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  1. meatgrindr

    Leningrad Gone

    Would it be possible to simply add ships, and keep everybody happy? Probably not.
  2. meatgrindr

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    Sounds great then. Not trying to be a jerk, I just read it differently. And with the terminology/interpretation issues of the past, I am wary. I am definitely pleasantly surprised that WG will dump a pile of resources like that with no strings attached.
  3. meatgrindr

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    Okay, maybe I am being dense, but I see some posters here doing the math and anticipating getting a pile of resources of their choice dumped into their account, to use as they wish. Maybe true, but I am not interpreting it the same. I was seeing it more as "complete PR dockyard 2.0 and pick from the following: 1) coupon for any steel ship, 2) coupon for any coal ship, etc." Or something along those lines. Maybe it's too early to answer, but if those posters are wrong and that notion gains steam, there will certainly be discontent, so it would be good to get this ironed out sooner than later. I think I may be getting tripped up on the word "bundle", vs simply stating that the maximum pile of resource of choice added to account. Hopefully I am just wrong, and this will be a non-issue. Also- it may be appealing for those of us with PR already (thank you @paradat for laying out a best course back then) to have previous dockyard ships available as a reward. Maybe that idea is way out in left field, but for me, I have missed out on 2 (I think) DY ships. And since PR is the highest tier, that should be a possibility. Real world commitments had me miss out on Atlantico. So "3) any previous DY ship"...might be a nice option to add.
  4. meatgrindr

    64K Coal

    Just a simple question up for discussion; Why is the T9 Neustrashimy 64K coal more expensive than the T10 F. Sherman? Feel free to say "cuz it's better" but I would like a little better understanding.
  5. meatgrindr

    Personal Challenges Stage 1 & 2 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    In both rounds, I cleared all the first level of 200 in PVE, then moved on to other modes for the 600 and beyond, incorporating the lines I am grinding plus premiums I rarely sail, so it has been enjoyable, and I think I have failed to reach the mark in only a couple games. I am weak in CV's, and noticed my base xp in those PVE games was mostly between 200 and 300, so that is where I stopped with CV's. One thing I notice about these PVE matches- and I like to see green bots- is the amount of ramming into each other they do, taking a lot of xp right off the table. This is really irritating when a player is trying to reach a certain benchmark. Especially those juicy little xp filled DD's ramming each other in a cap. I like to think this is a mechanic that will be fixed eventually. I don't like to think this may be done on purpose to keep PVE from being too lucrative.
  6. meatgrindr

    Port Music

    Not sure exactly how to explain this- But the port music interferes with some other functions, like I am hearing it when I shouldn't be. Sometimes on a different windows tab, which I have been getting around by going to a different in-game tab such as Combat Missions, then the music doesn't seem to interfere. Tonight, I went to the news and was going to check out the 3d Saipan video, but here as well, the port music was playing over the video, and no easy fix since the news is found on the port screen. Maybe Youtube related? But something changed in the last month or so, as I never had this problem before- update, game setting, pc setting, youtube setting, I don't know. Anybody familiar with this problem?
  7. meatgrindr

    Things in the game that make you feel like a winner...

    That double kill is one of my favorites. Killing 1/6 of the red team in a matter of seconds is fun and a huge team boost (the sound is odd though, like dragging a phonograph stylus across an LP). I also like topping the board, with a win, as low tier. Unfortunately, both of these events are equally rare.
  8. meatgrindr

    I apologize

    So I tried loading into a scenario this morning with a cv, the wait went over 3 minutes, and I got distracted, so I ended up missing out on the game itself. So I just wanted to apologize. There were over 10k players online, but the login time plus the scenario load time made me lose interest. I am sorry.
  9. meatgrindr

    Servers Overloaded

    Which was of course followed by a 2 plus minute queue time because.......not enough players online. Which was promptly followed by a disconnection due to server maintenance. And has now been 4 plus minutes looking at the spinny thing next to the words "logging in....".
  10. meatgrindr

    Servers Overloaded

    "Servers overloaded." Population is 2626 at 2 am local time. I think it is safe to say that this is actually not from too many players overloading the system.
  11. I've noticed the same. Not a cv main, but dabbling in them more, and I feel like I understand the arming distance. I've perused Ahskances' vids (a big thank you btw) but haven't seen anything that addresses this.
  12. meatgrindr

    What exactly happens when I "reset" a line of ships?

    Oh, and welcome back!
  13. meatgrindr

    What exactly happens when I "reset" a line of ships?

    Careful Capt- believe it or not, it can be strangely addicting to reset lines. I usually have 3 or 4 resets going at any given time as I have ground out nearly all the tech tree ships. I am currently sitting on around 160k research points, have Ohio and Slava, just not sure what to snap up next, so I just keep accumulating points. The link Sir_Winston left above has some good info.
  14. meatgrindr

    Karma - Whats your number?

    Around 160, which looked a lot more impressive during the first few pages of this thread. Necro? Yeah, but humorous, humor doesn't expire.
  15. meatgrindr

    Thoughts on the Fuso Camo mission...

    Well here's my thoughts- multiple threads with more multiple pages on the subject of getting a "camo". Unless the actual goal is confusion (profitable?), this was horribly laid out. I was interested at first, now I just want it to go away. I guess my schedule conflicts, but it has been well over a week since I have seen the official stream in any other condition than "offline"- and I look and play almost daily, evenings and weekends. I hope this isn't working as intended, and in fact seems like a phoney way to inflate numbers (look at how many followers we have!). The standard instruction is to follow the stream passively, while doing something more fun. THAT, in itself, is telling. "follow the stream", "join the discord"- players that want to do this already are, and trying to entice other to do so with a "shiny" seems low and cheesy. Put a blurb in the news and the mission in our port, skip the orange "unlock" and "participate" buttons, strange hoops to jump through. Why can't I just see my tokens in the armory instead of some separate website? Just seems like a big hot mess. You asked, lol.