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  1. Kaigun_Toronaga


    Exactly, it is ddd but it is not from, in other words, it was crap
  2. Kaigun_Toronaga


    That ship the Z-31 in my opinion is an absurd thing, won from Pensacola
  3. Pode pegar esse prêmio e ......
  4. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Análise dos Efeitos Visuais Atualizados

    Os caras preocupados com efeitos visuais
  5. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Nerf Smol??

    Typical comment of who does not have this ship huahuhuahua
  6. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Nerfaram Smolensk ??

    Essa WG faz coisa, antes da atual update o Smol poderia chegar a 19km de range, afinal essa distância é compensada pela pouca blindagem mesmo com cortina de fumaça, hoje qualquer cruzador t9 e t10 tem range acima de 16km, ou seja smol vai ser navio para jogar com bots.
  7. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Nerf Smol??

    Before the update, Smolensk had a range of 19km, today 16km. It loses to T9 and T10 cruisers. Thank you WG.
  8. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Alguem sabe como se corrige

    I already posted and did not get feedback
  9. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Alguem sabe como se corrige

    I'm referring to the chat not the ship
  10. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Alguem sabe como se corrige

    I already formatted, already uninstalled the game and it doesn't solve
  11. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Alguem sabe como se corrige

    I have this problem, does anyone know how to solve it
  12. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Am I the only one? Port chat

    I also have this problem, I opened a tickte in support but didn't know how to fix it
  13. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Chat server unavailable

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  14. Kaigun_Toronaga

    Chat server unavailable