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    Interests are on hold right now. I take care of my grandmother full time (24 7 365) and play Warships in between. Yup Cook, Clean, Play, that is my life.

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  1. Sovereigndawg

    Potato Quality hits nail on head about WoWs

    It is what it is, take it or leave it, it's just a game. I play less because of my situation, I spend less (OK None). I still have a big investment and can play for free until the end. Make new friends, but keep the old. Some are silver and the others gold. Stupid kid stuff, killed the mature mans (woman's) game. In over 5 years RNG has been the most frustrating to me. When WG changes the RNG and shortens the battles, instead of sticking to their original 20 minute time and trying to drag out the battles. They will have something, I want pinball, not Curling. I want to be rewarded for good aiming. I have spoken.
  2. Sovereigndawg

    Analyze my match?

    @Lord_ZathYou can follow him on Twitch.
  3. Sovereigndawg

    Music collecting firsts

    Jungle Book when I was 4 or 5 years old. The Brady's was one of my sisters first, I remember liking American Pie and I can't remember hearing it by Don McLean until after the Brady's. They did a few good covers.
  4. Sovereigndawg

    Not received rewards from operation

    If you have done it before it will tell you if you point at the 5th star, it will tell you when you completed it and what the prize was.
  5. Sovereigndawg

    I hit the jackpot!

    WOWS, where steel makes you happier than gold.
  6. Sovereigndawg

    Who Does WGs Math?

    Ah yeah forgot those. I see, said the blind man. I'd better start drinking then.
  7. Sovereigndawg

    Who Does WGs Math?

    When WG changed the Operations earnings, why did they make it so that when you do better you get less? Same exact ship same setup with signals and camo same commander same everything. Yet in a 3 Star win with less damage done, I made more Free XP and EXP than a 5 star match and only 50,000 or so credits less than the 5 star match. Who the heck is doing your algorithms WG? Answer me that @WoWsNewsBot . It just seems wrong, unless of course we are using Common Core Math, in common core, you can make up any answer you want, as long as you can show how you came up with that answer. Please fix operations and I will start buying ships again.
  8. Sovereigndawg

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    Don't forget blind firing.
  9. Sovereigndawg

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    They don't bother me in Co op, so I don't really care much at all and don't see much of a problem in randoms. CVs are limited in Randoms any way, who cares what nation they are from. They don't seem to be OP to me from the stats, yet that remains to be seen.
  10. Sovereigndawg

    How to get free xp fast

    Aegis starts on Wednesday. It's even better when you have full signal flags flying.
  11. Sovereigndawg


    Don't play Co op with a full team of humans much, do ya?
  12. Sovereigndawg

    Ohio or Vampire II

    I have Ohio and it's great and I use it a lot. I have Vampire II and instantly wished I went with Slava first.
  13. Sovereigndawg

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    If you Like Narai it is and I think they are giving it's range back, as per dev blog.
  14. Sovereigndawg

    Huanghe I have to say, quite a fun ship

    Yes, Like @Khafni said, try it in Aegis.