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  1. GoldDust2015

    Helipads, why?

    Anti submarine warfare.
  2. GoldDust2015

    Too many planes

    Well I disagree with you and the most vocal people in the community which I believe defines a troll and a WG shill. I saw the video. He showed us the graph. He showed us how holiday numbers were down a bit this year then admitted that it could be due to COVID restrictions being lifted and people being able to spend time with family. He showed us the two or three week dip when submarines went active and the recovery Then he shifted gears, no doubt realizing that the anti sub/CV rage people needed their fix and started ranting about how submarines would ruin the game which contradicted everything he showed us on the graph.
  3. GoldDust2015

    Can I have a refund for Ohio?

    I think that's the point. Ohio is best when staying back and pounding away from a distance then moving in when the fleets grow thin. She can afford to stay back because enemy airplanes melt when they come close to her and DDs, which are her worst enemy, hardly ever go deep into enemy territory. Once the red DDs are gone she can move in and blast pretty much anything left floating out of the water.
  4. GoldDust2015

    Helipads, why?

    Maybe some do but others don't, they are very accurate. For example, just in front of turret B of WOWS' USS Massachusetts they show a door. I walked through that door a while back when I was visiting the real USS Massachusetts.
  5. GoldDust2015

    Newbie Hit hard with the WAW Bug!

    Who is Lesta? Is that someone from Boston whose real name is Lester?
  6. GoldDust2015

    What will the next ship type

    DDs that can reload their torpedo tubes in the middle of a battle ... Oh wait ...
  7. GoldDust2015

    Newbie Hit hard with the WAW Bug!

    It depends on why you play the game. If you are a serious gamer and feel being the best you can be, supporting the team and winning is important then follow the advice and learn one level before going on to the next. However if you see this as just a game, a chance to blast other ships and blow off steam at the end of a hard day of real things that are important and you really don't care about the outcome of the battle then it's your subscription. Play the way you like.
  8. There's no law saying you have to play a video game. Personally I love the variety of having different games with different types of ships. It's a refreshing change after playing the same BBBCCCDDD games over and over and over again. But hey, that's just me. There are plenty of video games I've played but left because they were not my cup of tea. The big difference? I don't see the need to go into the forums of those games and rant because the play style is not the style I personally want to see. When I'm fed up with a game I just pack my bags and quietly leave. But then that's my personal style.
  9. GoldDust2015

    DD vs Sub

    Work with your team mates. Have a cruiser support you that can air drop on subs. Also subs can't stay down forever so you can kite them then blast them with your guns when their batteries go dead.
  10. GoldDust2015

    Too many planes

    Well different people seem to have different sets of numbers. And even if numbers are down you are only showing a correlation, not cause and effect. That would be like showing that people carry umbrellas on days that it rains, therefore it's umbrellas that cause it to rain. Correlation, yes. Cause and effect, no.
  11. GoldDust2015

    Too many planes

    Well that's not what Flamu said in his video. He showed a graph which showed player rates were down a bit during the holidays from the year before but even he admitted that it was the first holiday in a while where people could travel to see their family and friends. He also showed a dip of a couple weeks just after subs came out that quickly recovered. And as for cause and effect, you can show a correlation between events from year to year on a graph but getting from correlation to cause and effect is an entirely different matter.
  12. GoldDust2015

    Too many planes

    There is no evidene that everyone always hated planes and CVs. Clearly those that do hate CVs flock to the forums to complain about it but then forums are notorious for attracting people who want to complain about something. From all we see subscriptions and player rates are holding steady which means "the players" in general don't seem too concerned.
  13. GoldDust2015

    You Cant Make This Up

    So here's an interesting question. Win rate is considered the number one metric to judge who is a good player and who is a bad player. One justification being that over the long run a poor red team will help a player just as often as a poor green team hurts a player. So in your case were you just terrible last night or is win rate just a bad metric to use to judge a player's ability? And here is another question. Why do we almost NEVER hear of a player winning a game they should have lost because of red team mistakes? Maybe the answer to that question is a bit too obvious.
  14. GoldDust2015

    What Wargaming And the NA Team can improve on?

    It's hard to keep track of all the threads going on in any one conversation. I was at one point talking to someone who said they should fix the problems and not waste time on ducks. I've pointed out how the very way a development team is normally structured those wouldn't be the same people. Now maybe you were making a different point, if so, what was it?
  15. GoldDust2015

    What Wargaming And the NA Team can improve on?

    Well first, the way people are divided up on a major software project is usually in layers. This is because modules are built as procedures or functions that get called by a "higher" level and make calls to a "lower" level. That's just the way subroutine calls work in a computer. It's built into the hardware. Now think of the human user and the interface (Pc, desktop, screen, keyboard, mobile, etc) at the top, then going down to lower levels next comes the software that interfaces with the user, then the software that does the work, then the support routines below that, then the hardware access layer below that. The OS, database, hardware, etc is at the bottom. People in a software development group will be assigned a layer. They know that design (they were probably involved in writing the spec) and they know that code. And they are working on the next release. Then a bug comes in. Someone files a "ticket" or what ever, it works its way through the system and one of the engineers picks it up. You identify where the problem is then hand it off to the person or persons who handle that layer. Those engineers find their bug and fix it. If there is an easy "work around" it goes into the next release and the test to find it goes into the "regression test" system. A more serious bug might need to be fixed in the current release. At least that's the way it worked in the groups I was in. As for the ducks, that's only going to impact the high levels. It's mostly the graphics. Once you get down a layer or two the rest of the layers will have no idea if it's ducks fighting or ships fighting. At least it shouldn't if the game is designed right. So if the problem you are seeing is ships suddenly not looking right or blinking in and out or what ever problems graphic people see (not my area, I worked at the middle and lower levels) then one group has to do both. But if the problems are lower level game mechanics then the people who make ships look like ducks and the people who make the ships move and shoot at each other are just different people working on different layers of the software.