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  1. So, secondary builds

    Each nations battle ships excel at different things. The RN BB's are lethal with their HE main battery shells. You will see this at tier X. They have good AP, but having a chance of starting fires that is never lower than 40% (with base main batteries) and higher than 60% (with upgraded main batteries) makes the Conqueror something fearsome to anyone that gets hit by them. With this is in mind I would start to cater your commander for this and tier the commander as you work up the tiers. If this is for a premium commander than I would look at the base stats of the ship (eg. Hood, Nelson) and cater it to that particular ship. Even with premiums I would swap out regular commanders to the premium and work them to a 19 point commander rather than have the premium dedicated to only one commander to that ship. In reference to Manual Control, it is the perfect icing to a commander that has other skills to boost secondaries. However, there is a particular set of skills I would have on that commander and only add Manual Fire Control when that commander is on a tier VIII ship (as it works much better from Tier VIII through X). The skills that I would add really depends on the ship. Here is what I would do (there are only two that can make this work in scary fashion): German/French All Tiers: Must: Basic Fire Control, Advanced Fire Control Maybe: Demolition Expert, Inertia Infused HE (IFHE), Adrenaline Rush Tier VIII through X: Manual Fire Control The secondaries for both nations differ in certain respects, but they are both impressive in what they are able to do.
  2. My Path To LARP

    Here is a video of my introduction to World Of Warships, my path through the game and its community that eventually led to me being a part of LARP. It also shows the unity in LARP and the streams that I do. These are my friends, comrades, and family. I hope you enjoy this insight. Youtube Video line: My Backstory, LARP, and More
  3. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Have a second fresh install of the game going on his PC (without any mods or any programs to help the graphics to his PC) at the recommendation of the IT to NA Wargaming. This may sound stupid, but you actually make better sense in this than the programmers involved. A fresh boot of the PC would have forced the cache on the OS and game to refresh. Should have done that first (will do that when the game in re-installed). Sometimes it is the most simple thing that is the best solution. I will try it out and let you know what happens. Thanks for the good idea
  4. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    A family member is having a problem where the game is loading, but when he does a match it stays on the load screen and will not let him in. It worked perfectly prior to the update and now is doing this. Have done check and repair last night and reinstalled the game today. Same problem. He is now orange and has lost 2 days of premium over this. He has a ticket that we just put in as I know he has a system that can handle this game (6 core with 32 gig ram and a 1050 Gforce) and am hoping they will have a patch to deal with this.
  5. Larp Website: http://larp.clanwebsite.com/
  6. Hello Everyone, DravenTaylor here. I stream every night on Twitch and YouTube, I also have an alternate channel where I do tutorials on how to get better in some of the ships. I am hoping that I can continue to help in any way and that we can all have some fun in the game. Atm I have 13 tier X ships and am looking to have the last of the non-CV's done in the next three months (they are all tier 8), then will be hammering out the CV's (tier 6/7 respectively). I will be doing a div night each week to work with viewers on the stream to see if I can help them with their ships and will be doing some drawings in the future. I believe in paying if forward and will do all I can to help in both Warships and Warplanes (sorry only tier 7 in planes) I also have members of clan LARP in the stream and work in making a fun environment for everyone. YouTube Live Stream Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5sOatCJqUu1ehZZEDRR_tw Twitch Stream: http://twitch.tv/draventaylor YouTube Tutorial Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPuGz0v2tOa10wBohQiFbQ/videos I am hoping to become a contributor and hope to catch you in the seas and skies.
  7. Established Player With A New Stream

    I am on every night. You are always welcome. :)
  8. Established Player With A New Stream

    I will be on Warships in about 2 hours (on the Youtube/Twitch stream). Message me in game and we can div up. My name is DravenTaylor in game
  9. Established Player With A New Stream

    Lots of things here lol First, I agree to hit the US cruiser line before the split. It is one of the lines I am currently grinding (have the New Orleans atm). I can give you a break down of where I am at in the ship lines if it will help. I am always happy to help in which ever ship line you have an interest to work on. As for the Missouri. For me it usually takes a little time to "click" with a ship and then I usually go nuts in it. The Missouri does have radar, although it is limited in range. Like the other US radar ships it lasts longer than other nations in trade off. I have had it for about 2 days and have seen that it is one of the three best money generators that I have. The others that I usually make good coinage in are the Kutuzov and the Kamikaze R, but I think those are more due to the raw damage output I get in them.
  10. Established Player With A New Stream

    I just barely ground out the Free XP for the Missouri (with help from others for supplies to make it possible) and just got the Minotaur. My main tier 5's are the Kamikaze R and the Red October (Russian Battleship). Do you work on the regular ship lines as well?
  11. Established Player With A New Stream

    I am always happy to play with others. I play mostly cruisers. What tiers do you prefer to play?
  12. Established Player With A New Stream

    If I am ever a contributor and am given freebies to give away, you will be one of the first. ;) It is those with wicked wits and good hearts that make this game awesome and places like this forum with coming to. So in that sense, thank you for the responses and being a cool person. RawNewDeal.
  13. Established Player With A New Stream

    The free stuff is great, but I would prefer to help spread the word on what is going on in both games and to do some good for others.
  14. Established Player With A New Stream

    I will, right now my goal is to improve and to be a positive force for those in this community. Thank you for the kind words and the support.
  15. Established Player With A New Stream

    Thanks :) Is there anyway that I could evolve this into becoming a community contributor? I play Warplanes and Warships in the streams and also have a second channel to help new players.