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  1. Russian BBs Saving FXP Now

    Russia did! Now, the Soviet Union...
  2. Most battleships in the game have 1.8 sigma or lower, including most T9 BBs. This, coupled with the dispersion ellipse being quite fine, makes the Sushi anything but a shotgun. That she gets less accuracy than the Yamato, the most accurate ship in the game bar none, isn't a terrible wound.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I honestly think that concealment should be hit with the nerf hammer - the Roma, stealthy was not. Bring it up to 16.8, kinda like the Gascogne, and use the extra credit to buff her guns and give her the historical citadel (quite similar to the one on the Duca d'Aosta in shape).
  4. Roma Needs Some Love

    The citadel's height is correct - if anything, it's too wide. The Roma's citadels was pretty similar to the one on Duca d'Aosta, shape-wise.
  5. Roma Needs Some Love

    No use, it didn't exist on the real ship. It's an addition of the camo. It substitutes the rangefinders, IIRC.
  6. Roma Needs Some Love

    That's because of two things, I suppose. 1) The guns are just so overwhelmingly punchy, they tear through everything - that's overpens - unless it's a very much armored surface; and 2) the guns are too inaccurate, so you can't aim for those heavily armored parts, and you get overpens instead.
  7. Keep in mind, though, that this resulted in what is considered to be one of the most overpowered ships by tier.
  8. Roma Needs Some Love

    Yeah, they use a formula derived from the USN Empirical Formula. The same one that gives the 381mm/50 more or less the same pen as the Iowa's guns.
  9. Roma Needs Some Love

    Uh, no. Not really. What made the dispersion patterns larger than the German or Japanese ones was the decision to not report the gunnery results by using one-standard-deviation methods - i.e., where 50% of the shells fell. When you look at a reported Italian dispersion, you're looking at where every shell fell, not "at least half". When accounting for this, the guns become suddenly quite accurate.
  10. Roma Needs Some Love

    Give it a shorter fuze. I'm pretty sure it's overpenning the universe, right now - the AP crashes through anythings and zooms out of the other side before it can explode.
  11. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    Huh. No. Are you high? On acid, perhaps? Because I remember very cleary the OVERPOWERED badge LWM gave the Musashi, over the fact that it has Yamato guns with merely average, rather than outstanding, accuracy, and its having the same armor and same HP as a T10, beating the second best by 15k HP. AA is a nonfactor, at those tiers: you either have it great, or you might not have it at all.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    And it's nerfed! The original ship fired the X turret at 20° off her forward centerline.
  13. ise or hyuuga..... when!!!!!!!

    The problem with Nagato and Mutsu, and Amagi and Ashitaka, is trying to sell stock hulls as premiums, which often results in gimmicks and awkwardness in driving something that feels, intensely, like a stock hull. Musashi and Yamato are a similar story, even though there obviously was no stock hull for Yamato. Ise? That's a different story. Not only it was noticeably different from Fuso and thus requiring a new model altogether - a bit more similar to Yamashiro, in fact, but not a direct comparison anyway; the angles are a bit better, requiring less angling to point all twelve guns at the enemy, the pagoda is smaller, which should work out to slightly better concealment, a bit more displacement should result in a bit more HP, and, for an actual downside, both mid-turrets point back, which results in one more turret having to travel the whole way to point at a different side. It's not going to feel terribly different from the Fuso, but there would be enough to work with for a ship that still is worth getting.
  14. CAs, in general, have been hit hard by the introduction of IFHE stealing one of the few advantages they had over CLs (better HE penetration and less shatters) - Myoko suffered, 203 Mogami suffered, Pensacola suffered. I liked what I saw in the proposed IFHE nerf, some months ago; but it ended up becoming a buff instead. And CAs keep being the unlucky cousins.