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  1. There was a statement from a WG rep that “the next FXP ship wasn’t going to be a BB”, which may be where the speculation the Kron will be a FXP ship is coming from.
  2. USN Cruiser Split: 0.7.3 ? or Later

    WG usually announces the plan for the split (i.e. the compensation for being affected by the split in terms of free ships, where captains and cammos do and whether any will be duplicated) at least a release or so before it happens. You should have a lot of time to plan what you want to do once the official announcement comes out. For safety, I would recommend you wait, if at all possible so you can be certain what the compensation model is for the relase. Having said this, if you feel you need to do some early crystal ball gazing for planning purposes. there is a strong likelihood that you will see the Cruiser split happen in May (possibly late may). This is due to: WG reps have stated that they try to release a line or split line every quarter. Due to the centering of the release schedules around Gamescon in Aug, this would make the targeted release months: Nov (Pan-Asian DDS), Feb (French BBs), May (US Cruiser Split), Aug (? - but the past 2 Gamesscon releases were the German and RN BB lines if you want to extrapolate anything from that). 7.3 is likely to come out in NA on Wed, Mar 28. This would make the May releases either 7.5 (possibly May 9) or 7.6 (possibly May 30). So 7.5 would likely be the earliest you would see the line split. If WG does what it did based on the previous 2 line splits here's what you can expect, but I would again suggest waiting as long as possible for the official announcement if you're planning major purchases before the split occurs: WOWS Enjoyment - When Lines Split... WG has a very Player-friendly policy when a Tech Tree Line splits. Players are generously compensated new ships depending on what ships they have in port at the time of the split. This article explains the mechanics of what happens as of the 1st 2 line splits that occurred and what is anticipated for the 2018 USN Cruiser Line split in specific detail. If you want to know what ships to have in your port to net some free ships w/o the grind, this post is for you. (This post will be kept current re: WG Policy as to what happens.) (from WOWS Enjoyment - List of Game Improvement Mechanics/Articles and Guides) Hope this helps you w/ your decision! o7
  3. Have to make a minor correction - CA is not a proper generalization for Cruiser in general and the CA/CL distinction Phoenix describes in parenthesis is the correct usage. This is due to a CA designation being a historical designation for Cruiser-Armored or Cruiser Class-A which became the nomenclature for heavy cruisers (I.e. those w/ typically 203 mm guns & larger). The wiki should make a distinction between the CA & CL designation because they actually refer to 2 cruiser sub-types (CA = heavy cruisers w/ 203 mm guns and larger, CL = light cruisers, in-game having typically, but not necessarily, smaller caliber guns of 152/155 mm).
  4. Lt_Aubrey

    Are you by any chance coming from Steam? Steam has a slightly different setup due to their distribution model, but the issue is likely the same - you just need to let the SW update so the latest clients match & when it's done, you should be able to get to the Game Client login. If you do encounter connection problems (i.e. your download is failing) - a common issue is your firewall may not be set up to allow the WOWS app to access the download and you'll have to just do a quick configuration to enable this w/ whatever firewall SW you're using.
  5. Lt_Aubrey

    Not sure what you mean by "fix it" - From what you've posted, it appears you just need to do the following to let the game automatically update your client SW before you can start playing: Make sure you are connected to the internet (higher the speed the better) Click on the icon to start WOWS on your PC This should start your Startup Client which does a version check and should automatically start downloading the patch update if there is a new patch out or your versions mismatch (as there is today). Wait til your software is updated, at which time the startup client should show a very prominent button labeled PLAY - there's also a message at the bottom declaring "You are running the latest client version." when everything is good to go. If you do not see this mesage, you'll either see a progress status indication of your download and installation or a error message if you're having connection problems. Click on PLAY to start your WOWS Game Client - it should bring up your login page. Just enter your login info and it should take you to your port.
  6. Lt_Aubrey

    There are 2 clients the game uses - the startup front end (i.e. the one w/ the PLAY button) and the actual game client. You won't get to the game client w/ the log-in because the startup client is the one that checks for the version matches and initiates the download. You only see the game client after the startup determines the versions match and will then boot the game client w/ the login screen.
  7. Lt_Aubrey

    WOWS requires the client and server versions to match (at least for the major & minor version numbers) - the startup client's algorithm always does a version check prior to allowing the game client to be booted. As a result, you will always be blocked from playing the game by a download, if there is a new patch out, until your client is fully updated. The reason for the match requirement is that the info stored & used on the client must match the server version for your ship characteristics to function properly in game. It comes down to how the client-server info is split and used. This is also the reason your replays don't work if there is a major or minor version upgrade - your replay under an older release version will no longer work. On the bright side, today's patch was a bug fix upgrade to address the FPS drop problem w/ the latest clients and was relatively small (i.e. <100 MB). Typical uprgades will require a couple of downloads in the ~500 MB range w/ a small additional download. Patches containing larger features (e.g. the Halloween event) are even bigger and you wil possibly have a couple of 1GB+ DLs as part of this type of feature patch. WG's release pattern is to release a new patch every 3-4 wks so that's how often you're likely to encounter this issue - bug fix patches are usually released within a week or so of the major/minor patches, but aren't too frequent.
  8. Hey Belthorian - gave you a +1 for thinking out of the box with this suggestion and references back to Jutland on British practices (i.e. contributing to the catastrophic deaths of 3 British BCs in that engagement). Players who only spam HE in British BBs handicap themselves by ignoring selective AP use - I’m not sure if the HE spammers need additional buffs, but the detonation tradeoff is intriguing.
  9. Question on Elite Commanders

