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  1. Posted Advice summary for upcoming Holiday Campaigns - WOWS Enjoyment - How to Complete Campaigns Faster
  2. Hey All (especially new players)! - Hangglide42 again w/ a quick set of suggestions on how to successfully complete campaigns more quickly. WG has just posted on its website a tease to prepare players for the 2 campaigns that will be arriving w/ 6.15 (probably) on the 20th of Dec in NA. If these campaigns are analogous to the Hunt for Graf Spee/Santa's Convoys campaigns from 2016, they will be temporary campaigns that will run for a certain time period and no longer be available. Given that everyone will be busy w/ various activities around the holidays, here's some advice on how to make your game-time more efficient towards completing these campaigns. I've posted a couple of forum articles in the past that should be useful: WOWS Enjoyment - Ships to Have in Port to Participate in In-Game Goodies Expands on the previous article going into specifics regarding Missions, Campaigns, Challenges and Scenarios and the type of task activities required. Knowing this allows you to have the right types of ships in your port to more efficiently achieve the task rewards while minimizing the number of games played. WOWS Enjoyment - Strategies for a Campaign (How to More Efficiently Earn Game Rewards) Uses the "Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign as an example showing step-by-step the way to overlap tasks, choose the most efficient tasks and pick the right ships in your port to execute the tasks to minimize game time to reap the campaign rewards (since all of us have other priorities as well)! Also covers the general odds and strategies re: collectibles and chances for receiving them in game (for RNG container based collections) - the strategy for skill based collections as in the Anniversary Collection will follow the principles used to chose your campaign tasks if you want to find the minimal game strategy to get your collection finished. WOWS Enjoyment - Getting More XP per Game If you've ever had trouble getting past the threshold for Campaign Tasks & Missions of the nature "Earn X Base XP in one Game" (the number is usually 1500/1600), this article explains the XP scoring sources. Understanding this can help boost the amount of XP you earn for these types of missions and turn them from a challenge to a piece-of-cake. There is also one source of XP that is generally not recognized that, if acted upon, can help address many forum complaints about static play and back-of-the map sniping BB tactics (and help you earn more XP as well)! Happy Holidays & hope to see you soon in-game (hopefully in your new Duke of York)! o7
  3. Xmas containers ?

    Hey Tommy - if WG follows last year’s pattern, 6.15 should drop in NA on the 20th - the indications on the PT are that this year’s version of the Xmas Crates from 2016 will be revealed then.
  4. Hey Zoup! - Firstly - thanks for all your efforts and postings this year and hope you and your family are having a Happy Holidays! Fundamentally, I agree w/ your premise that WG would provide a more positive product reaction if the new ships were given review authorization when they were in a more or less finished state. The current practice makes of dev blog reveals, stat reveals, WIP preliminary reviews (i.e. CC YouTube videos) and the final release does create a thread of interest, but one which risks degrading over time as changes are made. I do, however, think that the current practice does have a bit of effective feedback loop at the risk of this interest drop. What I mean is that you have the means to get strong reactions to "a version" of the anticipated ship early enough that changes could be made to create a more balanced ship. This is a critical factor due to: As WG increases it's ship lines, it seems to increasingly try to find "unique play characteristics" to certain lines. Oftentimes, these are interesting conceptual ideas, but the overall gameplay/balance aspects are more difficult to evaluate due to the "gimmicks" and the effectiveness of the ships may be heavily dependent on whether players are experienced enough to recognize the "gimmick" and play the ship to its strengths. The additional play data including public reaction & Unicum CC testing may needed to get a more effective "read" on where the player base would be if a ship were released w/ certain early characteristics. Recent examples of these are: French Cruisers - Speed British BBs - Fire Spam & Super Heal (not arguing the Conqueror is still probably OP despite all this) Pan Asians - Deep Water Torpedoes The other issue is WGs desire to reduce the likelihood of the "Refund required after ship purchase" on any premium release. The additional feedback might be necessary to prevent a "large miss" if a one-phase reveal were used. Whereas the current mechanism, at least, converges expectations at the risk of interest loss, a one shot release would have some "coin flip" results. If WG did do a hyped anticipation w/ little info until the pre-release postings/reveal a number of outcomes may happen: If the ship is well-balanced/desirable all is good. If the ship is hugely popular because it's too OP, that's going to be a game balance issue or future refund issue for WG. Understandably, WG would like to avoid future OP ships like the Kutuzov or Belfast, if at all possible which resulted in quite a few of us having thes OP ships. Even more undesirable to WG, a mechanic change like the recent smoke firing change; though its impact on these two ships were minimal (due to the tactics used when playing these ships), still resulted in WG instituting a "doubloon based refund" policy due to the change in the play characteristics of these ships. If the ship is very underwhelming, the effort into the new ship (resource wise from WG perspective) may be wasted since it won't sell (e.g. imagine if HuangHe were released in one shot in it's originally revealed state - even w/ the changes, it's not clear how good a ship it is). In general, the current reveal strategy has the following opportunities to degrade interest: If a ship is unwhelming at first view, you may have a certain segment of the purchaser base gone right there. Even when the ship is "improved" before final release, the initial reaction may affect some purchasers. If a ship is OP at first view and everyone is hyped, you can't help but disappoint when WG nerfs the next version (i.e. decreased Sigma, etc) I'm considering the Duke of York changes a somewhat "unique" case in that: It's likely the reward ship for the North Cape Campaign coming out in 6.15, so tho you will be able to purchase it (almost certainly), you don't necessarily have to pay for this ship like most Premiums The "BB as a Cruiser" meta that this ship originally had in testing would have been fascinating to play, but I believe the comments by a number of CCs in their reviews were correct in that it would tend to encourage less experienced players to engage in playstyles for BBs, in general, that WG would like to discourage (i.e. long range sniping, not tanking damage for their team). The Graf Zepplin is another "unique case" in that: It was a ship tied to a Marketing Hype date (i.e. 2017 Gamescon) and was rushed to sale before it was ready. It was testing AP bombing mechanics w/ combinations of undertiered fighters and strike loadout which was a multi-variable balance test w/ a lot of parameters and a new mechanic. You have datamining sites and other analysis that try to anticipate a ships parameters that will leak info on NDA ships before they're ready anyway so the hype machine has already started (as you've pointed out). In this sense, WG's current practices can't keep a ship really under wraps w/o these types of leaks so some of the disappointment factor may be inevitable. I think there are pros and cons to the way the release process is working. Whether this is an additional mechanism by WG to further evaluate & refine their ship parameters, or just the way WG's release process has to work, I can't say. The way I currently interpret the result of what WG is doing is that it's using the information tease/stats release and early WIP views to generate the hype around new ship releases, but also converge player expectations so if/when they do decide to purchase a new ship upon its actual release, they have a lot of information to inform their purchase decision. It doesn't mean a purchaser couldn't still be disappointed w/ their purchase & want a refund, but you probably will always have this issue. It's sometimes beneficial to show the path that the ship has evolved (i.e. the WIP reviews) so the purchaser is aware of what was tried, what tactics would work w/ the ship (and perhaps work no longer, in the final ship form). WG may be making the tradeoff of risking the "loss of interest" w/ the changing ship characteristics being visible during its later development stages as a better means of matching the ship to its ultimate purchaser. I know this puts a lot more stress on CCs and those who put up YouTube reviews and I can't thank you guys enough for doing this for the rest of the player base.
  5. 2M XP in one ship

