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  1. In fact i believe radar will have a negative impact on US cruisers, 'cause its short range -relative to russian ones- will force you to stay well ahead the BBs you're protecting, and in doing so, you'll attract much more fire than even now. No DD captain in his mind will even place himself near 10km of an us cruiser; on the other side, if i'm a CA or BB captain and i see an US -or ruskie- cruiser ahead of the main force, i will shot at it without any doubt or remorse.
  2. The older Nimitz class carriers (10 ships) are just being replaced by newer Gerald R. Ford class carriers (10 ships planned too).
  3. When you get two series of constant loses on different days while using the same ship (I managed a 1/10 on tuesday, a 5/9 on wednesday and again a 2/12 yesterday in my Hatsuharu). Same ship wild different results. I must have angered WG a lot.
  4. I think you nailed it. DDs more vulnerable now? of course, but CAs too. Any CA with radar will surely get even more targeted by battleships than now, at least in team matches, so CAs will tend to be even more cautious if they don't want to be instadeleted. DDs will tend to be more cautious too, because if they get caught on a radar they will attract a lot of undesired attention. How will affect this to team gameplay? It's hard to say. I suspect the main winners may be the already allmighty BBs, but at this moment it's just a wild guess. And remember, in random matches there is no teamwork and people seem to leave their brain in suspension status, so don't think there is much reason to call DDs out.
  5. North Carolina

    ^ This. NC is too easy to citadel, and it's penetrated even by CA's if not angled. So, just pretend you have no rear turret. And don't even turn her. If you must put some distance between you and the enemy, just move backwards. The actual reason for it it's that NC was meant to be a 14' battleship (a faster and more modern New Mexico with 12x14' guns), but while their guns were changed to 16' in the design phase, it retained the same initial armor scheme so it can be easily penetrated by anything greater than 14'. The next Battleships (South Dakota class) were armored against 16'. You'll have to wait to see if WG bothers to place them in game
  6. CV Truce

    only for CV players who can then devote all their resources to sinking ships, but what about the rest of the team? are they just cannon fodder to carriers? aren't they part of your team? I get sick every time i watch a carrier jock saying what you're saying. And then i get my ship behind him, to see if he really can manage the enemy team as implied by the truce.
  7. CV Truce

    No need to hear it. It's forbidden, it's all you need to know
  8. I'd go for the NC. The current metagame is about BBs & DDs. Cruisers are just cannon fodder for battleships.
  9. Usual players >> good players So if i must choose one of these 2 types to drive off the game i choose good ones. Also have in mind that usual players cycle much faster than good ones. And though good players invest money in the game, in the long run they will cease to spend due to having almost everything they need (hardcore collectors are VERY rare); whereas a constant influx of new players will net much more profits, even if each one of them invest much less money than one of the good ones. In other words, what would you prefer 1 good player with a tirpitz or 4 normal ones even if only half of them buy one? Just the last i've read. This link contains a thorough analysis on the matter, including some very interesting links and excerpts from official sources.
  10. What most of you don't realize it's MM is programmed that way ON PURPOSE. MM tries to force all users into 50% wins, uptiering good players and lowtiering bad ones. This has been stated by WG several times. The official response is that if you're a good player then matching you against same tier opponents won't be a challenge, and you'll probable stomp over inferior players (no desirable, as a player who gets stomped time and again will probably leave the game). So they uptier you to compensate your better proficiency over the median with a worse ship. The unofficial one (as i believe) is that when constantly uptiered, you either abandon the game (in which they win as it free resources for other players), or try to accelerate your way up by spending money (in which case they win again). Sorry for my bad english.
  11. Perhaps he thought you didn't deserve to win, if 7 of you weren't enough to reset the cap against just 3 ships...
  12. It's the response to the increased Citadel hits i've seen lately. I can't drive lately my pensacola or nurnberg without being targeted and insta-citadel'd by an enemy BB at 20km (even when he has enemies at half that distance). It's the same if you are moanouvering or not, at full speed or stopped, angled or full broadside. The first hit is almost always a citadel hit (one of my last games in the nurnberg i was citadel'd twice by the same salvo just 1 min and 30 secs after the start. 1:30 and i lost 21K of my 27K total hp). So after a few games like that, cruisers tend to stay away from BBs just to not get instadeleted. A normal reaction
  13. Even if I am the only one, i think is a good idea to use it. Snipering, flaming and trolling away, i believe it helps gameplay a lot. First of all, i have heavy suspicious about MM stacking matches heavily against one side. I can be wrong, but it's not normal -for example- to have a 5 tier advantage in one game and losing it ignomiously (is that well said?) with the top tiers doing absolutely nothing, except dying stupidly. You see a red player in your team? you can do something about it, like trying to help him improving his gameplay or just stay away from him. But knowing where he/she is is a lot better than suddenly eating a volley of torps launched from a -supposed- friendly DD behind you. But above all, its my own knowledge. I WANT to know if i'm good or bad, if i must try to improve my gameplay or i must just uninstall the game because it's too complicated for me. And yes, i've played WOT (more than 20K battles, green XVM last time i played), i've used XVM a lot, and i am in favor of using it. Sorry for my english. Hope you can understand what i mean
  14. IJN vs German Cruisers

    Well, i'm ending the grind on both Pensacola and Nurnberg and Myoko is well past 2/3 on his way to Mogami and i'd say IJN are the best all-way rounders. I've seen them as follow: Tier 3: St. Luis reigns supreme. Nothing on the battlefield bothers you. BBs, other Cruisers, DDs... all of them get sunk by your guns. Tier 4: Karlsruhe is the weakest one. Phoenix is perhaps the better one. Great guns, some torps for "those situations"... Tier 5: for me the most evenly matched tier. Omaha is great, but so are Königsberg and Furutaka, though they are very different. Furutaka has the best torps but -at least for me- the worst guns. Königsberg lacks armor though, and is very prone to suffer cit & other crits, but their guns AP ammo is great. Tier 6: Nürnberg is the weakest; its VERY! prone to get Cit'd. Cleveland is ok, but struggling a lot after being nerfed to oblivion. Shooting at anything past 12-13Km. is a waste of ammo, plus it lacks torps. In contrast, her armor is great. Aoba lacks some gun range, but has torps (GREAT ones for its tier), and its guns can deal quite a punch. Tier 7: So far Myoko is my favourite. Pensacola is a sailing citadel, and though its guns are ok, it doesn't compensate the fact that at that tier any BB within guns range will shoot on you because you are the easy frag. In contrast, Myoko HE ammo is great -AP not so-, has good torps, and above all, its armor is quite good. But as i see it, the main problem for cruisers above T7 is that the meta don't have a specific role for them. They are too vulnerable to BBs to risk them in the front lines, their AA is almost useless due to the lack of enough CVs and they lack enough detection range to make them the anti-DD ships they were once meant to be, and most of the time they end sunk by a torp volley from his supposed victim.