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  1. WeissRaben_2

    Monster Giulio game.

    I mean, meh. Dispersion is among the worst in tier, and 1.9 sigma, while good, is not Yamato-tier. The devastating one-two comes from a mix of heavy broadside, good shell velocity, decent traverse, and extremely low concealment, which allows for effective ranges much lower compared to other ships in tier. It doesn't help that concealment is one stat that gets worse along the whole tier spread the GC sees - the first dip in average concealment arrives at T8, with the module being available. This allows the GC to dictate the engagement against every single enemy BB it can see (well, except for another GC). Maneuverability is extremely comfy, but it doesn't make the ship; and 27 knots are very nice to have, but Myogi does 29 one tier lower, and Kongo does 30 at the same tier. TL;dr: GC is only good because concealment. The rest is balanced, just maximally deployable.
  2. Giulio Cesare has the advantage of having great numbers in the one stat that is, at once, immensely useful and actually gets worse with tiers until T8 comes knocking.
  3. It's what happens when you take a 1920 destroyer, whose contemporaries go from T3 to T5, and try to shoehorn it in a tier where the oldest one still has six years less on its belt (Fubuki).
  4. WeissRaben_2

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    With bottomless hangars for all carriers? I'd point out the opposite, really - that WG should consider making so that HE suppresses, but doesn't destroy, AA, or the end of any match will result in carriers exactly as valuable as they were at the first minute, but with no AA around anymore to do anything about the planes.
  5. WeissRaben_2

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    I mean, Espero's design alone did not let it consume 80% of the British 6" ammo in the Malta theater by frustrating four British cruisers for hours on end, allowing the rest of the convoy to reach their destination safe and sound and delaying every other Allied operation for weeks until supplies could be replenished.
  6. WeissRaben_2

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    I mean, what was the option at Punta Stilo? Conte di Cavour going TENNO HEIKA BANZAI alone against three battleships? You're free to call it cowardice, if you want. I call it "rubbing two neurons together". In fact, at Spartivento the opposite of what you claim happened - Vittorio Veneto popped up, Renown turned away. Why? Because it was an underarmed battlecruiser fighting a modern battleship, and standing its ground would have been idiotic.
  7. Spain can do cruisers and destroyers, if I remember correctly.
  8. WeissRaben_2

    Alaska, an upgraded Baltimore

    Except that the Panzerschiff were, by design, cruisers armed with battleship guns, in order to have something mounting large guns even though full-fledged battleships were forbidden by treaty. Battleship guns got larger, but cruiser guns didn't; and while we can argue on whether the various supercruisers were cruisers or battlecruisers, I won't really concede on the fact that, at best, they were cruisers armed with battleship weapons (and upsized to be large enough to do so). In short, the Alaska was at best a Panzerschiff herself.
  9. WeissRaben_2

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

  10. It would also have the lightest armament of all T8 cruisers, though - eight barrels, no torpedoes. The competition has either nine-plus barrels (Baltimore), torpedoes (Hipper), or both (Mogami). It would be somewhat like the Yamato up at T10 - countering the low numbers with the sheer quality of what's there.