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  1. hangglide42

    Getting guineas

    It’s 12 wks which spans the 3 patches for the RN arc (4*4*3). The arc ends w/ the traditionally anticipated Xmas patch that usually has a lot of other goodies.
  2. Hi Arc! - firstly, no such thing as a bad or noobie post or question in my book - so I thought I'd give a summary of how WG seems to have implemented the token/shopping system so in the future, you'll know where the information is likely to be posted. The conversion info and details related to what can be bought, events/missions/container drops the tokens applies to will be contained in the Patch notes (in this case 7.8 for the Anniversary Event) for the token spanning event. Patch notes are posted on the WOWS main webpage when a release is about to drop. There is a announcement of the conversion rate contained in the Patch notes for the release which will end the event (in this case 7.9 for the Anniversary Event) - This note comes out the day before the new patch drops so you'll get a last heads up. WG may also include reminder info in their monthly calendar breakdown of monthly missions (but don't rely on this) About new currencies - including tokens. Since WG introduced their new currencies, there appear to be 2 "categories" of currencies: Permanent Currencies - Coal/Steel (& Copper, Molybdenum) - these don't go away and can be used to purchase general items (ships, flags, etc) in the Arsenal Temporary Currencies - Event tokens such as the Anniversary Tokens, Sharks/Eagle Tokens, (upcoming) Guineas, Sovereigns - These allow purchases in event sections of the Arsenal & only exist for the period of the event. If any are unused when the end-of-event patch drops, they are automatically converted to silver ( in the case of the Anniversary event) for 15K silver per. The Temporary Event currencies are aligned w/ Patch releases since the tokens can only be spent in a Event Specific addition to the Arsenal (which is only added/removed by a patch). Patch releases now drop every 4-5 wks - usually is 4 wks, but there should be one 5 wk interval in the remainder of the year to align w/ a Dec 19 date which has historically been the timeframe (i.e. just before Xmas) of a much anticipated patch which includes the Santa's Crate mechanism. If you keep the previous in mind, it should help avoid future surprises - also, altho most forum responses are well meaning, you may want to double check the response w/ the WG website or an official source. As well meaning as we are, everyone is human and can give a well meaning but unintentionally wrong answer.
  3. hangglide42

    Flag for killing a pirate

    I believe Femenennly posted that they were working on distributing it w/ the upcoming patch.
  4. hangglide42

    Anniversary All-Out

    Thx WG for a remarkable game & anniversary gifts - to many more years of wonderful content! o7
  5. hangglide42

    Anniversary All-Out

    In past Anniversaries, they’ve totaled all game modes so congrats on 75 Erebthoron! o7
  6. hangglide42

    WOWS Enjoyment - Evolving Your Captain's Skills

    Updated Article with: Discussion re: IFHE Captains skill and where it fits due to the release of: the IJN DD line completion (Kitakaze & Harugumo as well as Harekaze since the original article). the USN Cruiser split introducing the new USN CL line Buff to IJN Mogami making the 155mm gun variant a more playable ship (and possibly restoring some of its former popularity)
  7. Updated the article with the following: Added IFHE Captains skill reference due to increase in the number of 100mm gun DDs and CLs w/ the completion of the IJN DD line and split of the USN Cruiser line into a CL branch Added a cross reference link to the flags/cammos sections to a posting which describes in detail how to stack flags/cammos to maximize gains per game. Added a results epilog - following the article principles, author was able to go from 1 19-pt captain -> 10 19-pt captains within a 6 month timespan.
  8. Made following updates: Added Link to: Flamu - Replay Analysis #11 - Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Zao Map Strategies section which was due to be added in 2018 has been delayed due to the rolling series of on-going map changes that WG is rolling out w/ new patches. Updated Evolving Captains Skills Article Updated Getting 19-pt Captains Faster Article
  9. hangglide42

    Day 1 to 7 reward

    He groomsiebelle - can't fault anyone for how some of the wordings of the WG posts are interpreted so no worries!. Just wanted to add my post mainly as a PSA as to how I interpreted WGs intent - mainly to highlight for any players who weren't aware of what the rewards added up to - in other words, I didn't want them to lament lack of flags, cammos, etc if they weren't aware of the cumulative total of these rewards that are seemingly trickled out as seemingly inconsequential bonuses. They do add up to quite a bit to help game advancement w/o spending in the Premium Shop.
  10. hangglide42

    Day 1 to 7 reward

    Hey all - It's unfortunate that the wording of the September mission rewards was confusingly worded, but - it is good that WG is trying to highlight a "under the radar" aspect of this game & its typical mission reward system that gets overlooked by many players to their detriment. The issue is that many daily missions, etc. seem to be for a "couple of flags" or a "cammo or two". Many players seeing this often conclude that it's not worth doing a mission for a trivial reward. The gotcha has been that the small rewards actually add up to quite a substantive haul each month - by players ignoring the "trivial" missions, they actually miss out on quite a bit of cumulative swag that could help in their game progression. As a concrete example: If you completed a good number of missions, promos, campaigns available in August & add up what you got, you could have received: 252 Cammos 1206 Signal Flags 84 Consummables 1250000 SIlver 61100 Coal Worcester Eagle/Shark Perma Cammo 12K XP 12K Free XP 24K Elite Commanders XP I was curious about the monthly cumulative effect so I tracked a month to see "how much it added up to" (during the month of August). The actual totals are a bit higher since the above totals do not include: Daily Container Drops (i.e. there are no "resources" type containers in the coal numbers) The daily login bonuses (for each day - the bonus you receive just for logging in Not all daily missions series were completed The main point is that, in organizing the September missions the way it did and highliting the weekly cumulative rewards the way that they did, WG was trying to make the above point. Unfortunately, the wording was somewhat confusing, but I think their intent was - "Hey it adds up to quite a bit, see?".
  11. hangglide42

    Event Points Not Counting?

    The leaderboard doesn’t always update/refresh immediately after your game. As such, your point totals won’t necessarily match your latest sum - give it a few minutes and it should have reflected your game totals.
  12. hangglide42

    Research price keeps differing.

    This usually indicates all the required ship upgrades for the previous ship's main upgrade path has not been researched. The game UI adds the additional necesary ship upgrade XP needed to unlock the next ship in line. Check the previous ship to see that all necessary ship upgrades leading to the actual ship research price has been completed. Once they are, the 2 numbers should match. In your example, it's indicating the Isokaze B-hull hasn't been researched yet.
  13. Oh, thank you for the wonderful link I will watch them today before I play. Can I follow you in forums Sir, to obtain future lessons and advise? thank you so much for your kindness. 

    1. hangglide42


      I hope you will find the articles helpful!  (Unfortunately, the links are articles - kinda like longer versions of my response & not entertaining YouTube videos!...:)


    2. ChisanaJun


      I do not see very well and do not understand spoken English well yet. So the written form is greatly favored by me. ( I can enlarge it for easier viewing) You have assisted me in this endeavor immensely. I feel lucky to have made your acquaintance for I fell this will assist me in the enjoyment of this game. Tactics are a very weak spot for me no one teaches Japanese girls about warfare. I  knew nothing about these things tell very recently the learning is amazingly enjoyable. These forums are a friendly place where all of you go so far out of way to help a ignorant new player. Many thank yous for this great kindness.