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    Interests are on hold right now. I take care of my grandmother full time (24 7 365) and play Warships in between. Yup Cook, Clean, Play, that is my life.

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  1. Sovereigndawg

    Operations Advice Site

    There was or is the Hoperations channel on Discord.
  2. Sovereigndawg

    Ship XP Loss

    How about XP on Premium ships.
  3. Not really, it may seem that way but it was the same at the beginning when WG went steam. If I remember at the time you could switch to steam and your stuff would be reset to Zero, yet you kept your premiums and other bought stuff. @Ahskance may be able to shed light. So don't give up hope yet.
  4. Sovereigndawg


    To play against them in Co-op or Randoms? Learn Co-op in Co-op and Random in Randoms, I would say, because bots are vastly different than Humans. That's what I would say, unless you don't want to hear comments from Sovereigndawg that is.
  5. I can't help it that WG can never stick to a plan, you get what I am getting at though, call it Wows random 2 mode, complete with all the tech that has never been tested in Naval combat.
  6. Your Phalanx cannon will recharge in 110 seconds.
  7. New Game mode, WOWS COLD-WAR BATTLES. The first tier could be tier 11 ships, that way they could be top in one mode and bottom in the next. Since tier 11 does not cost gold WG could make a new tech tree from tier 11 to 20 and then start selling premiums from tier 12 low, to tier 20 high priced. They could then use missiles and have even better Subs and Planes.
  8. Sovereigndawg

    Weekend Spree, 17-19 February 2023

    Collected the dailies.
  9. Anything gets boring after a while, take a break the game is the same basically, you may be the one who changed.
  10. Sovereigndawg

    When high tier gets you down

    When High tier gets you down. You take out Derzki in Co-op. Very satisfying.
  11. Sovereigndawg

    Your go-to BB.

  12. Sovereigndawg

    Ranked... what a joke

    Ranked is about individual achievements in a team game, don't ya get it? Neither do I. You can't rank an individual in the WOWS current Ranked Battles System. It is kind of poorly thought out. You can rank a team in a team sport or you can rank an individual in a 1 vs 1 sport but ya can't really do both at the same time. Logistics go figure.
  13. Sovereigndawg

    Reset the crosshairs on enemy ships

    I have lock on bound to a mouse button. also zoom and shell type and torps of course.
  14. I have noticed that typing in chat expertly, is a trait of Community Contributors.