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  1. Yes you do - there is a “Damage from Spotting” stat in your detailed report at the end of the game (3rd page).
  2. I would think the British CV line would be a good upcoming candidate for a new line within the next 2 yrs, with Ark Royal possibly being a Premium or maybe Hermes. The British contribution to naval aviation deserves its line like the USN & IJN - WG will have interesting balancing issues with these CVs since early in WWII, they carried obsolete bi-plane attack craft (most notably Swordfish of Bismarck fame) -it wasn’t until later in the war that the Seafires and some up-to-date US aircraft started populating their decks. They also had armored decks which were good if they came under air attacks, but their air group size was affected w/ smaller aircraft contingents.
  3. Don’t know if anyone posted this yet - but there are 2 “typos” in the Rasputin rant letter. The typos result in the words “credit” & “contrast” hidden down the 1st & last columns of the repeating “Rasputin Lives” sequence.
  4. It's Murphy's Law at its best! When the 3rd Mission part unlocked, I thought "Great! get the 1600, use a CL for the 500 Ribbons, one top 5 & 3 wins (didn't know about the mistranslatiion error re: this mission yet),,," ....a number of 2000+ XP Losses and 1590's wins later, I got the 1600 XP part done.... I think you have much company in your pain ...o7
  5. Hey Salty - +1 in sharing your sentiments which reflect the frustrations of probably a number of players. I think there are a category of problems that are WG operational issues that create more frustration w/ their player base than is needed and detracts from player satisfaction w/ the game. If WG has too many of these, they will pay for it in their bottom line wrt Player Base frustration. The issue w/ these items is that they should be relatively easy to avoid/fix. Examples of these are: The language translations issues that lead to confusion as to mission objectives and players not sure if their game is not working properly when they completed an objective when it was a bug in the translation as to what the stated mission was. Bugs related to mission completion indication (e.g. multiple part tasks that only showed status bars that reflected one part of the task, but not the other so players had no clue as to what completion goal they were missing) Bugs related to issuing game rewards (e.g. multiple task missions that upon completion of one phase showed a reset of the tasks until you exited and reentered the game which updated the UI to the accurate completion status -- misleading many players into thinking all their efforts they just put into their successful tasks were wasted) Bugs related to the actual issuing of rewards (e.g. some well known players/forum posters didn't get their Yamamoto Commander upon mission completion) The infamous "Unplayable Release Bug" - there was a release issued (I believe it was in 2015/2016, that was literally unplayable because the ship identifiers weren't tied to the ship movements - an emergency next day patch had to be distributed along w/ a Premium Day's compensation for the problem. Promo missions/rewards across regions creating player dissent - In general, the Russian Server Players get better rewards/easier task objectives than (in order) SEA/NA with EU generally having the most restrictive/hardest mission tasks for their rewards. WG needs to make sure there is at least some level of equivalency in the marketing/promos for mission tasking/game rewards across regions to avoid the "Santa's Convoy" blow-up (EU players had a untenable Campaign vs. what the other 3 regions got initially until there was enough Player anger that the 4 regions more or less got the same Campaign terms) In fairness to WG, they have gotten a quite a bit better at (to the best of their ability) pre-announcing up to a month or two in advance development releases and calendar events thru the following means: The Monthly Calendar - is a nice addition that gives you a heads up summary of Missions/Promos to expect during the month giving us some time to plan gameplay time - or if you're a glass half empty type - get frustrated that you won't be able to take part in something because real-life takes priority over a Ship Discount Weekend...:). You usually see the following when Ship Lines/Splits occur: Ship Releases are teased in Developer Blogs (months before an actual release) Community Contributors (CCs) start early w/ WIP postings (a month or two before actual release) You'll see Supertesters w/ New Ships in-game (couple of months before actual release) Ship appears on the Public Test (PT) Server w/ the relevant website info (within a update or two of release). Tho the release is near, the following can impact how many releases down the line you'll see the content. A second round of PT (if balance issues or changes are needed after the 1st Round) Release timing priorities (e.g. the Halloween event/Clan Battles release introduced too much to add; the additional size & risk of having the Pan-Asians in the same release probably resulted in it being bumped an update) Ship appears in the tech-tree w/ the SOON tag in-game (a one or two updates before actual release) CCs Final Reviews (release is imminent in next update) Large events such as Ranked/Clan Battles, Clash of Fire are posted on the website at least a month or more before the