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  1. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I've just been sent back 3 times in a row by that sub node in E4. What. Why.
  2. Car's Drawup Hub 2.0

    The only thing Im worried about for you are LBAS planes. Super expensive to craft the dedicated aircraft, and there's a good chance one of the maps will have a boss node with high range. Hope you had the resources to craft a couple.
  3. Car's Drawup Hub 2.0

    Heh, that's everybody's life. And we gotta go overtime because it's a large-scale event. Didn't get my Hard medal last event, and I really want one so I grinded my butt off over Summer. It's going to be rough, gruff, and totally tough because 7 maps+gimmicks, but I'm feeling confident this time around. If you need some last minute tips, feel free to send your shippos and equippos.
  4. Car's Drawup Hub 2.0

    Thanks for the explanation, I'll be looking forward to your future projects! Btw, still play Kancolle?
  5. Car's Drawup Hub 2.0

    I'll forgive you this time :p. But, I can understand that you'd have to be away for rigorous testing (took 3 APs myself). And hey, even if you only had one project to show, I'd still be happy since you came back. But holy hell did you improve. I remember your first batch of drawings, with Elba being my favorite amongst them. A realistic yet modest design, without anything crazy to make her "unique". Maybe its because I've seen too many over-the-top fantasy ships (including my own). Its incredible what you've done with her now, and really goes to show how much you improved over time. The scaling is almost perfect for the more recent projects, the details of literally everything has improved, the rigging is fantastic, and every design has their own charm. Me likey. The only immediate critique I have is that the rudders need more love; they are a bit too square-like.
  6. Car's Drawup Hub 2.0

  7. my first time

    Congrats on rank 1! It's no easy task, hope to see ya next season
  8. We need "It's just a game bro" mode

    This isn't a job or a hobby. Its a pastime and a game, where the entire point of it should be having fun and enjoying yourself. No need to shame others for playing a game and enjoying themselves; that's pathetic. You're not on some pro Warships team making money everytime you win a match. It's just a game, stop taking it so seriously.
  9. dunque OP for ranked?

    I used Dunko to rank out, and it's not a bad option. Since all of her guns are located forward, she can maintain a slim profile, which is helpful for dodging torpedoes easily (along with her high speed). However, she is very frustrating to use. Her guns aren't very reliable and I've had wonky dispersion quite often. Not to mention she has only 8 guns that are the smallest of her tier. Low firing angles also prevent Dunko from firing safely behind islands, and there will be many moments where you won't be able to return fire. Warspite is her worst enemy, as her guns will constantly overmatch her armor for consistent 10k+ salvos. I'd recommend Warspite over Dunko if you want a premium battleship for Tier VI ranked, but Dunko is definitely usable.
  10. See you all in ranked.

    GL in ranked. Choose the ships you're comfortable first, but never be afraid of trying something new. That one comes from experience (which ended successfully) To me, ranked was a fantastic experience, especially to a player who wanted to improve. The forum tends to see ranked in a negative light, with the only good stuff being the rewards. For me, I chose to see ranked as a way to learn. I picked up entirely new playstyles and ships and mastered them. My first season, I figured out how to play carriers and destroyers, mostly the latter. The second, I focused on teamwork and positioning, the two most important things to learn in WoWs in my opinion. The third, I learned how to play British cruisers (which I was previously terrible in), torpedobeat, and be a large influence on matches. I can say with 100% confidence that I've done these things. You should look at ranked the same way. There will be mistakes, maybe a lot, but always acknowledge them. When you sink, play back the events leading up to that point. When you win, study how it happened. But, the best part of ranked was the environment. There's talk of toxicity in overwhelming amounts. I didn't see it because I learned two things, quickly. Either shut up, or shut them up. What I mean is don't last back to nasty stuff; it'll only make things worse. Keep making concise commands and callouts for your team, and keep playing your best. It's never, ever over. Trust me on that one. As for quieting someone down, just tell them to focus on the game, respectfully. They can't type if they're busy shooting and dodging. Anyway, back to the real deal. The people. WoWs has a small playerbase, and as you move up the ranked ladder, you'll start to see the same people often. I love to say hi and banter with them. You also start to see what they're capable of, so when they're on the opposite team use it against them, and when they're with you, you'll be unstoppable. Teams win ranked, so you gotta step up and talk. Stick with the main plan, but don't be afraid to suggest changing things up. Stick to the command messages when you want to get something across. If you need a more specific request, say it, but make it quick. That's my two cents on ranked. If it's not your cup of tea, I can understand. GL with your first season. And as always, begin each match with F10. Edit: Word vomit
  11. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Gonna need a little outsider input for KC. I only have enough for two blueprints until the Summer Event starts, and I have three ships that require one for Kai Ni. Yura, Taiyou, and Saratoga (95% sure that it'll be her). I'm good in all categories as a whole, but I'm torn on who I should leave out.
  12. And Insider's, Outsider Perspective

