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  1. Sovereigndawg

    Roma Kii Camos

    Yup now that I think about it you are correct. I don't know why I was thinking tech tree.
  2. Sovereigndawg

    Roma Kii Camos

    You can also buy the bonus but I don't know if it's the same as the old bonus.
  3. Sovereigndawg

    Let's see how bleak this might become!

    Premium time doesn't affect them either. What you see here. Is what is represented on the left column here.
  4. Sovereigndawg

    Let's see how bleak this might become!

    It shouldn't affect your after battle standings at all, if you are talking about your place on the team.
  5. Sovereigndawg

    Considering Vampire 2 for first RB ship

    7 Co-op battles, 2nd place as far as PR goes for tier 10 DDs, 1rst place for damage. I never thought that I had that many battles in her. The best way to grind a Commonwealth commander, is to do it in tier 6 Operations. You will need Perth or Mysore to accomplish it but is a worthwhile endeavor if you want or own Vampire II. I only have Pert but that is enough. If you like DDs, I would say it wouldn't be a bad choice. It kind of depends on how many of these you have, one captain rules them all, so you get a lot of bang for your Commander Buck. My Captain only has 18 points, I better play some Aegis before it goes away tomorrow.
  6. Sovereigndawg

    Weimar, Operations ? What Is The Story Here

    Take advantage fast when tier 8's can do Narai it all ends for Weimar, kind of.
  7. Sovereigndawg

    Which of the following violation is worse?

    No the guy I was working with was a friend Pablo was his name and he told me, that of course was not his first infraction, he was an a-hole from the start. It was James Hetfield's house in Maui.
  8. Sovereigndawg

    Which of the following violation is worse?

    I walked off a job once when the supervisor said that my method of tiling an over hang was moronic and then the next guy did it that exact way.
  9. Sovereigndawg

    Which of the following violation is worse?

    It's like Schrodinger's cat Both are wrong and both are not wrong. If you care they are both wrong if you don't care they are both not wrong. I have been the Weimar player being called a moron but have never done it to another Weimar player. I have run a Weimar player into an Island on purpose though. Which of course aint exactly right.
  10. Sovereigndawg

    What BB line should i grind?

    I find that I like the Russian BB's a lot but all lines have their stars. Apparently my best is the Tier 4 German Moltke (1 battle), with German, Japan and Russia each with 3 ships in the top 9, my best for the U.S. is Ohio at 18th place. UK doesn't hit the list until 22nd place with Thunderer.
  11. Get $20 of doubloons and then what ever ship you want, I bought San Diego and although I have only played it once so far it was quite fun in Co op. It is 10th out of 32 US cruisers that I have played in Co op. Of course like I said, it has only one battle so far, that number could change drastically with just another battle. Loyang is first place in PR out of 9 Pan-Asian DDs with 15 battles under it's belt. If you like Operations I would get the Weimar for Narai but the Weimar meta could change with the new Ops rework.
  12. Sovereigndawg

    Is this against the EULA or any rules of this game?

    And he is not a CC. At least not any more. No he is not banned which would seem to answer your question.
  13. Sovereigndawg

    Is this against the EULA or any rules of this game?

    No, and to see what WG will tolerate, all you have to do is watch Flamu. Why do you ask this anyway? Is it your intention to shame people? I would ask why you would want to do that, but if that was your intention, the answer wouldn't matter to me in the first place. If their stats are public I would say you could use them since there is a way to make them not public if you choose. So say you are using stats to point out MM flaws on YouTube and since the stats mods are not illegal, there should be no reason that you couldn't.