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  1. Discount Ship coupons refresh on the 18th if u want to save some for doubloon or resource bote purchases (make sure u use the one u have before the 18th & you’ll get a new one on that date). WG also dropped 3 additional discount coupons for armory doubloon purchases last year — not sure if this will become an annual thing, but a possibility also.
  2. hangglide42

    Alaska Going away? Next Free XP Ships?

    Generally speaking, if u want Alaska or another ship that is about to be removed, you should get it while you can. When FXP ships are introduced, they generally are available for about a year, so even if a new one drops in a couple of months, you'll have over a year to collect enough FXP to get that ship. Having said that, here are some possibilities: FXP ships have been T9 (1M FXP) or T10 (2M FXP) in the recent past. The following ships are in the near term pipeline that fit the tiers - note these could also be designated as Coal or Research Bureau ships by WG & the currencies have not been declared for these vessels. Plymouth (T10 RN CL) Z-44 (T9 KM DD) Marco Polo (T9 RM BB - likely to be offered w/ upcoming Italian BB branch) Vampire II (T10 Commonwealth (Australian) DD) Feng Yang is a T8 Pan-Asian DD & not at a past FXP tier. Hizen, the T9 IJN BB is the New Years Build Event ship so there is a mission/doubloon/Premium Shop price on her. Strasbourg (T7) is a Temporary Campaign ship so there is a Mission/Premium Shop price on her. Mysore is a T6 Indian DD. Flint (T7) & Neustrashimy (T9) have been stated to return for purchase at some point for Coal (used to be Steel ships).
  3. hangglide42


    The second code is one of the mission activation codes that is active only for the duration of the Twitch Stream (which is why it no longer works). If u catch one of the upcoming Official WG Twitch streams - they should drop a new code that gets u the mission sequence.
  4. hangglide42

    Daily Missions for Research Bureau Points

    The RB missions began counting when u got the 5th T10 - the good news is there are still enough days left to collect 800 of the 1200 available RB points for the month (if u can complete 6 of the daily missions per day). Your August monthly missions will have everything interleaved & will only take 12.5 days of completing 6 missions to get all the available RB points.
  5. Hi Tomas - thank your for flagging this issue - the issue appears to be some problem on WG's end wrt accessing a fair chunk of the articles. I'm trying to work w/ WG to see what the problem is, but it appears to be access or access permissions to long-existing forum articles. Update: WG-NA is doing a administrative realignment of the some of the forum content w/ older origins (i.e. they are archiving & juggling servers). When the alignment is complete, the links will work again & I will also be in the process of updating some of the older content.
  6. hangglide42

    Jingles Voiceover Issues

    Having this exact issue - the ARP voiceover is used instead of Jingles. Configurations haven't changed since 9.4 and had Jingle's voiceover on all the ships - this behavior started w/ the 9.5 patch. Filed a support ticket on this -
  7. Added: Suggestiong for Submarine Game Mode to resolve some of the current issues being experienced w/ trial introductions of subs into a Random Battle type format. Solution requires removal of disruption of balance to Random Battle Game mode, introduces a new PvP mode, PvE scenarios and avoids some of the tougher issues w/ addressing the non-ASW equipped ship balance issues.
  8. hangglide42