actual event giving some heads up in preparation for these types of game features Apart from this, if you've ever been involved in any type of Commercial SW Development Cycle (I worked in the hi-tech industry in development & Sr. Mgmt for over 30 yrs) - what WG does w/ balancing keeping us informed, while giving themselves flexibility to adjust their release content is reasonable for a F2P game company. When hard dates take priority of completing the necessary testing or evaluation process, blow-ups like the Graf Zepplin release occur. The forum article I posted is just a distillation of what I can see is WG's release strategies & patterns as best can be discerned from various sources available on the web as of Oct 2017 looking out into what's on the table for 2018. It's designed to help newer players to the game wrt what to look for to better position themselves to participate in in-game events and rewards. WG has a development release roadmap (i.e. what they want to build in what order, w/ certain content for that "must make splash" Gamescon date), and this posting is kind of a look into what the actual release process is for WG - as such, they can give us the heads up they give us, but if they were to publish a 2018 calendar, it would be pointless since it would undoubtedly change virutally guaranteeing player ire (and also restrict their ability to shift development priorities, if needed). Even publishing a calendar for Clan Battles/Ranked Battles would probably be subject to change as to be meaningless for now since: At the moment it appears that you will have a Ranked Battle Season or Clan Battle Season, but not both concurrently If the 1st Season of Clan Battles has issues (and many are predicting issues - including the ship mix (i.e. no CVs, 1 BB), T10 nature of battles, available times of the Battles - very bad for West Coast NA players)) - tweaks may have to be made after evaluating the 1st season. This could impact the decision on when and how many Clan Battle seasons you'd have in 2018, as well as it's format. Unless Ranked & Clan Battles are decoupled, this would impact the Ranked schedule which would probably be used instead of another Clan Battle season. In general, they have gotten better (other than some of the operational problems that should be fixed) w/ a lot of the communication/promo stuff - as best they can given how the F2P content update model constantly evolves.
  6. Yes - you're right - I popped a 19 pt Donskoi captain in her since it's most convenient & I need to farm the Free Commanders XP to upgrade some Captains for some mid-tier Tech ships I re-bought - feel kinda dirty doing it....but she plays amazingly!
  7. Hi All! Hangglide42 here again with something different this time - If you're a new player, have you ever found yourself saying: < expletive deleted > - I can't participate in that missions since I can't get those ships by a week from now when it starts... <expletive deleted > - I wanted the Nelson, but I just spent my Free XP upgrading past that [ name your hated ship ]... I've played this game now for about 2 1/2 years and over this period of time, there are patterns to WGs release strategies, campaigns, Ranked Battle seasons, etc that can give you a heads up in preparing to have the right ships in port, get ports cheaper and anticipate release timelines so you don't miss out on WGs offerings when they hit you (sometimes with relatively short notice). A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides. General Patterns: Some background - WG is a multinational company that has 4 main regions. Russia, the European Union (EU), North America (NA) and Southeast Asia (SEA). Each region, though globally coordinated with major promos and releases (e.g. Gamescon timed ship lines, etc.) have their own independent promotions, timings, sales events etc. So something happening on the EU shop/server won't necessarily reflect in the NA shop/server. Because most promos and even the game itself originates in Russia - there are sometimes translation issues that occur when you see something on the website or in particular details of Mission Tasks & Campaigns. The following are examples of what I mean: When the UK BBs were promo revealed - the labeling for secondary batteries were translated (probably pretty literally) as anti-mine weapons which led to speculation that a new weapon type might be introduced along w/ the British BBs. The recent October Revolution missions contain a translation problem where the game states one of the mission tasks is to "win 3 battles and be in the top 5 of your team for any one battle". This is incorrect as to what the actual mission is which is "win 3 battles in which you are in the Top-5 for your team". This is not an uncommon occurence so double check items, especially if they deal with purchase decisions. Now - what to look for.... Ports go on sale about 3X a year - this is a great chance to get double your moneys worth in ports (50% off for 150 doubloons) - as you play the game, you will find the original 9 ports your start with will be restrictive (especially if you want to complete missions & campaigns faster) and this is a good opportunity to stock up on your port needs. FreeXP conversion sales happen about 3X a year - if you can't stand the grind to the Missouri or Nelson & want to convert your Elite (ship) XP (earned on fully researched ships in the tech tree) to FreeXP for this reason, many