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  1. win percentage, should I care?

    It only matters when you have to have 15 wins to complete a mission.
  2. Just shoot at a couple of them and call it good.
  3. Monaghan changes

    Nice Mr. Vulgarr, I don't have time to search for secret codes, so If you PM me one. I will keep it secret and it's still a code, thus it will still be a secret code. I gave you a like, both here and on YouTube. It's a bribe.
  4. Low player numbers?

    Some people are doing the Public Test Server.
  5. The Ultimate Frontier.....of death

    In that case they could have called it Ranked.
  6. The Ultimate Frontier.....of death

    They have ruined most of the scenarios. The bots don't take any hit points dodge all torps and don't miss. They concentrate fire on the lowest hp ship and not the closet. All of a sudden you are facing 14 ships alone. They obviously don't want people playing the operations. We don't want it to be easy but it would be nice if you stood a chance to win. Make Operations fun again.
  7. I DID IT!!!

  8. Mystery flag survey

  9. Mystery flag survey

    try this https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/
  10. Mystery flag survey

    Hold on a minute. They had a link you had to go to to collect the flag. I don't see the link anymore.
  11. Premium Ship Review #100

    When can I buy it? Kidding.