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  1. Area51_9

    Submarine Testing

    Last night test server was up & running but when I tried to log in I kept getting message back saying Email & or Password wrong ???? or another sign saying Tech problems try again later wth & what do u think I did, YES that's right fell asleep as the time different in Aussie land was late 12.30am. So today being Friday 12.20 pm I tried the Test server & it was saying 1 hour to go before start. So ok time to make coffee & something to eat & wait. So the hours up i give it a go & again with all the sign's say wrong Email or password & error Tech problem so I am thinking wth. So after about 15 mins of trying to get on the server it lets me in & I go ok WOW I am in the game lets play. After looking around on the site & setting up ship & command skills points I get 3 games in before this that's right kicked from server & I can't get on the site again. So has this happened to anyone else ?????? or is it just me. I hope it's not me
  2. Why is it that all my ships from main account show up in P.Test. My main account is on Asian server & all my good ships are on that account & now when I play P.Test all my good ships show up there ???? I have 2 accounts Asian main account & NA account which I have been playing off & on over the years. Now with the update 9.9 it stated you didn't need 2 file systems for NA & Asian servers, so I delete 60 gigs of NA files hoping all my ships would show up in NA server game. But No still the same ships not my good ships, so how is it I log in to NA account using Asia files system & still get the old ships from NA account. I don't see how I can use my good ships in P.Test & not on the NA account. All accounts have same emails only different is user Names I ask this because I want to play on the NA server with my good ships EG: Coal, Premium ships. Is there any hope of a change over again from Asian server to NA server again like they did 2 years ago ?????
  3. Area51_9

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    1. Port spot light is to yellow.
  4. When upgrading ship got error & Operation in progress & Transaction Error.
  5. Area51_9

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    1. error with money can't buy anything as you can see in picture just going around 2. The colour of the ship where you get a container is off YELLOW MUSTARD colour shown in picture below.
  6. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    This happens all the time on the Test Server & they never fix it. You would think after so many players being piss off with the wait times they would fix it but no us test players must have all the time in the world. I have played tests where you have to finish a part of it for the rewards & have waited 30 mins for 6 V's 6 match.
  7. Area51_9

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    There is a bug in the Armory with the Signals In the picture you can see the wrong name on 1 set of signals. As you can see the Purchase sign is high lighted in both pictures with the same name on the wrong signals The picture with Juliet Whiskey purchase lite up is the wrong 1 .
  8. Area51_9

    0.9.6 PTS Bug Reports

    1 Tech tree the word "NEW" will not go away 2. After game " Personal Score " isn't showing 3. Team score after game is showing " IDS_THE_WINNER_TEAM_IS_NULL " 4. Also there is no Detailed report & Credit -Xp report after game. 5. There is No Armory NOt showing 6. In game sound cracks up when you get hit or when I hit another ship. It's like the sound drops out. The sound settings I use on main account are higher than this setting. 7. Summer season rewards need to have Co-Op as well because at times there is no-one in random or rank battles. You can be sitting in Queue for up to 5 to 10 mins waiting for game.
  9. Area51_9

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    Every P.test something missing this time didn't get any rewards for both parts The only part I didn't finish was win 5 battles for special signals ??????
  10. I seen a post here about Aiming mods but I can't find it again. The person who posted it was given the address to where he could get the mods & was told what it did. This person who posted it went right into it about how everything worked. If anyone has seen the post please message it to me please. The post was a big post so someone must have seen it. I play most of my games on the Asian server & in the last 12 months it is hard not to say there is isn't a CHEAT mod going around. I have got to a point in the game where I don't like play after 11pm. After 11pm Aussie time that's when its hard to win a game & its not just me that things this. I know wargaming have cheat checking software but there is always software around that can work around other software, nothing is cheat proof.
  11. Area51_9

    Update 0.9.4 - Bug Reports

    I have screen shot of lines with numbers in main screen don't know what they are for or mean. And will not go away Hmmmm ????
  12. from what conway was say if u didn't get the drop put a ticket to support as they have the log from twitch chat & Discord chat, so they know who was on & they can see from your account the drop didn't go to your NA account. Just put a ticket in they can only say yes or no And as for time I am in Aussie start 2am in the morning finish 5 am thks WOWS I did get mission & the super contanier
  13. Area51_9

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    1. The plane is just floating in the air not moving. I can't remember what map it is but this has been around for a long time. So I got the map with 2 planes floating in the air. As I said I don't know the names of the maps but I am sure you can tell by the mini-map. As I said above the planes have been there for years on the maps. 2. The Cleveland ship camouflage Freedom has no Bridge house. Why has this been overlooked? No another camouflage is like this.
  14. Area51_9

    (25) 2019 Black Friday Container Haul!

    they are both one-time deals as I got both & couldn't buy any more of both so again what is the differents ???