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  1. Why even bother commenting on him you just give him more airtime. - doesn't take long to figure he is not one of the cool kids you want to hang with.
  2. Chain_shot

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    Here I was reading the title post expecting to come in and see some skulduggery on WG's part against the player, instead its a sales offer by WG. How boring. No player targeting No doxing , no plutonium tea offers or umbrellas with stick it needles- nothing. OP is click bait for a sales offer. Where's the collusion ffs? Gimme some spy vrs spy.
  3. Chain_shot

    Hilarious Anti-CV fail rantage.

    How did co-op become such a stinking mess of bad attitude? I always thought that was reserved for randoms and coop was supposed to be quiet and peaceful my little pony type play.
  4. Chain_shot

    This Ship will Make a Unicum Out of a Noob!

    How many mass threads have you started in the last week rofl.
  5. Chain_shot

    Just How Many Torps can a Bentham Spew?

    Really more torps than you can handle in 65 seconds.
  6. On certain ships it works great. I even use it on my Kremlin cause I like to brawl.
  7. Chain_shot

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    Kremlin Shimmy Conqueror Worcester Benham
  8. Chain_shot

    Just How Many Torps can a Bentham Spew?

    65 second reload with mods and skill added. 16 torps in total if using both sides at 10.5 km. If its able to shoot torps at every reload for 20 minutes it will put 320 torps in the water in a 20 minute match.
  9. Chain_shot


    A quick 3 cap by your teams DD's causes the other team to have to work to regain ground. It usually puts em behind since they have to take caps or stop the points accumulating. Also places them in a tighter area which you focus fire on. - takes smart dd players to do this though. Just depends how hot the caps zones are at the start. Not contesting them is the bigger problem once they are taken. - everyone huddling not making a move and going down the hole in ships and points. Honestly the NA server players have left thier balls in their murses for the most part. - watched so many games end in 8-9 minutes because people are way to timid.
  10. Chain_shot

    Oh no! I've become that guy...

    ...that ring of fire!!!!
  11. Just wondering how many will do the reset on their ship lines and regrind for the new ships?
  12. Chain_shot

    I do not want to say weekend, but...

    So true.
  13. Chain_shot

    I do not want to say weekend, but...

    Nek se djeca jebe