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  1. Jack_BNimble

    Can't Go Fullscreen after Most Recent Update

    This is the window that keeps reverting to whenever I try to change to fullscreen.
  2. Jack_BNimble

    Can't Go Fullscreen after Most Recent Update

    I deleted the preferences.xml file and it did launch to full screen but only at 1200x800 resolution. When I went into setting to reconfigure the display, it kept reverting to 1920x1080 windowed mode no matter which fullscreen resolution I chose. This is quite frustrating but I do appreciate the input received so far.
  3. After updating to the most recent versions of Windows 10 and Nvidia graphics driver (Version 416.94), I've been running into this issue where every time I start up WoWS and WoT, it will not go to fullscreen. I've tried changing the graphic settings in-game but the game still only displays in windowed mode. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue. Is there a way to fix it or will I have to wait for a patch from Wargaming? Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!