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  1. Picked or not picked, the concept behind this is really cool. I am eager to see it in action.
  2. Server Issues

    Keep in mind that something like a NA Server is using a lot of hardware and resources. If it is down they will get it up, but even a reboot of the servers will take time. Some of the rack mounts at companies I have worked at would take up to 20 min for something as simple as a reboot.
  3. Server Issues

    Still out of the game. I know a few people can get into the game. Sounds like an isolated issue with a server cluster.
  4. Is Moskva worth it?

    The Moskva is my favorite ship in the game. You guys have inspired me to do a set of videos on it, how to ideally build it and the 3 base methods to use it in fighting. I will mention this though, it has the best range for a cruiser (22.5km), can citadel ships at 20+ km, has a soft arc on the guns (making them more accurate), and is the only cruiser that I have been able to citadel every BB type in the game. I will put the videos up here when I get them made.
  5. I have been doing this on YouTube (2 channels) and Twitch for a year now. Running out of ships to grind lol Thank you again LWM, you are an awesome person and I am glad to know you through this game.
  6. Thanks for the answer and for being a friend on here :)
  7. I sent an application a month ago. Was hoping to hear yes or no
  8. LittleWhiteMouse, Are they still considering people for community contributor or is it already filled up?
  9. My Path To LARP

    I am grateful that you watch my stream. I know about radio better than most (I have been DJing since 1994). ATM I have all ship lines tiered to 10 except the German DD (tier 8), Pan Asian (tier 8) and the CVs: JP (tier 6) & US (Tier 7). I will be working on the destroyers after Ranked. If I can help you, it would be an honor (when we can set up a time to div up). The IJN ships can be a bit OP'd, but it really depends on the play style and what you like to do in the respective ships. They are the torp beasts for volume dished out. I love the Kamikaze R, Kagero, Yugumo, and am still getting used to the Shimikaze. The Akizuki line is also fun as they are good torp boats before you hit the beast at 8 (Akizuki) with the lethal fast paced guns. The key is to cater the ships with the upgrades and commander skills to enhance what you want them to do. With CA's, there is a motto I have for them: "A BB shooting your BB is all about armor angling, a BB shooting your CA is all about not getting hit." There is a way to play cruisers depending on the tier and the nation. For me they are the most fun, and can be the most challenging (I would include the Russian DD's in this category). When do you think you will get the upgrades you need to get back into playing?
  10. My Path To LARP

    I am grateful that you like the streams. I have been doing it for a while. It is scary sometimes how long the streams can get when I am in a full rhythm with the game. :) I hope we can div up sometime. You are always welcome to message me either in the stream or the game. If I am not hammering ranked or a mission I am always happy to do whatever I can to help others with their grind or missions. Better to do it together than grind alone.
  11. So, secondary builds

    All that I know is that BFT combined with Adrenaline Rush makes the Republique a lethal ship for dd's at 12.1 km and closer. I use the full tandem of bft, aft, ar, and Manual. This combination has made it where when I have 30% or less health I am able to melt both cruisers and dd's. Also makes it ideal for lighting other BB's up like Roman candles. To date I have already had multiple matches in ranked with 200k+ damage with the secondaries playing a good role in that. Also have had matches where my secondaries have melted 3 dd's on enemy teams that have viewed me as an easy kill and have fallen prey to the near constant spray of secondaries spewed upon their unsuspecting ships. BFT is a decent skill, but like many things in this game it can be scary in tandem with other skills.
  12. So, secondary builds

    I actually use both AR and BFT. On my Republique I can get one set of secondaries to unload for roughly less than a second. Makes that BB a death trap for any dd when it has about 20% health. In ranked that approach has made it where I have been able to get multiple 200k+ matches on good night. Really it comes down to how the people play and if the build will suit them.
  13. So, secondary builds

    Each nations battle ships excel at different things. The RN BB's are lethal with their HE main battery shells. You will see this at tier X. They have good AP, but having a chance of starting fires that is never lower than 40% (with base main batteries) and higher than 60% (with upgraded main batteries) makes the Conqueror something fearsome to anyone that gets hit by them. With this is in mind I would start to cater your commander for this and tier the commander as you work up the tiers. If this is for a premium commander than I would look at the base stats of the ship (eg. Hood, Nelson) and cater it to that particular ship. Even with premiums I would swap out regular commanders to the premium and work them to a 19 point commander rather than have the premium dedicated to only one commander to that ship. In reference to Manual Control, it is the perfect icing to a commander that has other skills to boost secondaries. However, there is a particular set of skills I would have on that commander and only add Manual Fire Control when that commander is on a tier VIII ship (as it works much better from Tier VIII through X). The skills that I would add really depends on the ship. Here is what I would do (there are only two that can make this work in scary fashion): German/French All Tiers: Must: Basic Fire Control, Advanced Fire Control Maybe: Demolition Expert, Inertia Infused HE (IFHE), Adrenaline Rush Tier VIII through X: Manual Fire Control The secondaries for both nations differ in certain respects, but they are both impressive in what they are able to do.
  14. My Path To LARP

    Here is a video of my introduction to World Of Warships, my path through the game and its community that eventually led to me being a part of LARP. It also shows the unity in LARP and the streams that I do. These are my friends, comrades, and family. I hope you enjoy this insight. Youtube Video line: My Backstory, LARP, and More
  15. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Have a second fresh install of the game going on his PC (without any mods or any programs to help the graphics to his PC) at the recommendation of the IT to NA Wargaming. This may sound stupid, but you actually make better sense in this than the programmers involved. A fresh boot of the PC would have forced the cache on the OS and game to refresh. Should have done that first (will do that when the game in re-installed). Sometimes it is the most simple thing that is the best solution. I will try it out and let you know what happens. Thanks for the good idea