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  1. Question about Team damage

    I think you misunderstood me. I meant, why does the disciplinary penalty, i.e the damage that is dealt on you for doing team damage, count as damage dealt to allies?
  2. Why does the disciplinary penalty you receive for doing team damage go into the "Damage Caused to Allies" value?
  3. Don't think this is going to stop you from complaining, but this is straight up false.
  4. Lol, I stopped reading there.
  5. Midway and Hakuryu both have 12 torpedo bombers - but USN CV torps deal more damage. Hakuryu has 15 dive bombers, Midway has 14 - but Midway gets the option of running AP bombs, and even the HE bombs deal much more damage. So no, Midway definitely has a higher strike potential.
  6. You don't balance a certain ship by looking at the balance on other tiers. Yes, USN CVs from T6-9 are broken, and they should be fixed. But that is completely irrelevant to the Midway vs Hakuryu balancing problem. The changes that were applied to the Midway were justified, and nothing you about the other USN CVs will change that.
  7. That's not how balancing works though. You can criticize WG all you want for being lazy with the balance from tiers 6-9, but that doesn't mean that Midway is fine. I understand where you're coming from, but when only looking at the balance, there's nothing wrong with the changes.
  8. Well, I got within one star of ranking out, and then over the past 3 days, I lost 15 games in a row. Managed to save five stars, but FIFTEEN GAMES IN A ROW.........That must be some kind of record.
  9. It needed a nerf. It had better strike power AND better fighter power than the Hakuryu, not to mention a larger hangar.
  10. 15 losses in a row. Down to rank 4 now.
  11. 13 games in a row. This is almost entertaining.
  12. Well, I did lose 10 games in a row over the course of the past two days, after I was one star away from ranking out. Don't know if this makes sense, but it feels like you have to always carry hard to win games, while losing a bunch in a row is in a flash. I'm also getting somewhat frustrated from playing the Mogami, because every stray shell that hits my stern seems to end up in the citadel.
  13. 10 losses in a row and counting - I'm just gonna keep count now to see how many I can lose in a row.
  14. Really? I don't recall that happening in previous seasons for me, but oh well. It's 7 losses in a row now.
  15. .......and then you lose 6 games in a row. I did manage to save 3 stars, but still........ Edit: Hmmmm.....8 losses now.