sure, if you try to play it like, say, Farragut, you'll get a quick ride back to port. So maybe think about what you can do different. Or just sell it for the credits and move on. And hey, at least you didn't drop $22 (or whatever it is) only to find you can't make it work.
  12. Damn, Splash, you just got here! Was it something I said? :D
  13. I will just say that I do not share your opinion in the least, and I am glad that the dev team is willing to do different things.
  14. Operation Hermes: jerky graphics

    I saw a bit of that in random myself last night.
  15. Probably ar leaat some playera out there who wpuld react to your saltiness with. "OK, hotshot, if you're so great I will just beach myself broadside to their fleet and go have a beer. Have fun winning by youraelf." Not that I would do that, tho the thought might cross my mind. ;)