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  1. Edge_O_Insanity

    CV Changes and Improvements!

    @Kami WG needs to get this dumpster-fire of a CV rework fixed. DDs being shredded in 2-3 attack passes, CLs losing half their HP to AP bombs, or being forced to eat torps that are dropped right on you. All ships need to go to +1/-1 MM, but at the very least CVs need to. There is nothing fun nor engaging about being forced to eat damage with no way to counter it. Ive been watching CV planes fly through DEF AA, in a priority sector, and not lose a single plane. Or clustered AA auras, and same issue. Or they lose planes after the ordnance is dropped, at which point it doesnt matter, because the defending player is still being forced to eat damage that they have no way to stop nor defend against. At this point you guys wouldve been better off removing the manual drops from CVs, and tuning the damage instead of what youve done.
  2. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1-Whats there to admit? Did I say my solution would fail? Nope, only that if that ends up not being a change needed, its easy enough to revert. 3- You dont want changes. We get it. Youre a cruiser player that currently enjoys the play state and the edge you get from the broken aspects of it. Got it. 4- No one is inventing a depression. Just voicing my concern with dying from random events. What I dont understand is the constant condescension, egotism, and elitism you attempt to exude. Justify it how you will, but continually demeaning other players won't get you but so far. I called you out on it before, and you still tried to do it again. Do everyone a favor and work on the toxic behavior before trying to communicate again.
  3. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1- So the correct fix for the problem is to 'do nothing'., because maybe, possibly there might be issues? If there is it can be reverted back to +2/-2. 2- Your opinion, doesnt mean it is correct. 3- Non- DD main saying 'its not an issue'. 250 pages on the discussion forum disagrees with you. 5- Single digits are still deaths from RNG and not another player's skill. Your last statement is what is wrong with some of the people on these forums. You believe that you are 100% in the right and anyone that differs from you is 100% wrong. Not only is that an incredibly asinine outlook to have, but egregiously hypocritical as well. I see problems with a game that is a constant work in progress and I want them fixed so that the game stays around and people enjoy it. I also believe that people can have different ideas about how to fix things, and there may be several good ideas on how to do so. The difference between you and I, is that Im not judging nor demeaning you in this conversation. You can't say the same, and IM GLAD that's the difference between us.
  4. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    I see you still cant get around the 13 year old attitude, denigration and insults. Your suppositions might carry more weight and illicit a better response if you didnt act like a pre-pubescent child throwing a temper-tantrum to get them across. YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF AN EXCELLENT PERSON. /sarcasm Actually you are what is wrong with the forums and WoWs as a whole. But hey, someone has to be the ahole bully. I do appreciate your adult way of addressing the post and your input on RPF. On its own, its not that bad(aside from the issues Ive mentioned). But at high tier it seldom is and is another burden on DDs and aggressive play in general. We all want WoWs to be fun. High tiered play isnt fun when it stalls to a campfest. The only way to get aggressive play back to the norm is to make some changes to the issues that are inhibiting it. Are my ideas perfect? Probably not, but its the best way I see now to make all around improvements that will make the game more enjoyable and dynamic.
  5. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    Herpaderp Im a beta tastur so all I say is what matteerz. Youve literally contributed nothing to this conversation except trying to shame and brow-beat others that dont agree with you. Seriously take a break with the toxic mentality. Be proud that your recent contribution to the WoWs community is attempting to bully people in online forums. Redlining on the edge to get around? No. Exploiting a weak side of the enemy while scouting for the team? Yeah, thats kinda what DD's do. But if an enemy has RPF that can completely close their flank and keep anyone from coming around the sides. Ive seen some games get turned around by one good attack from a flank.
  6. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1- So either we have enough players to go to +1/-1, or your last assertion is wrong. Which is it? 2- So hows this change anything about putting Divs in a separate que? It doesnt. 3- Main problem with radar is its use going through islands. The fact that a cruiser can hid behind an island off a cap, and completely stop the enemy from capping without any risk to himself is unbalanced. Fix the issue of it going through the islands for cheap spotting, and alot of the complaining will go away. 5- The issue youre missing is the fact that it is completely random and not preventable by the player, save from using flags(which you have to get detonated to get) or the magazine mod. Skill should dictate a player being victorious over another, not a roll of the RNG dice. Nice way to stay respectful in discussion. Last I checked, my money is just as green as yours, and my input carries just as much weight to WG. As evidenced by yours and other toxic responses, there are reasons why people dont post on the forums. I know social skills may be foreign to you, but you really can have a conversation without being a douchenugget. There are issues with the game, and Ive stated what the ones I feel are.