    Submarine Game Suggestions

    Hey All! - Hangglide42 here weighing in a bit now that Submarines are starting to be introduced into the game. Way back in 2017, during a time when WG was still saying subs will never be in the game, I posted an "April Fools Day" article that described how subs could possibly be introduced into the game as a kind of a jest, but also a nod to what was likely to come. Now that we've come thru a number of PTs and Subs have been introduced in its own game mode w/ 9.4 - concerns still remain due to certain issues that are problemmatic w/ this class which still make it a WIP for general introduction into the PvP mode of Random Battles. CCs, Youtubers & Streamers are commenting on these issues but in general, the largest problem areas are: Violation of the "any class can kill any other class" model so far inherent to WOWS - subs violate this in that historically, it was primarily DDs and CVs that were even equipped to do anything about subs. The WOWS implementation of subs limits active sub hunting when underwater to DDs & certain CLs - this leads to substantial gameplay problems if your active killers have died & are no longer able to kill the subs. A overworked DD class w/ a high skill bar already, will be tasked w/ an even larger task to learn how to hunt subs targeting friendlies w/ homing torps while trying not to get killed by the normal enemy surface vesseles -- in addition to the radar, hydro, CV threat w/ capping & spotting responsibilities. Keeping a 12v12 format w/ 2-3 possible subs on a team, will result in a reduction of targets for players in CAs, most CLs & BBs as they only have 9 or 10 viable targets The balancing issues for submarine performance vs. surface vessels could pose a much larger issue than balancing CVs. These problems potentially get worse as higher tier (i.e.) subs also get introduced into the game Having outlined this, I'd like to make a possible set of suggestions that could result in less risk to disrupting the existing game balance for current 4-surface ship class players, but also be well received by the PvE & PvP player base in addressing certain requests that have been made for a long time wrt to new game modes. Assuming the balancing issue for sub performance vs surface vessels (primarily hunting DDs) can be worked out thru more live testing, Submarines will be viable in Co-op and Scenario game modes. If it is found that trying to solve the other issues requires a very convoluted & risky disruption that could "break" the game balance mechanic - I'd like to propose another solution rather than trying to shoehorn Subs into the current Random Battle format. Submarine play may be best suited for a "Asymmetric Battle mode" - this would be a PvP mode that's tied to a form of Scenario or Mission Goal that is asymmetric for both sides. The easiest explanation will be thru examples of 4 possible Scenarios for starters: Convoy Protection - One team is comprised of DDs (+ possibly subs) who are tasked w/ escorting a convoy safely thru torpedo alley. The other team is comprised of Submarines who must kill the Convoy & take out the escorts, if needed. More points given to subs for getting the merchants (who are bots). Wolfpack vs. Hunter Killer Group - This is a full PvP melee game that is DDs (or CVs if WG changes it so CVs can damage subs) vs Subs - Task Force Picket Line - This one is similar to Convoy Protection except that the Submarines represent a picket line & must inflict as much damage to a Task Force of heavier ships (who are bots), & the screening DD force, if needed. More points given to subs for hitting the heavies rather than the escorts. This mode could also extend to non-ASW equipped ships instead of bots (i.e. u could play this one as a BB or CA) - if you want to experience what it's like (like the current limited test mode). Sub vs. Sub - Underwater battle of Subs only - given the current sub capabilities to kill their underwater counterpart, a viable game option. The advantages here are the following: The issue of "rock paper scissors" violation & the DD skill level issue can be consolidated as a potential issue - u will not have the problem of trying to balance ships which have no ASW capabilities w/ those that do or create disruptive balance compromises in the current Random Battle game format. DD players who want to test their skill, can play these modes w/o having to do so in a Random game w/ the increased skill burden. All players on both sides have a mission and no targets on the enemy team are excluded to them If this can be done w/ a PvP game mode, it should be possible to completely replace one of the sides w/ bots -- which lends itself to adaptation into a PvE game w/ non-player enemies. This will also address the clamoring of the PvE community for more Scenarios to a certain degree. I'd be interested in hearing your comments or thoughts - but please be constructive & don't use this thread as a vent session o7 Captains!
  9. hangglide42

    Worst Ranked Sprint Ever

    I strongly suspect u are right in this speculation - WG may be using this Ranked Sprint Season as a Stealth Live Trial for introducing Arms Race into Random Battles. Both the Team sizes (12v12) & the mixed T9/T10 tiers would tend to suggest this.
  10. hangglide42

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    One other thing... If u are sitting in your smoke & firing, there are 2 pretty effective techniques for hitting a ship in smoke. - if a enemy has a spotter aircraft, better players and many who play competitive formats can be quite good at hitting a cruiser sitting in smoke by seeing where your shells appear from in the elevated spotter view. - this can also be coupled w/ the last position indicator from the minimap - players can often use that to target someone who has dropped off of detect if u are near your last spotted indicator.
  11. hangglide42

    King of the Sea

    Vikingno2 - the article outlines only 8 contianer sources explicitly: - 1 from the last Daily Drop (for logging in on the 10th day during the drop period) - 2 whose access (i.e. a mission?) can be gained from watching Twitch streams - 5 which are obtainable if you click the opt-in participate button - gives you a 4 part mission for a container each w/ a 5th for completing all of it. (Needs T10 ships, but doable) Since you need 16 collection items (the duplicate redemption mechanism is reduced to a 1:1 for this collection so you can just exchange a duplicate to get a unique colleciton item you need) - but only 8 were outlined - one of 2 possibilities: - WG will announce a means to get the other 8 ad hoc according to their reveal strategy later in the next few weeks. OR - The collection is intended to span multiple KOTS event & keep interest - if this is the case,we may have to wait until the next KOTS event to complete this collection for the T7 Container or, if you aren't watching/linking your Twitch stream account - it may take 3 or more KOTS events to finish. The second might be more likely because to even get access to 5 of the announced containers, requires T10 ships - Since collections are persistent - they can span longer timeframes and event periods. This would still give newer players a chance to complete their collection & get their T7 Ship Container even if they currently don't have a T10 in their port.
  12. Added a calendar of what to expect in 2020 in an approximate timeline - included WG release patterns, timing for events (Clan Battles, Ranked Battles, Ranked Sprint, Bounty), monthly "feature" events to note when missions and swag collection are most beneficial for players.
  13. hangglide42

    Dates (even aprox.) for updates?

