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  1. GoldDust2015

    How to tell which ships have snowflakes.

    Ok thanks.
  2. Hello, I've been away for a couple years. Last I played, in the snow flake event it was clear which ships had their snow flakes "knocked off". There was a snow flake on the icon of the ship at the bottom of the screen. I see the two stars down there for the daily 50% but no snow flakes. It says I'm running 0.10.10. Does anyone know how to tell which ships need to have their snow flakes knocked off? Thanks.
  3. GoldDust2015

    CVs have ruined DDs

    Well no question CVs piss off everyone in the DD mafia. Same thing happened in the real word during WW II. Destroyers had no chance against aircraft carrier air wings if they strayed outside the AA fire of larger ships. As for the excuse that this is an arcade game that's just nonsense. An arcade game would not pay attention to such realistic things as the angle at which a shell hits various thicknesses of armor.
  4. GoldDust2015

    Why Ranked Fails

    There are so many people out there who think this is all a game and that the idea is to have fun. Who are these people? What are they thinking? This is all about the heroes of the green team defending a threat to the world from the red team. This is serious. If you want to have fun, go play an arcade game. Oh wait, this is an arcade game. Ok, now what?
  5. Dog fighting is there, its just automatic. If you see enemy planes headed toward friendlies, fly over and pop your own fighters. The dog fights will happen.
  6. GoldDust2015

    Up Tiering I Solved the Problem

    Just move up along side one of your own up tiered ships. They will be the target, no one will care about you. I've had my share of decent up tiered games that way.
  7. Back in WW II the United States should never have built all those aircraft carriers. They dominated the war in the Pacific which just wasn't fair to the Japanese destroyers.
  8. GoldDust2015

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    They are obviously going for a simulation of what actually happened in WWII around the time of the battle of Guadalcanal when there were only a couple CVs on each side.
  9. Sure, and can we also have an option to play without the super overpowered destroyers that seem to have the capability of modern nuclear attack submarines? One set of games with ships that were capital ships mid 20th century and one game with Supper DDs with their phasers and photon torpedoes.
  10. GoldDust2015

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    VARKNYN12 Did DDs, plural, sink ships, could be. Did single DDs go up against capital ships and sink these ships? Give us one example. And Submarines sure, they were "Torpedo boat destroyers", that was their job. BBs had a poor record beyond World War I because Aircraft Carriers were around. On those few occasions where they were not, the BBs were very effective. You didn't challenge my point about arcade games not having the kind of detail where shell angle, size and velocity is compared to armor thickness. You won't. You will just keep repeating the ridiculous "Arcade" claim because that's all you have on that point. Still waiting to see "The data" that shows single destroyers being able to influence a battle the way a capital ships does.
  11. GoldDust2015

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    DDs would go in and torpedo a ship once aircraft had reduced it to a hulk. In some cases it was a US ship that was sunk so it would not fall into enemy hands. Those don't count. Now consider the Battle of Tassafaronga, one of the great DD victories of WWII. Well yes, tactically it was a victory, Japanese destroyers (plural) sunk a US cruiser (singular) and badly damaged others. But the Japanese mission to resupply ground forces was a failure. Why? Well after they fired their torpedoes they had to go back to port to reload. Even with a couple crippled US cruisers in the area they would have been helpless against 6" and 8" guns. No BBs are not elevated all that much. Look at the Guadalcanal campaign where there was a shortage of CVs on both sides. Battleships played an important role. With only one CV in a game you get about that situation. Now look at what happens when we have multiple CVs in a game. Suddenly BBs shrink in effectiveness as capital ships just as they did during WWII. Arcade game? Name one other "arcade" game where they pay so much attention to detail that it makes a difference at what angle a shell of a certain type, weight and velocity hits various thicknesses of armor. Also, why does the "arcade" excuse mean DDs should be buffed. Is PAC Man NOT an arcade game because its not dominated by destroyers? OWSF? When I look that up I get Oklahoma Water Ski Foundation or Oily Water Separator Filter. Its like throwing words like "Arcade game" around. Its meaningless. No one plays this game because its like PAC Man, people play it because it is a very decent simulation of early and mid 20th century naval warfare and DDs are by far the most OP (that's Over Powered) things in the game.
  12. GoldDust2015

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Yes exactly. and that was the way it was in the real world. That is why BBs and CVs were called capital ships and all the rest were support ships. Imagine if a single Japanese destroyer during WWII had been seen sneaking around an island headed into a sensitive area and the captain of a US flat top had been given the general location and told to deal with that destroyer. Now seriously, what do you think the outcome would have been? What would the chances have been that the DD would have destroyed that CV's air wing? What are the chances that it would have been destroyed or at least driven away? Of course you have to have balance in a game and of course you have to deviate from reality a bit but if most deviation in this game were on a scale of 1 to 100, making destroyers as powerful as they are is about 1,000.
  13. GoldDust2015

    One Simple CV Question

    Knuckling under to the cries and wails of the DD mafia that believes this game should be World of Destroyers and that any other type of ship should be nerffed to the point where just playing it will delete your account.
  14. GoldDust2015

    Why?? Just why????

    Cruisers and DDs are called "Escorts". BBs and CVs are called "Capital ships". There has been a tremendous buffing of DDs in this game to make them into capital ships but for some it has just not gone far enough.
  15. GoldDust2015

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Real destroyers during WWII would only use smoke to escape. They almost never used them to hide before making an attack. Also real destroyers during WWII could not reload their torpedoes without returning to port. All the Destroyers here are buffed beyond belief. What's being discussed here is inching them a bit more toward reality. BUT ITS AN ARCADE GAME !!!! DESTROYERS DOMINATE ALL ARCADE GAMES !!!! PAC Man had destroyers? Somehow I don't remember that.