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  1. I have both, but can't decide which one I enjoy most. What are your thoughts on them? I am sure there are some good breakdowns of the main differences/strengths/weaknesses around here somewhere.. I heard that Warspite catches fire easier? Seems that Arizona is slightly more tanky (armor wise), also seems like Arizona has a harder (stronger) alpha strike. Please elaborate on the differences BTW: Tier 6/7 seems to be the best/funnest tier in game right now.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Great review mouse. Gave you +1 I love my Atlanta, and although I agree with you that it's not for everyone. Some how it has become one of my favorite ships. I seem to do pretty good in it. A key factor for any successful Atlanta player, is finding good cover from terrain and shooting over mountains, while the enemy's shells cannot hit you. I also recommend fully upgrading the AA. At tier 7, fully upgraded Atlanta AA is insane. Although, regretfully, how often do we see carriers today? So.. Take it for what it's worth. Overall like you said, she is a super fun ship, but takes time to master, and even then, not all games will be in your favor.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Mouse have you done any comparison reviews of the tier 9/10 cruisers? If so can you link them for me. Good reviews, I can tell you put lots of time and effort into these and I am sure the community enjoys them. +1 to you.
  4. Let's get this profile feed moving!

  5. Why is it that when i move a captain from one ship to another, including a premium ship, it still says he is specialized to another ship? Even when I use doubloons to change his skills on a new ship... For example if i take my Iowa captain and move him to my Atlanta. Then use doubloons to change all the skills around to fit my Atlanta play style, he still says "Iowa" Specialization?