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  1. Oldwolfdog

    Tattoo Contest: Voting

  2. Oldwolfdog

    YouTube Shipments: Memorial Marathon

    Damn Code will not work wth.
  3. Oldwolfdog

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    I can't stand Cry Babes. If you don.t like it Stop Playing.
  4. Why Can't we get a second Flag for the German Ships? I get that you don't like the Germans but come on It's time to round out the flags.
  5. Oldwolfdog

    German Collection?

    Why no German Collection and Second Flag for German Ships?
  6. Oldwolfdog

    Italy Cruisers

    New Italy Cruisers SUCK, Smoke Sucks, Shells Suck and Ships hit points Suck. Why even put them in the game like this? look them up in jane's fighting ships for god's sake.
  7. After the CV change the Game is not that much fun to play anymore. Most of the time DDs run and hide and won't spot. Only half the team will fight if your lucky and the rest hide, Can't win the game that way. I think I will take a break form the game and play something new.
  8. I don't think I will be playing this game much anymore. It was a great game but they keep "Fixing things" Not fun anymore more like work.
  9. Oldwolfdog


    The PEF is so bad I am sorry I wasted so much time on it. I am happy I didn't Waste Money on it this ship Sucks Big Time.
  10. Oldwolfdog

    colored tracers

    I won the mission so how do I use the colored tracers ?
  11. Oldwolfdog

    500 Secondary Hits

    Thank all of you for your help I did it.
  12. Oldwolfdog

    500 Secondary Hits

    500 ? if you don't want anyone to get it why not make it 5000? the top players might make that but most won't get close. some times this game Sucks. It's just to much for your players to do.