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  1. Enzyte

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    Here ya go, I don't have this version, but I hope you enjoy. http://www.matrixgames.com/products/392/details/Larry.Bonds.Harpoon.-.Ultimate.Edition
  2. Enzyte

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    Rule the Waves 2 Cold Waters Command Ops Harpoon Atlantic Fleet But none of these are as "clicky" and light as WoW, there is Navy Field...somewhere...but this is the only game that features the fantasy Russian stuff.
  3. yeah, lots of us still have this issue. I've been all through the tech support, but no change.
  4. Enzyte

    Disconnect to login screen

    same here
  5. Enzyte

    "it's just a game"

    lol, this game has NOTHING to do with naval tactics... ...Relax, it's just a game...
  6. Enzyte


    There was no help at Lexington, or Concord, nor on the retreat route that the British regulars followed back to their barracks in Boston. Not discounting later assistance, received by both sides, but the first victory was completely American.