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  1. It would also have the lightest armament of all T8 cruisers, though - eight barrels, no torpedoes. The competition has either nine-plus barrels (Baltimore), torpedoes (Hipper), or both (Mogami). It would be somewhat like the Yamato up at T10 - countering the low numbers with the sheer quality of what's there.
  2. Question about buying the Roma

    Nope. You turn off the camo entirely if you do that.
  3. American AA was exceptionally effective, by the end of the war. The AAR about it reports a 30% survival rate for non-kamikaze planes entering the AA range of American ships, and a 1% chance of any significant hit.
  4. People fetishize DPM waaay too much. Alpha strike is a thing. In particular, it's a thing for a ship with cruiser concealment. If you're instantly deleted, your DPM is now 0.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    To be honest, I just dislike the balance it is currently in. It sure as hell couldn't be buffed in reasonable areas (like giving it its historical citadel) without just as substantial nerfs. That's a recipe for disaster.
  6. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Stats are still going down, though. We'll see in a couple of months where it stops - I'd guess at somewhere around 52~53% win rate, and 60k damage.
  7. There's one specific point that makes me think a bit about this whole argument, and that's the "DDs shouldn't be oneshotted by the ships they hard-counter" point. It gives an idea of very specific hard counters being a thing, and I'm not necessarily against it. But accepting this fact does beggar the question: what is the ship that a) hard-counters DDs, and thus b) can't be oneshotted by them? Is it cruisers? But cruisers are even weaker to torps, the DD primary damage burst, and thinner armor means less shatters from small DD guns, the primary over-time damage. Yes, they might have some specific countermeasures, but RADAR is restricted to a handful of cruisers at high tiers, and hydro occupies the same slot as DFAA, the latter usually being more important. Might it be carriers? On a strategic level, possibly, because planes do deny one of the main weapons DDs have - assuming that DD hasn't smoked up, of course, something the new Panasian DDs can do almost indefinitely for a good slice of the match. All in all, the "you can't be killed by the class you hard-counter" argument sounds pretty simplistic, to me. The very existence of "hard counters" sounds quite far-fetched.
  8. It's not a bad ship, to be honest. But it's lacking in spots, and the apparently impressive numbers have been going down quite steadily, even as the matches played in it don't exactly explode in quantity. We'll need some months to see the actual average data, probably.
  9. A well-balanced line right out of the bat? Madness!
  10. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    The wonders of excellent speed retention. The pains of excellent speed retention.
  11. Italian BB Roma info

    We really didn't. This is a tiring meme from ignorant people.
  12. A Criticism of WG's handling of Roma

    They really didn't - the old RN battleships usually turned leg when the Littorios sortied. That they should have pressed the advantage with adequate air cover, and they didn't, is undeniable; but "not used well" doesn't translate to "bad".
  13. A Criticism of WG's handling of Roma

    I wonder if you are actively trying to not read, or you just want to get a chuckle out of this. I don't care if it works, if it makes no sense.
  14. A Criticism of WG's handling of Roma

    And a huge, gigantic nerfbat to concealment. I would place it at 16.5/17km base, going down to 12/13km with a full concealment build, minimum. There's no reason at all for the Roma to be a stealthy ninja. That stuff had to be nerfed to allow it is galling. Just... give it a concealment that makes sense, then a citadel that makes sense, and a range that makes sense. Maybe revert sigma to 1.9, even though it's not going to change a lot - shell velocity will still mess up shots.
  15. What's left?

    You can do Italian everything, but of course there are varying degrees of paper - DDs are almost completely steel, cruisers are close behind, the BB line suffers a bit from being compact around WW1, and a CV line could be spun out of projects and half-finished ships, if you really want to (sort of like the Russian BB tree, in fact).