want to take advantage of the sale which gives you a 35:1 conversion rate (35 Elite XP converted per doubloon) rather than the standard 25:1 rate. These are generally spaced pretty evenly around the year so if it's been a 2-3 months since the last one, keep your eye out for this sale. WG often telegraphs upcoming events w/ their mission/campaign giveaways - WG would like to see you participate in upcoming events so a precursor mission involving a particular ship tier is often a "Tell" as to what may be happening shortly. Case in point, in Dec 2016, WG ran the "Santas Convoy Mission" - this was a successor (and tied) to the Graf Spee Mission - the Santas Convoy Missions gave you 5 T6 ships. Along w/ the Spee, this was a lot of earnable T6 ships and in 2017, we had the T6 Ranked Battle season. Recently, WG offered a number of nice permanent cammos that were focused on T8 ships (Kiev, Monarch, etc) - Clan Battles has now started & you need to have played a T8 ship to unlock the T10 rental ships to participate. Also, the next anticipated Ranked Season would likely be T8 when it happens (since T7, 6 were played last). If you pay attention to these signs and take advantage of the missions to get the ships etc, you can be positioned for the next event season in the upcoming months. 100% or 200% XP Weekends often happen on key regional Holiday weekends or large event anniversaries - If you're looking to play on these weekends to take advantage of the larger than normal progress you can make in your tech-tree grind, WG's Anniversary or a major Holiday weekend (US July 4th) are often times to expect these bonuses. Xmas/the Holidays are coming...In the US, the period from Thanksgiving to New Years often brings a couple of WG goodies: Santas Crates - these are a means to buy for yourself or gift $1/$3/$5 Gift Boxes (essentially a type of Container) that contain something worth more than what you would pay for if you were to try to buy it in the store (if you even could, since some of the ships are no longer sold). These were usually pretty useful last year and ranged from Cammos, Premium Time to free Ships (I got 5 free ships - if you get a duplicate, WG gives you the doubloon price equivalent instead). Last year (anecdotally based on seeing the forum posts), the $3 boxes seemed to give the best rewards for your money. This is also the only way you can currently get ships that have been removed from sale such as the Gremy, LoYang, Nikolai, and now the Kutuzov & Belfast. Holiday Mission/Campaign Series - In past years this has been the case since WG anticipates the vacation time availability to play the game more during the holidays. This is usually a time to pick up some really nice mission rewards - 6 ships including one that was a Premium plus cammo which boosted XP gains was a really nice bonus during the 2016 holiday period. WG's Release Pattern - The following is not cast in stone, but has been WG's pattern for the past 2 years and it's likely that 2018 will be a close variation of it. 2-3 Major Ship Lines a year (French BBs, Italian Cruisers, some DD line?, Russian BBs?) 1 Line split a year (possible US Cruiser) A number of Premium Ships Most anticipated splash (Line or Premium Ships) around Gamescon (biggest industy event for them) in Late August 1 FreeXP Ship (Missouri (750K) in 2016, Nelson (375K) in 2017). There are rumors that the Musashi (T9 Premium IJN BB) may be a FreeXP ship which, if true would be a price point around the Missouri's +/- (most likely) - but treat this as speculation at this point. If you're interested in whatever next year's FreeXP premium turns out to be, keep this in mind and start saving your FreeXP (or be watching for the conversion sales). A new permanent Campaign (see link on ships to have pt1/goodies pt2 & how to complete a campaign more efficiently) - There are currently 3 active w/ the Yamamoto Campaign added this year. A number of temporary Campaigns (see link on ships to have pt1/goodies pt2 & how to complete a campaign more efficiently) - Recently, we've had the Graf Spee, Santas Convoy, Hunt for Bismarck. 3 seasons of a combination of Clan Battles/Ranked Battles - For Ranked Seasons, it's nice to know what tier it will be played at so you can prep your ships in port w/ suitable captains (or earn the ships by the time the season starts) There is a Clash of Fire type competitive server-wide event (in 2017 it was the Clash of Fire in 2016 it was a mission to collect Pearls). This year, Clash of Fire rewarded the Top 100 players on the server over a 3 wk period in 5 different categories - the end-goal was to earn enough to get a Kamikaze-R Premium DD (not sold and a good trainer). The positioning for these events is similar to how to most efficiently execute a campaign in terms of what ships to use. However, this event is very time consuming and play heavy so I don't consider this one for most players who can't invest the amount of time to get the "final reward" in this event. That's the summary - hope this helps give you a 'Heads Up!" as to what to expect in the near future and hopefully, you'll have not problems in participating in some of the goodies WG is preparing for you.
  8. +1 Stauff! - for the History Lesson! - Just earned the OR and have been playing her for the Special Containers. I couldn't agree w/ your assessment more - she's got interesting looks, but her characteristics are a heck of a lot of fun in game!
