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  1. Just a misunderstanding is all. We invited them in for a spot of tea and a fire broke out. Just a big misunderstanding...
  2. Im guessing the premium rental feature they tried some time back wasmt profitable?
  3. Hatework

    What Happened to the Indomitable?

    Shes moored nextto Yahagi
  4. Hatework

    People hitting in smoke

    That hacks fill of malware. Use the Mk I Eyeball hack instead.
  5. Hatework

    Secondary armament overhaul

    I just want my AP secondaries back.
  6. Hatework

    The downvote button is gone

    I have exhausted my supply of confused emojis. More, naow.
  7. Hatework

    A Name is a Place: which ones have you been to?

    Im a truck driver. Ive forgotten more places than most people have been, at least in the lower 48 and Quebec.
  8. Hatework

    This player must be banned.. where is the 'red' line?

    Suggesting the OP left out half (or more) of the story is heresy.
  9. Nagato is the correct answer. She can snipe and she can brawl and everything inbetween. Most importantly, she teaches you to shoot. Hopefully getting rid of those bad habits people learn playing Fuso.
  10. Hatework

    When Make Believe Becomes Reality

    The Hand of Stalin works in mysterious ways.
  11. Hatework

    Strange game in Myoko with torps

    This is the most logical answer. Ill be starting the Church of WKCW1. 5,000 doubloons (sent to me directly) ensures your seat in heaven.
  12. Hatework

    Why run a sale on Roma?

    Have you played her? Shes easily the most fun BB i own. Strangely, Nagato and Amagi still t opp her on my favorites list.
  13. Hatework

    Did I miss a meeting? HE/ SNIPING?

    That might explain it, but youd think getting into secondary range and using those firestarters would be more effective. I just dont get some peoples thought processes sometimes. Trying to get main battery shell hits at long range to start fires....
  14. Im seeing alot, ALOT of german battleships chilling back at max range firing nothing but HE. Did something happen to german BBs that caused this? Is this just another effect from the british BB HE?
  15. Id like to see supertesters get achievements and flags for the ships they test. No, im not one of them. In game, id like to see terrain bl ock radar and hydro, possibly proximity detection as well.