  7. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1- Theres no 'playing properly' when you get bottom tiered at 5-7. Its all just luck and passive play, or hoping the enemy team is a bunch of potatoes. 2- Shouldnt be that bad to separate the ques. 3-Yep, and the discussion isnt gonna end until its fixed. 4-Glad youre a master on what I know and dont. RPF/Radio Location gives the approximate bearing to the closest ship to your location. The problem is that it stagnates play, keeping DDs and CLs from attempting flanking and contesting caps as aggressively as before it was implemented. It along with radar is part of the overall reason why games are becoming more and more stagnant and play is becoming more passive. 5- Dets are a death that can only be countered by running the anti-det flags(which are given from being detonated), or the magazine mod (which only cuts out 70%). Its a cheap mechanic thats frustrating when you get hit by it, and feels cheap when you kill an enemy with it. There's no 'skill' involved in a det kill, just luck.
  8. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1- Keep driving players from the game and itll be bots filling the spots in randoms. 2- Pretty much what happens now in every t8 plus game? Going into Division battles you'd know what to expect and prepare accordingly with your div mates. 3- Cruiser main cant fight without the radar crutch, so 'git gud' is the response? GTFO. Its not a 'gameplay' issue when boats have to close within radar range to engage. Its a broken meta, and the 250 pages of responses are showing that. 4- The issue is when RPF is being used to negate surprise attacks/cap contesting beyond the users visual range. 5- The entire detonation issue went right over your head (unsurprisingly). Dets are deaths from pure RNG, nothing that the player has done except get hit once. There shouldnt be insta deaths that arent preventable with decent play.
  9. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    Let me go ahead and preface this response by saying: You might be a beta and an alpha tester. You might be a good player. But that doesnt give you the right to be a [edited]. Discussions can be had without the personal attacks and the attitude. The fact is that WoWs is changing. It has to in order to survive. Look at other long standing games, Warcraft, World of Planes, etc. There are alot of people unhappy with aspects of the game, and two of the biggest offenders are Radar and its issues and MM spread. 1- Dislike what you will, but you cant edit my quote to support your supposition, then blame it on convenience. 2- Fire prevention doesnt prevent a cruisers ability to burn down a BB, nor does manual AA inhibit a carrier's ability to make strikes. They provide passive benefits to mitigate damage. RPF is an active ability that can be leveraged to completely negate an entire class of ships. While it can only 'detect' one at a time, its a hindrance to the class that benefits and relies on staying unseen the most (save RU DDs). Good for you not running it on your captains. 3- Ive seen both sides of the spectrum. You get potatoes and you get those that can coordinate very well. Obviously the lower skilled players arent the ones being discussed here. 4- There is a difference between someone being spotted on the map and getting shot at, or being in smoke and getting blind fired, versus beyond detection range attacks with RPF. RPF makes that chance a little better at landing, especially when the attack is coming from an unspotted boat.
  10. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    Whew so glad you can come in here and edit my responses. Youre another individual that seems to want to bash other players and make condescending comments. The problem with RPF, as I said was that coupled with the radar heavy meta, it is inhibiting DDs doing their jobs. RPF now isnt just a 'enemy boat there' mechanic, it allows the enemy teams to prefocus on the position. Radar gets popped and dead. There are also videos of players using it to attack beyond their range (and Ive seen it in person). Keep the comments civil.
  11. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    I see you still cant have a conversation without resulting to insults. Maybe one day youll actually get out of the basement. Change the name to IDickman, seems to fit for a trollish child.
  12. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    I see the divisions happen quite frequently. We arent talking about fire prevention, which simply limits the damage a ship can receive at one time. We are talking about a 4 point skill that can effectively negate a DD and its ability to do their job. Coupled with the rampant radar its another reason that DDs have the lowest survival and win rates.
  13. Theres alot of issues prevalent that are causing many players to get frustrated with WoWs. I feel that the following changes could be beneficial to the game as a whole. 1- +1/-1 Matchmaking. Another 30 sec in que for better balance is not an issue. This would allow WG to tune individual boats better than they are now. 2- Individual VS. Division ques (random battles). Allow Divisions to have up to 5 players, but have them que into separate games. 3- Radar and Hydro through islands- Fix this. Radar users shouldnt be able to sit behind cover, and spam radar without any risk. I know this is an issue thats been rehashed time and again, but it needs to be fixed. Also a shared cool down, or add additional time to a radar lockout after use when users are attempting to chain them. 4- Radio Location/RPF- Remove or rework. This talent is very prevalent at high tiers, and can negate a DD's concealment, beyond line of sight of the user. 5- Detonation Rework- Instead of an insta-death, how about the detonation destroys the hit turret, player looses 25% base hp. Make the RNG side of it not quite so punitive. There are more, but these are glaring issues that could be fixed relatively easy, and stop alot of the griping (mine included).