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  1. meatgrindr

    12.4 - Faster XP Gain / New Meta ?

    Well all that rant wasn't neccessary. I was simply stating that as a new player I did not have access to multiple lines yet. I guess that was my choice but I wasn't interested in paying to get ahead, if that was even a thing 6 or 7 years ago. I am currently grinding or regrinding 11 or 12 lines, I have a fair understanding how the xp and bonuses work. I'll tell you one thing though- I have never once in multiple 10's of thousands of games entered any mode with the intention of yoloing and dying quickly. You and I clearly have different play styles.
  2. meatgrindr

    Feels like the end

    Hate to see ya go fb. If you do go, best of luck, I hope life treats you well.
  3. meatgrindr

    12.4 - Faster XP Gain / New Meta ?

    So then- are you complaining? I see it as a plus, you see it as neutral. A few more points for consideration; As a new player, I remember not having many lines or ships to play, after I would die, I may be forced to wait to play my ship again. This is the opposite of engaging. Also, think about how premium time works- I am not fond of having ships in my port grayed out for any reason, whether it be a battle still in progress that I am no longer part of, or some silly timer like ops used to have. Not a response to you, but more in general, is the fact that nobody is forcing me to play more games, or play faster, or use up my boosters, these are all choices. I like choices. As far as suicide yoloing, I am not convinced that is a viable tactic, and even if it happens, I am on board with Nasty, because my true opponents in co op are the other green ships, and less humans generally means higher scores and more stuff to be gained.
  4. meatgrindr

    A QoL suggestion

    Absolutely. I actually like the scene of ships in variuos states of sinking on the battlefield. In fact, since talking QOL, I would love to see more graphics on these scenes; junk in the water bouncing off your hull, oil slicks w or wo fire with opportunistic but unreliable smoke, that sort of thing. This could really add to the immersion.
  5. meatgrindr

    12.4 - Faster XP Gain / New Meta ?

    Great change. I play mostly co op, super aggressive style, grinding new lines and regrinding lines I like for RB points, so this is perfect.
  6. meatgrindr

    Prime Loot is in....

    Well, the expendable camos are worth 1.8 million silver. Not an Amazon fan, so debating if this is worth the 17 bucks or whatever the quadzillionairs are charging to get "free" stuff.
  7. Funny- I just reached Brest on a re-grind, took both rudder modules and skipped concealment, just for the reason of PD missions. I guess it finally dawned on me that I am rarely looking to hide in co-op games, quite the opposite. I don't seem to have as good of luck on BB's farming PD, and am finding more consistency with CL and CA.
  8. meatgrindr

    Stuck at 2% on KOS

    Same here. Also with minimizing the screen. Really can't make heads or tails with the whole thing, but I do seem to end up collecting most of the drops despite the hit and miss nature of it. I just assume there is a certain amount of brokeness to it.
  9. meatgrindr

    Trouble in the Hot Tub - A Mystery Unfolds

    Lack of interest? Is it a bad sign when an admin has to prod the playerbase to look at clues and solve mysteries?
  10. meatgrindr

    T10s added

    Yeah that torp is no joke. I like the line, already regrinding it.
  11. meatgrindr

    The " Cue Dump " excuse is now outdated.

    Original Q wants a word with imposter q in the red shirt.
  12. meatgrindr

    The " Cue Dump " excuse is now outdated.

    Agree, but the auto response will be not enough players and extended queue times to do that. Ideally a player could choose same tier, or +/- 1 or 2 tiers. There are times where being uptiered can be very rewarding.
  13. meatgrindr

    Too much arms race

    I like this idea as well. At least in Epicenter you could still get the cap, assist, and defend ribbons, for those respective missions.
  14. meatgrindr

    La Argentina + AP = Citadel Hits in Co-Op

    You must be mistaken. No way would WG charge you to mount a bonus pkg you just ground out.