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  1. Area51_9

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    By the looks of things on the forum players aren't happy with the new setup. Every time I go into battle I say to myself what have I forgotten. I get the feeling I haven't done something for the game I am going into. And as someone has said above where is the player count the one telling us how many players are on the server. That player count gives a reference to the wait in Queue for a game.Thats what it means to me anyway. Come on Wargaming what your doing is going Backwards
  2. Area51_9

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    The Horn in game doesn't stop sounding if I keep my finger on the button. In space battle's I have found in 3 different games after respawn my ship's gun's are locked on 1 side of ship & I can't aim at anything for about 2 to 3 min's. I can move to look 360 around but gun's will not move & I can't zoom in or out. I can shoot but not aim. After 2 or 3 min's the gun's, aiming & zooming are all fine.
  3. Area51_9

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    <<<<<<<<<< PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT IS SAID >>>>>>>>>> 1. I have always found this game easy to understand EG: Start, setting up ships, understanding levels & game play But the start of this was like what do I do 2. ok play CO-OP 4 games why ???? when you get to random you get to upgrade ship to B - EG: Hull, Guns, Torps. 3. I have played this game for 3 years now & have never been asked how to level up, upgrade ship, put Camo, signals on or anything else like that. 4. WHAT ALOAD OF ARE YOU FOR REAL WITH THIS. 5. This isn`t good for new players, 6. I don`t see why you have taken away the level up system & put in this service`s record Mode ??? 7. I have just played my 3 game & only now can I put Module upgrades on & Commander skills on ???? 8. Still NO CAMO OR SIGNAL Flags ????? 9. So I have to play 5 more games before I unlock Campaigns & 15 more games before Signals & 25 after that for Camo ????? WT ????? WHY ????? 10. Why change the start of the game. The way thing`s are in the game now are so easy for everyone to understand. 11. I was talking to players in game chat & they are just as at what is happening as i am. 12. If you are reading this & have played the P.Test & Don`t like the way it`s is PLEASE post what you think. Just remember the more players saying something about this will help, so don`t just sit there DO IT... <<<<<<<<<< PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT IS SAID & DON`T CHANGE THE WAY IT IS >>>>>>>>>>
  4. Area51_9

    Brit t4 cv

    Thank you `JAGS_DOMAIN` I was looking around on my forum `ASIAN` & no one is talking about the UK CV`S. I have everything needed to buy the CV`S but I needed info before hand & after I seen this post NO way. Just the Info I needed & I knew the new CV`S would be, Lets just say a joke. When they reworked the CV`S, I tried them in the P.Test what a joke, so a BIG THANK YOU to you. I will NOT be buying a Tug boat.
  5. Area51_9

    In game Flags

    Hey, all I have come over from the Asian server to see if you have the same flags & to see how many flags some players have. I have an account here but I don`t use it as much. Anyway, I have 2 pictures of 47 flags. Would be good to see all the different flags.
  6. I think u will find you do not have the Crowns to pay for it & u will not get the ship as I have tried myself
  7. Area51_9

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Well to start with it is P.Test 0.8.1 part 2 & I am having the same problem as I did in part 1. 1. With aiming the torp plane it is still hard to get from wide to narrow spread. 2. T10 CV Rocket fire from plane overshoots the ships. If you aim for the middle of a BB EG: Yamato it over shots 10 of the 13 rockets 3. Went into Arsenal & seen the U.K CV ships for sale so I buy T5 IRON DUKE CV for Florins & Crowns so I did the same with T6 Queen Elizabeth not thinking to look & see if I have the ships, I try again for the T7 king George V CV but don`t have all the Florins. So I jump out of the Arsenal to play the New U.K CV but No CV`s why ?????? I log out & back in but still no CV. Is this a bug ????? As you can see from the picture I have paid for them but I don`t have them in the ship slots.
  8. Area51_9

