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  1. Mytaru

    Post your SC loot here

    50 x +20% credit flags. Meh
  2. Mytaru

    Where do people put their Yamamotos?

    Have mine parked on my Musashi
  3. Mytaru

    PSA: End Date For Legendary Module Missions

    Depends on how you look at it. For new players, you're probably right. But I have 14 Tier 10s... well, 13 now that I reset one.. I would much gather reset a line or 2, of my choice, and play that back to Tier 10 to get an upgrade on my Yamato. Having to play hundreds of matches in that Yamato alone to get an upgrade for it is the reason I haven't done any yet. I like the variety and choice this change gives. Others may not, and they are entitled to that opinion.
  4. Mytaru

    PSA: End Date For Legendary Module Missions

    So the long grind missions for T10 ships legendary module are going away, and instead we'll be able to buy them in the Research Bureau? This may be an unpopular/selfish opinion, but that sounds great! I'm mid reset of 1 line for research bureau and neither Ohio or Colbert have much appeal to me. I was hoping something better would be coming eventually to spend my 30k points on. I would much rather do this than play the same T10 ship over and over. Which is why I never really started on any of the missions.... All good by me.
  5. Bought 8 Megas using Doubloons. Other than the usual signal flags and camos, pulled 3 ships. Le Terrible, Yahagi and West Virginia 1941. 3 ships out of 8 crates. Can't complain.
  6. Congrats on the 25K Mytaru NA Server
  7. Mytaru

    What keeps you playing the game?

    Been playing regularly since 2 months after launch... I play all classes and all nations. Though DDs and BBs more, than Cruisers and CVs. Is enough variety that the game is still fun for me. That's all it takes.
  8. Only did 1 so far (12 more to go) and got 15K coal. As they say when you achieve a First Blood 'Off to a good start.'
  9. Mytaru

    Surprise! Update 0.8.8 Arrives Monday

    Pretty sure that September 16th is WoWs birthday. Betting it has to do with that.
  10. As someone that missed out on Kronshtadt, I would love if she was made available again. I would even be willing to pay a higher cost than what was originally asked. Come on Wargaming, bring her back please :)
  11. "We all hate it" False. Count me as one that does not hate it.
  12. I attended this event as well. Very enjoyable day. Thank you to all Wargaming staff that were present. Well run and fun times, would gladly attend again. Some excellent swag too. Even got 2 spiffy new premium ships. Thanks guys Mytaru
  13. A Z-39 would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Mytaru - NA
  14. My favorite experience was way back. The Project R event, trying to earn a Kamikaze R. At the time all of my friends were playing WoWs with me, and we were all competing to see who would get to the end. Unfortunately my friends don't play any more, but I still play regularly and enjoy my Kamikaze R fairly often. As for birthday wish, my first choice would be to ask for a Kronshtadt (regret missing that one) or Benham (just didn't have the time this summer) but both of those are probably not allowed. So... I guess, being a DD main, Perma Space-camo for the Grozovoi would be neat. :) Thanks!
  15. Welcome aboard. Couple of quick hits.. For a forgiving BB in the T5 - T6 range, Arizona is very solid. Its not that different from Warspite that you have already tho Also Sharnhorst 4tw. Little more expensive, and is T7, but plays different than your average BB.