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  1. 1. Not A fan of the new CAMO spot & the way they look. 2. Not a fan of where the signals are as well. 3. Economic bonuses wth at a cost of 12 Doubloons if u don't have them. Why would you change there look. They look square or like block's in a row. The camo & signals in the one spot worked just fine but now we have to open 2 different pagers to set the ship up ?????????????? I don't think what we say here will change anything. when does WG ever listen to us the players. NOT A GOOD LOOK WG BUT DO YOU CARE NO
  2. To get a ship with tokens would take forever. Bring back the old Signals, camo & Free containers at least you got them & could use them. Now you will say you can buy signals & camo with tokens but if I do that how can I save tokens for a ship. And now if you have time to wait around for players to play ranked battles or a Random game you still end up with maybe 400 tokens. There is just NO player base in the Test game & the time waiting around for players is a joke. There has been times where I have waited for a Ranked game for up to 15 mins & in the end I drop out & go to Co-Op just for a game. The time playing a test game take's it away from playing a main game. I have played this game for around 5 yrs now & Test games have never really taken off with players. I played the test games for the signals & camo. Now I jump into a test a game just to see what is new & maybe try it out. I don't play it for the tokens IT JUST TAKES TO MUCH TIME
  3. Area51_9

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Here they say we do surveys to help fix things. Well Number 1. Fix Strike Force Comp Facebook page that does not work. Picture below
  4. Area51_9

    PTS 0.11.2 - Bug Reports

    1. Cannot use Chat in game or chat in main menu 2. In the Armory No credit is shown Picture of credit in armory below 3. Loading of game for Co-Op over 3 mins wait. Had to end game & restart game it because I could hear the game go but was in loading screen. 4. After restarting game it went into the Co-op game & Chat was working. 5. Screen shot of going back into game 6. No Chat in game again can use F keys but to chat with someone you can't. 7. I have the number 2 on main page for the news menu. The past 3 test updates I have had the number 1 now its at 2 & will not go away. 500 Internal server error this is what happens if I try to look at the news page.
  5. Area51_9

    PTS 0.10.11 pt.2 Bug Reports

    1. Was watching Yoshino's for about 1min & front of ship is on island & can't move backwards. When it was blown up it jumped out of water. 2. And one more thing CAN WE GO BACK to REWARDS BEING SIGNALS & CAMO they are way better rewards than TOKENS. Tokens take forever to buy anything good in the Armory. 3. Next to my name top left side there is a number 1 in red for a news letter that's on the main page. The number has been there for the last 3 P.Test's. I try to open it & get Error message. EG: picture below.
  6. Area51_9

    PTS 0.10.10 Bug Report

    X is over signal flag in port but it still gave it to my ship on 2 different ships. Can see signal on ship in pcture of ZULU signal. Picture Below
  7. Area51_9

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    Base XP in twlight is not working. i have play 10 games & Base xp sitting at 6 831. I think everyone who played Twlight should be reward the container as most players go back into Queue with not looking at Base xp report because the wait time is long as not many players on server.
  8. Why is it we win tokens in games, get reward tokens from P.Test, get new player Reward tokens & many another ways of getting tokens & when we go to spend the tokens on a ship its a lotto system win a ship. Now why can't it be like coal & Steel where we can pick a ship & not a lotto system win. We play for the tokens just like coal & Steel & I only see it fair that we are able to pick a T5 ship for 10,000 Tokens & T6 30,000 Tokens. With the Tokens I only save for the ships there is nothing else in the token shop buys that I want. Maybe I should have run a poll see what happens.
  9. Area51_9

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    It since that some Rewards in game are payed & some are not. Earn stars in opation is being payed in scenarios but Earn base 250 XP in game under Scenarios is not being payed. Played x2 games under scenarios & both times not payed picture below of 250 base XP mission.
  10. Area51_9

    Submarine Testing

    Last night test server was up & running but when I tried to log in I kept getting message back saying Email & or Password wrong ???? or another sign saying Tech problems try again later wth & what do u think I did, YES that's right fell asleep as the time different in Aussie land was late 12.30am. So today being Friday 12.20 pm I tried the Test server & it was saying 1 hour to go before start. So ok time to make coffee & something to eat & wait. So the hours up i give it a go & again with all the sign's say wrong Email or password & error Tech problem so I am thinking wth. So after about 15 mins of trying to get on the server it lets me in & I go ok WOW I am in the game lets play. After looking around on the site & setting up ship & command skills points I get 3 games in before this that's right kicked from server & I can't get on the site again. So has this happened to anyone else ?????? or is it just me. I hope it's not me
  11. Why is it that all my ships from main account show up in P.Test. My main account is on Asian server & all my good ships are on that account & now when I play P.Test all my good ships show up there ???? I have 2 accounts Asian main account & NA account which I have been playing off & on over the years. Now with the update 9.9 it stated you didn't need 2 file systems for NA & Asian servers, so I delete 60 gigs of NA files hoping all my ships would show up in NA server game. But No still the same ships not my good ships, so how is it I log in to NA account using Asia files system & still get the old ships from NA account. I don't see how I can use my good ships in P.Test & not on the NA account. All accounts have same emails only different is user Names I ask this because I want to play on the NA server with my good ships EG: Coal, Premium ships. Is there any hope of a change over again from Asian server to NA server again like they did 2 years ago ?????
  12. Area51_9

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    1. Port spot light is to yellow.
  13. When upgrading ship got error & Operation in progress & Transaction Error.
  14. Area51_9

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    1. error with money can't buy anything as you can see in picture just going around 2. The colour of the ship where you get a container is off YELLOW MUSTARD colour shown in picture below.
  15. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    This happens all the time on the Test Server & they never fix it. You would think after so many players being piss off with the wait times they would fix it but no us test players must have all the time in the world. I have played tests where you have to finish a part of it for the rewards & have waited 30 mins for 6 V's 6 match.