    Perhaps I worded that wrong. What I meant is that I initially played this game to look at the models of the ships, which are very well-done I must say. Of course, it's a game as well, and I got pretty hooked. I still like to look at such models, including the future ones, but I'm not hooked onto the game anymore. If I even get on the game, I'll likely just sit in port (did buy premium just for the drydock tho).
  13. And Insider's, Outsider Perspective

    I've read the whole thing, and it shares a lot of my current thoughts. +1 from me. A lot of people are complaining about the text length, and that really painted a picture for me on how young (or lazy) some of our forumites are. Took me 12 minutes to go through, and is no where near as long as the reports I've dug through. However, it just shows that our playerbase wants convenience. They would rather have a shortened, easier to read argument than a longer, more fully-explained one, likely due to the time required to go through the entire thing as you've stated. Talk + explanation of the other games' features however, could have been left out as it didn't really help with the argument at hand. When I first started this game, I was a history buff. Excited to be able to see well-detailed models of ships I've only ever seen in black+white pictures. My initial goal was to get ships like Yamato, Nagato, Iowa among others simply to see them. A couple thousand of battles later, I'm not a history buff anymore. That died down long ago. I'm a gamer now, and I'm starting to see problems that my historical self ignored and accepted. I want a skill-based game, where everyone is given the same opportunity and controls, and the best man wins with people acknowledging that "Hey, they are that good". That's not possible. RNG dictates every shot you fire and take, where in one situation you Dev Strike and bounce, and another you bounce and get Dev Striked. The whole notion of tier spread, and to a lesser extent captain skills and ship upgrades puts others at an automatic advantage even before the match begins. Not even the maps are properly balanced, but no one cares because of how large they are and how slow the ships travel from one end to the other. Ship interactions are unfair, with the only ways to win are either to abuse game mechanics (which are heavily flawed) or simply gang-up on a ship. I'm not seeing these ships as pieces of history anymore; they are game characters to me, split into four different classes that vary so heavily there may as well be eight sub-classes of the four. Because of that, I've stopped buying ships a long time ago. Even as a history buff, I didn't buy Hood. I didn't buy Kaga. I didn't buy Alabama. I haven't bought a ship in half a year, it would seem. And I don't plan on buying future ships, even the Big E and Roma. The experience gained from battles with them is just way too repetitive to ships that I already have. To me, premium ships are like skins. I have a different look, but it performs similarly to what I currently own. Even if they give slightly different playstyles, I'm not committing that much money for it. My motivation to continue playing this game is dwindling to the point where I've only played 5 games the past week. I used the play double that on a single day. The repetition of every game, the historical-self, the flawed game mechanics that have no fix in sight, and not knowing where this game is headed are starting to take notice. I've been patient and content with things, mainly through ignorance and historical reasons, until recently. If this continues, I'm not going to be sticking around for much longer.
  14. I was using X as a filler for a number/ship, didnt mean for it to be interpreted at tier 10. My b
  15. You could go for highest number of secondary hits in a single battle in X ship/X tier.