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  1. Sovereigndawg

    Dev blog announced CE change

    Also some cruisers can stealth Radar. The thing to do would be to fix individual ships but they would run into a problem with Premiums if they did that, so this seems to be the only option left.
  2. Sovereigndawg

    The jolly roger flag.

    I am good with the Jolly Corgi.
  3. Sovereigndawg

    Invite codes

    Isn't Marblehead L on sale for 9.99?
  4. Sovereigndawg

    Dev blog announced CE change

    Was there a problem spotting Battleships? The things that are hard to spot aren't affected. Although I think this a good change it seems all get nerfed but DDs.
  5. Last November, the U.S.S. Carl Vinson was transformed into a floating NCAA basketball court for Michigan State and North Carolina. Which is by far the coolest thing that's ever happened on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson, if you don't count that 1980s hair band-themed officers' happy hour, and transporting the lifeless body of Osama bin Laden to his burial at sea. Perhaps inspired by this aquatic ballin', HC VMF St. Petersburg of the Major League Hockey (or VHL in Russia), the minor league for the Kontinental Hockey League, plans on holding a regular-season game on the deck of a Russian aircraft carrier next season. https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/russia-play-hockey-aircraft-carriers-least-plan-202550033.html Then of course this. https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2018/03/03/stadium-series-rink-built-atop-aircraft-carrier-middle-navy-marine-corps-memorial-stadium/ I am feeling some kind of connection. In the basketball game they have the lowering of the Ensign ceromony at around 17 minutes in. We Played flag football in the Well Deck of our ship. Frisbee too.
  6. Sovereigndawg

    Epicenter in Ranked?

    No it's not, It's more like roulette or a slot machine, not a lot of skill. Ranked is nothing like chess, maybe don't spill the beans though.
  7. Sovereigndawg

    Epicenter in Ranked?

    What is the problem? Two Teams enter, One team leaves.
  8. Sovereigndawg

    Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: Financial Discipline.

    I Upgrade and keep all of the ships. Soon I will be able to just work on the newly introduced lines and by soon, I mean after I get past the 11 tier 9's I am grinding and pay for them. I would say easily a year yet. The problem being credits like OP said, I am under 100,000 often.
  9. Sovereigndawg

    Weekend MM thread of fate

    I know what your saying. I can't handle a defeat, it would never happen on a weekday.
  10. Sovereigndawg

    Finally got annoyed enough to...

    Sounds good and let's get #3 for when resetting Captains skills.
  11. Sovereigndawg

    Finally broke 100 karma

    Some times I think they just didn't like my name. I was at 81 then went down to 77 after a night of Drunken DD-ing. I had a good win rate and did mostly good. When I did bad though it was really bad.
  12. They can be duplicates but you only get credits and not doubloons.
  13. P disables AA and secondaries, it will turn on again when you press p again or CTRL and select another Target. You might be able to deselect just by clicking it again.
  14. Sovereigndawg

    2 new cruisers, new for me that is.

    Go here to make bank on scenarios. https://discord.gg/DN89JUq