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  1. Are you saying that you are a better player than flamu? That Flamu does not know how to play Wows properly? or Flamu is not a good player to get information from? What metric are you using to make your judgements?
  2. Chain_shot

    Premium Recommendations

    why no love for the makarov here?
  3. wow do you know the guy in real life, such as you are RL friends or did you just pull that out of your butt?
  4. here we go cancel culture at its finest.
  5. Chain_shot

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Seems its working out just fine for him and WG just created a commentator that they have no control over. That was well thought out. his own words I have just been informed I have been removed from the CC program for tweets that they disagree with as well as stat shaming. I knew the day would come with my criticism of the disastrous CV and Commander rework, and honestly, I don't mind at all. Freedom, flolo unleashed boys! my removal from the CC program lead to a 600+ gift sub train and massive congratulations and celebrations from my viewers. Thank you guys, I love you and appreciate your support, you are the best.
  6. Chain_shot

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    That's too bad he got booted he was one of the better streamers out there. He at least had the balls to speak truth to power. As always the chicken hawks shot the messenger when someone comes to causing turbulence to their paradigm.
  7. This definitely is not the meta I was looking for with the captain rework and the secondaries. The game is going in a direction that I can not support anymore. So I guess I will take a break for now rather than get more frustrated. Maybe when they go in a direction that I can enjoy playing will I fire the game up again. But this [edited] hanging back is just a joke and its not fun. I don't care what your spread sheet says you can use it for wipe in the washroom. Its not fun to play anymore and I think you may have broken it too far to return to a fun factor.
  8. sure are - prairie boy wheat chewer cause you could not afford gum?
  9. It's been interesting watching cultural location work its way into this thread for those against the kamikaze,
  10. yeah no thanks for input not trying to chip at you.- just think its a bit hypocritical that one of the most feared and talked about tactic used by japan has no place in this game. But we can frolic off and ram our GK's into anything we want.
  11. It's a war tactic which was and is considered valid for some orientations and we ram in this game as well except for CV''s who are the War Gods favored children.
  12. This right here nullifies any argument of controversial or not acceptable.
  13. Just that I think they would do about the same amount of damage and they would give ijn a flavor to their CV's. Kinda like secondaries on German CV's.