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Having problems with Cv planes not turning & at times going around in circles. Hard to change the spread < = of torps from planes. sometimes will change sometime will not. Tried to drop torps for a second time just can`t do it No planes left can`t fire rockets for a second time plane are eaten up And trying to drop a bomb on a ship forget it AA`s eat you up so fast. tried hiding behind the island in a plane from AA fire getting shot through the island. tried going low behind an island AA fire still got me.
  9. Area51_9

    A potato has a question

    Is playing and paying a different world than playing for free? Hey M8`s well i think for $14 dollars for a month is great. Yes it is better Premium time just for extra coin in game & Xp. When u get to T8 & up you will find in game money & xp will add up a lot quicker. And signal & camo do help.
  10. Area51_9

    0.7.11 Public Test Round 3

    Well what I found with the Clan battle`s is if you are NOT the COMMANDER you CANNOT start the Battle. I was in a Clan for 5 or 6 P. Test & never had problems untill this P.test. I got 2 another players to join a clan but no luck starting game. Some one from another Clan asked me to join his clan which I did & WOW I got most of the rewards. So the next day Being DEPUTY COMMANDER in the new clan I tried to start a Clan battle with 2 others with no luck. We tried for a good hour to start the game EG : Going in to random - start game over- Getting out of game come back 1 hour later. Well after my clan friend had gone I jump out of the new Clan that I join & started my own Clan & what happens the CLAN BATTLE Lights up to play wth. Got 2 new Players to Join the Clan & off we go finished the rewards SO What I am saying here is WG you for the stuff around . This Test has so many Bug in it & WG is saying it`s good to go on the main server Fix the bugs first as I have played this game from day 1 & this test is the WORST ONE YET.. So everyone if you need to finish rewards start NEW CLAN yourself as you will be the COMMANDER & get players to join. GOOD LUCK ALL & WARGAMING you for not Helping there was so many post`s in the forum about this problem NOT 1 STAFF MEMBER tried to help & this last 1 for staff on the job.
  11. Area51_9

    0.7.11 Public Test Round 3

    Well it toke me two days to work out that to start clan battles u have to be the Capt of the clan to start it & it wasn`t just me trying to do this. In main it doesn`t matter if u are a Recruit as long as you have 7 players to start the game Well in the Test you have to be the Capt of the Clan. I found this out by getting out of the clan i was in & starting a new clan then the clan button lit up, then i stuff around trying to get players to join the Clan What a stuff around WARGAMING. Start reading the forum Wargaming staff so maybe you can help out. Not happy but i did get the rewards after 4 days of stuffing around
  12. Area51_9

    0.7.11 Public Test Round 3

    ok what the hell is going on. I go on the P.Test server early today & Clan Battles was going fine But when it finish for That time it was saying that it would start again in 2 hours time. Well the time came to start again But it`s saying it`s still ended. As you can see in picture End`s in 21 hours but you can`t even start a game with 3 clan members. Me & 2 other clan members Had been trying for 30 mins to get it going with no luck. This test has to many BUGS in it & WARGAMING are saying its fine for release wth. Wargaming you need to take a good look at how you send out the P.TEST Yes i know it`s a test but wow it`s up there with the WORST YET. We should get the rewards for the stuff around & have players change clan`s or come into a clan only to be told we can`t start a game. We are all from different parts of the world on this server & making times to meet up to play clan battles is not easy So new picture again just tried to see if I could play a clan battle again But no hope & yes I have 3 players for battle. As you can see in picture saying ends in 16 hours & new clan battles in 18 hours It would be nice just to play a battle in clan wars. NOT HAPPY
  13. 1. No Royal Navy Mission in main screen but getting containers 2. Clan Battles players & time zone & timer in game make it hard to get a game. I have been on since 11 am Australia time & have not seen any more than 300 players on the server. 3. Clan Battles Can`t pick a time to play. 4. Twilight Battle Can`t play in Part 3 of Test as need ship`s of T7 & you can`t go back to T7 ship cost to much
  14. Area51_9

    How many Australians play on NA?

    play both servers but have more ships on asia server but i have account on Eu, Na, & Asia. I stuff up when i first started playing