    Hey the Laalaa - here is a quick summary of WGs business patterns based on past history an statements. In general, WG has started to hold a annual CC gathering to give them visibility into upcoming developments into the next year and get feedback & have a general discussion re: upcoming features and developments. This information is subject to either a Full or Timed/Selective Release Non-Disclosure agreement. In other words, tho they are given some visibility into WG's roadmap for the upcoming year, they can't reveal it, except on a timing schedule controlled by Wargaming. Having said this, this is WG's current pattern: Approximately monthly drop scedule on typically a 4-wk (but occasionally a 5-wk) drop interval. Total 12 drops a year. The next drop is likely scheduled for Mar 11. WG has stated that it targets 4 full or partial ship-line releases a year - one on a quarterly basis. For 2020, these are: Royal Navy CAs (currently ongoing) European DDs (starting w/ patch 9.2) Russian Cruiser Line split (possibly) Introduction of Submarines Line drops usually encompass 2-3 months where the 1st month is a "early-access" drop - you can get ships thru RNG crates which drop missions for early access to the T5-8 ships. The 2nd patch in the sequence is usually either the full line release or the full release may be split across 2 patches. Usually at least 3 Ranked Battle Seasons a Year Usually at least 3 Clan Battle Seasons a Year In the NA Community - WG-NA has been running approximately 3 "Bounty" events per year, usually spaced about 4 months apart - these events reward u if you kill one of the bounty players. Interleaved Ranked Sprint Seasons (usually 2 wks or less in length) You can anticipate rough scheduling ahead of time as to when a line will drop by the following pattern: SuperTesters will start appearing in-game playing the ships usually anywhere from 3-6 months before a line is going to be dropped CCs will start appearing in-game w/ ships 1-2 months before a line will drop CCs will start posting their reviews/videos on the ships (make sure these are their "final" reviews) during their test periods, leading up to the releases Usually, timing of Premium Ship releases are not as reliable since these are timed to WG's business model & it may be 6 months or more before a Premium that was being tested gets released. There are certain anchor points and significant times on the calendar to be aware of for increased promotions, swag, etc. 100%/200% bonus periods often coincide w/ holidays & event periods in the US (for the NA server) - Xmas/New Years week, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. April - April Fools event - in the past, Space Battles, Bathtub Wars, etc, August - Gamescom - WG usually tries to make some form of splash announcemt during this games convention & there is some swag related to this September - Anniversary of WG - WG rewards players w/ SCs for T10s (in the past), many signal & pennant flags, cammos & recently a snowflake event last year (this encourages having a large number of ships in port to maximize your rewards. Next to the End-of-Year Holiday patch - this period offers the most in-game rewards for players. Halloween - usually entails a Pumpkin Event - crate sales, special camos & a "spookified" game mode Thanksgiving (US) - Black Friday sales December/Jan - a "boatload of stuff" Mission sequence involving acquiring botes/camos for 4-5 T6 ships "Involved" mission for a more Reward bote w/ a lot of swag along the way (Puerto Rico, Duke of York, Prinz Eitel Friederich, etc) Snowflake event (past 2 yrs) - means of acquiring Steel/Coal/SCs Santas Crates - $1/$3/$5 RNG boxes which historically have returned a value in salable goods > the price paid (usually by more than 2x), including a large assortment of Premium ships -- a number of which are no longer available in-game. Hope this give you some insight into what you were looking for - o7
  14. hangglide42

    Another ship setting sail...

    O7 & Good Luck in all your future endeavors, Fem! Thanks for all the hard work by you & the WGNA teams for all the bounty events, streams & other Community Activitites!
  15. hangglide42

    What Battleship Is That In Background

    It's probably the West Virginia 1941 - the Pearl Harbor WV had the cage mast & it's a 16" gun BB like the Colorado (the ship in the foreground)