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  1. Hatework

    So I was watching this new anime

    Is it subtitled or dubbed? I just cant watch duhbed much anymore, most of its terrible.
  2. Hatework

    Stop shooting... and win.

    Ever wonder why there are more grunts in the Army than there are Generals? Not everyones brain is wired for strategic use. That said, i cant count the number of times ive wanted to smack someone upside the head for not being able to successfully do nothing and win. Nope, gotta take his 1k hp CL and start shooting full hp BBs.
  3. I already play the A-hulls, i just call them Ashitaka and Mutsu :-) I do believe the current A-hulls have torpedo bulges. Not that i would downgrade hulls in either of those ships either way. Perhaps you started playing after Nagato and Amagi lost their original A-hull?
  4. I cant help but think this is a bad idea. Admittedly, im a bit bias. My Nagato and Amagi torp bulges eat alot of shells.
  5. Hatework

    Most of my ship didn't make it back to port.

    US sharing Philadelphia Experiment info with our British allies.
  6. Hatework

    So what's happening to premium CVs?

    The refund will be in doubloons. There's not a chance in hell they'll refund cash. This info was confirmed by my magic 8-ball in case anyone needed a source.
  7. Hatework

    WoWs you have Some explaining to do!

    I believe you OP. Dont let logic and reasoning get in the way.
  8. Hatework

    Harekaze Diverse, Powerful, and fun to play

    She is easily one of my favorite premium ships. She combines excellent orbs good Gunnery and good concealment into an almost perfect package.
  9. Hatework

    Comfortable Pictures of BB doing BB things

    No underaged botes were harmed in the making of this rampage. Secondary kills are the bestest.
  10. Hatework

    Secondary Focused IJN BB

    In the Nagato vs Gneisenau fight, i still take Nagato. Shes rocking 8 410mm rifles with great accuracy from long to close range, most of her secondaries are forward facing(ish), so she can wiggle her stern out, fire and get it back behind her while still maintaining a heavy secondary barrage. Gneisenau has her 1/4th pen secondaries with slightly (0.3) better base range and terrible guns with fewer of them. Really, Gneisenau is just a stepping stone to Bismark, which actually can brawl. Shes not that good of a ship when you look at her peers. Full disclosure:: im heavily biased towards Nagato. My Yamamoto captains her, if that tells you how much i enjoy her :D As for the 1/4th pen issue on IJN secondaries, it would be a nonissue. At most, IJN have 4x2 mounts per side for the 100s, even Izumo and Yamato dont have very heavy HE secondary armaments. Id rather keep them as fire starters though, as imm sure wargaming would have to nerf the fire chance if they got IFHE for free. Even if you just made all secondary mounts regardless of size 1/4 pen, only Yamato would gain much damage from them. Again though, imm sure wargaming would rebalance the stats to compensate for it. One of these days ill stop being lazy and correlate all the data i have from playing secondary builds and post it so someone smarter than me can shoot holes in my reasoning. Till then, i really like teh Ap/HE secondary split on IJN and hope they dont change it. Im convinced people jsut need to take more time to study their results screens and ignore they feels, stomach, Mrs Cleos, whatever. then, theyll see what i see, IJN are still quite capable of secondary speccing, someone else has jsut come along who (arguably) does it better.
  11. Hatework

    Secondary Focused IJN BB

    Amagi has better secondaries, and a much better armor profile for brawling, shes also free. Kii is terrible at it. trust me, all my IJN BB captains are secondary speced from t5 to t10. Just because some new flavor of the month came along doesnt mean IJN ever got worse at secondary builds, they just arent the best any more (debatable.) Folks make a big deal aobut the AP secondaries, but they do just fine. I think most people dont like them because they dont start fires. The damage they do is solid, even without the fires. Would i like more range from them or a IJN secondary focused BB? sure, but given how wargaming has treated IJN BB premiums to date, im not confident it would be any good.
  12. I dont think thats how ramming works. In the screenshot below, i rammed an Independence. Neither of us had enough hps left to survive the ramming, but i ended up with a diehard. Yes, we were both sailing bow into eachother. His hps reached zero before mine, suggesting the ramming hp loss isnt one massive hp reduction, but a slower measurable reduction. Also, i shot down 3 airplanes in Mutsu
  13. Is working fine for me.
  14. Hatework

    All personal record for killed ships past 5

    9 in Myoko. So close to ten that match, but her shells were jsut a bit too slow to secure the final kill.
  15. Hatework

    CV Rework Feedback

    This video and the stream left more questions than answers. I admit i'm bias in that i like the RTS style currently, and this look like it will get old fast. I cant imagine grinding from tier 4 to tier 10 playing like this. Ill keep Kaga as a port queen, but you can have the rest back.