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  1. Hatework

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Protip: shoot destroyers. It's not about how much damage you do, it's about where you apply that damage.
  2. Hatework

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    I havent been able to play mich lately, but ill make time when this launches. These collaborations have been some of the best features in WoWS for me. They even got me back into anime.
  3. so, you're not in favor of censorship unless it's censorship you're in favor of. That's some excellent mental gymnastics.
  4. Screenshots or it didnt happen.
  5. Hatework

    Your Favorite Flavor of Chips GO!!!!

    Lays Hickory BBQ is the best. Oddest flavor i think ive tried was ketchup. Threw that crap out after a few chips.
  6. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Hatework

    USS Hornet leaving for the Doolittle Raid

    Looks like a painting to me.
  8. Hatework

    A better Mutsu

    A secondary focused IJN BB at tier 7? Im all ears. Much as i enjoy my secondary Nagato (miss my AP though) i would love a more focused ship with a hair more range.
  9. Absolutely. Those Italian botes are good fun.
  10. can i have your stu... err wait. Can you have my stuff?
  11. Hatework

    HMS Dreadnought?

    I cant buy the custom flag from the armory though. I dont want Vanguard so didnt buy that bundle, but im still holding out hope for an Admirals bundle in the premium shop. Was very disappointed you couldnt buy her individually. Soon, please :D
  12. Hatework

    IJN Premium Yuudachi

    Obligatory Poi! Second, did Wargaming announce her? I didnt see anything while searching.
  13. Hatework

    What ships do you love that others hate?

    This thread needs more Mutsu love. Shes a bit of a tease, overpenning everything for the first ten minutes, then every shots a citadel. One of my favorite premiums. Plus, the flag looks great.
  14. Hatework

    Waifu Wars

    Saeko Busujima, Mio Sakamoto and Nagato all disagree with you. Shimakazes not even on my radar
  15. Hatework

    Waifu Wars

    Im more surprised people still watch mojo. Their lists were terrible years ago, and im assuming they havent improved with time.