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  1. meatgrindr

    Yoshino opinions?

    Well I've been on the fence about Yoshino, but this thread is convincing me to snap it up. Regarding the IFHE change, a nerf this big to a 4 point skill should come with a free re-spec.
  2. Very concealed, but is it battle-ready? Looks to be just parked and hidden.
  3. meatgrindr

    Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd

    Ok, just so I'm taken seriously.
  4. meatgrindr

    Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd

    Had to run to low tier co op to get away from those pesky PITA OP CV...ahem.. respectfully submitted for your review.. Any bonus camos for the cit?
  5. meatgrindr

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    So has this cv rework been a success? Or just the squeaky wheel syndrome? How about try this: a check box before each match- a simple preference, would you like cv's in the next match, or not? Would not determine a cv match or not, just what the player would prefer. Monitor this for a month or so, see what the results are. I have a feeling 75% or more would say no cv, meaning the rework has been a fail. Overall would just give an impression of the gaming community whether the cv rework has been a plus or not.
  6. I'm probably missing something obvious, but where does it show which team won the previous day? I know it shows AFTER I pick a team.
  7. I can't play anymore? Am I missing something?
  8. meatgrindr

    Guard The Home Waters...what an I missing?

    Got it, thanks. Feel like I'm doing more reading than playing, lol.
  9. 3 assists, 2 defends.....directive not completed?