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  1. Re: the discord question on the application — all the event communication, rules verification acceptance and announcements are done for these events on discord (which is why they ask that). Even if your clan doesn’t actively use discord for communication, it would probably help if you indicate you will be comfortable w/ using the discord for communication on the next application.
  2. hangglide42

    Can't view replays

    Hi CaliburXZero - I had the same problem - here is an article I posted that characterizes the problem & gives a workaround that worked for me - Good Luck! o7!
  3. hangglide42

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    When the code is revealed - go to the Premium Shop (login as your user) & on the top bar there should be a "Redeem Wargaming Code" option - click on that & enter the code in the provided entry line. Whatever the code unlocks will then show up in your port - if you're logged into the game at the time, you will see a notification confirming whatever you received.
  4. hangglide42

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    What if u took all the highlighted (or obscured) letters & numbers and treated it as a Jumble to unscramble?....
  5. hangglide42

    What's this diagram in the new port?

    Yoshiblue is right - the wooden ship in the loading screen is Atlanta (as opposed to the Flint) - the Atlanta has "wing"" turrets, the Flint does not -
  6. hangglide42

    8.8 Patch Notes

    Odds are the special Monday release is due to the WOWS Anniversary falling on Sept 17 — so they wanted to give everyone a day to upgrade before the actual Anniversary date with all the swag opportunities in this release tailored to the Anniversary Celebration.
  7. I can see WG being fairly reasonably on this particular misstep because it is confusing & not obvious that WG makes a distinction between the 2 versions of the Spee. I also can see them issuing a refund in doubloons, instead of reversing a payment charge.
  8. hangglide42

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    OK - one final check - The file preferences.xml in your main WOWS installation directory should contain the following line: <isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled> If it is not there add this line within the following nested configuration group as shown below: <scriptsPreferences> [ lots of other config info ] <isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled> [ lots of other config info ] </scriptsPreferences>
  9. Changed/Updated the Enabling Replays/Training Rooms article link to reflect changes since the original article was written: Training Rooms are now default enabled and accessible thru the In-game UI Replays are default enabled to save up to 30 Replays by default Article itself was restructured w/ updated instructions as of Release 8.6 on how to increase the number of Replays to Save -- the user no longer should have to do the previous configuration steps to enable replays.
  10. hangglide42

    WOWS Enjoyment - Enabling Replays & Training Rooms

    Updated this article to reflect UI and configuration file changes since it was written: Training rooms are auto enabled and available thru the Port UI so the player should not have to make a XML Config file edit Replays are autoenabled in preferences.xml now w/ a default save of 30 (specified in engine_config.xml) Player may only need to reconfigure the number of Replays saved so the instructions now reflect changing (usually increasing) the number of games saved. The XML configuration that tells the game to enable Replays is mentioned, but players typically need not modify this & is provided as information in case a player has replay issues.
  11. hangglide42

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    Hi Ocoda - it's actually a relief that the problem you are experiencing is one of just activating your replays (there's a much nastier replay bug that have been affecting some players). The line that needs to be modified no longer is in "preferences.xml" -- It was moved a number of releases ago to your /res directory and is now in a file called "engine_config.xml" The following section should be in your <installation directory>/res/engine_config.xml file (mine has been configured to save 500 replays - the default setting is 30 which is fine if it works for u) <replays> <dirPath>replays</dirPath> <pathBase>CWD</pathBase> <versioned>false</versioned> <maxReplaysToSave>500</maxReplaysToSave> </replays> Make sure you remove this section if it still exists in "preferences.xml" and make sure that you don't have duplicate copies of this section in "engine_config.xml". Hope this solves your problem -
  12. hangglide42

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    [ Deleted due to following response which notifies the original poster ]
  13. hangglide42

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    Ocoda - can you describe what happens when u try to run your replay? If it's a certain behavior, I may have a solution for you - it sounds like replays used to work for you but recently stopped working - replays are default enabled now so I'm hoping it's a certain behavior - if it is I have a workaround for you that got my replays working again.
  14. hangglide42

    Do you favor species reintroduction?

    Interesting topic -- my general take on this is "it depends" - for the purposes of this comment, I'm going to clarify something - the term "species reintroduction" generally implies our help to reintroduce a species to a region -- but we're really talking about humans assisting in "introducing" a species to a area where the "balance of nature" has removed that species even though it once may have lived there. When considering species reintroduction we have to account for humans as a species as well - our behavior as a species have been to use lands for development for our own needs - repurposing (& sometimes destroying) natural habitats to allow for living space as our population grew, agriculture and recreation (e.g. camping, hiking, etc). To nature, we're just going to be another part of the ecosystem that nature will find a balance if a species is reintroduced into an area. As such, the reason a species has disappeared from an area in the first place is often due to humans encroaching into their area and pushing back what the species needs to successfully survive out of the area. To reintroduce a species - we're basically trying to recreate enough of a suitable environment for the species to survive in the area once agan. As humans that are tinkering w/ natures balance - when a species is being introduced, the parameters of the reintroduction are not often fully understood (i.e. the impact of the reintroduction). When a large herbivore species is introduced into the area -- is that going to affect significantly native plantlife or result in increased food competition that will crowd out another species. If it's a species like wolves & bears - how will this affect the population balance of prey species balanced w/ human encounters which may not end well (speaking from personal experience as a former bushwhacking backpacker who usually had to "bear bag" in the day). I think certain examples like what Yellowstone is doing to try to reintroduce some species in its area have been an interesting testbed, but past historical examples of "human assistance" of species have had far less thought to downstream effects & been, in many cases, disastrous. Case in point - in Hawaii when sugar started to become a economic boom in the 1800s, they had a rat problem. The genius idea was to import the mongoose who could prey on rats... the problem was a mongoose is not dumb & why chase a rat when bird eggs didn't run from you and were easy prey -- the result was the native bird population in Hawaii got decimated. Today - the bird species which contributed the feathers (they weren't killed by the Hawaiians - they were trapped & certain colored feathers taken then released) went into the historical cloaks worn by the Hawaiian Monarchs are extinct. Inadvertent "hitchhikers" such as certain clam species from ships have entered the US & are causing problems for native species not to mention some powerplants. When people release their "pets" into the environment - snakes, caymans, etc when they get too big or they get tired of them, they have affected the ecosystem as they start breeding in the wild.
  15. I’m running the latest update of Windows 10. I filed a support ticket w/ WG pointing to the info in the post if it helps at all. It’s not clear if it’s a cumulative effect of what WG does during upgrades in upgrading their configuration files, any registry entires they may write, etc. My own installation is a vanilla WG installer install that has upgraded every patch without a skip since about May 2015 when the game was in open beta. A new installation was generated in 2017 w/ my current PC. The bug behavior started manifesting quite a few releases ago - it doesn’t affect everyone so there’s a more complex interaction at play to actually encounter this issue. There have been a number of forum posts about it in the past & a WG Community rep even posted a number of “try this” suggestions (which I did, but they didn’t work w/ the exception of doing a full wipe & reinstall). If someone is not encountering this issue, they should just ignore this post — but I’ve linked it into my Guide Series in case it ever does happen to them and if a fix hasn’t been released — they won’t lose the ability to relive their special games!