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  1. The funny thing about Parks is that when ever anyone woke up Parks for watch if you didn't give him a lit cigarette he would go back to sleep. Once you learned to do it though, he became the most dependable one that you woke up. For me Parks was a real person on the USS Thomaston LSD 28. A ship that you will never see in the game. Parks by the way was a really good guy and one hell of a small boat Coxswain. He could make the Salvage boat not only walk, he made it dance. Give him 2 screws and a rudder and he could perform miracles. I took pleasure from learning from that man. I have to laugh every time he goes and blows himself up. If any one could have done the Kessel run it would have been the real Parks. I would tell you all about Finnegan's tattoo but I think I will use that one for the Ship Collector story contest.
  2. I hope it's not on going! GL freind
  3. refresh your vid card and try every trick you know it's not a problem for me and the problems i have had seem to be fixed
  4. Great review Miss Mouse. Sounds like this one and well, all of the tier 6 DD's suffer the most from the never see tier 4 MM. I how ever, try to get all of the premiums so I will be getting it.
  5. Think you mean north of 400 mil, and you are correct in the fact that keeping ships costs lots of credits. Just north of 400 k is where I am usually at with credits. I have 3 high tier ships researched that I can't buy yet until I grind the credits. Most people grind XP. Me? I grind credits. I also always buy the Ultimate pkg. You usually get credits with it and you save having to buy upgrades most of the time unless they give an upgrade that is useless in the pkg, which happens more than you might think. The gold and premium time that comes with them is another bonus. The Flag is not really an enticement if you have the MMC.
  6. Pigeon indicated that it wasn't a priority to even make the game 4k compatible it seems VR would be way down the list.
  7. I bought the big premium ship package last Thanksgiving and got 170,000+ gold out of the deal (I only needed 5 of the ships) so I bought My Missouri. I did so because I am always in need of credits, and had the gold to convert xp. If you don't sell your ships off, you need something to make mass credits when you need them and there is no faster way to make credits than the Missouri. If you don't need credits all of the time you are probably better off just running the Iowa. The radar on the Missouri, while helpful in a few instances, is not as nice as The Iowa's airplane most of the time. It does make it more viable to move into a cap but your DD's should take care of that more often than a BB. My long winded point is that, it is good for credits and captains points while getting said credits. There is nothing like taking Steven Seagal out on the Montana and then down the line of US premium BB's to gain mass elite captains points. I might add that I never trade gold for silver they would have to add a couple of zeros to the exchange rate for silver for that to ever happen.
  8. I think with the exception of the Cleveland no cruisers really can influence ranked that much. The biggest influence in ranked is the DD's and if you are not in one, you personally, have less influence on the outcome of the battle. It is my observation that what the DD's do is what decides who wins or loses in ranked. I seem to always get on the team where the dd pops smoke and sits in it and doesn't spot and blinds the rest of the team from shooting any thing. Then they get torped and wham down a ship or two in a Minnesota minute (A Minnesota Minute is 60 seconds long in case anyone wants to know, and not to be confused with a Maui minute which is any where from 10 minutes to an hour long).
  9. Gaurenteed super container and 15 random containers which could be super containers. At least I think the random containers can turn out to be super containers but don't quote me on that.
  10. Yeah she was about 50/50 for me in ranked and I would have rather used the De Grasse, but even though I covet the ranked prize ships, ranked has lost any appeal for me, It's even worse than the 150 k grind for Bastille. There is no rhyme or reason to Ranked battle just luck of the draw (chance) and I have never been particularly lucky at games of chance. I don't know how many people can lose a coin toss 9 out of 10 times but I seem to.
  11. You can use La Glass Canon in Ranked.
  12. The wins aren't coming for me either but the ship (Algerie) is getting good stats. I would free xp up line but I need credits way too bad to not grind for them. Free xp no problems, credits big problems. I suppose I will try to grind it out again after the Dunkirk stuff.
  13. Agreed too much grind not enough variety and then throw in ranked, Dunkirk, other events. I am gonna go out on a limb and predict that not 1 WG employee completes this grind. Let me know if I am wrong Niko, Trevzor, Pigeon or any WG employee. If I could I would bet 10,000 gold on it. Besides 2 weeks of retreating is going to lower my self esteem.
  14. Announcing Campaign to switch plane on Indianapolis to a different slot.
  15. Use the Dynamic reticle, the numbers stay the same as you zoom in and out. Notice the numbers to the left of the reticle, that is seconds to target (very important to use). The rounds travel at different mps depending on nation and round type and gun type. Hover over the main guns on the right in port and customize yourself with the trajectory for each ship and shell type. Watch videos on youtube. Read the full WIKI. The learning curve applies to each new ship you get they are all very different. GL have fun.