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  1. Please post any entries in the above linked thread. Arigato and happy hunting!
  2. Because IFHE was supposed to improve the penetration value of low caliber HE shells, not be a solid skill for setting fires and doing additional damage. I think this change brings the skill more in line with its intended purpose.
  3. Changes sound pretty good, though I would like to see a gun caliber breakdown for the reduced fire chance on IFHE.
  4. Psh, Washington let South Dakota do all the tanking. Typical high tier play, this was not a 1v1.
  5. I wish I could have articulated one of my issues this well.
  6. I'm still patiently waiting for a 2/1/2 or 1/1/3 loadout. I'm having a hard time convincing myself to buy her,pretty as she is, with only dive bombers for strike aircraft.
  7. More food for my Mutsu.. err I mean congrats!
  8. Sailor Moon really let herself go after her show ended.
  9. It is my understanding that I need a super secret undercover super tester to secretly share information with me. Anybody want to volunteer? I will supply trench coats and briefcases for clandestine meetings.
  10. I miss all the good parties. Not even for a whole box of cat nip?
  11. Is it against the NDA to tell us which ships are being tinkered with on the supertester server? Specifically, Roma and Kii. I doubt the latter since her teaser just showed up. Also, is there a super secret supertester handshake? Decoder ring? Something?
  12. An even meaner Amagi? I can haz naow?
  13. Admiral Nagumo special ability for CVs: After sinking a US battleship you fail to launch any more strikes for the remainder of the match, and defensive fire is disabled (when in ships that have it.)
  14. I think people are underestimating the difficulty in getting Yamamoto. I'm confident he'll be an extremely rare captain. That reload buff needs to go though. 10%, maybe, but a full third of your reload time is a bit much.
  15. Congrats, she's definitely a good boat. I am curious , do super container ships come with their custom flags? Mutsu easily has the best looking flag on a premium to date.