    Yes, you can avoid any L4 commander’s skills for your 19-pt commander but I would strongly suggest you consider the L4 Concealment skill. You’ll find your life made a lot easier if you play DDs & Cruisers - even BBs.
  10. Lol! Upvote for your sense of humor (gotta have one sometime!)!...
  11. This stat (Spotting Damage) is incorporated into the XP you earn (like the Potential Damage stat) - so it is being used. The issue the Youtubers highlighted is that very few players are even aware of this and a more direct feedback mechanism should benefit the game. I can't speak for why WG didn't also make Spotting damage a more explicit reward system - unlike myself, WG should have the data for their reward structure model, if they are incorporating it into the XP reward tally, to have the ability to make this a more visible reward.
  12. You don't accumulate XP at a faster rate, but the multiplier effect comes in from if you have reward ships or Premiums or Captains Training Premiums (e.g. ARP ships) in your port, you can earn movable Free Commanders XP with more ships. Thus, just by a larger percentage of ships in your port earning you movable Free Commanders XP, you can get your next 19 pt Commander faster, or use it to upgrade less played ships. This is especially beneficial when you have bonus situations. On weekends w/ 100%/200% XP bonuses and if you use suitable cammos and flags, you can hugely increase your haul of Free Commanders XP by taking advantage of the bonuses on ships you can put a 19 pt Commander on. In my case, w/ 7 19-pt commanders that can be played on 44 different ships, I can take advantage of the weekend bonuses to get large hauls of Free Commanders XP that I can reallocate as I choose.
  13. Agreed! +1 - I was debating including that one in the posting as well, but didn't have enough info to put together a proposal on the compensation model for this one so I omitted it for, maybe, a later time. I think newer CV and DD players don't realize the team play aspects when: CVs don't keep strategically critical DDs (either in cap or who may be torping or harrassing your BB cluster) spotted. This aspect can make a huge difference in the strategic balance of the game CVs don't keep tactically important ships spotted (e.g. low health ships trying to stealth when focus fire from a few more salvoes can kill them) - Usually, the focus is to rearm ASAP so keeping one plane group around another 15-30 sec so an enemy can be finished doesn't always occur to the player. DDs go into cap and immediately smoke unnecessarily - breaking visibility to ships behind them who were shooting at targets who are now masked by their smoke. A lot of newer DD players don't realize that it's a tactical advantage to keep spotting clear until you are under threat so that your team can have clear visibility. Smokescreens work both ways and you're actually helping mask the enemy team by smoking unnecessarily. Providing their HP permits, DDs and Cruisers who don't go after the hidden DD to tactically either spot them or remove their threat to their teammates.
  14. Hey Belthorian! - I think this is a game (a very good one) and different folks have different motivations re: what they enjoy. My key philosophy is do what you enjoy. I have some similarities to you in your outlook towards WOWS: I came to the game as a history geek, instead of being a gamer I really love the naval history represented (even the paper ships as most designs never made it to the slipways) As such, what you're doing re: collecting ships is not incompatiple w/ getting better at the game. I have a lot of ships as well (150+ which are most of the T5+ tech tree ships) and keep them around for the following reason: As a kid (...it's been a looong time since then), I built plastic model kits & now you have beautifully rendered 3-D models of many of those ships that you can view in port or sail around & shoot in an Arcade style game. I enjoy taking out a different ship every now & then or coming back to a ship I went past in the Tech Tree, and playing it again to see if I've improved my game skills with that ship. A number of my clanmates are newer players so having a full span of ships lets me play w/ them if they want to division. It sounds from your post that you do have 2 desires: You want to get more 19-pt captains You aren't satisfied w/ your current WTR (which is pretty good) & want to get better What I do is there are a number of ships I do have a large number of games in. This is due to a desire to: Earn Silver in fewer games Complete Missions/Campaign Tasks more efficiently in fewer games My desire to pick up the missions/challenges/campaign rewards (only 36% of the "Premium" ships in my port were actually purchased, the rest were either reward ships, SC ships or ships I paid nowhere near full price for (e.g. Santas Crates gift ships)). My point is that it's not necessary to play each ship equally, but it's nice to be able to have the ship in port to play when you want to. To address your 19-pt captain desire, here's something that may help, while still keeping your 80 ships: WOWS Enjoyment - Accelerating Captains Training (Getting More 19 pt Capts Quicker) I did what the article suggests - I only have 7 19-pt captains, but I can play them on 44 ships in my port to farm the Captains XP faster. It does benefit you to get that 1st 19 pt captain so you can then start to farm Commanders XP. Also, what I found helpful in getting better is that I approach a ship when I play it with the goal of "adapting my playstyle to the ship's strengths" in mind. Instead of having a fixed playstyle, adopting this philosophy has allowed me to enjoy more ships and not have to play a specific ship a lot to become better in it. It let me develop my skills on a smaller number of ships in conjuction w/ the previously stated game goals, yet adapt the benefits to the other ships in my port when I choose to play them. It does seem to be working since my stats show a steady increase in upslope from about a year and a half ago when I started to adopt this philosophy. Hope this helps! o7 to a fellow history buff!
  15. Welcome aboard Gneisnau013 - and departing thanks to Super_Spash_Bro for his service to the Community! o7