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  1. SubTender_Taigei

    [KNCOL] Be a Part of the Community!

    I hate you but I also love you
  2. SubTender_Taigei

    [KNCOL] Be a Part of the Community!

    If you came here actually looking to join, chances are you are into anime. So are we. Now if you ask me, that's like, 50% of all I need when looking for a clan. Maybe that is all you need. But KNCOL isn't just another clan, it's a community, a family of sorts. We're all accepting, chill, and when we aren't around to play, we chat and have fun in our discord. If you're into anime and WoWs, looking for a place to stick around and share yourself, then you've hit the right spot. Who are we? KNCOL is a part of the larger KCxWoWs discord community, which you can guess is Kancolle x WoWs. However, we have more to offer than those 2 games, with channels on GFL, AL, GBF, and a bunch of other games including R6S, Nintendo, and Warframe. It was created to bring together people who were into the same games and have a place to chat and have fun in the downtime. Requirements: Apply in-game to be accepted and given a link to our discord Be active in both discord and in-game within reason Yup, thats all there is to it. We have no hard stats requirements, cause we aren't about that. We're actually quite short on clan wars members due to many of our members having real-life obligations, so if you'd like to play, we'd love to accept you! While we have gotten Typhoon last season, our goal is to let as many players who want to play clan wars, have as many opportunities as possible. We aren't one to exclude! Hope to hear from you soon!
  3. SubTender_Taigei

    Privateer Program: General Information + FAQ

    Yeah, the 2 links in my signature go to models Ive posted here way back in the past. There were also a few smaller submission to forum contests but those have been lost for awhile now
  4. SubTender_Taigei

    Privateer Program: General Information + FAQ

    Time to pull out the ol modelling program again
  5. SubTender_Taigei

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  6. SubTender_Taigei

    Buff the Black please

    I trudged through over 100 battles in Black, so Im not wack for saying this, im just putting out how I experienced the ship. Im really finding it hard how anyone can think Black is OP. Everyone says its because of radar and smoke combo. But guess what, said radar is 7.5km and 25 seconds, literally the worst in the game. You dont even have firepower like cruisers, so its very hard to do crippling damage. After radar, what can you do? Shoot some torps that never hit things unless they sail in a straight line. The thing isnt necessarily terrible, but it sure feels like it with the torps it has. It absolutely either needs a buff to its torps, or form a role as only a knife-fighter with much better guns or radar, or literally anything so it isnt such a piece of hot garbage
  7. SubTender_Taigei

    Buff the Black please

    Black is one of those really awkward ships in port that you both want to play and not at the same time. It's pretty, its cool, its unique, and exclusive. But jeezums, its not a fun ship to play at all. The torps are horrendously bad at 44 knots, none of the other stats matter if they cant even hit one. Theres zero skill involved with hitting them, either some enemy sailed in a straight line for 90 seconds, or you hit something you werent even targeting. Thats cool and all but come on, how often does that really happen? The torps are way too frustrating to use simply because of their speed, and the ship doesnt have enough perks to make up for such an inconsistent form of damage. Its not a gunboat like the Russians cause of USN shell velocities, and it has the worst radar in the game. No matter if it has radar and smoke, when said radar is a whopping 7.5km and lasts for 25 seconds. Whew, truly gamebreaking OP stuff there. Fletcher is miles better than her, and now with Chung Mu, just give Black something so that shes not so frustrating to play.
  8. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I've just been sent back 3 times in a row by that sub node in E4. What. Why.
  9. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Gonna need a little outsider input for KC. I only have enough for two blueprints until the Summer Event starts, and I have three ships that require one for Kai Ni. Yura, Taiyou, and Saratoga (95% sure that it'll be her). I'm good in all categories as a whole, but I'm torn on who I should leave out.
  10. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I've been able to get AS+ at boss node regularly, but the Double Dyson + Young Oldie setup is real rough, gruff, and totally tough. Dysons survive for night (sub 200 hp at least), but everything else sinks. From there, nothing goes the way I'd like it to. I've tried using STF as well, but I got super pissed at the submarine node because I kept having such bad RNG on it.
  11. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Well...I don't think I can take anymore losses when I have 6000 bauxite.
  12. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Thanks. So I had one LBAS for air defence. Was that totally unnecessary?
  13. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Maybe I have faulty eyes, but what's your LBAS setup?
  14. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    E5-H LD is giving me some trouble. Almost completed the event, but had bad RNG during night (torp DDs didn't cut-in) and I haven't come close since. Can I see someone's complete setup? Running low on resources now.
  15. SubTender_Taigei

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I'd recommend putting in at least one high-luck destroyer and set them up for a torpedo cut-in. Everything else looks fine.