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  1. Trademark_15

    Player Stats.. what they tell you and what they DON"T

    How can I hide my stats from myself? I seem to stat shame myself every gaming session. Im taking the fun out of the game. Can I just ONLY see my damage, kills, ribbons, and end-game ranking? I have a love / hate relationship with stats. I can honestly say this game was the most fun when I was trying to play better without looking at my stats and especially without comparing myself to others. Stats are an evil sin... and yet, I love to sin... though I know it is not beneficial for me and most likely not to others. Someone save me.
  2. Hi Wargaming... I have a suggestion. I believe it would be very cool if there was a combat mission available for ranked seasons: Play 100 battles of ranked or Achieve rank 1 The reward could be 7 days premium and/or doubloons or even a permanent camo for whatever tier the ranked season is played and it could be linked to any ship. I think such a reward would be nice considering the frustration players encounter and how many players avoid ranked altogether because of it. With such a reward people might decide to participate more. Oh... and.... -Remove the star saves (more incentive for winning over saving yourself) -Make rank 5 irrevocable (reduce the sheer aggravation of garbage teams) Thanks for reading.
  3. Trademark_15

    Yet Another Puerto Rico Thread

    Hmm, the song might be better than the ship! Who wants an upgraded Alaska that is given the name of a place in a warm environment completely opposite of Alaska anyway? Lulz
  4. Trademark_15

    Anyone else make 500k FXP from Clan Brawl tonight?

    Was anyone able to run multiple divisions simultaneously in clan brawls? We did not try but curious. I see that a certain clan had like 280 battles logged for the one brawling session? Am I reading that right (NA server 1st place)? Additionally, if all it takes is a large clan size to play multiple divisions and with wins at a 50% rate then that isn't really competitive is it? Its just throwing bodies at the brawl and win by attrition. No prestige or skill necessary. Brawls need a complete overhaul in my opinion... and this is my first time participating. We had an 80% win rate but only got in 24 battles and won 19 (lost 5). I loved the rewards though... CRAZY!
  5. Trademark_15

    US CV Skills

    You are more effective in the CV at mid to end game. Don't yolo your planes into groups of ships. You will get deplaned. Spot at game start and just hit isolated targets or same tier ships. In tier 8 your going to get up tiered a lot and this causes your planes to get shredded by tier 9 and tier 10 AA. AVOID THOSE SHIPS! Hit targets that are same tier or lower.
  6. Trademark_15

    CV Nerfs = CV USELESS

    Found the solution when getting up tiered. Apparently you have to focus the ships you can actually hurt. Stay away from anything higher tier than you. Go for BBs with torps to get that higher damage output. Dont even waste your time doing anything else other than dropping occasional fighters to defend your fleet.
  7. Trademark_15

    CV Nerfs = CV USELESS

    CVs have been nerfed straight into the bottom of the ocean!! Tier 8 and you cannot do [edited] to anyone! What role is the CV supposed to play when every plane you launch gets shredded with ease? Match making always places you at bottom tier so you can rarely have a fair fight! Destroyers simply back door you all the time because WG nerfed the CV so it can't do anything to them. In order to get even an average game you have to hope for same tier or lower which is rare. How could they take something that was fun to play and somewhat impactful and turn it into absolute garbage and frustrastion to play? STOP NERFING THE CVs AND ADD NEEDED BUFFS!!!! AA is TOO STRONG for CVs to have ANY impact other than flying around spotting or dropping fighters to shoot down other planes. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! Your lucky if you break 15K damage in a game at tier 8! Yes, I know tier 8 sucks for most ships but this is rediculous! Wargaming, WHY DID YOU TAKE A HAMMER TO THE CV WHEN ALL THAT WAS NEEDED WAS A SCALPEL!!!?? Its not even fun to play!! HINT HINT!!!
  8. Solution: Losing Team: 1st place (Top Player) earns a star. 2nd Place doesn't lose a star. 3rd to 6th, 7th, or whatever... loses a star. Winning Team: Everyone earns a star. Done.
  9. Trademark_15

    When TK torps are a DDs fault...

    Yea... let's make it more arcade-ish!! NOPE Placing blanket protection from stupid players, novice players, toxic players, etc just waters down the game and takes away the fun... not to mention... "skill".
  10. Trademark_15

    When TK torps are a DDs fault...

    The "Fog of War" will claim the lives of friendlies sometimes. The best thing to do is just apologize for your friendly fire. Beforehand, let friendlies know you are torping by clicking the grid spaces on the minimap and typing in chat. But, yea, I been guilty of it.
  11. Trademark_15

    CV Rework Feedback

    Well, as of now, this build feels worse than the first test. AA kills every plane too easily Damage output is too low for DB and rockets (if you can actually set a fire then maybe I would not write this). Stock tier 8 really sucks for CVs but its tedious (especially torps) to upgrade them the way the test server is setup. The planes have become harder to aim with... it felt much more fluid in the first test. More to come in the future... but I am NOT enjoying this build "with tier 8". (edit) Tier 10 seems pretty fun and a bit more balanced for doing damage:
  12. Trademark_15

    CV Rework Feedback

    Can we please have actual fighters? I think the patrol fighter concept is rather dull, boring, and ineffective! There is no real reason why we can't control fighters just like DB,TB, and rocket bombers. It would bring a whole new meaning (and skill) to "strafing"! I'm really saddened that WG is sticking with the patrol fighter concept instead of letting CV players counter other CV players' aircraft. At least let us know why fighters have been converted into ineffective (and boring) patrol planes?
  13. Trademark_15

    CV Rework addition: Manual Control of AA?

    Im not sure what would be the best way... seems to make sense to swap between various AA mounts on each side maybe... so four mounts... Bow, Stern, Port, and Starboard sides. It is all just an idea really. When your on one side of the ship... you could be aiming several gun mounts in 3rd person view... but normal RNG would handle the other 3 sides (at a disadvantage) if attacked by multiple squadrons/CV players... unless you switched to that side. I could see this working and being very fun. I think it would make AA defense much more engaging and less toxic in chat as players would stop blaming friendly CVs for every time an aircraft bombs them. Players need to feel like their actually doing something to defend their ships from air power. Oh... and let CV players control their ships still and give them the same AA 3rd person views for defense. Heck, they could even allow secondaries to be controlled the same way but still with that bad dispersion to keep it balanced.
  14. Trademark_15

    CV Rework addition: Manual Control of AA?

    I don't think it would be a bad idea to rework everything regarding aircraft. They are changing the whole RTS aspect of a CV so they might as well make it more fun with gameplay and allow players to sit in the seat of AA guns. Pulling up any stats of AA is not even worth mentioning because all of it can be modified for the new 3rd person perspective of AA guns. It would be cool if they at least did it for BB warship players that spend most of their time waiting on a reload anyway. If it works out... expand it to other ship classes.
  15. Trademark_15

    CV Rework addition: Manual Control of AA?

    Uhhhh, Your not forward thinking. WG adjusts all that garbage after a change is implemented. Period.