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  1. Wish someone would have told me sooner OP, tier 8 is where I spend most of my time. I had no idea it was actually unplayable.
  2. This thread Kiips me amused. Needs more posts.
  3. I don't own or play any of those ships. I'm voting for IJN world domination instead.
  4. Agreed, but the threads about CVs specifically, so I'm trying to stay focused.
  5. Could you just imagine a t(nothing) CV driver renting a t10 CV and facing an actual t10 CV driver? Good luck with that.
  6. My Kii must be polish cause she's sexKii.
  7. Amagi and premiums. All you need and more.
  8. I knew there was something missing from the forums today. Thank you.
  9. What does money have to do with you still being a minnow in a sea of sharks?
  10. I blame my masochistic side personally.
  11. You can release Kii now, I'll happily be a tester on the live server. Please? With strawberries on top?
  12. "The incident" is a close cousin of "that time (insert name here) did that thing."
  13. +1 for more immersion. I'd love to see the weather a little more violent during the cyclones. Also, +1 for picture of Pennsylvania.
  14. This really. Use your torps for area denial and to harrass pursuers (otherwise, forget you ahve them.) Stay angled. Shes an amazing ship.
  15. Your PR department is pretty solid. As I've said before, I want Graf Zeppelin, and look forward to purchasing her when she's ready.