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    Why my CV always targets DDs now

    I have been in 20 games and I agree with the OP. I am strictly going for DDs now as well. I feel that the CV change is a big mistake, because the "old" CVs greatly affected the game, and everyone had to play different (DDs careful of being spotted by planes, CAs protecting BBs/DDs with AA, and BBs taking out CAs to remove AA strength). Now, the game is mostly the same as a normal game, except DDs are not only spotted by planes, but now also being targeted and destroyed directly by CVs. Why? Because early game the AA is so much stronger, there's no reason to go for CA or BB at all. Just kill the DDs. The CAs no longer need to protect the BBs because a carrier cannot take half a yamato's life away with a good drop. So CV games now are very similar to non-CV games, and strategy/gameplay only changes a little. This makes for more boring games and only affects DDs greatly.