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  1. meatgrindr

    For those who spend here...

    There must be a limit on dubs, otherwise....I mean, think about it. What is to keep an entire clan from creating their own economy by pooling their cash and using the coupon to get a giant pile of dubs, then simply gifting any dub purchase the clan members want to make, at effectively half off?
  2. meatgrindr

    Grinding Nelson- The Journey

    Boomer, another vote for yes, get it. Fun ship. Not surprisingly, you will hate life when up against a higher tier cv, but the boat is a blast to play.
  3. You know, those 3 on the bottom left. You can click on them to make a noise, click too much and they temporarily turn off. I've found you can also manually turn them off and on. So what else? Apologies if this has been discussed, I looked and couldn't find anything.
  4. meatgrindr

    B hull maneuverability improvement

    It would be intuitive to just hover over the b hull on the equipment screen and see ALL the changes associated.
  5. meatgrindr

    5 year veteran quitting. End notes.

    But isn't that how this game works? The "balance" is part of the gimmick. One enough players have heavily invested in radars and cv's, and complaints have peaked, then the game is adjusted for better concealment, spotting, etc. Through buffs or nerfs and changes in skills. A good player (not me, I am barely average..) just follows these trends and plans, plays, and spends accordingly.
  6. meatgrindr

    29x T10 snowflake boxes opened

    Not too bad. How would that have compared to 29 super containers?
  7. meatgrindr

    Battle ended, no record

    Well I got booted and can't even log back in.
  8. meatgrindr

    Black Friday deal clarification

    Good enough. Don't really need it anyway. Thank you for responding.
  9. meatgrindr

    Black Friday deal clarification

    So, I would like to get the black Atlanta, as I don't have the regular and it's a boat I would like. but does the mission require the regular Atlanta? This is confusing.
  10. meatgrindr


    Except when they aren't. I recently got a port message for a 30% coupon for my 5th anniv. Never could get it to work, the Amazon pay button kept taking me to some site that looked familiar, but was in German, yet telling me in English that my instrument was not valid. Huh? To all of this. The answer from the support ticket I submitted completely missed the mark. At that point I decided I would keep my money and WG could keep their dubs. ETA- of course, the coupon only lasted 3 days.
  11. meatgrindr

    Code from todays stream

    Dang, got to be quick. Thanks for the code though.
  12. Okay, I love these weekly missions. Can I make a simple suggestion? Notify the winners. I have noticed, surprisingly, that I have 2 ships in port that I didn't know about, Haida and De Grasse. I think the Haida came from these missions, not sure about the De Grasse. I am approaching 300 ships in port, and it's not like I take a regular inventory. A reaction to winning something should be a "woo hoo!" not a "where did this come from?" Oh, and many thanks for putting on these missions!
  13. meatgrindr

    can't get in a battle

    Well I have limited time to play this game and in that limited time it doesn't work. great.
  14. meatgrindr

    can't get in a battle

    So like a server crash but I can still use the port.
  15. anyone else having this trouble?