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  1. DravenTaylor

    Server Issues

    Keep in mind that something like a NA Server is using a lot of hardware and resources. If it is down they will get it up, but even a reboot of the servers will take time. Some of the rack mounts at companies I have worked at would take up to 20 min for something as simple as a reboot.
  2. DravenTaylor

    Server Issues

    Still out of the game. I know a few people can get into the game. Sounds like an isolated issue with a server cluster.
  3. DravenTaylor

    Is Moskva worth it?

    The Moskva is my favorite ship in the game. You guys have inspired me to do a set of videos on it, how to ideally build it and the 3 base methods to use it in fighting. I will mention this though, it has the best range for a cruiser (22.5km), can citadel ships at 20+ km, has a soft arc on the guns (making them more accurate), and is the only cruiser that I have been able to citadel every BB type in the game. I will put the videos up here when I get them made.