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  1. Grantwhy

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits mod https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/161381-08100-mermaids-wrath-—-the-complete-collection/ I think Halsey gets replaced with Fem. bonus image I'm 95% certain LWM replaces Jack Dunkirk. Mermaid's Wrath mods, more than just professional Voice Actors yelling at you while you play the game making the audio easier to hear and listen to
  2. Grantwhy


    Dear Santa Fem I have been taking the Smolensk into Ranked and deserve to be put on the Naughty List and only get Coal for Christmas. All the Coal please. Yours in Warships Grantwhy
  3. Grantwhy

    This Is Why

    It takes a lot out of you, but I'm lucky, my sister and her family give me and mum so much help when we need it. Happy Holidays and a Mary Shipsmas to you and yours 24/7 club, rock on
  4. Grantwhy

    Smol in ranked

    After trying to play Battleships in Ranked and failing, I started using my 'co-op' Smolensk and that's how I play her. Follow behind a DD (by about 4km or so) and give it as much support as I can. For all the brouhaha about Carriers in Ranked, it seems to me that the team that keeps their Destroyers alive tend to win. Don't get me wrong, I'll still 'make it rain' on a Battleship if I can, but my first choice targets are Destroyers and Radar Cruisers.
  5. Grantwhy

    This Is Why

    I used Narai to get my Zara grind done. She did ok for me. I did use her aggressively, AP on broadside cruisers and point your nose at anything that is firing AP. I even did the 'aggressive BB' path with her a few times and used the smoke to charge the Missouri and try to torp it The guns are good for going after the CV. SAP will take out the escorting DD fast enough and the AP will take care of the escorting cruiser if you can get it's broadside.
  6. Grantwhy

    This Is Why

    I'm 24/7 carer for my 76 year old Mum. Her situation is almost the polar opposite of your Granny. Mum has a degenerative neurological condition that affects, and had taken away her balance, ability to walk and is affecting her ability to talk. Mentally she is fine. She just can't do anything for herself which frustrates the heck out of her sometimes. Warships has been a good way for me to fill in time when mum doesn't need me, and if she needs me right away a quick "AFK phone, sorry" in chat (even in randoms) seems to be enough for people to not get salty.
  7. You actually can click on and select IFHE. The 'blocked out' skills are the ones that are either a bad choice/don't give a lot of benefit/don't work for the ship selected, but you can still select them. Someone could take Torpedo Acceleration for their Massachusetts commander if they wanted to . And it's probably a lot easier for WG to use a default template for ships, so because IFHE is of no benefit to almost all Battleships in the game the Mass gets the 'bad choice/don't select' icon there.
  8. Grantwhy

    PSA: Half off modules and port slots...

    and the Nelson is a great ship for Operation Narai
  9. Grantwhy

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    Buy the Bundle (Black Asashio) and get: Asashio B and Port Slot and Chain of combat missions for 2,500 doubloons for the Tier VIII Asashio.
  10. Grantwhy

    Black Friday and Thanksgiving include Co-op!

    Using a Zara (1.6k Base XP) , bonuses focused on getting XP/Commander XP and this was played with premium time. If someone was focusing on getting XP/Free XP, and using all the special signals instead of some, and driving a light cruiser + getting the transports, yeah, 30k Free XP is attainable.
  11. Grantwhy

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for the amount of time I've enjoyed playing this game, and the community for making this more that just pixels on a screen. I'm full time cater (24/7) for my mother and World of Warships has been my 'enjoyable game to fill in time' for over 4 years now. Play one or two games, look after mum, play another game or two etc and the hours in the day go by. If I am lucky enough to win a prize: Ark Royal please :)
  12. Different price for Indian players on EU, due to the server switch offer from a few months back https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/india-account-migration/ Something came up on Reddit not long after that, with a Indian player (on EU) not getting the full 200% bonus on doubloons bought, and it seems they were getting a 70% discount shop items on EU compared to the regular EU price, but that should NOT have been taken into account and they ended up getting the full amount of doubloons.
  13. Grantwhy

    5 most played ships in co-op

    So, I'm a free-to-play account who has spent just $1 on the game (Cossack), and over the last couple of years I've gotten very used to using co-op to get missions/events done, and have even started to grind lines in co-op. I have a Missouri so, as long as I remember to play it in randoms a few times a week, credits aren't that much of a problem. 1 Großer Kurfürst 371 - such a good ship for doing missions/events requirements. I've just added the Tier 10 Infernal camo so I can play it in co-op and not lose credits like I used to 2 Yamato 357 - again, a good ship for getting missions/events requirements done. I have the HSF camo for it so, again, I can play it it in co-op and not lose lots of credits. 3 Georgia 201 - fun ship for co-op 4 Akizuki 151 - used co-op to grind out the next ship while using co-op to grind out Daily Missions 5 Fletcher 151 - using co-op to grind out the next ship while using co-op to grind out Daily Missions. Considering the (my) playing style for USN DDs seems to suit co-op, I'm probably going to reset this line for the Research Bureau
  14. Grantwhy

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    this looks relevant to people in this thread :) from Developer Bulletin 0.8.11 Captain's Logbook https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0811/#logbook Which Premium and special ships are still missing from your Port? How many different flags can you mount on your ships? For the answers to these questions and many others, you can refer to the Captain's Logbook. To access it, simply open the player’s menu by clicking on your nickname in the upper-left area of the Port screen and select "Captain's Logbook.” Here, you will see different sections with various in-game items, displaying which game goodies you already have and which are yet to come.
  15. Grantwhy

    Aim for Achievements - 18th - 25th

    yes, for my sins, it's a Smolensk battle. But I only got 207 main battery hits, so I wasn't too mean to the enemy team?