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  1. Aduial

    HE Citadel hits on Pyotr Velikiy

    Just noticed that I was running my Mogami captain with IFHE on the Myoko. Maybe this allowed the HE shells to penetrate the small 38mm segment on the deck and reach the relatively unprotected citadel?
  2. I was able to get 3 citadels on the T5 Russian BB using Myoko's HE shells. Is this working as intended, or perhaps a flaw in the armour model?
  3. Aduial

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Torpedo arcs can't really be changed significantly, because they represent the physical obstructions blocking the torpedo tubes. I think the torpedo range could be buffed to like ~6km, which is what the German CAs all have.
  4. Aduial

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    I find it interesting that you have included Last Stand into 2 of your builds. Does Atlanta lose her propulsion/steering often? They only cruisers that I take LS on are my Myoko clones and Takao, because they literally have something break every time someone hits a shell on the rear portion of your ship. Also IMO, Atlanta's HP and/or concealment should be buffed. The concealment especially is really bad for such a fragile ship.
  5. So.........do you have any idea if you'll go forward with the idea of making videos from old replays? I know you're super busy with other things, but I was just curious. Your reviews are great, and I think if you made videos, they would be very popular as well.

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      It's more of a question of when. I've talked to a friend of mine and we might collaborate on them. It's going to have to wait until I get a new rig before I'll start though.

  6. Aduial

    Premium Ship Review: Shinonome

    They should buff the ROF slightly IMO, maybe up to Fubuki levels. This would accentuate the Fubuki=better torps/ Shinonome-better guns thing.
  7. Aduial

    Premium Ship Review: Shinonome

    I think if i get this ship, i'll prefer it over the Fubuki. Three reasons to this: -I can put a 15 point captain in it instantly, which will make the concealment go from "meh" to "good". -It has 3 turrets, which will allow me to fight destroyers more effectively. It's a bit disappointing that she gets worse ROF, but the DPM is still better. -It has faster torps, so the torp speed is manageable without having to spend another 2 points on TA.
  8. Hemingway once said, "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." Well, that says a lot about me. :)

  9. *Stalks*

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      Never was your student.

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      Well Adiual isn't my student, can mostly say he's my best out of RP friend.

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      Oh... Have you played with in WOWS or against him because we fought each other like five times...