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  1. Funny, but no. I want to be an ambulance Chaser not a first responder. I'm only in it for the money not to be a good human being.
  2. I need to start a WoWS insurance company and charge people so I can investigate their "accidents." I'm thinking 100 doubloons a month seems a fair price to make sure we can cover your damages in event it's the policy holders fault.
  3. This change might make her too squishy for her tier though. I look forward to all the CC videos after this change.
  4. The first 19 point captain makes getting the second one easier. Having two makes getting 3 super easy and it just goes from there. Since you can also us elite captain xp to retrain captains now, I'd say having 19 point captains (even just 2-3) makes this game alot easier. That said, I would only pit 19 point captains in lines you play and enjoy alot. All mine are in IJN botes as those are the ones I usually play.
  5. Pensacola 4 point Capt Skill

    Take concealment. IF HE does nothing for the 203s, and concealment is life to a cruiser. AFT might make a good second 4 point skill, but not a first one.
  6. I rather enjoy the credit and xp bonuses of killing tier 10 ships as a tier 8. The only tier I won't touch is 5 anymore. Tier 7 just has too much of an edge against them.
  7. 500k TX?

    Can I have your stuff?
  8. Alabama What's wrong

    Thread might get locked, I might have to post in it.
  9. There are no participation trophies in the real world.
  10. 3-20 losses...hmm

    Insert thread necromancy .gif here
  11. We are all very sympathetic, to customer service for having to deal with you.
  12. 6am MM horror

    Only been in one of these matches and our team performed perfectly. We made a plan, stuck together and maintained our push with me (Mogami with defensive fire) taking point. Best concealment since no DDs. The other cruiser and I coordinated our defensive fires and the enemy CV was rendered useless. We won, obviously. Oddly enough, that's the one game I've played where it really felt like a fleet engagement. 2 CA, 2BB and a CV in under our AA umbrella, I'd do it again anytime.
  13. Protip: Shoot destroyers and cruisers, make money.
  14. Premium Armored Cruisers ?

    As someone from PA, I fully endorse adding all the Pennsylvania s to the game. From the old ship of the line to the SSBN.
  15. My Claim of Naval Service

    I was born 4 months after you signed up aka you're old :p