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  1. Apparently WG Has made a Recent Switch

    That's broad pennant.
  2. Who said that it wasn't a top priority?
  3. Premium ship as credit sink

    The story has been passed down for a few Free XP generations now. The ship Missouri she started it all. Goddess Missouri, realized that even though, the people knew that they could obtain this magnificent, money earning ship, for free. Some feared to invest, the gods decided that they had made a grave mistake and made a new covenant, a bit different than the original covenant. Ah, but then that is the gods right? Add to this story by adding a paragraph, copy the paragraph and then add yours to it. You are not constrained to 1 paragraph, add to the story as you will, but the first next post always prevails toward the text. So be quick with the next addendum. it otherwise, will be mute for the story.
  4. Does anyone really need to spec for AA?

    I don't. If secondaries happen to enhance it then yes.
  5. It has less range than Helena otherwise it is exactly the same, except it has a heal, but then how would I know, I bought the Nueve De Julio and haven't earned the Boise yet. Just don't let them heal and it's the same as killing a Helena. Now, is Helena OP? I forgot Helena is also 2.5 knots faster. So Boise isn't going to outrun any DD that takes the time to spot it for the team, you just have to find a DD player that actually does that.
  6. Heat!!

    76 degrees and cloudy for you tomorrow, 82 degrees and scattered thunderstorms for me in Minnetonka.
  7. Heat!!

    A swamp cooler would work at least some in 52% humidity. You can make your own or they have some cheap ones out these days. From personal ones to warehouse models. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Heating-Venting-Cooling-Evaporative-Coolers/N-5yc1vZc4lr $39.97 /each Overview The compact, eco-friendly, freon free personal air cooler pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to humidify while it cools. The unit cools, humidifies and cleans the dust particles for better air. The unit features quiet, 3-speed fan, adjustable air vents, water reservoir and LED light. ... See Full Descriptio
  8. Then some times the MM is against you from the very start. Some of the team went rouge (one of the DDs I won't say which one, you know, no shaming) too, but the match maker killed this one for us. No BBs for capital ships. You can't win them all but running with a full division, you can at least avoid Match Maker Loss's.
  9. That's when you start getting citadels and penetrate bunkers. With DD sized guns (which I don't play often in scenarios) You have to be right next to it for AP to do anything at all. AP eats up the forts at the right distance. The 180's on the Molotov are made for this operation it seems, her accuracy is terrific and the AP penetrates from spotting plane distance. Often she takes out the first fort on the first salvo. For some reason I just love disappearing those first 3 forts.
  10. It changes depending on where the Evac is. This team did really well for a random team and I complimented them all. One thing I can say is you have to use the right ammo on the forts, if they are left there too long they wreck havoc. Right ammo depends on gun size. Basically you need to be within 7.5 K or so for your 152 mm AP to be effective. This was my first one today. 5326_1534195126_20180813_154616_PRSC506-Molotov-1943_s01_NavalBase.wowsreplay I didn't have special signals on just regular economic signals, and regular Molotov camo. Not everyone survived so the team wasn't perfect, they worked toward the objectives together though.
  11. This. I am usually one of the ones who sacrifices themselves to get all objectives. Some times I do have to get to the Evac if not enough others are going there. Battle awareness is key.
  12. Personally I am tired of people not going for all of the objectives and all heading for the Evac and winning a couple stars with so many points and plenty of time left on the table.
  13. Jean Bart

    I started saving FXP for the Kronshdat when it was released, I am up to 400,000 all ready. I got the Missouri by buying about 1/4 of it. The rest of the FXP ships, I just saved the FXP for them. My biggest concern is that there are a lot of FXP ships coming faster than I can get the previous ones. All of the FXP ships are now using up my FXP that I used to use for Modules, which has slowed my tech tree grind considerably. It is obvious (or WG wouldn't be making so many) that people are spending lots of money to acquire these ships with out the grind. I can still golf with a set of rental clubs though, and beat my buddy that has bought Pings. I would also not go so far as to say 99% bought them, You could do a survey and get a more exact number. I would wager it's 25% or less, that buy the FXP ships.
  14. Jean Bart

    It's probably going to be for coal or FXP, so it's actually free then. You could of course buy FXP, then it will cost you. No one knows how it's going to be presented though. So your words, at this time, have no meaning.