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  1. hangglide42

    WOWS Enjoyment - Becoming a "Legend" Faster

    Yup - I left the Premium time in to be consistent re: the suggestions for the other phases since swapping between a Standard & Premium account given the sheer number of games would not be very likely — reworded the last mission as per your suggestion to clarify.
  2. hangglide42

    In the name of your highness event

    There are actually 2 missions in the $130 package - Monsters of Steel gives you 4K Steel, a non-publicized Might of Steel mission sequence gives you 2019 Steel. These coupled w/ the directives (2K) & Nerves of Steel (2019) give you a total of over 10K steel. On top of this, you can add your T8-10 Premium & T9-10 Tech Tree Ships for Steel snowflakes.
  3. Made the following additions/changes: Added new article How to become "Legendary" Faster - how to earn your Legendary Upgrade Modules in fewer games Added advisory to the Fara's CV Guide section that these links will be legacied once the CV rework is released in 8.0.
  4. Hey there & Happy New Years All! - Hangglide42 w/ some tips on how to become "Legendary" or "How to get your Legendary Modules Faster". Legendary Modules are highly specialized upgrade modules for 20 of your T10 vessels (Daring & Harugumo don't yet have them). You unlock a 5-part Personal Mission for each T10 you have once you play a battle in a particular ship. The missions to obtain these modules are roughly equivalent to doing a Tier grind at T10 in your ship. Because the Mission Sequence can be very long and grindy (and expensive since you're doing them in your T10 ships), the following suggestions are meant to help you get thru them in the fewest games possible. Since their introduction, many have debated about which modules are useful and have noted the heavy grind associated with obtaining these modules. There are many CC & Streamer postings re: which modules are most useful so this article primarly suggest ways to minimize the number of games you have to play to work thru the 5-part mission sequence to get your Legendary Module. A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides. Basic Premise The basic strategy is to tailor your stacking of the appropriate flags & cammos or play the most efficient game format to complete the mission part in the fewest possible games. The concept and math behind how the signal/cammo bonuses are calculated can be found here. A couple of suggestions to note - when using your signals and cammos, note the set of missions you'll need to complete. Some signals/cammos have multiple benefits & can be used in more than one mission - you want to evaluate which mission makes the most efficient use of your signals/cammos (particularly the rarer pennant signals) when using then to minimize games. Taking this into consideration will help your signals/cammos to last longer and unlock more Legendary Upgrades. (Note: the # game estimates reflect my own experience solely as a reference - your results may vary based on your player skill and win-rates): Each of the Mission Parts, strategy and suggestions are listed below. Part 1: Earn 100K XP (~15 games w/ Premium Time) Stack XP Boosting Signals & Cammos, Take advantage of Daily Win Bonuses (especially during 100%/200% bonus periods) Cammos: Premium Cammos for T10 ships offer 100% XP Boosts 400% XP Boost - Mosaic 200% XP Boost - Type 59, Asian Lantern, Spring Sky 125% XP Boost - Stars & Stripes 100% XP Boost - Type 6, Type 3 (Ranked, Halloween, New Years), New Years Streamer, Frosty Fir, Women's Day, Union Jack, Eagles/Sharks, Battle Hardened, Valentines, La Fheile Padraig, Sci Fi Space, Azure Lane Siren, Gamescom 2018 75% XP Boost - Victorious, Shadow Lurker, Storm Wind, Steam Victory Salute 50% XP Boost - Usually these cammos are more useful for the other bonuses provided (i.e. silver, Free XP) so they won't be listed Signals: 100% XP Boost - Red Dragon, Hydra 75%-50% XP Boost - Basilisk, Scylla, Leviathan, Equal Speed Charlie London Part 2: Earn 8 Million Credits (~12 games w/ Premium Time) Stack Silver Earning Signals & Cammos (note: the Repair reduction signals don't apply here since gross Silver earnings are used by WG for calculations) Cammos: Premiums Cammos for T10 ships offer 20% Silver earning bonuses 50% Silver Boost - Meritorious Service, Gamescom (older version) 30% Silver Boost - Revolutionary 20% Silver Boost - Hunter, Ocean Soul, FTW 10% Silver Boost - Fall Cornucopia, Blue Lagoon Signals: 50% Silver Boost - Wyvern 30% Silver Boost - Basilisk 25% Silver Boost - Scylla 20% Silver Boost - Leviathan, Zulu Part 3: Earn 15K Free XP (~3 games w/ Premium Time) Stack Free XP Boosting Signals & Cammos Take advantage of Daily Win Bonuses (especially during 100%/200% bonus periods) Cammos: 777% FXP Boost - Spring Sky 555% FXP Boost - Asian Lantern 314% FXP Boost - Pi Day 300% FXP Boost - Tokyo Game Show 250% FXP Boost - Commander's Day 200% FXP Boost - New Years 2017 150% FXP Boost - Shadow Lurker 100% FXP Boost - Stars & Stripes, New Years Streamer, Womens Day, Victorious, Victory Salute, Clash of Fire Fire/Water, WOWS Anniversary, Gamescom 2018 75% FXP Boost - Storm Wind, Steam 50% FXP Boost - Frosty Fir, Union Jack, Eagles/Sharks. Meritorious Service Signals: 777% FXP Boost - Ouroboros 300% FXP Boost - Papa Papa 200% FXP Boost - Leviathan 100% FXP Boost - Hydra Part 4: Win 15 Battles (~15 games w/ Premium Time - 16 if you get unlucky) The strategy here is to maximize your W-L ratio so the total is fewer games. Play Co-op - This is the optimal strategy - short games, a 100% win rate (or nearly so) but the downside is that you will lose silver w/ every game so your silver reserves need to be sufficient to adopt this strategy. To mitigate economy losses in silver, you may want to use Economic flags which boost silver earning or reduce repair costs. This option is only viable if you can afford a fair number of games w/ Silver earning losses. This is not as uncommon as it may seem as many players who begin unlocking T10s have beaten the Silver currency threshold and have sufficient silver resources to do this. If Co-op play is not an option due to your silver resources, you may have to play up to double the 15 game minimum number of games depending on your typical win-rate. Part 5: Earn 40K Base XP (~25 games w/ Standard or Premium Time) No Stacking strategies here - just need to play as many "good" games and get as many "wins" in the higher earning game formats (e.g. Random Battles or Ranked) as you can. The game estimates shown take into account a reasonable number of the high return Signals/Cammos are available and are for a Premium Account for a player w/ a good, but not Unicum level of win rate. It would reasonably take up to 70 games (give or take based on your actual play skill level) to earn a typical Legendary Upgrade Module. I hope this outline helps you reduce the number of games you'll need to invest as you earn your Legendary Upgrade! Good Luck, Have Fun & o7!
  5. The mission requires 1000 base XP in a single game that you win.
  6. hangglide42

