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  1. bad managment

    Just wanted to add to my post count. Plus one.
  2. Thanks for the replies folks. I wasnt really expecting much, but searches have to start somewhere outside of google. THat image is one of the better ones so far ive seen Battleship1987, even if its labeled Mutsu. Might be the best i can get.
  3. A secondary focused IJN BB?

    All I want for Kurisumas is 0.5 km more range on tiers 6-8 IJN BBs secondaries. Please :D I will also accept a secondary focused IJN BB premium.
  4. This is also a good way to hit ships in cyclones that you cant see. That little circle wwas a terrible, yet wonderful idea.
  5. Is there a book anyone knows of that gives a detailed breakdown of Nagatos internal layout? Ive been poking around the interwebs for a bit looking but the most ive found is a few side views with general locations. Im kind of hoping for some detailed, down to the dimensions of the rooms. Is there even such blueprints?
  6. I am always in favor of buffing the ships i play, so long as we can also nerf the ones i dont.
  7. "Super Containers"

    I want this and Two Brothers epicenter for April Fools next year.
  8. Reward Whales WG

    I always thought having ships the peasants cant afford was its own reward. That and being called a wallet warrior.
  9. IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    I am all for more IJN botes, but doesnt Wargaming reserve class leads for normal ship lines?
  10. What is your favourite Retro Game?

    Asteroids remains my favorite game ever. Yeah, im getting old.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    your constant use of this paraphrasing makes me sad for how awesome the Terminator movies were and what steaming piles of crap they have turned into. Also, posting in a locked thread.
  12. How many battles per day?

    Based on how many games I've played and the length of time I've been playing, I averaged about five games a day.
  13. Please help me Identify this ship

    It's under the awning at the back of the ship. I'm guessing it was tea time so the Brits broke out their tents on the stern.
  14. Not Really a Free Game

    Is this troll bait? This feels like troll bait.
  15. this is what I had to do last year. I talked to my bank who issued the card and wargaming and they both said it was the other doing it, but it turned out it was Visa. I had to talk to them. I haven't had a single issue since.