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  1. UltraDog

    CV pros/cons so far...

    Okay, this is rant and rave time. I've acquired American, Japanese, and German CVs up thru VIII. Midway is next. Pros: Without a doubt, the Tier IV planes are the most enjoyable. They're slow but the enemy doesn't have any decent AA. If you've been through the learning phase of how to DB or TB successfully, then these biplanes are totally cool. Especially the German DBs. They fly at about 6,000 ft. and drop bombs, then turn around on a dime to do it again. Great planes. Tier VI planes also enjoy lousy AA from the enemy ships and can do pretty good damage overall. I like the Japanese planes in this group the best. Being able to add a few more options helps too. Keep a level 10+ captain and you can do a lot better. The German Tier VI is a pain. Ranger was a slog to get out of. Tier VII - All lines are good. The American Corsair with Tiny Tim rockets can drop DDs and CLs; so I up the setup for those planes. The German DBs are awesome. You can DB at full boost. Japanese planes are good too, nothing weak there. German secondary guns kick [edited]. I've chased DDs and sank CLs with them. Cons: Tier IV planes don't do squat damage. Trying to stop a cruiser that's shelling you takes plenty of sorties. And no secondary guns. Tier VI does a little better, but you can hammer a BB all day and with instant repair to them and 3 minutes before another sortie, you're still dead. Heavy AA rips all the planes to shreds. Can't even get off torpedoes without losing an entire sortie sometimes. Fighters deployed are a weak gimmick. They should be managed separately from the CV, not popped out of a box that run out of gas in one minute. Attack aircraft should be converted to Fighters + Rockets.
  2. UltraDog

    Submarines as is, biggest threat in game

    There are several valid points and issues here. From a DD perspective, subs are easy kills. If a DD wants to go sub hunting, it's one, two, three. Roll up on them at 40 knots at either the 3-4 or 8-9 o'clock positions and depth charge them. Boom, gone. If they surface, your guns rip them apart. Ram them too. From a DD perspective, I love my Gearing as I go hunting helpless Yamato and Montana BBs. No radar, I just keep 6 km out of sight and launch waves of torps at them. Boom, gone. From a sub perspective, it's 11 knots, running out of air, battery and enemy CLs and DDs hunting me. I can launch torps and get lucky, but they are easily avoidable in volleys of 2 and even when they hit are rarely devastating strikes. Another sub is an equally potent enemy. From a BB perspective, "where the F' are the DDs to help me?" It isn't that subs are overpowered in any way, but that most players love their battleships and don't like nuisances like invisible DDs spitting torps, firing shells from smoke screens, dive bombers, torpedo bombers, rockets, or rapid fire cruisers raining HE fire bombs on them...and now subs lurking nearby without any DD support to find them. Subs are fun. the 3-D underwater effect is very interesting. I even rammed another sub for a victory, but the damage a sub causes is low overall compared to other ships. A raining fire CL piles up the damage, credits, score a lot faster than a sub lurking, spotting, and landing a couple torps on a BB that can easily take 6-10 before it's sunk. I would surmise that a lot of kills from subs occur after a ship is already heavily damaged. A semi-competent DD player is more than capable of sinking the best subs. Change the role of DDs from capping zones to fleet protection.
  3. UltraDog

    Results of Submarines event on Public test

    I missed out on all of the beta stuff 'cause me PC didn't have enough space. Looking forward. Back in my Pre WoW (NvF) days, I ran the German line up to the top and it was exceptionally lethal. You sink subs with a DD to learn how to avoid the Destroyers. Your ship's limits are its biggest weaknesses. Running out of air and having to surface too close to a Yamato after slamming it with 3 torps that didn't sink it...can be really put your game to a quick conclusion. Sub v Sub was unique, that sometimes became a jui-jitsu dance underwater with torps. Worst of all is it takes your time away from being stealthy while a DD is steaming straight at you. It will be difficult for all the other ships. It's hard enough avoiding damage from those buzzing bombers and rockets; Waves of torps, and hellfire cruisers raining down on you. Above and below!!
  4. UltraDog

    Maps found in Random Battles

    Am I the only one sick of these excessive islands? Seems the only really honest map is Ocean. 99% of Earth's oceans would be island and land free. But this is some wonderland of weird islands every map. Just my opinion. But I get pretty tired of some Tier X cruiser babysitting behind an island shelling your ship without any recourse. Nice feature for cheaters.