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Just completed the Snowflake event - 201 Ships were eligible (63 for 7100 steel, 138 for 85350 coal) - Want to say thanks to WG for: The event gave me a chance to play soms ships I hadn't played in over 2 years & it was a nice revisit to see how my game has improved since the beginning. Some of the ships that I hated when I first went thru the lines, were much better than I remembered this time around. I took my time & did the Snowflakes in Randoms (w/ the exception of the higher tier CVs) so I could enjoy the ships again. The coal completed my Jean Bart purchase & the extra plus coal gathering from dailies in the past month has given me over 100K coal for the next coal ship. The steel allowed me to get Stalingrad w/ the steel from the other missions & what I had already earned.
  7. You can purchase the campaign twice, but only get the steel once (for the 1st purchase). The second purchase extends the end-date of the campaign based on your purchase date, that's all....
  8. hangglide42

    Vanguard... Buy early for the snowflake?

    More like, “...if you like Hood, you might like Vanguard...”....but watch your sides, she has a high above waterline citadel....
  9. hangglide42

    Mushy and Kron -- what will replace them?

    The stealth replacement for Musashi may already have happened. When Musashi replaced the Missouri, there was a two month overlap where both ships were available. Jean Bart was released 2 months before Musashi’s scheduled departure. The purchase mechanism (i.e. coal vs FXP) may be more reflective of WG’s business model re: moving away from Free XP. Despite this, there are a few more ships on the horizon; the Neustrashimy & Azuma & Wichita (along w/ Alaska) — while it’s not clear if any are “replacements”, there should be a nice pipeline of Premiums becoming available thru either rewards or in-game “currencies” in the not too distant future
  10. hangglide42

    New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon rewards received

    I received it on the 11th.
  11. hangglide42

    SMS Viribus Unitis Recognition Guide

    Starshield - kudos for this! Harkens to my Jane’s Reference works for WW I/II warships - very impressive!
  12. hangglide42

    San Francisco Port.

    WG has given a nod to the SF Bay Area which is represented in the Shipyard Premium Port - there is signage on one of the buildings that actually exists in the Mare Island Shipyard which is in San Francisco Bay (you can search for an earlier forum post on the similarities). The buildings in the shipyard also looks like what the shipyard (now closed) looks like - residents in the area can see the old buildings if you golf (there’s a golf course there & you drive thru the old facilities to get there). Also, if you’ve ever watched the original Mythbusters show, they filmed some of their experiments @ some of the abandoned Mare Island facilities. For whatever reason, WG doesn’t reproduce the actual port, but seems to drop in little Easter Eggs of recognizable features. The Hawaii port doesn’t look like Pearl Harbor, but WG has a few familiar features mingled w/ a crater that evokes impressions of Diamond Head (nowhere near Pearl). The same is true of the shipyard - there are familiar buildings & actual signage, but the setting is not a photo of the Mare Island surroundings. From a historical perspective, seeing Scapa Flow would be on my list.
  13. hangglide42

    Coal !

    If you’re asking if you can convert coal to steel, you currently can’t — You can convert steel into coal if you want.
  14. The prolong option will be there, however, there is currently a sale going on - 50% off for the 360 day Premium option - if you purchase that option now, it costs 12000 doubloons, compared to the 180 day option that costs 13500 doubloons in the same menu. Not sure how long the sale goes on, but you currently can buy a year’s Premium time for a 6-month price.
  15. hangglide42

    Your New Steel Ships

    A lot of players may be waiting until the 24th when the Arsenal ship discount coupons reissue...