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  1. Here is mine for tonight
  2. DravenTaylor

    Server Issues

    Keep in mind that something like a NA Server is using a lot of hardware and resources. If it is down they will get it up, but even a reboot of the servers will take time. Some of the rack mounts at companies I have worked at would take up to 20 min for something as simple as a reboot.
  3. DravenTaylor

    Server Issues

    Still out of the game. I know a few people can get into the game. Sounds like an isolated issue with a server cluster.
  4. DravenTaylor

    Is Moskva worth it?

    The Moskva is my favorite ship in the game. You guys have inspired me to do a set of videos on it, how to ideally build it and the 3 base methods to use it in fighting. I will mention this though, it has the best range for a cruiser (22.5km), can citadel ships at 20+ km, has a soft arc on the guns (making them more accurate), and is the only cruiser that I have been able to citadel every BB type in the game. I will put the videos up here when I get them made.
  5. DravenTaylor

    Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Have a second fresh install of the game going on his PC (without any mods or any programs to help the graphics to his PC) at the recommendation of the IT to NA Wargaming. This may sound stupid, but you actually make better sense in this than the programmers involved. A fresh boot of the PC would have forced the cache on the OS and game to refresh. Should have done that first (will do that when the game in re-installed). Sometimes it is the most simple thing that is the best solution. I will try it out and let you know what happens. Thanks for the good idea
  6. DravenTaylor

    Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    A family member is having a problem where the game is loading, but when he does a match it stays on the load screen and will not let him in. It worked perfectly prior to the update and now is doing this. Have done check and repair last night and reinstalled the game today. Same problem. He is now orange and has lost 2 days of premium over this. He has a ticket that we just put in as I know he has a system that can handle this game (6 core with 32 gig ram and a 1050 Gforce) and am hoping they will have a patch to deal with this.