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  1. Aduial

    Fiji is overrated

    Troll post, but I will add that fiji is overrated in ranked because you cannot properly deal with Sinops.
  2. I mean, I agree that ranked rewards are meh, especially after they heavily reduced them. However, some people still enjoy playing ranked and putting in a major event/feature during a ranked season is still not the best decision, imo.
  3. I'm personally annoyed because they added the subs while a ranked season is going on. Hard for me to do both, but I guess it didn't really matter to them because most people aren't interested in ranked.
  4. Aduial

    So ranked...

    Kind of a logical leap.
  5. Yeah, I find it annoying when people just add discord in an unproductive way. Still got nothing to contribute, huh?
  6. I'm sorry, but this will not work. A destroyer necessarily operates with 16km of most enemy battleships, and making them lose a quarter of their HP with ever BB shell makes no sense. And no, historical accuracy is not a valid argument when game balance is involved.
  7. Ah, nice to see that we still have self-proclaimed intellectuals calling other people whiners with no substantial points of their own. I'm a whiner, but a whiner with valid arguments, thank you very much. Inb4 "Just adapt". I think there's a saying around here that goes something like "adapting to crap is still crap".
  8. I've seen a lot of broad, vague claims about how subs will induce teamplay, but there's no logic or evidence to follow that up. I would like you to elaborate on how subs encourage teamplay, how that form of teamplay is beneficial for the game, and how that teamplay outweighs all the negative changes that subs will cause. BTW, my personal opinion is that 1. Subs will fail to encourage more teamplay. There are plenty of incentives to practice teamplay right now (consider how DD vs DD engagements are now decided by how many BBs and CAs are close enough to nail them), but it is still rare to see coordinated play. 2. If subs do encourage teamplay, it will be in the form of "huddling at the back of the map so that we don't get torped", similar to how CVs encourage "huddle in a group at the back of the map so you don't get bombed". This is a negative change to the game, not a positive one. 3. Even if teamplay somehow benefits the overall game, the negatives of completely destroying balance, making the game more frustrating to play, and encouraging a passive playstyle will much outweigh the positives.
  9. Oppose CVs means "oppose CVs as of their current iteration". Perhaps CVs can be made better, perhaps they can't. But it's not unproductive to point out flaws to the game, because legitimate complaints improve the game. What is really unproductive is responding to complaints with "you can't do anything about it". Nice job accusing a bunch of people of being "emotionally immature" just because they hold different views than yours. BTW, tweaks, tuning, and adjustments have been suggested. WG doesn't listen. If they can't fix a feature, they might as well remove it. The fact is CVs in their current iteration are not well designed and WG is failing to fix it. You know what's really unproductive? Ad hominems in a discussion. For someone that is supposedly "emotionally mature" you surely don't show it. If people are outraged and quitting, perhaps it's a sign that there could be something wrong with the game. It shows that the game is becoming less enjoyable. Meanwhile your response is "I won't listen to you because LWM said your opinions are irrelevant". That's totally a reasonable position to hold, right?
  10. Aduial

    Subs do bring about a change

    This is ironic, because stagnating play results from CVs. You know what the proposed adaptation to carriers is? Huddle in a ball out of range of enemy ships. You know what that leads to? Boring and static gameplay, and the elimination of complex tactics. Introducing new classes does not lead to better gameplay, and the novelty of subs will wear off very quickly and leave us with a less enjoyable game overall.
  11. Aduial

    Subs do bring about a change

    Let me guess. Battleship main? Nice job calling for a class-wide nerf with zero justification.
  12. Explain how your points are relevant to OP's post? You realize when DDs fire at targets.....they're already spotted? Changing plane spotting mechanics doesn't change this. Also, your argument is entirely nonsensical. OP said "carrier vision control needs to be changed" and you responded with "HE spam is OP".
  13. So your argument against these opinions from a "small percentage of the minute number of players that frequent this forum" is.........LWM is dismissive of their opinions? (BTW, I don't remember seeing any post where LWM has said subs are being implemented in the game well, or a post where she has said that you shouldn't listen to unicums on the forums. So if wanna quote her as your source, you better have some actual evidence to avoid misrepresenting her.) You literally dismissed opinions from a group of players in favour of a single person's opinion. To imagine that CV apologists (and now sub apologists) are accusing those that oppose CVs and subs of being blind and narrow-minded when there's people like you who literally won't even consider others' opinions because they're "random anon axegrinders".
  14. If you think being in close proximity to other ships is what constitutes teamwork..... Coordinating with your team to create crossfires from BBs? That's teamwork. Using smoke to help your team? That's teamwork. DDs screening for their BBs by acting as early warning for torps? That's teamwork. Having to be in a deathball to avoid damage? That's just boring gameplay. Submarines do not bring a newfound need to support your DD. There's already a need for that, it's just people don't do it. What makes you think that submarines will fix that? While you're being condescending and rude to people that hold different views, people like Flamu are creating arguments with actual logical basis. Quite unlike your vague and unsupported claim that CVs and subs will encourage teamwork. Let's not ignore the fact that you're conveniently ignoring all the problems that subs are known to bring. I guess according to you we're supposed to just ignore them because "moRe teAmWoRk". If this the only thing you've seen with regards to the complaints about subs, you clearly haven't watched the Flamu video properly (nice job calling someone blind and whiney without actually understanding their argument), or bothered understanding what the complaints are actually about. I guess that's why you haven't even attempted to actually refute the complaints, and went off on a tangent that is rather irrelevant. Finally, you want blind and whiney? Check out the battleship mains. We literally have a CC who complains that "battleships are not the majority anymore" when they never have been and never should be, lol.