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  1. Edge_O_Insanity

    CV rockets need a nerf

    If you want to call it that, then what is supposed to be the CV counter? As of now, there is none, unless the CV player flys directly into flak clouds. Even then he will still likely get a hit off. Not a huge deal for a BB to lose 5k in a pass. CA/CL can manage and usually have heals to help mitigate as well. a DD with 20k hp takes 5-10k and hes just lost 25-50% of their HP and no way to regen it. Its broken, and mainly the spotting and rocket planes are the culprit. That and a direct lack of counter-play that doesnt involve denigrating into a mass of ships.
  2. Edge_O_Insanity

    CV rockets need a nerf

    I mean this with all my affection- Get bent guy. You run right into personal attacks instead of debating the issue. If the counter to CVs is for the entire team to ball up into an AA bubble, that is not counterplay. It is a broken mechanic. If you cant see that, then you are part of the problem.
  3. Edge_O_Insanity

    just a rant

    *Sigh* Until you literally get to t10 and some t9s you have to be within radar range (10-12k) to employ most of your ordnance. Up to tier 8 there are many DDs that have torpedo ranges that are under 10k. Then you have to dodge/mitigate the following: Other DDs Radar /Hydro Planes (if CV present) RPF/Radio Location Then once youve done that, you can drop torps and hope that another player makes a mistake and hits them.
  4. Edge_O_Insanity

    CV rockets need a nerf

    May well be historically accurate, but this is not a simulator. Its a tactical FPS that has counterplay built in for most engagements. CVs are a strategic platform and inherently cannot be balanced in a tactical FPS, atleast not in their current form. There is no counterplay unless the CV messes up, and even then it usually isnt game ending for the CV.
  5. Edge_O_Insanity

    CV rockets need a nerf

    Im sick and tired of having 30-40% or more of my HP taken by CVs in ONE PASS by rocket planes. This is not balance. Midway struck me (udaloi) with one pass, nose in to his planes for 9383, set two fires (another 698 dmg) , broke engine, rudder, and one torp tube. He took 10k from a ship with 19150 total HP and broke 3 modules...In...one...pass... In return I was able to down 1 attack plane. 1. CVs taking reduced fire and flood damage, IS NOT BALANCED. CVs being able to bounce AP at close range, IS NOT BALANCED. WG, seriously fix this crap. Honestly if I didnt have 600+ days of premium or I could sell this crap and recoup some of my money I would.
  6. Edge_O_Insanity

    Current randoms meta

    We get it. You LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE CVS. Everyone who can see that they are broken as a class is ignorant and you're correct. STFU already cheerleader. The class is broke and has been since the rebork. Its going to get worse with the AP rockets coming on the new lines. Also- For the love of everything Holy, please get a spell check or something. The crayon is bleeding through on your posts.
  7. Edge_O_Insanity


    Got any tips for shot placement/target selection? Im using the Gorizia, getting 7/8 pens and getting 5-7k salvos on everything from DDs to BBs. I had one 10k salvo from 5 pens on a Scharnhorst, but that seems to be the exception and not the rule.
  8. Edge_O_Insanity

    Siroco missions are over??

    Get off WGs digital man-parts. People like you defending them at every turn regardless of their actions is another reason why Im done. Theres no effing excuse for WG not putting the info in game, save they are trying to drive people to make in-game purchases. Enjoy the dwindling population, fanboi.
  9. Edge_O_Insanity

    Siroco missions are over??

    I missed out due to WGs [edited] timing and lack of info ingame. 4 of 6 completed with the last directive, and the final 2 less than 25% to complete. I thought I had until the 20th, but didnt have time to be bouncing around the forums. The PSA here is nice on the mods that do it, but its utter [edited] that the info isnt ingame and easy to see. CS is no help either and pretty much told me to [edited] off. I think this was the grind that finally broke me. Ive been a regular paying customer - armada purchases, christmas ships, etc, even with WG constantly shitting the bed with detrimental changes. Well its done now. Im done and am taking my money elsewhere. Its a shame and a pity this game has gone down the tubes chasing money.
  10. Edge_O_Insanity

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    Yeah its kinda deceptive imho. It doesnt say a 10 point on the Vanguard, but does for the other two. Reading it quick makes it seem like all 3 come with 10 point commanders, and honestly they should.
  11. Edge_O_Insanity

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    Anyone else have issues with the Vanguard deal? Purchased it, got it and Wichita and Lenin, which I wanted. Problem is that my Vanguard showed up with a 0 point captain instead of the 10 point advertised. Just a bug or anyone else getting this issue?
  12. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1-Whats there to admit? Did I say my solution would fail? Nope, only that if that ends up not being a change needed, its easy enough to revert. 3- You dont want changes. We get it. Youre a cruiser player that currently enjoys the play state and the edge you get from the broken aspects of it. Got it. 4- No one is inventing a depression. Just voicing my concern with dying from random events. What I dont understand is the constant condescension, egotism, and elitism you attempt to exude. Justify it how you will, but continually demeaning other players won't get you but so far. I called you out on it before, and you still tried to do it again. Do everyone a favor and work on the toxic behavior before trying to communicate again.
  13. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    1- So the correct fix for the problem is to 'do nothing'., because maybe, possibly there might be issues? If there is it can be reverted back to +2/-2. 2- Your opinion, doesnt mean it is correct. 3- Non- DD main saying 'its not an issue'. 250 pages on the discussion forum disagrees with you. 5- Single digits are still deaths from RNG and not another player's skill. Your last statement is what is wrong with some of the people on these forums. You believe that you are 100% in the right and anyone that differs from you is 100% wrong. Not only is that an incredibly asinine outlook to have, but egregiously hypocritical as well. I see problems with a game that is a constant work in progress and I want them fixed so that the game stays around and people enjoy it. I also believe that people can have different ideas about how to fix things, and there may be several good ideas on how to do so. The difference between you and I, is that Im not judging nor demeaning you in this conversation. You can't say the same, and IM GLAD that's the difference between us.
  14. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    I see you still cant get around the 13 year old attitude, denigration and insults. Your suppositions might carry more weight and illicit a better response if you didnt act like a pre-pubescent child throwing a temper-tantrum to get them across. YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF AN EXCELLENT PERSON. /sarcasm Actually you are what is wrong with the forums and WoWs as a whole. But hey, someone has to be the ahole bully. I do appreciate your adult way of addressing the post and your input on RPF. On its own, its not that bad(aside from the issues Ive mentioned). But at high tier it seldom is and is another burden on DDs and aggressive play in general. We all want WoWs to be fun. High tiered play isnt fun when it stalls to a campfest. The only way to get aggressive play back to the norm is to make some changes to the issues that are inhibiting it. Are my ideas perfect? Probably not, but its the best way I see now to make all around improvements that will make the game more enjoyable and dynamic.
  15. Edge_O_Insanity

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    Herpaderp Im a beta tastur so all I say is what matteerz. Youve literally contributed nothing to this conversation except trying to shame and brow-beat others that dont agree with you. Seriously take a break with the toxic mentality. Be proud that your recent contribution to the WoWs community is attempting to bully people in online forums. Redlining on the edge to get around? No. Exploiting a weak side of the enemy while scouting for the team? Yeah, thats kinda what DD's do. But if an enemy has RPF that can completely close their flank and keep anyone from coming around the sides. Ive seen some games get turned around by one good attack from a flank.