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  1. Chain_shot

    WOWS X OVER +1

    This is fun.
  2. Chain_shot

    It Begins..........

    Ima gonna wait on the sidelines until they incorporate Kirov Class battle cruisers. Should happen by next January given the way they are going.:P https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov-class_battlecruiser
  3. Chain_shot

    Hunt me in Brawls for a chance to win Premium ships

    Scratching my head on this... for the longest time I was under the belief that sync dropping was against the rules so were most of my clan. Now I am wondering where I learned it like that?
  4. Chain_shot

    trying really hard not to get upset

    Cats are like Russians they own you.
  5. Chain_shot


    ...mmmmm...(looks around)... me - mino captain.
  6. "It is with much embarrassment that I return.” https://www.rt.com/news/547064-shoichi-yokoi-soldier-japan-wwii/ Crazy story. I remember when this story actually came out in the 70's. This guy had determination.
  7. Anyone else notice this with the jingles captain? When ever you get a penetration he says "penetration....." and then pauses a bit and grunts lewdly? Who was the cheeky one here? Was it Jingles or some else that snuck that past the child rating sensors? I played about 10 games with a Jingles captain to make sure I heard that grunt right after he says penetration.- what a naughty boy you are Jingles. Someone deserves a paddlin'. The grunt makes it sound like he got rammed amidships.
  8. I figured I try and do some snow flakes to see how much faster it is to randoms. Players sure can pick up some bad habits there that does not prepare them for randoms. Its not a good place for newbies to train in I feel. Its like a bad scrum. If that's what new players are playing then you can see why there is anger from lower tiers when they switch to randoms. Personally I would advise against coop when learning and you should take your licks in randoms at lower tiers, you will have learned a lot more which will help you in clan battles, events, brawls and divs than coop.
  9. Slap some torpedo tubes on it?
  10. It's ok I can admit I can get a tad sensationalist in my posts. It's the way I am built. But I also have more years behind me than ahead of me now and I value people being clear and when presenting what they see as a problem to at least it come with a solution to the table. OP never presented what he wanted done to solve the issue he was raising.
  11. Pretty Ironic you can't post that up in the INTRO OUR NEW COMMUNITY MANAGER -KONCEPTION thread gotta say.
  12. Wasn't me that broke the thread titled .... "Introducing our new Commmunity Manager, Konception!" You peeps blew that one up all on your own.
  13. What is it you want? You did not post a clear solution. Come straight out and say what would placate you.
  14. It's fun for them.