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  1. kerensky914

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    I think that is exactly what Captain Langsdorff said as he ordered her scuttled.
  2. kerensky914

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    Just remember that Spee will still be there when you have some doubloons burning a hole in your pocket. ;) Tho if you don't care for her aesthetically then maybe not.
  3. kerensky914

    Hey Sub_Octvain

    I'm sure that's true - every college town has a couple of amazing burger places. I'm just not sure what qualifies in Austin.
  4. kerensky914

    Hey Sub_Octvain

    The brisket is a capital idea - there's some great places in Austin. But you can do so much better than In and Out - why take him to a La-La Land chain burger place? Even Whataburger would be better - at least that's a Texas place.
  5. kerensky914

    friendly fire penalty is stupid

    Substitute political words and/or religious words for gaming words, and you've just described the entire freaking planet.
  6. kerensky914

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    The port UI changes got a bunch of things out of the way and made it cleaner. Some folks might not like it as well, but it performs better, without question. Probably not noticeably if you have a nice gaming rig, but on my potato it makes a huge difference. But I guess that doesn't fit your narrative, so you do you.
  7. kerensky914

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    Already been pointed out in this thread, the numbers are not masked, they just moved them when they reworked the UI.
  8. kerensky914

    So Alaska...

    Common misconception, all supertesters are not unicum players. In fact, it's important to have testers of all skill levels - otherwise you get ships that are balanced in the hands of the top players but the average player just flounders in. I'm nowhere near a great player, probably pretty comparable to you if stats are to be believed. Of course, we don't get stats for testing, and to be quite honest I barely play my own ships these days. I probably average 10 battles a month that aren't in test ships. Honestly, getting focused in test ships is not a huge deal - it can get frustrating but its important to see how ships hold up in those situations. Anyhoo, thanks for the kind words and we'll see you on the high seas. :)
  9. kerensky914

    AI Cheats

    Ships don't 'jump' around the map, this is simply that when ships are first spotted, sometimes the minimap will show them where they were when they started, or where they were last spotted, then it updates the location.
  10. kerensky914

    So Alaska...

    Try driving ships that aren't released yet. "Oh look, pretty day on the ocean, not a cloud in the... say, what's that? *dies in a hail of fire from the entire red fleet*" Don't get me wrong, it's rewarding work, but some days you get a few of those games in a row and you just wanna flip the table and go drink heavily. ;)
  11. kerensky914

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Gotcha, I misunderstood, I thought you were talking about the Character Voiceover in AL rather than the one for WoWs. I'm holding out for a Northampton retrofit myself. ;)
  12. kerensky914

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    You might check back, they often release more voiceovers for ships that they originally missed.
  13. kerensky914

    Oh yeah, I forgot Supercontainers existed...

    Yeah, it isn't a bad prize really, it's just humorous. :)
  14. It's been over a year since I'd gotten a supercontainer, so when that big box dropped on my transport ship I was ... well, excited is too strong. Bemused? Anyway, cracked it open to find ... 15,000 coal. I *literally* got a lump of coal. :P :D
  15. I've had a couple 6 CV matches this weekend. Not a lot of fun when you're in a T-III BB with no AA. ;)