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  1. Yes dispersion is worse, as well as money and xp earned, and damage done. It's all wack now.
  2. You have made this once simple, and fun game a complicated, aggravating, and too involved ordeal. I've always got to be figuring out new stuff once I get comfortable with the way things are, you go and make a useless update. It all started with Gamecenter, and has gotten worse with each update. Do something worthwhile like make new ships. How about some new maps?, all of these maps have been played out. You took a simple click and drag operation that was used to play the cv, and turned it into a confusing proceedure. If I wanted to fly planes, I'd be playing world of warplanes. Now you've made me have to re-learn how to play clan battles too. Co-op battles are so rigged now it's not even worth bothering with. Torps never hit the target, and 4-6 ships attack me all at once. Why do you insist on making players suffer a punishment for accidentially hitting another ship with a torp? It doesn't make the game anymore realistic(it's not an issue in scenario, and it shouldn't be in any other mode. Just turn off friendly fire(if you can figure it out)...problem solved, why should players be punished for such a trivial thing? News Flash!!! Nobody can team kill, if friendly fire is turned off...get real, it's a joke to be slapped with an 8 game penalty(because somebody at wows doesn't like you), or have losers drive into your torps intentionally, when you could be adults(if that's possible), and just turn off friendly fire. It's pathetically rigged, and keeps players from progressing. Leave the game alone, go back in time and make it the way it was before you added all the dynamic audio B S, and every other stupid idea ya'll have somehow managed to come up with. It's becoming a boring/time wasting endeavor.
  3. ARS_41

    Update Hotfix

    Why must you constantly change things with this game? Just leave it alone. Go back to the way it was in 2016, when things worked. ty
  4. ARS_41

    Here a DD, there a DD, everywhere a DD

    thank you Brushwolf
  5. ARS_41

    Here a DD, there a DD, everywhere a DD

    Agreed, (A Steaming Pile) I'm always thankful for a free premium ship (if it's a good one) <thx> but the weak POS Acasta, and all the missions I had to accomplish along the way to earning this POS, with NO Premium Camo was not very rewarding to say the least. And why are these ships not just put in the normal tech tree like the rest?
  6. Please Just give us a version without game center, it's ruined the game. Don't force all your games on us with some stupid ram eating beast of useleness. The game is absolutely overloaded, and you insist on pushing through with update after update no matter how obviously crappy the game center is, or how much money I've dumped into this game, and what a majority of updates have done to gameplay, leaving players no option but to quit because they are forced to buy better computers because of what wows perceives as progress. We want options to adjust the game to our computers, not the other way around. I've been on here since 2015, and it really grinds my gears that you won't make the game center optional, and other resource hungry apps, and the endless quest to get better video for the games go away...it just ruined the game for me, I dont have 400 dollars to plop down on a new computer. Give us the older version downloads, so we can still play. C'mon man it's easy enough to do. Don't let greed keep us from playing a game, and not a game center advertising hub, or whatever it is. Sincerely Everybody