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  1. Hello. In recent months I've come to some realizations about WoWS and its development. During this time I played quite a lot of Yugumo, Shimakaze, Akizuki, and Kitakaze. I finished Kitakaze's grind to Harugumo with: 69 battles, 63.77% WR, 84.4k Avg Dmg, 1971 WTR, and top 50 on wows-numbers leaderboard (and apparently the max XP game for it). I will be covering two main topics: (1) How I played Kitakaze, and (2) how Kitakaze fits into the current WoWS meta. Maybe I should have split this into two different posts, but in my mind they were related, since I view Kitakaze as a good representation of an issue in the second section. (1) Kitakaze Gameplay Kitakaze is an extremely flexible destroyer with great concealment, good torpedoes, and outstanding guns. While an easy ship to play, the point of my playstyle is to not be content with good games but to strive for the best performance at all times. Caps: Plagued with mediocre maneuverability and no hydro she cannot easily win caps other than gunning enemy DDs off of it, while not quite claiming it herself since it is usually unsafe to do so. People these days have improved their aim on destroyers, and thus early-game knife-fighting is more team-dependent rather than the skill of each DD player involved. Early-game is especially dangerous because the fight has not yet evolved, usually meaning more concentrated fire on DDs. At the same time, if you’re going to avoid cap then at least have an alternative purpose. Time spent doing nothing is time spent losing. Enagaging - Knife-fighting: Outside of caps, however, the ship excels at engaging DDs. With 5.9km concealment and a little situational awareness, you can always (minus radar/CVs) choose your engagements. You will mostly spot other DDs beforehand, and the few DDs that have higher concealment will not have ample time to disengage. The key is situational awareness such that you are prepared and want to engage. A favorable exchange means you have dealt significantly more damage to them than them to you - equal or less damage is a poor exchange. This point is not universal, but Kitakaze is an excellent gunboat and therefore should excel at that. Do this by preparing all turrets on the side you expect to engage, by using AP as necessary, and by aiming well. I love knife-fighting, but these days you must be especially aware of who is behind the enemy DD. Again, the goal is a favorable exchange, so even if you're melting the poor DD, him and his teammates may be doing greater work upon you. Engaging - General engagement: You want to make use of your guns on BBs and even CAs as necessary. DDs are natural counters to BBs which “anchor” down positions for their team. I smoke in a position such that: (1) (ideally) can use hard cover as necessary to escape in case of torps/radar, (2) (ideally) includes a teammate that needs it (emphasis on "need" since a full HP BB in smoke without shots is literally useless), (2) not one single puff of smoke that is very telling of your position, (3) someone other than yourself is spotting the ship(s) you want to engage, and (4) you can engage at least two enemies. It's fine to damage farm one ship but, as I've learned from CVs, to excel you want to set fires on multiple ships. Mitigate danger with several puffs of smoke, propulsion mod, and not sitting full broadside in it. CAs are much tougher to engage, again because the exchange likely won't be favorable. In general, if it's safe to do so, engage them over BBs. However, engaging CAs as a DD is very situational and ship dependent and ultimately it is up to you to learn and decide. Don't spend all game gunboating from a distance. While it's certainly viable, save that for Harugumo. Kitakaze is too good in too many areas to not take advantage of. So, as necessary, do your part on the frontline with caps and knife-fighting. Torpedos: Double (with reload booster) sextuple JP torps are not to be ignored. The one and only downside is the reload; at least the reload booster is ready by the time the torps are. With this slow reload, use them wisely. The Build Upgrades: Main Armaments Mod 1 - pretty obvious, though to be honest I used to main Magazine Mod 1 and now own 900 det flags) Propulsion Mod 1 - None of the options are a big deal, but even with LS having propulsion knocked out is annoying Aiming System Mod 1 - you're a gunboat Propulsion Mod 2 - Knocks off a lot of time on accelerating, which is important if you sit in smoke. For steering, just remember it's only about a second difference there. Concealment System Mod 1 - I don't even know why there's other options since nobody in the game ever chooses anything else Main Battery Mod 3 – Fractions of a second but noticeable, and think of it as increased DPM. Skills: I have no 19-pt captains and never plan for it (even Shoukaku only 18.5 pts with 385 games). Kitakaze I started with 15 pts (Yamamoto simply for spamming red tracers) and worked to the below 16 pts. With 19 I’d opt for another T3 skill, probably DE. PT – situational awareness LS – crappy engine is better than no engine AR – more DPM BFT – more DPM; highly debatable tier, but: SE looks nice, but is realistically only a few shots difference, SI I personally wouldn’t make use of as I use consumables conservatively (and run prem), DE I feel sheer quantity of shells will suffice instead IFHE – feel the power of melting anything and everything CE – so obvious that it’s one of the big reasons I think WoWS ship builds are boringly static TLDR: Build and play towards her many strengths, always for better performance, not to try and mitigate weaknesses or