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  1. Hey Kochiyaaa - check out our clan discord - Edge (Mask) & I (Corgi, Turkey, Mask) have participated before — I posted a lot of details for the clan about the event procedures & signups & also the experience of being one of the hunted this morning. Check out the discussion from the event posting to the clan - particularly the subsequent QA w/ Kreston — it should answer most of your questions re: what will happen & the info exchange procedures as well as event specifics.
  2. Registered & hoping I can serve once again! Tons of fun! Glad Niko’s Corgis live on - well done WG NA! o7
  3. hangglide42

    Hall of Fame for Savage Battles works?

    The current stage of the Rogue Wave directives gives you a choice of 10 missions; 5 using the Savage Battle DDs & 5 w/ a typical T5 or higher in the other game modes. You can complete any 5 of these after which the directive is considered complete & your scores start tallying in the Hall of Fame scoring. Can confirm this is working for me.
  4. hangglide42

    Top 5 Achievements List

    I think the achievement I’m proudest of is Solo Warrior - I have 7 of them.
  5. U can click in the page & move your mouse from the lower right —> upper left & the reward countdown panel will scroll up so you can click on the later reward items to collect them. Took me a while to figure it out too.
  6. hangglide42

    Just got Salem

    As some of the others have pointed out, a DM captain should be fine on a Salem, however... If you spec to take advantage of her mega heal, Salem has more potential virtual health than even Stalingrad. As a result, tho you can use her as a more aggressive island hugger using a Des Moines playstyle (but w/ shorter radar), she also works well as a flanking ship — like a Henri or Zao, w/ faster ROF & no torps. If you use her in this style, you just need to be comfortable w/ maneuvering & shot dodging tactics — but you can deal tremendous damage from the flanks, particularly if you can catch bow-tanking BBs.
  7. hangglide42

    HMS Sirius: Dido-class spotted

    Nice! Here’s looking forward to possibly having a RN Atlanta introduced!
  8. hangglide42

    8.1.1 downtime?

    They corrected the time to the more usual time for the overnight update (I..e, between 2 or 3 - 5 am PST)
  9. hangglide42

    How many legendary modules do you have?

    2 - Conqueror, Zao 10 more at stage 5 6 others at stage 1 (all near stage 2) I kinda rotate the play in batches of 6 so I don’t get tired of grinding a particular ship - should have the in-progress modules done by April/May. One of the nice side effects is you get a bunch of 19-pt Captains in the process.
  10. hangglide42

    Can pre Nerf Guilio Cesare owners get a unique camo?

    I think this is a very customer friendly & reasonable suggestion given the past historical precedent w/ the Graf Zeppelin. The specific change of this nature to a previously purchased ship should merit a bonus for inconvenience/product change as well as a option to refund if the change is unacceptable to the buyer. The change situation to the GC only, is slightly different from the smoke mechanic change which resulted in the refund for doubloons offer for the Belfast, Kutuzov & Perth — thus meriting something additional like a cammo bonus.
  11. The Alaska & Azuma were Large Cruiser designs that were meant to counter each other IRL (the USN built the Alaska, the IJN didn't build the design the Azuma is based on). If I were to wager, I strongly suspect WG may be looking to promote both these ships at the same time and do a double release because of this historical connection -- this can also explain why Alaska's release was delayed (i.e. to allow Azuma to complete testing) even tho Alaska was declared to be in its final state and the FXP price stated.
  12. The reliability for this end date should be better than WGs sale announcement - the event cycle has historically been tied to an actual patch drop (ending the day before) - the 29th date is consistent w/ the delayed patch drop of the 30th for the NA server.
  13. The date in the Hall of Fame for the event UI has been updated & states a 1/29 date for the end of the event - matching the 1 week delay for the drop.
  14. hangglide42

    PTS3 AA and you

    Hey Edgecase! That's a fantastic video that applied to other aspects of the game as well, in addition to AA: Cruiser & DD players may want to watch since it outlines the principle behind how you play maneuvering/dodging games to protect your fragile ships from ships w/ heavier calliber guns. You can bait shots by understanding the distance/shell travel time to avoid salvoes and force the enemy ship to actually guess where & how much you're going to turn instead of using a predictable lead. BB players can benefit from this because this is what experienced BB players do when avoiding DD torpedoes - change their course based on the parameters of a DDs general torp speed and (in the case the torping DD is known) based on their reload time. Understanding these principles help you bait the enemy DD into sending harmless torpedo salvoes while you easily avoid them.