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  1. Stop the AA power creep

    I don't care that his survivability is low, because AA doesn't balance that. Just give the ship a heal like all other BBs, so we don't need a gimmick to "balance" it. Drop torpedo bombers outside 5.1 km? If I recall correctly, the torpedo range on most CVs is around 4 km, so that's physically impossible, not to mention that it would be completely ineffective, because the target would have so much time to dodge. You can't always avoid striking AA-heavy ships these days, because there's so many of them. When half the ships on any team either 1. Have DF or 2. can delete your entire strike wing or 3. Both, there's just no avoiding it. And remember, if ships stick together, just one AA heavy ship can protect many other ships with less heavy AA.
  2. Stop the AA power creep

    I know everyone likes gimmicks, but we don't need any more "no fly zones" in the game.
  3. Fletcher vs Z23, Z46, Z52

    You're definitely not outgunned. A Fletcher can beat a Z-46 in a fair gunfight, as long as you don't stay broadside and get punished with AP, because German AP hurts.
  4. Fletcher vs Z23, Z46, Z52

    IMO, you shouldn't fire AP at destroyers as a USN DD. USN DD AP has pretty poor damage, and plus, the enemy can always angle and auto-bounce your shells.
  5. Saipan needs Nerf.

    Rock Paper Scissors only applies if the Ranger is able to have more influence than the Saipan. Even in the case where the AS Ranger removes the Saipan from the game (but honestly, if both players are of equal skill this should not happen), all he can accomplish is to turn the game into a 11 v 11. Also, if we're arguing for the sake of straight up air control, wouldn't AS Hiryu be more effective anyway?
  6. Saipan needs Nerf.

    When my point is that Saipan doesn't even have to engage the Ranger fighters, listing facts about how much better AS Ranger's fighters are is pointless. To put it simply, AS Ranger only has 2 squadrons, and they cannot cover the whole map. Saipan only needs to get in a few decent strikes to do more damage than Ranger can with its two DBs. Fighter superiority doesn't matter, because Saipan has no obligation to waltz up to the Ranger fighters and engage them.
  7. Saipan needs Nerf.

    Where's the proof again? Again, no reasoning behind why you believed WoWs-numbers to be more accurate. Wow, good for you - nice to know that you have a super full of yourself. But I'm still not seeing any proof for why WoWs-numbers is more accurate. "More" analysis? It ain't more if you haven't done any. This was my reply: I don't mention WR in that post. You may have a super high IQ, but it seems you that your reading comprehension is completely lacking. Learn to read.
  8. I don't even use it on my Gearing, because those random torps from 15km tend to catch people off guard, and also because I'd much rather spend those two points somewhere else.
  9. Saipan needs Nerf.

    A few problems with your beloved WoWs-numbers, which you seem to believe is THE source for WoWs statistics. -As far as I know, WoWs numbers does not differentiate between Randoms, Co-op, and Ranked. -If you're not completely stupid, you should know why one should never rely on all-time stats to measure the performance of a ship. WoWs-numbers does not offer a way to view only the recent stats of ships. Just for those reasons, WoWs-numbers is not suitable as a source when discussing game balance. I'll just keep using my "Happy Marshmellow Springtime Friendship League" website Warships Today, which actually supports all of the different types of data selection I listed above. And unless someone can prove to me that Warships Today stats are incorrect, I don't see why I shouldn't.
  10. SCV_defender

    You'd think.........
  11. Saipan needs Nerf.

    Complete [edited]. Don't make up stats, it just makes you looks stupid.
  12. And you think that the only thing that's stopping Division 2 from capping are the planes? Look at your division 2: you have 1 BB, and 2 CA/CLs. They can't cap safely without getting focused by enemy ships anyway.
  13. Is this a troll post? Hunting a carrier is a bad idea, because 1. You give the enemies a huge cap advantage by taking ships out of the battle for more than a few minutes. You talk about the 45 point gain, but those points could be more easily earned by capturing bases. 2. The carrier can easily take these "Fast ships", which you defined as 2 destroyers and 1 fast battleship. Well, face it, but a CV can easily keep your two DDs spotted, and take them out if they're a decent CV player. So in the end, you're not going to kill him, you're going to be taken out without accomplishing anything. 3. A CV is not that slow, with the exceptions of the Bogue and Langley. They usually do 30 knots or faster, and even in a DD, you're not going to catch them when actively maneuvering to dodge their strikes. Not to mention that slower ships, like BBs and CAs, cannot cap as well as DDs.
  14. Saipan needs Nerf.

    NA -Saipan: 60.9% WR -Kaga: 59.61% WR EU -Saipan: 64.37% WR -Kaga: 61.06% WR RU -Saipan: 68.22% WR -Kaga: 65.3% WR SEA -Saipan: 64.44% WR -Kaga: 59.1% WR Yeah, sure.........A real solid argument you have there.
  15. Saipan needs Nerf.

    "Ranger>Saipan" Hahahahahahahaha......... No. I don't mean any offense, but exactly can a Ranger do to a Saipan? If you play AS Ranger, you can't catch his planes, you can't out-damage him, and you can't outspot him. And since you can't be everywhere, his strike WILL get through. If you play strike ranger, his planes with their AmericanSpeedTM will be able to easily intercept them, and you will have no way of stopping that from happening. In the new PTS, you're still screwed - you have less fighters, and mediocre striking power, which most likely will be hindered further by the fighter superiority that the Saipan has. Also, I would actually say that Hiryu=Kaga in a lot of cases. Hiryu has a fighter advantage, and as long as you manage to intercept some of the Kaga's strikes and get some decent strikes of your own, you can match him. Personally, the T7 CV hierarchy goes like this: Saipan>Kaga=Hiryu>>>>>>>>>>>>Ranger Edit: Also, some people think that Saipan is obligated to hold a fighter engagement on equal terms. Honestly, that's not how it works. It just needs to hold the AS Ranger's fighters at bay, while relocating its TBs to strike somewhere else. This is why it's pointless to argue whether a Ranger could beat a Saipan in a fair fighter engagement. All the Saipan has to do is tag and exit strafe to buy time.