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  1. This is my Profile via the web site. https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1016761754-Grantwhy/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=missouri For Random battles, my Mutsu not there. Likewise, looking at my Profile in game, the Mutsu is not there. Ships with Zero games don't show up in your list of ships.
  2. For various reasons I have ships in port that have never been in a Random game. In order to rectify this I'm currently going through my port trying to get at least one Random game on all my ships. Something that is slowing me down is the fact that if your ship has zero games in a game mode it does not show up in your Profile or on wows-numbers. For example, I have a Mutsu. If I look up my in-game profile or on wows-numbers it doesn't show when looking at my Random game stats. And yes, wows-numbers does have the ability to put "0" into the Minimum Battles option, but doing that still doesn't show ships that have 0 games. Currently I'm slowly going through my ships in port and then checking on wows-numbers to see if that ship is listed in my Random games and if not, I play a Random game with it. But it's a slow way to find ships. So, dear readers, I'm asking you if you know of a faster way of finding ships you own that have zero Random games (or games in other modes) In advance, thank you for any assistance/advice
  3. Grantwhy

    Green Bot Hall of Fame.

    You're telling me. They don't even respond to Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong
  4. Your 71% win rate in CVs is very impressive. The fact that the majority of your CV games seem to have been at Tier 4 against bots and new players ... not so much. Apologies if I've missed any high tier CV games you have played.
  5. Maybe it's the video card driver? Check to see if it's up to date and if it is maybe try a older driver version from a month or two ago?
  6. Grantwhy

    New things to see with the upgraded graphics

    I'm probably the last person to be asking technical questions about a design ... ... but how the heck is that outfit supposed to work? I know double sided tape is a thing, but I seriously doubt that would keep the bodice (?) in place. Hmmmm .... Hapa does owe the Community Time live stream viewers another cosplay stream. How does everyone think Hapa would look in dark blue and wearing a eye-patch?
  7. Grantwhy

    Help me plan this Sunday's stream!

    And I believe in that podcast they (the founders) said that was because most of the EU KOTS player base preferred to play without ship bans.
  8. Stay Safe Hapa, WG staff and everyone affected . I hope that when WG NA does stream again we get to see Hapa in either a toga or centurion's armour, to celebrate the release of the new Italian BB line :) This could be a thing, make Hapa dress up in appropriate costumes/outfits for every new line release
  9. Grantwhy

    Disk Space

    You should be able to move those (some or all) folders over to a different drive and then tell the Game Client to look for the game at the new location In the Game Center click on the All Games tab and then click Import Installed Games to tell the GC where to find your games. I hope that helps :)
  10. Grantwhy

    Match making

    WHY DOES NO-ONE TALK ABOUT TEH REAL MATCH MAKER CONSPIRACY? WHY DOES MM NEVER PUT US ON THE RED TEAM?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?! To OP. Sorry for hijacking your thread. It just felt that this was the place I could finally post that. XOXO Grant
  11. Grantwhy

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    248 ships in port and for some reason the game has given my the 250 ship emblem, so to make it official i could buy back a couple of low tier ships ... or spend some of that Free XP I've been hoarding :p and it's official 3.1M Free XP left and the Hayate is the only FXP ship I don't have, and unfortunately for the Hayate I'm saving that for the Vampire II and/or Kitakami , just in case they are FXP ships.
  12. It's the same 'crew' for all ships, but there is a good variety of voices and voice lines :) And, if you ever play operations there are special lines recorded for all the ops.
  13. I have recently noticed that when I have a ship in Autopilot and change the speed the Autopilot is canceled. eg: From Full Speed down to 3/4 speed. I'm not sure when it started, but normally after I put a ship in Autopilot I can vary the speed from Full down to 1/4 speed and not have the Autopilot cancel. Putting the ship in reverse would cancel the Autopilot. I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug or a change to the Autopilot that I've missed reading in the updates.
  14. Maybe the wrong spot to bring this up, and definitely not a game bug, but Why doesn't the NA Portal get the Launch Day Calendars? I can get them easily from the EU or ASIA portals so it's no hassle for me, but I'm curious as to why this happens. Is it by choice, or did someone forget to tick a box that said publish these on the NA portal? My guess is B and yes, this is a subtle request for the Launch Day Calendars to be published on the NA portal *edit* Posting a link in case some of the other players reading this post haven't seen a Launch Day Calendar https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/launch_day_october_2020/ *second edit* if you click on the picture you get download options located under the bottom left of the image
  15. Grantwhy

    IFHE All Night Long

    No IFHE for the Mainz. The Mainz 150mm HE Pen is 38mm. 32mm pen is the main target number for IFHE, and 38mm is one of the "bonus' numbers (center deck armour on higher tier USN Battleships) so it does not need IFHE. Which not only make the Mainz's guns good 'straight out of the box', but it saves 4 commander skill points to use elsewhere. Bonus Info: The 150mm guns on the Tier 4, 5 & 6 German Cruisers have the exact same penetration so their HE can do well vs Battleships. And now that German Destroyers get the 1/4 HE Pen, any German DD that has 150mm guns can get good damage vs Battleships as well.