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  1. I appreciated your comments regarding my suggestion on sights.   I did understand that and consider that "windage".    But the ballistics of each ship are unique to that ship just as is a rifle or pistol's and that is what I was referring to.   A slow shot to target would have an entirely different sight picture but on the actual sight bar/scale it would constantly be at a fixed location for that shooter and he would adjust for the speed and angle but the difference in time of flight would not affect the sight for that captain from ship to ship once zeroed in.    That is what I'm trying to explain, but probably am doing a poor job of it.   But I've fired weapons for over 70 years and attended numerous schools on it and am a master instructor.   I'm just not doing a very good job explaining it I fear but I am confident I have put my finger on the problem and the solution then rests with the programmers or MOD's people.    Please only view this as a discussion and not some wise butt as I do think it would be a real benefit for players if it could be resolved.    Sights on ships are routinely calibrated to correspond to the shooter/gunnery officer and the munition being used.

    1. Sovereigndawg


      It would be nice if you could adjust the sights for each ship and shell type. I have 224 ships and they all are different but I have the same sights for all of them. I would love it if the dynamic sight took each ship into account. I don't know how hard it would be for the devs or modders to do. I wasn't trying to rebutt what you were saying at all. I did understand.

    2. dbw86


      I highly suspect I am simply sending a shell downrange that won't hit anything but I have had a number of players I am in contact with who were interested in the idea, especially those who have firearms backgrounds, and I truly did appreciate your taking notice of it enough to reply.    I switch often from ship to ship battle to battle and, even knowing there is a different time of travel rate of the new ship's shells I always seem to waste too many great changes to hit hard (hell even hit) the enemy.    Really frustrating to an old dog like me.

      Have a great day Sir and thanks for your reply!    I just noticed you are where the famous moccasons (spelling) are made.   I recall traveling up to Detroit Lakes from our home in Central Illinois in the very early  50's with my dad to fish on Lake Eunice and seeing those sold in all the tourist's traps.   Dad always brought me a pair each trip which I wore until they fell apart.   Beautiful country.

      We marched in the Winter Carnival Parade when I was in the Marines out of DC in Minneapolis I belie e in winter of  65-66 and the cold point was -45 degrees.   The parade officials offered the Captain in charge of us ear muffs, which he declined because it was not a uniform item.   We ended up with 28 cases of frostbite of the left ear (25 2nd degree and 3 the worst level - I forget whether 1st or 3rd degree)    Next morning in the local paper headline was "MARINES TO TOUGH FOR MUFFS!"

      We were supposed to have flown in marched the parade and then flown back to DC.   But DC got hit with a snowstorm of the century so we spent a night at the naval air station there.   We took off next day in an old C-119 (flying Boxcar) but couldn't get into DC/Baltimore area so spent that night in Ackron Ohio.   The following day we again attempted to fly back and I was riding in the jump seat in the cockpit.   By then we were rank after 3 days in our dress greens with no change of underwear or shaving gear, our heads bandaged and instructed by doctors to tie our overcoat neck scarfs over our heads.   The pilot was an old USMCR LtCol who had been a Flying Sergeant in WWII and Korea and when he received the radio call advising all airports in DC Baltimore were closed he looked at me and said, "YOU FELLOWS ARE PRETTY MISERABLE AREN'T YOU SON?"   I replied Yes Sir and he declared an  in air Flight Emergency requesting nearest airfield to land at which turned out to be Dulles Air Port.   Our old battered plan landed and we were picked up in one of those mobile lounges that had just picked up 6 Texas Oil Barrons in boots, suits and Stetsons.   When we arrived at the terminal we threw all our gear into a pile in the middle of the terminal and stood around, sat in chairs or laid down on the deck.   A little old lady from a group asked if we were just returning from the War (meaning Vietnam) and one of our wise guys replied, "YES MAM WE ARE!"   See our scarfs around our heads and bandages she asked if we had all been wounded and how.   With a straight face he said, "A LEFT HANDED VIET CONG THREW A LEFT HANDED GRENADE AT US AND WOUNDED ALL OF US IN THE LEFT EAR!"   I almost pissed by trousers as she swallowed that story hook, line and sinker and rushed off to tell the rest of her church group from Georgia.    I looke at us objectively and we really did look like we had just come from wintering over in Valley Forge.   Put us on LIght Duty confined to Barracks for 30 days until fully healed so I'll never forget that trip and my ear still talks to me at times!


      Have a grat day and thanks again.


      dbw86    David Wright, Las Vegas NV