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  1. Well, yes!!!! Yes yes yEs yeS ?&%$!@#
  2. this. and that.
  3. What? No Meme, just What? maybe a song? I put this here and I am 54 turns, but alas I will not be UNICUM, What does the FOX say?!
  4. If you used Aslain, you would. they are slightly more refined. Better in some way. Premium.
  5. I hated getting on a team with 4 t5's and 3 t 6's means a loss almost every time.
  6. As long as they are at the very least, sold in the ultimate bundles, I say we need a tier 5 Premium BB for all nations then.
  7. It said it in Hospital til the 24th it was a scheduled procedure and it just said it was a serious procedure. Git Gud Soon.
  8. Because Aslain is out in the hospital and because it always takes them so long to put up the link.
  9. Do you accrue oil if not in a Clan? you should, I think.
  10. One thing you do know, is that there aren't always CV's in Battles. I can go ten battles without seeing one. For me it's not excitement as much as it is a disappointment because I know already that the team is not set up for AA. The only time I even consider an AA build is when I div up with someone playing a CV and that's not too often. At least you know there will be a CV then though.
  11. Oil

    That is a terrific Idea. I also think that non Clan players should accrue oil too. I am not (there should be a contraction for that word Amn't) quite sure if you have to be in a Clan to get oil or not. Do Players without a clan get OIL?
  12. Oil

    Ludicrous might have been a harsh word to use and for most Clans my normal playing habits would be just fine. I just don't like being told that I have to do anything. So yeah ludicrous might not be the right word but even if the clan demanded 30 games a month, which I do 5 times over or more. I would be disinclined to acquiesce joining the Clan. I thought this kind of fits with the talk like a Pirate day deal.
  13. Oil

    For some, the only reason to join a clan is because there are benefits and discounts. Being told you have to make a minimum of this and that is ludicrous, at least for me it is. I may join or make a Clan but it won't be an overbearing one. Maybe one where the only requirement is that you join it. A lot of the poll questions would have been answered differently because of my normal playing habits. I answered them as if they were a Clan requirement that would be enforced. For instance the how many containers question. I get 15 or more containers a week on average, anyway, but wouldn't join a Clan that demanded it.