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  1. Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be the National bird.
  2. I think most veterans would respect that question most of all.
  3. The Clap was the only one for me, Damn that Madam Butterfly!
  4. I have 111 of them (reserve slots), mostly full of captains that i can't dismiss. None of them seem to annoy me though.
  5. Looks more like a "Rearing Horse".
  6. how to shoot all

    You can only shoot all guns if all guns are ready to fire, so you have to wait for all of them to load.
  7. exactly.
  8. Yes it is and and when you get to tier 6 you get a premium ship The Texas and other goodies if you use this link to do so. That is the invite a friend link and if you start again you will have the knowledge you have gained and be able to reset your Stats. You do have to start a new account though.
  9. I wish therefore I hate you. Not really.
  10. Sorry I took it the wrong way then, that's my bad. I still would like to know why? I mean hey you guys gave me stuff on your Birthday. Well today is my Birthday (I prefer to call it Birthaversary, I was at the hospital with my mother on my Birthday) and I feel like giving some cash to WG by buying the Okhotnik either in the store or for doubloons. It's the only premium that I need besides the HSF Graf Spee, that can be purchased anyway. Can you get this post to some one that can give an answer. I posted this same thing maybe even a couple of times. It really sucks to want a ship and not be able to spend the cash at the moment and then the ship doesn't come back for more than a year. Once again I would wear the Coo of Boom with pride.
  11. I use them all, as much as possible. I love to play at the lower tiers but there is always a mission or something that you have to grind out, that keep you away from them most of the time.
  12. More like, I passed the popcorn to someone in the past. Now does that mean, that in the past, I passed someone the popcorn? or that, I passed the popcorn from the present to someone in the Past?
  13. But the Twitch is up. Pass the popcorn. Past the popcorn would be spelled passed.
  14. Apparently you just haven't been getting uptiered enough. People say that they like to be uptiered because you get more. So try to get uptiered more often.
  15. Most people advertise their Black Friday Sales, I was expecting some kind of info on this, this morning.