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  1. Grantwhy

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    The death of Narai may not be as imminent as first seemed. I just played a Narai game on the PT about 60 minutes ago. 4 Stars - the lead transport got away, I think the Fiji got the other transports. Base XP & credit earnings about what I'd expect. I went after the CV. No Economic signals used, only combat ones. IFHE Flint :still does good in Narai ) Important (?)Info(?): The Atlanta went south after the transports first, but died before the DD was spotted. That Atlanta still got 755 Base XP. I think they are rotating the Operations on the PTS pretty fast, but if anyone has the opportunity, can you try to play Narai there and see if the *current* Base XP / Rewards seem that different to how they have been in the past?
  2. Grantwhy

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    Being in a WOLF clan is combining individuals oil to unlock Clan Buildings so everyone can share the buffs & discounts :) If you are collecting oil at least once a week that will be good enough for most, if not all, WOLF clans :). You are more than active enough :). Pick a clan and put in a application Don't worry about not being able to collect as much oil as some people. The highly active being in a clan with the semi-active to 'share the oil' is one of the points of being in a WOLF clan. I collect 2-3 daily containers per day and I just moved from a WOLF clan with almost all the Clan buildings built to a brand new WOLF clan to help it build up from the ground floor. bonus info: We get oil every time we collect a container. Bought containers do count for oil. There is no need to open containers to get the oil, just collect. We also get oil via Naval Battles
  3. Grantwhy

    Enjoy the scenery

    Captain Bad Advice's Boat Island in the middle of 4&5/E&F on Map Crash Zone Alpha, you need to look at it from the southof the island, near water level to see the shape :)
  4. What? No, she's probably just pining for the fjords
  5. Grantwhy

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    No no no no no If you want to scare people, sing to them Where Nobody Knows Your Name (based [badly] on the Cheers Theme) Grinding your way in the game today Takes everything you’ve got Getting a boost with all your grinds Sure would help a lot Wouldn’t you like to play that way? Sometimes you want a Clan Where nobody knows your name And they’re glad you play the game Your way not the way they want you Our grinds are all the same You wanna Clan where nobody knows your name
  6. Standing by As much as we love and appreciate the time and effort that goes into this mod, I think I speak for most of us to say, Life first - Mermaid's Wrath when time permits.
  7. Grantwhy

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    As per my post back at the beginning of February, I have left my home for a year and a half, WOLFC to help the new Wolf Clan build up from the start. To all my compatriots from WOLFC, it has been a pleasure not knowing you and working as a group to get oil for the Clan to benefit everyone, i'll miss you all To @RedClaw_II , I'll be putting my application in for WOLFH as soon as my 3-day 'no joining a clan after you leave a clan' period is over
  8. Grantwhy

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    and I'll jump across from WolfC to help the new clan with earning oil :)
  9. @Femennenly , this is probably the wrong place for a suggestion, but With Anchors Away going to the Vampire II next year, I thought there was a opportunity to spread a little bit of Australianess via the Anchors Away events with a CC challenge. If a CC goes to a Anchors Away and gets filmed eating Vegemite they get a Vampire to give away (via Twitch, Youtube, etc). As the Vampire is currently not on sale in the Premium Shop or in the Armory it might be a nice way of getting a small number of new Vampires out. Only once per CC, and it's eating Vegemite, not just tasting Especially SeaRaptor. He definitely needs to be tricked incentivized into eating Vegemite
  10. Grantwhy

    Cloaking device/ ships disappearing

    People have asked for a replay. Someone will look at it. It will either prove you right or allow them to explain what is happening. Although, with a update happening in a couple of days maybe wait until after the update for it to happen again and then put the replay up for someone to look at.