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  1. FunSp0nge

    "Assign All" for flags.

    I doubt it's an original thought, I did a quick search and it's didn't pop up. There should really be some quality of life improvements at this stage of development... it's almost coming into q4 of 2019 and WoWs has been in development for over 4 years, it's time to get with the times (like 64bit, etc).
  2. Can this option please be added?! It's annoying to have to manually change each ship's flag when there is a particular one you want for all, i.e. Ranked Flags
  3. FunSp0nge

    CV spotting is aggravating and NOT fun

    I'd personally like to see a change to the initial spotting mechanics from CV's, as to where your ship has to be within a certain distance from the planes to actually be able to see the enemy ship it's spotting; for all others they get the red outline on the minimap as per ships in a cyclone, hell even a delay from spotting to being visible, so it takes some sort of commitment for the CV to pass over that valuable information. That way, low concealment ships still do what they've always done, and having a CV briefly fly over your ship isn't a death sentence in a DD.
  4. Perhaps WG should make an official poll just to see who is willing to wait an extra minute for the matchmaker to align player Avg XP AND tiers. Seriously, who cares if the match launches quickly if the teams are absolute unbalanced garbage. Exhibit A; said match had 3x super unicum players and 2 unicum players on 1 team, with some blue and green mixed in, the other team (my one) had 2 unicum and the rest orange - it's not fun being on either team. This game has been out for 3 years or so. If they want some longevity for it once it's released they best invest some time into the matchmaker, instead of trying to suck every penny out of the few players (with carbon copy premium ships) that stick around long enough to spend real money.
  5. FunSp0nge

    For the clanless folks.

    You can also join the many other established clans and make some friends to play alongside everytime you log on. They already have the buildings that improve all of your economic gains. Hell I joined my clan at the start of 2018 with a few T6 ships, now I have 8x T10's and buddies to div up with.
  6. FunSp0nge

    Transaction Error

    been happening to me all night too, can't change anything or open crates. Can still play though.
  7. What's with the teams lately? The past few weeks it's just been "roflstomps", especially the last 5-6 days.