    > 2.5 M in my Missouri - it’s what happens when I went up all the lines simultaneously & 15 T10s unlocked in a 4 month window & all the silver was needed for the purchases!
  6. Servers having issues?

    The Clan ports were also not working -
  7. Angling Question

    Just want to clarify RealNewDeal’s post to prevent confusion for newer players. The angle starts from zero (for flat broadside) to 90 degrees (for a ship pointed perpendicular to your ship). As such, the angled principle RealNewDeal states are correct if applied to the 90-x values. In other words, Autobounce for most ships occurs past 60 degree angling, 75 degrees if you take into account shell normalization factors to be safe. Wanted to clarify this before new players try to angle at 25-30 degrees and get surprised that enemy shells don’t bounce off their armor.
  8. Dear Santa

    Agree w/ Pope_Shizzle here - I think WG would benefit more from participation in Clan Wars (Battles) that at least a discounted respec of the “optimized” T10 Captains would be better received than squeezing doubloon payments for this or having players sidelining these ships until a non-payment respec can occur.
  9. Jingle Ships

    +1 Snarg! Actually LOLd! Dis wuz gud!...
  10. There’s a disclaimer in the PT announcement that the awards in the PT Campaign don’t reflect what the rewards will be when 6.15 gets released. Patton5150 is correct, given the activity you see - when 6.15 goes live the reward ship will be the Duke of York - so ignore the Tirpitz on the PT.
  11. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    Hey Estimated - completely forgot about Fort Shafter - you're right - this might be one of 2 answers to #10 - though the actual troops were based at Schofield Barracks, Gen. Short's HQ was at Fort Shafter.
  12. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    In the spirit of this dmckay's "In Honor of Pearl Harbor Challenge" (and at the risk of my embarassing myself since I'm not googling...) I'm going to use Doomlock's response as a start since he has a number of these answers: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Maryland, Nevada. Pennsylvania - 2 DDs - Cassin & Downes which were drydocked in front of her were destroyed in the attack Pennsylvania Lexington & Enterprise (coming back to Pearl after delivering planes to Wake, her planes were attacked by US AA when they arrived over the harbor late on Dec 7) were 2 I believe. Hornet was still in the Atlantic and had to transit to the Pacific to participate in the Doolitle Raid in early 1942. This would mean the 3rd CV was either Yorktown or Saratoga. Will guess the Saratoga since she was laid up fairly early in the war due to a Japanese torpedo attack. Oklahoma The Direct Strike Commander was Admiral Nagumo (Admiral Yamamoto was in charge of the operation, but Nagumo led the 6 CV strike force) The Americal General Chief of Staff was George C. Marshall (just in case: Army General in charge on Oahu on Dec. 7 was General Short) The P-40 pilot was (gonna take a bit of liberty w/ the rules here) either Welsh or Taylor(?) The Nevada actually got moving, but intentionally grounded herself at a point short of the harbor entrance to prevent risking being sunk in the mouth of the harbor & blocking its entrance. The army base is Schofield Barracks (located in the middle of Oahu next to Wahiawa) & currently the home of the 25th ID. Guessing the "From Here to Eternity" Singer/Actor was Sinatra.
  13. Fort Drum - America's concrete battleship

    +1! - Always up for history - thanks for the post!
  14. Kinda wondering if this also implies WG will have a discounted respec period - some things have moved (e.g accuracy improvement mod used to be with the turret traverse slot) [ NVM - just saw this is aiming mod 0, not mod 1 ]