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  1. they never suspect the cat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhGcKtQE1a0
  2. Grantwhy

    Revenge of the Red - 10th - 17th

    now, if I could only play so well in Ranked games :p
  3. I believe you can use the Game Center to play on different regions. Try going into ... ... oh, sorry. I though you wanted a answer.
  4. Grantwhy

    Will we ever see any T8,9 or 10 operations.

    Well, while not a 'Axis' Operation, Narai may be based on the Japanese invasion of SE Asia and planned invasion of Port Morsby. The landmass where the invasion points are looks suspiciously like a badly drawn map of northern Australia + Papua New Guinea. So, play Narai with only IJN ships (maybe allow other Axis powers ships?) to get the 'Axis Operation' feel
  5. Grantwhy

    Will we ever see any T8,9 or 10 operations.

    unfortunately, no new Operations are in development https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/bowvi9/wows_live_qa_22/enortbp/ I didn't see anything in the Q&A about existing ones coming back.
  6. free stuff for playing the game ? yay :) *heart* WG
  7. Grantwhy

    The Kill Trio - 6th - 13th

    yet another co-op entry :)
  8. it may only be a Co-op game, but 5 camos is 5 camos :)
  9. Not sure if it's my computer playing up or WG changed something with update 0.8.3, but the Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names Tool has stopped working for me. and yes, the Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names Tool is in the same spot as it's always been :)
  10. Grantwhy

    WINNERS - Starfall Competition

    It was/is in the event announcement ;) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/getyourgameon-goplay/ (and yes, those are my local times, not everyone elses)
  11. Grantwhy

    Where are all the humans today?

    My guess is this. For someone like me who will play PVE to complete missions, the Space Battles took PVE's place until I needed to focus on some missions that can't be done in Space Battles.
  12. Grantwhy

    Scenario Review: Cherry Blossom

    didn't they increase the duration of radar when they put in the spotting delay? if so your radar ships may 'just' have to activate their radars 4-6 seconds earlier? If/when Cherry Blossom comes back :p