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  1. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    For the game to be realistic there could be. There could be squadrons of torpedo boats that work similar to the new CV aircraft squadrons for low tiers and there could be submarines (which they appear to be working on) for higher tiers. Then DDs could go back to being "Torpedo boat destroyers" and submarines could do the job of sneaking up on fleets.
  2. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Think for a minute of the original name for "destroyers". They were "Torpedo boat destroyers". Their original purpose was to protect battleships from PT style boats and later their primary job became protecting CVs from submarines. Destroyers were never meant to behave like submarines. If a real destroyer had left the fleet and gone off on its own to attack the enemy by hiding under a smoke screen it wouldn't have lasted long at all, especially if the enemy had air cover.
  3. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I've played more games in Round 2. I've played all three US carriers in both Co-op and Random. In Round 1 I did OK but in Round 2 the AA is ripping all three types, "rockets", torpedoes and bombers, to shreds. I can usually get one run in and hit a DD with rockets on the first pass but then the entire squadron gets destroyed. With the other two I lose the squadron before the run is complete. By the way it still appears that the dive bomb sight is too far below the screen to see once it turns green. Need to point the view down more. Oh and "rockets" are obviously machine guns on a strafing run. The wording can be changed later.
  4. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    One big change in round 2 is that AA seems much tougher. In the 1st round I was able to attack losing only a few planes per run but in round 2 with Langley and Ranger my planes were ripped to shreds before I could get any torpedoes or bombs away. With the Lexington I was able to do a little better.
  5. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    About the rockets, as I understand there were none before WWII and they were not used on aircraft during WWII. Its possible that they are trying to substitute for aircraft strafing with machine guns which was done during WWII. One problem is that they have already used the word "strafing" on the old system for that unusual practice where you would fly through an area and all the other planes would just disappear. Using the same word would probably create confusion so perhaps they just went with "rockets". That's my guess.
  6. GoldDust2015

    CV rework as of now is a JOKE

    That is almost exactly what the brass was saying after the real Battle of the Coral Sea. "Black Shoe" captains and admirals couldn't believe they had just fought a major naval battle where people on the ships never saw the enemy.
  7. GoldDust2015

    Radar and how to deal with it

    One problem with the complaints about destroyers and radar is that people seem to want to play destroyers as if they are submarines. During WWII Destroyers never crept up on a fleet alone hiding behind a smoke screen, especially if there was air cover around. If they had they wouldn't have lasted long. For the most part destroyers provided escort and fought against submarines. After all their original name was "Torpedo boat destroyers".
  8. Camo68 "How about when you do this live test you also do a live test of an option to have No CV games? " You can actually do this by going into the Training Battle Type and selecting the ships you want to fight.
  9. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Re the Essex: Odds are the odd tiers will be back. They are not going to throw away all the work it took to create them. It makes sense to start out with a smaller group to modify and balance.
  10. GoldDust2015

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I really like the new CV system a lot. From a "playing a game" point of view its a lot more realistic and fun. Thank the stars that strafing is gone. It was so incredibly unrealistic for fighters to make one sweep through a 3D area and wipe out everything with .50 cal bullets. It was what Role Play people call a "God Move". I agree on the dive bomber site being off the bottom of the screen. Point the view down more, it should solve the problem. Great improvement, thanks to the development team and happy holidays.
  11. GoldDust2015

    DD's Are way over powered PERIOD

    During WWII destroyers did one of two things. They either preformed their original task as "Torpedo Boat Destroyers" and escorted the fleet, protecting them from submarines or they went out in flotillas (i.e. groups) as a fighting force. One thing they did NOT do is go out independently and sneak up on a fleet like a submarine. One thing that would help would be if there was a way to get points for escorting larger ships. Then Destroyers could do what was 99% of their job during the World Wars.
  12. All they really had to do was get rid of strafing. It was completely unrealistic and created far too much unbalance. Also it was implemented because people wanted to play destroyers as if they were submarines that could sneak up on an entire fleet and not be spotted by aircraft. That too was completely unrealistic.
  13. GoldDust2015

    CV Rework Feedback

    I have entered a suggestion about my biggest grip with the old system and that can be explained in one word, strafing. I don't like it for two reasons. First, its the number one reason for the massive difference in players ability to play the CVs. I saw one note where a guy said he could easily beat the newbies but would get his rear kicked by the better players who were probably playing a chess game at the same time. In one video I saw on how to play carriers the guy spent 90% of his time strafing and trying not to be strafed. The other reason don't like strafing is that it is completely unrealistic. Say a captain is using his fighters to defend a ship from an attack. The enemy torpedo bombers would be down on the deck, the dive bombers would be approaching several thousand feet up and the enemy fighters could be anywhere. How is one pass through by fighters strafing going to take out every single airplane? The way strafing is done is nonsense and it makes the entire carrier game unrealistic. As for a solution to the old system, I would have just removed strafing . Perhaps you could have fighters lose sight of ships when engaged with other fighters the Tier 4 and 5 way. But now that we have a new solution, I say at least lets give it a chance. Maybe it will all work out OK.
  14. GoldDust2015

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    On the plus side, when this happens you don't lose your upgrades, camouflage or signal flags.
  15. GoldDust2015

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Never mind the anniversary container, we want Rum. All sailors want Rum.