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  1. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.9.0 - Bugs Report

    1 Wheel of death in Armory. Cannot get into Armory been trying for over 8 mins. The first-time stamp at 16.50 pm as you can see next is 16.59 pm. 2. Ok, Wargaming this has become a joke 5 mins in a Random Queue & to try to finish P.T Winter Season Mission I have to spend every day that the test is on to finish it. what are you guys doing at the office can you see that less players are doing the P.Test because of the rewards being too hard to finish just like the Dockyards. I know this is not going to be read but it needs to be said wake up guys this game was fun once it's slowly going downhill. I've played this game for 4 years now & it's starting to suck
  2. Area51_9

    Where is feedback/bugs for 0.9 PT?

    1. Under 2 different screens in the Armory, the credits don't show. 2. In the Armory again under British Navy Op there in 1 picture that isn't showing. It is under the Token Op about the 5th picture in, as you can see in the picture below it's not showing. 3. Again with some of the wording, it is in Russian again makes it a bit hard to read if you speak English.
  3. Area51_9

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    1. The plane is just floating in the air not moving. I can't remember what map it is but this has been around for a long time. So I got the map with 2 planes floating in the air. As I said I don't know the names of the maps but I am sure you can tell by the mini-map. As I said above the planes have been there for years on the maps. 2. The Cleveland ship camouflage Freedom has no Bridge house. Why has this been overlooked? No another camouflage is like this.
  4. Area51_9

    (25) 2019 Black Friday Container Haul!

    they are both one-time deals as I got both & couldn't buy any more of both so again what is the differents ???
  5. Area51_9

    (25) 2019 Black Friday Container Haul!

    So can someone tell me the different between 1250 Doubloons & 250 Doubloons crates as they are both Premium crates & have the same stuff inside?
  6. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    1. How is this a balanced game 1 V's 1 Random game 30 second's in Queue & I get DD V's DD but my DD is Tier 9 CHUNG MU my torps do 0% Damage? Yes, it can be a gunboat but it's still not Balanced & I am not saying this because of a loss. 2. Finished ship build Op & 1st Container didn't show up on deck but the reward ship did. 3. Error in shipbuilding screen as you go in. 4. Got 2 lots of rewards for finishing the shipbuilding. I went in for a look just to make sure I finished the build & I got all the same reward but the ship. 5. Armory window waiting for 2 mins. 6. Planes don't fit into hanger-on island. Think it was the LOOP map. 7. Game with NO MOD'S seems to be a lot better. Just the WarGaming software is great but if you have MODS it seems like the game is cheating for you with aiming or knowing where you are going to be. I have noticed this over 3 to 5 P.Tests updates. I play a much better game on P.Test & I put this down to MODS. I don't use MODS & here you can't use them so I see it as everyone is = & no cheating MODS. It's just funny how players without MODS can't & don't Aim or shoot the same as on the main server. Maybe someone needs to really look into this problem, it can't just be me noticing this.
  7. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    1. I finished Dockyard & at the end went to get the ship & got kicked to the main web page. 2 Super Santa container didn't come up in the ship just showed the signals. 3. Why is it that we can't buy an Italian commander from the Armory. This is not just in the P.Test. We can buy any commander from any country but NOT Italy. It would be nice to have one 10 point commander for Italian ships. 4. Just finished the match of Rank went to Armory got kicked out of the game to the main screen. Saying I wasn't playing the game. THIS NEEDED TO BE SAID HERE IT MAY GET LOOKED AT & FIXED.
  8. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    1. There is an overlap in the Artillery & Survivability menu. 2. Rank Battles aren't balanced in any way. CL v's BB & again DD v's BB & CV v's CL. This wasn't thought through to well.
  9. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Bugs

    Sorry I have been posting in feed back when I should be posting in report bugs. 1. Can't Play rank Battles as it's not in select a battle 2. Can't Play the capt from "resolute & Rapid". Don't have any of the Italy ship in port ?????
  10. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Feedback

    I can't play Rank Battles as it is not there to play ???? It's not showing in combat mission as an Op ????
  11. Area51_9

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Feedback

    Thanks for another good P.Test but how do I play the Capt Luigi Sansovetti. I finished doing the Collection "Resolute & Rapid" got the Capt but I have NO ship to play him ?????????? Some help with this would be good Thank you WG.
  12. Area51_9

    Collection not finished

    Thank 4 the help but I know how it works, I was hoping one of the staff members would read this & try to fix it so you can enable the 2. I don't see why 1 collection Azur Lane can be enabled but the other 2 can't. And yes i can buy container for Vive La France & exchange duplicates but to get 5 of the pictures to fit straight in is a big ask. I think the chance of getting the ones I need in a container is a long shoot, I can see me having to buy container for duplicates & thats alot of containers. With Azur Lane all I needed was 2 & that took 10 days to finish with 1 straight in & Duplicates. So I would really like just to enable them & wait for the drop containers to finish it.
  13. So I just finished " Azur Lane " By enabling it, so now I have 2 more collection to finish & they are not in the Armory Containers. With " Azur Lane " i was able to finish it off by enabling it & waiting for container drop's & Duplicates. But now I can't enable " Belle Epoque " & all I need is 1 container to finish. The last 1 I have is " Vive La France " & I need 5 containers. Now I can buy the container at 1000 coal a container but I would be spending most of my coal. So why is it I could enable " Azur Lane " but I can't enable the other 2 collection. I would be happy just waiting for container drops & not spending coal. Can I enable them, am I missing something. Some help would be great.
  14. 1. I put Anniversary Camo on the ship, it isn't showing up on the ship. I tried all the camo I have & World of warship Anniversary Camo is the only 1 not showing. 1.2 Just played game & camo showed up & after the game in port, it was showing. 1.3 Setup USA CV used Anniversary Camo when I put it on everything was fine then changed to signal's & back it wasn't on. Tried putting it on again but not showing. 1.4 Just tried Camo on all ships & it since that once it is mounted it will not show up. 1.5 Just tried to Mount ARIRANG & Anniversary camo stayed on but it is saying Arirang is mounted. Picture Below. Camo has a bug I would say ????? 2. Did this in part 1 of the test, the line up of ship's show's Null_Full. 3. A sound of beeping happened a few times when in waiting Queue for game Ok WG this is a joke yeah 6.30 mins wait time in random to go into battle 1 V's 1. In the Queue, there was 8 & most of the time the Queue isn't always right or true with the number waiting, I have seen 10 in Queue & when the game starts there is 12 V's 12. I have played the P.test for a long time now & it since to be not as many players are using it. I have had 8 games so far today starting at 4.30 pm & it's now 7.50 pm. There should be an extra reward for long wait times. Picture below