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  1. supernovabn

    Need help deciding which line to grind

    Thanks for the replies everyone! @UltimateNewbie I agree with you, I should finish that grind haha, I sold the donskoi a while ago cause of the firing angles, but after the buff I might as well just finish it. It looks like a lotta people are suggesting the French/IJN cruiser lines, so I'll probably go down those lines (also cause I like fire cancer lol) Once again, appreciate the replies!
  2. supernovabn

    Need help deciding which line to grind

    Thanks for the replies guys! @TheOmegaDuck Haha you got it right on, I really enjoy the "campy" playstyle (Atlanta is my fav ship), I will for sure try the kiters! @Gandariel I already have khaba, and I love it :D not as cancerous as in the past, but still cancerous lol
  3. Hey everyone! I just finished my Haru grind, and I'm looking for another line to grind, but I can't decide at all lol. I'm a cruiser main (and past CV kinda main, but quit CVs) I'd appreciate some help! :D Lines that I haven't grinded through: IJN Cruisers - up to Tier 3 IJN DD main line - tier 5 USN DD - tier 7 RU cruiser - tier 9 RU DD alt - tier 8 KM cruiser - tier 4 KM BB - tier 8 KM DD - tier 2 lol UK BB - tier 7 UK DD - nothing France DD + CL tier 5 Sorry for the long [edited] list, and thanks!
  4. supernovabn

    Can we get ARP to make a quick comeback?

    Agreed, I love my Takao! It's just an atago without camo. I don't think WG is gonna be that generous anymore though lol....
  5. supernovabn

    Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    You are technically made out of money.... just gotta sell some organs... just kidding. I wish I had the money too, would have gotten many more premiums that I wanted :(
  6. supernovabn

    Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Could I ask where you got this from? I'm reeeeeeeeaaaaaally hopin for Saipan, hope it's not true, since we've seen how long WG has been taking to rework CV's :'( Thanks :)
  7. supernovabn

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    I'm having that red issue too, however only on one ship, Helena. Here are some photos: Helena's radar thing also appears red in port as well. I have no mods.