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  1. WildAnge11us

    Enjoying the CV re-work

    I want the CV's back the way they were PRE-PATCH. Could launch multiple attacks. Could send fighter support to escort ships to areas. CV play, use and effectiveness was far better before this crap patch. I enjoyed playing CV's prior to the patch. This patch ruined CV's unless you have a T-10 CV.
  2. WildAnge11us

    WOWs disappeared

    No such thing as a remote uninstall. Check your computer's "my programs" list to see if the game is there.
  3. WildAnge11us

    wargaming mission error tied to the update

    well thank you wargaming for your wonderful error in timing on your part in missions ending times. you send mail to everyone in game listing times but do not follow the times yourselves. way to screw people over.
  4. WildAnge11us

    wargaming mission error tied to the update

    the last news update that explained about extending the time and date of the update also said the missions would go up to/until the update. not a day short. I literally had like a couple hundred thousand silver to go on a few missions and I would have earned the ship. wargaming pulled the trigger on ending this a day to early __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wildange11us NA server
  5. wargaming mission error tied to the update wargaming closed the missions prematurely. in one of the news updates it said the missions to get the free T-6 German battleship would go UP TO the time and date of the new update. that would be the 30th of January. today is the 29th. below is the in game advisement for the update. Update 0.8.0 arrives Jan. 30; preparation starts 02:00 PT/ 05:00 ET and ends 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET in the news updates it said the missions were extended and would go up to the time and date of the game update. that would mean TOMORROW. not today. that is called a game error/glitch. I had almost completed the last missions (collect 4 million silver on 6 different ship lines) and had planned on today to finish it. even the official wargaming world of warships forums states it here : this is total B S. the update is not for almost 24 hours and it closed out the mission quests for the free german battleship if we finish before the update. the last news article a read a week ago said it would continue UP TO the update. way to go wargaming on screwing over people. I was actually going to buy a premium ship when the update released. wargaming can go piss up a rope now for pulling a fast one and closing the missions out early. that is dishonest and underhanded on wargaming's part. it stated UNTIL the update which is not until tomorrow. I actually wanted that T-6 German Battleship from the missions. I had a few missions to finish getting the 4 million silver for (6 missions 4 million silver for the final quest part). I am not a happy camper now. up to this point I had thought wargaming was legit in that it had followed it's stated time frames for updates and closing of missions and campaigns and what not. today I learn that wargaming has no regard for people at all when they stick it to people who were trying to finish the quest to get the T-6 German battleship. I don't know about m any of you but I actually like the ship and wanted to earn it. way to go wargaming. not exactly a good way to ensure people want to spend money with you or trust you when you pull something like that. no offence. just quite annoyed at this situation. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WildAnge11us NA server
  6. To whichever Turkey squad member finally resolved this issue and gave me the reward I didn't receive before..... THANK YOU. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WildAnge11us NA server
  7. the rather interesting part is the lack of communication from that group. unless they never intended to get sunk that much and pay out that much. then realized it was costly and were overwhelmed perhaps
  8. was a bit disappointing and misleading. oh well. _______________________________________________________ WildAnge11us NA server
  9. finally hear back from ikami and receive a [edited] "sorry the claims ended already" reply. they make the errors and we the player had to jump through hoops to claim rewards ? sad and disappointing. I know those people who participated in the event as turkey people worked hard and put their time out there doing it. many people never received rewards. not the player's fault.
  10. below is a screenshot of my flags. no turkey flag
  11. looking for iKami in regards to the kill a turkey player event. I killed a turkey player while using my nagato and did NOT get a reward. I tried posting in the warships reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/a5ttq3/did_the_kill_a_turkey_in_game_rewards_go_out_yet/ on the off chance someone from the turkey squad was there and they said try here. at the time of the event it said kill a turkey player and they would keep track and send rewards after Dec 7th. I can provide screenshots of my flags to show no turkey flag. I assume it would be an actual turkey flag sort of like the corgi guys had an actual dog flag ? no turkey flag. means never received the rewards. any assistance would be greatly appreciated please. thank you