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  1. Grantwhy

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    An observation that says way more about me than you guys ... ... Whoh! They've got knees!
  2. Grantwhy

    Silent majority

    The polite answer is: To give co-op players the opportunity to shoot down planes. Which is sometimes a mission for a event. Tinfoil hat answer: To get data on how the bots handle playing CVs/aircraft. (damage/spotting/use of different squadron types/etc/etc)
  3. Grantwhy

    Silent majority

    Unlike for other ship types, co-op is probably the worst place to use a CV to do missions/grind out XP. The bots tend to travel in blobs and despite what some say, attacking a blob of ships - even Bots in co-op - can get your planes shot down before you can attack. Especially if you are using co-op to get the exp to upgrade your stock planes. And with the games in co-op being much shorter than Random games, it's often a race against time to do anything/do much in a CV in co-op.
  4. Then it is very important for you to try and complete as many of the missions that give Dockyard tokens (phase) & complete Dockyard stages as you can. If you have completed the Dockyard with Doubloons, each token you get from now on will give you 250 Steel
  5. I'm sorry, can you please point to the part of this dev blog that says they are reducing the amount of Credits Super Ships are earning?
  6. Grantwhy

    Ok help. What is "base XP"?

    If that is either the Dockyard mission or a Italian Destroyer mission where you need to "In one battle, earn 2 200 base XP", you don't need to complete them to advance. There are easier missions you can do to get the number of completed missions required to unlock the next lot of missions for that event. They just take a while to do. Those "get X amount of base XP in a single game" type missions ... they're more like bonuses for the good players to do and feel good about themselves :p
  7. Grantwhy

    Italian containers NOT rigged at all

    I have warships open at the moment and it says there are 8624 people on line. 8624 / 324 = 26.6172839506 , or to say it another way, 26 of the people currently online would, without rigging, open 3 containers and get the same 3 medal. It's going to happen to somebody and you are somebody Wait ?!? You think you are being *punished* for spending money on the game?
  8. Grantwhy

    N/A Stream when?

    Yes, the update is (again) going to be 24 hours later than usual. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0113-italian-destroyers-part-2/
  9. For the OP , yes. For the person Boggy was replying too ... that's a different problem. It sounds like somebody in their division did not show up on the in-game teams list. Unless :Jenkins: can be invited to a division (and accept?), in which case it's a different different problem and the changes to Bot AI in Operations has resulted in unexpected bot abilities :) Hey, if the Operations AI is wonky maybe we'll be able to convince that bot captain to stay out of the Dynamo minefield when they eventually bring back that Operation (in 2030+).
  10. Grantwhy

    Sync Dropping - is it cheating?

    Yes. The more reports (with evidence/replays) a player (or clan) gets the more evidence WG have to take action. If people complain, but don't report, WG can't do anything about it.
  11. Grantwhy

    Stop letting noobs access tier 10 subs

    There is one difference. The newb has a better chance of improving/learning to play better than the "Professional Potato" :)
  12. Grantwhy

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    Or it says the Arizona is too strong for it's tier ;) Probably a little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B
  13. Grantwhy

    Thanks Boggzy!!!

    That sounds very much like some Agatha would say If you don't get the reference, ignore this post from a internet loony
  14. Grantwhy

    Forced use of tokens

    look at it this way for 300 tokens you get: * Tier 4 Italian Destroyer Turbine OR 1,100,000 credits * Commander with 3 skill point * Port Slot and, unlock access to the next bundle. Just because you do not want the credits, commander or port slot does not remove the 'unlock access to the next bundle' from the current bundle. Your early access to the Turbine is still giving you more stuff than people who didn't get early access ;) You just have to spend the tokens to get it.
  15. Grantwhy

    I am sorry but it has come to this.

    One of us. One of us. gratuitous plug: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/137433-lone-wolves-recruiting-solo-players-20-clans/ It won't help you with other players playing badly, but at least you'll have a clan tag to match your play style