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  1. You still can't switch them to bugfixing, even more so if they are contract. So you stop paying them to work on new content, they move on. You're still not developing new content, and you haven't helped the bugfix problem. I fail to see how that makes any difference. You're incorrect. There's plenty of cost - lost productivity. If you're talking about simple work - digging a ditch, for instance - then you can throw as many workers at it as you can hire. Double the workers, halve the total time required, more or less. But anything requiring significant expertise - software design, engineering, architecture, etc. - you have a significant loss of efficiency when you add people to the process haphazardly, because *how* the work is done and how the pieces go together matters a great deal. Any Engineering Director in a design-oriented field would know this. I do like that you put out some suggestions for monetization. Some of them, like reselling ships and accounts, WG seems to be dead-set against for whatever reason. Some of them you're preaching to the choir about - like the pricing structure, I completely agree that I think they'd make more money overall if they cut prices. *shrug* But none of that changes the core fact that they get most of their revenue from new content. Could it be otherwise? Yeah, probably. But WG's marketing people are the ones that need convincing in that regard. Hmm, because darn near every player that comes into this game's first complaint has been "WG, Y U no haz RN? Biggist navy evar!" Money is never the sole driving factor, just the most important one. The fact that the Russians have their own server says enough about that.
  2. ... Not sure what you're trying to say here, Prophet. I use a couple of ARP commanders when I have to test IJN ships, so I am aware that this can be done now. That's a fairly recent development, as opposed to the HSF ships that have always been able to share commanders with their 'parent' nation.
  3. Except that each is implemented by separate teams. You can't just take the 'new ship' team and tell them, "Drop what you're doing and pitch in with the bugfix team for the next two months." It doesn't work like that. The 'temp' workers get in the way and make the work go slower, not faster. Basically, if you double the manpower you might expect a 30% increase in total work accomplished on that task, while the task you pulled everyone off of loses 100% of their productivity. How would you propose they make more money off the existing userbase in a F2P game? New content is what drives the money. No new content? The money dries up, and now you can't pay all those people working on bugfixes. Nobody but millions of potential gamers in Asia. The NA server is their smallest market, after all.
  4. It is, and it isn't. At least it could always use standard German commanders. The ARP ships had to get modified later to get that benefit.
  5. Premium ships are not in the tech tree unless they are continuously available for sale with doubloons. Also, the HSF Harekaze which you probably saw is not technically part of the IJN, although the HSF ships blur that line a lot more than the ARP ships did...
  6. No worries, sometimes I forget that sort of knowledge isn't always "common" ;)
  7. That moment when you have to stop and explain a joke. Sigh, gamer crowd. <--- This prancing horse. For those still wondering, it's the logo of Scuderia Ferrari. Yes, it's more rearing than actually prancing, but the logo is colloquially known as 'The Prancing Horse'. This would be why I asked if he sunk a Roma (despite the fact that she's not in live testing yet to my knowledge...)
  8. Yeah, I actually thought you were trying to be funny/ironic, so I just added to it. ;) And it wouldn't surprise me if it could have been that way, there's lots of examples of that in English.
  9. question

    Most internet games have a cadre of forumites that wait to pounce on the posts of the unwary. ;) No worries. :)
  10. question

    Unless you think a company can walk away from a potential market that large, yes, they did absolutely need it. And hey, some of those assets will get folded, spindled, and mutilated into the UKDD line, so there's that.
  11. question

    I just have to keep telling myself, "Be *nice* to the noob. Be *nice* to the noob ... "
  12. Problem is, if they do that then they are allowing merging of accounts, which they've adamantly been against. I'm pretty certain the answer will be 'Sorry, but no.' But by all means, official word is better than my guess. ;) If you're after your own time spent in-game, I wonder if that info is available in the API? You might be able to call that out, like into a Google Doc or something.
  13. All quite true, except the underlined part. That's not a determination you or I, or even the transgressing teammate, get to make. Yes, it sucks rocks having twits like that on your team. It doesn't excuse us breaking the rules in reprisal.
  14. I said "spoken like" not "obviously he is". :) Besides, can you find anyone that has *all* BB and CL plays, and zero DD?