personal shortcomings. (2) WoWS Meta Bluntly put, I believe this game is devolving as things become simpler (dumbed down). I finished Kitakaze's grind to Harugumo with: 69 battles, 63.77% WR, 84.4k Avg Dmg, 1971 WTR, and top 50 on wows-numbers leaderboard (and apparently the max XP game for it). Comparatively, I have Yugumo with: 126 battles, 63.49% WR, 65.4k Avg Dmg, and 2096 WTR. Playing Kitakaze and Yugumo, the difference between them is almost comical, and among other things brought me to question my enjoyment of this game. (1) Gunboat focus – It’s disappointing how easy and excellent Kitakaze is, versus my dear torpedo counterparts which are infinitely more fun yet difficult to play. The game has largely been reduced to either sheer shell spam, or fire spam, until the red bar melts to 0. It’s sad that torpedoes, as one of the two things I loved about WoWS over traditional shooters is relatively obsolete in the face of radar and sonar on so many ships now, compounded by spotter planes (insanely far in front of the source ship) and fighter planes (up for several mins), not to mention CV planes, torp distance detection, and ships changing course which should be the natural counters. While still nominally existent, they are not as very impactful on games as a whole. Try to play torp DDs and you’ll realize how team-dependent they are (towards winning). While Kitakaze can look at anything and begin melting it, Yugumo (especially Shimakaze) require patience and much more situational awareness, both into torpedo launching as well as positioning, due to them being more fragile (defenseless). (2) CVs – Truly the most tragic loss to me personally as a CV main, the second thing I loved about WoWS over traditional shooters. I think there’s enough discussion about the new style of gameplay that I need say no more. Regarding the rework itself, though, I am appalled that this is the solution. It makes me believe they simply, after several years of anticipation, decided to thrown in an immature, random, and drastic change simply for the sake of checking it off the list. It’s like it was labeled on the checklist as “fix CVs”, instead of what the class’s issues actually were. Another case of classic WG “solutions plagued with more problems.” I wonder if this rework’s true long-term goal was for people to lose interest in CVs, thus ending complaints about them, all while still being able to advertise them. (3) Static builds – clear choices such as everyone having concealment mod and skill, many basically useless skills, and class-only (CV) skills, all of which demote creative builds and dynamic gameplay. It’s pretty clear that certain skills were meant for select certain ships or classes. The skill tree needs a major rework with the end result being more dynamic gameplay, so rework it in a way such that there’s more than one viable build. The game is arcade-like as it is, so it’s fine to have ships being played slightly differently. For a while, I was torn between mainly spending my time on WoWS or WOT: ships is more balanced (less snowballing stomps) but relatively too simple and thus boring, while tanks is less balanced but more fun (shots instead of salvos and meaningful armor means more important bounces, instead of simply shooting a relatively predictable target until all HP is gone). For other personal reasons I now don’t play either (still might log on to keep my username :P). My brief run at War Thunder was much more enjoyable (though biased since that’s how a game always is when starting), though again for personal reasons I stopped that as well.
  2. Shoukaku_Kai_Ni

    CV Rework Feedback

    "This will allow you to not get distracted." Yes, and controlling 9 squadrons with Hakuryu got me distracted so thank goodness for this rework so I can play my T10 CV one squadron at a time. Truly competitive, no, "fun & engaging" gameplay. Just say that you want to simplify the game until we're all literally playing rock paper scissors.
  3. This is full blown retarded. This is the CV rework? More like someone got a cut on their arm so might as well chop the arm off. I started playing this game for CVs, and am astounded that WG's solution includes removing half the carriers. The community expected a rework (granted in personally fine with the current state other than the frustrating UI and bugs), so they just closed their eyes and blindly mixed things up until there was a drastic change. The result is throwing away half the CVs and turning the gameplay into a brain-dead activity, so now more amateurs can "enjoy" "trying out" the CV line. I'm going to keep my CVs (instead of the option to trade for free XP), and pray, that some day (year by their clock) they actually fix it. Maybe the community asked for a CV rework, but next is asking for feedback on how to implement that, instead of just kicking the gameplay-balancing machine until parts start falling out and it manages to cough up some random "change". If it was even tiers and Shoukaku was removed, I'd quit this game immediately. This game has turned into a gunboat competition where you spam shells from smoke or islands, and light fires. That's all this game is now without competitive torpedo DDs and CVs - other than BBs it's just the question of what ship do you choose to spam shells from. IJN buff will help the CAs, but not the DDs since you shouldn't be firing anyway as it will never be a worthwhile trade. What's next to dumb down the game and bring the skill gap closer to 0 so that toddlers can start playing? I look forward to future "reworks" and "balances", make the pain go away with more pain.
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