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  1. This really. Of all the ships I own, Duca is the most dependent on a good captain to perform. Downtiering her would make her hilariously over powered without so much needing you might as well just make it a different ship.
  2. Still waiting for the SDF-1. Someday... In the meantime, I'll be enjoying this mode
  3. Pretty much what i do as well.
  4. New Host = No More Dasha???

    Dashas contract expire? Edit: guess not, Radar posted while i was typing. The new voiceover is terrible as usual lol i dont know where that accent is from, but listen to the way she says Farragut.
  5. Can i add the caveat that if someone buys a Tirpitz, they arent allowed on my team? Yes, i know some of you can play her, but the ones that cant... wow.
  6. O_O Check your Zipangu Premiums

    I especially like the Zao in blue. She looks like a bigger meaner Atago, which is what she is. Others look great, some ive kept the green. All in all, i cant wait to see some of the alternate colors for other lines after these.
  7. One of my most laughable deaths was being detonated by an afk Bogues secondaries.
  8. So Confused by this!?

    Tier 1 Russian battleship comrade.
  9. On the up side, teams this week have alloweed me to get alot of progression and general base building done in Subnautica.
  10. Favorite Premium ship?

    Yubari - favorite DD (stop typing, its a DD, I don't care what the icon says) Mutsu - favorite (premium) BB Atago - favorite CA Ryujo - not premium, bit has premium camo. Favorite CV
  11. This thread has taken a turn for the interesting. I think im going to have to change out my rudder shift mods on my most comfortable battleships and see if theres any noticable difference.
  12. If WoWS was real life...

    PArt of the .01%. In my defense, those beach goers looked suspicious.
  13. Feedback requested

    Just in the case of the event. There's no rule against it otherwise.
  14. I used DCM2 on my BB until /unless the captain has basics of survivability, then I swap it for steering gears. In the face of HE, some reduction on fires is a must. With the flag and BoS, I'll let two fires burn sometimes without damage controlling it. They usually burn themselves out pretty quick. If they don't, I'm probably overextended and dying soon anyway.
  15. The Artist Formerly Known As Steven Seagull.