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  1. meatgrindr

    I like Pi

  2. meatgrindr

    I like Pi

    "Ship pie"? Don't say that 3 times fast.
  3. meatgrindr

    My plans after 9.2

    Lady, your choice of course. But don't bail over this. You know how this goes, usually the hype is worse than reality. Give it a shot like sumseaman said, if it's really that bad, adjustments will be made.
  4. meatgrindr

    PSA: Opt-in for 4 days prem time

    Just to clarify as I did a double take myself: the 15k bxp is part of the requirement to get the reward, it is not the reward itself.
  5. meatgrindr

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Whoa. Nice.
  6. Allow me to widen the margin: I only rage quit when there IS NOT 2 cv's per side.
  7. meatgrindr

    Your First Kraken?

    The Kraken is my favorite achievement. I don't remember my first, but I do remember two on maiden voyages; the Aigle and, of all boats, the Katori. I mean that thing looks like a trawler!
  8. meatgrindr

    (???????) is ruining the game

    Especially when not div'd up with similar WR types. Having 2 or 3 "better than average" players div'd up, plus comms, is way under-rated.
  9. meatgrindr

    (???????) is ruining the game

    Overtly charging you would be silly. You might believe that MM is 100% random, and in fact it might be. But, if I were WG, I would absolutely cater to the purples and blues, nothing super-obvious, but just a few tweaks here and there, 2 purples and a green on 1 team, red and orange on the other. Much like we see so often, and maybe this is up for debate, but I have kept track for periods of time and see this is a pattern. Maybe I am on the "stacked team", maybe not, but I have observed this often enough to see it as a pattern. Why cater to the better players? Well, not every instance, but on average, better players are; more vested in the game, spend more money on the game, provide better feedback, are better role models for the novices, and are generally going to automatically promote the game better than newbs, baddies, and 50%'rs like myself. And one thing that I am confident of- humans have a helluva time keeping their paws off and leaving something to chance, particularly if there is something, anything, to be gained.
  10. Can we have 8 more pages to define PTW? I pay tons of money, but my win rate is like 32%. Is that PTW?
  11. meatgrindr

    HoF - people are in it!

  12. Flip it over and hunker underneath it from the unimaginable salt storm that will be hitting in about 9 days...