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  1. I play better as a Corgi than I do on my regular account as far as WR goes. Which one would you rather have on your team real me or Corgi me.
  2. I wonder if there is ever going to be a Corgi event again, I hope so. I neglect my real account when being a Corgi.
  3. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    I know it's bad for a Corgi to sink a Corgi but it was for the team and there wasn't anyone else to shoot at. Bummer we lost though.
  4. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    We didn't get the Black or the Flint to use last time.
  5. "Fun and Engaging"...

    Yep then it never happened to me before.
  6. "Fun and Engaging"...

    I think that I got detonated twice in a day only once. I can't be sure though the second one could have been a devastating strike. I couldn't tell because I already got the achievement that day.
  7. "Fun and Engaging"...

    Cruisers is where I run the anti det signals, I don't run anti det mod on any of my ships. I also use the anti det signal on any ship that I mount India X-ray and Juliet Whiskey Unione. The ones that make it 5% better chance to detonate.
  8. "Fun and Engaging"...

    I figured you, knew the difference Brandon, but I think a lot of people that complain about getting detonated didn't actually get detonated. If that is the case, they will then complaint that the devs didn't fix it, even after it goes to 75%. Don't get me wrong the change is good and fine but it is definitely not as needed of a change, than is needed elsewhere.
  9. "Fun and Engaging"...

    I think people think that a devastating strike is a detonation and need to learn the difference. If that is the case all they have to do, to fix it, is have a big circled red X on the middle of the screen and "You Have Been Detonated" text. If you didn't get the signals you haven't been detonated, unless of course it's more than 1 in a day. How many det achievements you have is a pretty good indicator of how many times you have been detonated but not exact. I have been detonated about 64 times in 7,421 Random battles. I can live with that, and you have to keep in mind that not all of them are at the beginning of the battle. Does it suck to get detonated? Yes. Is it a problem? No. Hit ESC return to port and pick another ship and when the other battle is over you can rejoice in your 10 new signals.
  10. "Fun and Engaging"...

    At the cost of your turrets, engine and rudder which get knocked out way more often.
  11. I get 4 and 5 at a time per salvo when close up but can only get 1 and not that consistent from farther away. Cleveland I have to be too close to get 3 or 4 close up cits per salvo but she consistently plunges salvos from a distance. In Aegis I average over 20 citadels per battle, usually in the high 20's but bad games bring the average down. I do know that I am making over 5 million credits a day doing scenarios.
  12. How am I getting better?

    Hope it stays that way for you.
  13. You will absolutely love it I am more than sure. Nice, now the neighbors will wonder what the explosions are coming from your house.