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  1. My team one a game last night

    At least you can joke about it. +1 yellow laughing head thing.
  2. A couple of these helps me through the losing streaks. And I'm there with ya bro, been losing more than winning lately.
  3. Patch 6.11 hits tomorrow!

    This fits my style as well, pool resources, reap benefits. LMK if you go through with this and need a member.
  4. Okay, well my concern was missing out on the 15k silver for each duplicate. After finishing out the collection (trading in a few dups), I still am getting credited the 15k, cool. With all the incentives, I finished the grind on 4 tier Xs; GK, khab, groz, and moskva, plus Tier9 roon. Silver has been depleted big time! Thanks for putting together that list syndicated, huge help.
  5. An official word, actual date and time, on when this ends would be nice. Did I miss this somewhere, because I have looked. If I remember correctly, the previous collections stopped racking up duplicates when you completed the collection. Just trying to maximize silver.
  6. How to Dmitri Donskoi?

    Guess I didn't catch that. Thanks.
  7. How to Dmitri Donskoi?

    Now that I have my capt to 14 points, 4 to spend, is IFHE still a good option after the nerf? debating between that or aft, as it does quite well vs planes.
  8. Outstanding pictures, thank you. At my current rate, I should reach 4000 posts sometime in the 23rd century. Seriously.
  9. Should this new thread be "view only"? Too often I find myself wading through pages of uselss banter trying to find a bit of info.
  10. Finally...after 6000 games!

    I think I was in a game with you last night, or another former I recognized, and yeah, some red ship was quite annoyed. Blow this stuff off, but the hacker accusations are golden. I'm as average as they come, but even a squirrel like me finds the occasional nut, and being accused of cheating/hacking is really amusing.
  11. French Module setup ?

    Step 3: Love it! I want to replace my in game music with this.
  12. Glad this was revived, hadn't seen it before. dseehafer, you balance your checkbook to the penny don't you lol (I do). Absolutely love these post of yours. Thank you.
  13. Being on call, I had the chance to play many games yesterday, couldn't do much else. Went 24 wins to 14 losses, not bad, in a very mixed variety of tiers, types and nations, other than cv. But I know the averages will catch up, probably today. Confirmation bias is difficult to accept, but I hover somewhere just north of 50% WR, so I know what to expect. One thing I don't get, is how few achievement awards I receive (other than dev strike or first blood), think I had 1 arsonist for the whole day. And I was all over the leaderboard, top to bottom, mostly upper 1/2. I've had high caliber q'd up for weeks now on both side missions.
  14. Now THAT is just hilarious.
  15. The Great Ship Giveaway

    Subscribed. Whatever that means.