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  1. USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato

    Yamato because looks trump all other factors.
  2. I feel you. 33% win rate the last two days. Good games, good fun, just can't seem to get the wins going. That's what I get for playing other games these last few weeks. RNGesus is punishing me.
  3. I only use them on my best ships with my best captains to maximize elite captain XP.
  4. Pretty much. I think the only changed needed at this time is being able to see thru islands with it. Once they figure out that issue, radar should be fine.
  5. Weekend spree

    Good to hear some folks had a good weekend. After two wins then five straight losses I had to call it a night last night. Friday at least wasn't too bad.
  6. Not really, I was after mostly speed flags and camos. I got all the camos and then some and have a lifetime supply of Speed flags. All in all I'm happy.
  7. About 7500. 1 doubloons container and two from different double ship skins that I had. I don't remember the actual amounts for each one.
  8. Campaign for the Plush Torpedo

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. I want a torpillow. Naow.
  9. If I remember right, it's 5 seconds per aircraft in the squadron.
  10. guest premium

    Hell need to come to the forums and accept the gift, assuming you sent it to the right name on the right server. Otherwise, check your email to make sure it was delivered.
  11. World of Simulation?

    My Mutsu would never make it out of port
  12. "The year of carriers" thread

    You forgot the removal of alt attacks from tiers 4 and 5. I'm pretty sure that happened this year too.
  13. I keep reading this with Mel Brooks voice from Spaceballs. That said, I think Amagi gets alot of wargaming attention for the same reason Bismark does. Lots of people like her, and she's a high tier boat which makes for good premium sales. It's just smart business. By Bismark, I mean all the skins, not premiums based on him.
  14. Stock Amagi... That's a tough sell, will have to wait for her full stats. Even at tier 7, I'm not sure.
  15. Need some Anime suggestions.

    I havent watched it yet, but the soundtrack to Kara No Kyoukai is amazing! Im getting ready to start Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, then was going to start Gate, but i think Kara no Kyoukai will be nextt instead. Thanks for all teh suggestions. Ill slowly get thru this whole list lol