  9. LOL! - No...I'm definitely with you on your idea re: actual historical cammos!...(never used the "Zombie" Bismarck cammo myselft, tho it is interesting to look at in port!)
  10. Agree with you on a large part of this - the solution WG chose has corners that are somewhat problematic for a number of ships - this change and the stealth firing nerfs are examples of the effects of certain mechanics not being fully understood by WG when they were introduced. I think this is somewhat inevitable as a games evolve - there is always power creep, unanticipated effects arise as a game mechanics start playing with more variables. I guess from my standpoint, the change definitely affects things, but the degree to which the tactics are affected feel more like a tactical variation rather than a game breaking nerf. My enjoyment from the game stems from the history represented by the ships depicted (even the paper designs) and the variations in play styles as you use the different ship types and nation lines. To me, it feels more like, "I'll have to alter my tactics a bit on a number of ships" but since I don't mind playing weak or strong ships for their tier, even low-tier MM is OK by me (it's just like a puzzle to solve) and I don't have a particular attachment to the characteristics of a particular ship (as long as it's still reasonably playable) - this added life and renewed interest to ships that I had gone thru in the tech tree.
  11. Are you on the task that says “win 3 battles, be in Top-5 at least once”? That one is mistranslated/wrong. You have to win 3 battles in which you were in the Top-5 on your team.
  12. With respect, I have to disagree here - played my Kutuzov yesterday (7+ km bloom now from smoke) & she was pretty much the same as ever. The RN CLs actually were minimally affected by the smoke (unlike a non-smoke CAs) and you just have to be careful w/ the range between you and your targets (& not smoke if there's likely to be a DD between you and your targets). The RN CLs like the Mino & Belfast have smoke blooms in the mid-5s & even the Edinburgh only has a 7+ km bloom). I found this change fairly well targeted (it hurts hiding BBs and CAs that relied on their portable moving smoke islands to be effective), but minimally so wrt DD/CL play from smoke. You need to be aware of one more thing when you tactically employ smoke, but it is less impactful to the play style of at least DD/CLs (i.e. you still do the same thing, with one more factor to consider) than the impact some folks felt when stealth firing was removed. Despite the stealth firing change, I still play the higher tier CAs that used to benefit from this or the Blyskawica - the tactics just involve more maneuvering and other tactics to keep the ship effective with the increased risk.
  13. Hey Riva! - This is quite an interesting proposal and the bullet points you've laid out are very sound from a player desirability perspective. I think the bottom line on whether this would be possible will come down to some of the following factors: The WOWS player base is relatively small for a on-line multiplayer - it typically ranges from a low of 3K to a max of 15K participants (based on NA server numbers, there's also EU, SEA & Russian servers). This proposal actually has the potential of compressing the number of possible simultaneous players in the player base since multiple folks will be sharing the unlocked potential of a higher capability account instead of playing simultaneously and supporting the player base. You might be able to do this on tech-tree ships, but if you could do this w/ Premiums, this would definitely affect WGs bottom line so it probably would be limited to tech-tree ships. A F2P game like WOWS is based on micro-transactions to support the game - as such you are constantly being asked the question: "is time available to play or paying a little bit important to you?", or "want to change your Commander's spec...for a few doubloons", or "want more ships so you can do Campaigns more quickly...well port slots cost...". The individual grind on each account is tailored to have you encounter these questions as you move up the tiers so WG has the potential of paying for their game. Sharing the account will bypass some of these designed revenue collection points that WG has designed into the game so anything of this nature would have to remodel WGs revenue points to be (ideally for WG) more profitable than what is already in the game. The second set of bullet items you outline, regarding how WG can monetize this I think very much comes into play. From WG's perspective, a rental proposal could be viable if its pricing model is revenue positive wrt any changes reflected by the previous 3 points.
  14. One other item that almost fell thru the cracks for me - after I respec’d all my relevant commanders who were in assigned ships, I went thru my Unassigned Commanders and unallocated all skills that were taken on these commanders (e.g. a 0/6 commander was restored to an unassigned 6/6 commander). This gives you the maximum flexibility if you need to assign and reskill these Commanders in the future.
  15. I think I misunderstood your original post - you were asking WG if THEY could provide alternative historical cammos for tech tree ships akin to what they did w/ the Bismarck Campaign cammos, correct? I could see this happening on a opportunistic basis (i.e. if there is a high profile ship coupled w/ an event like what they did w/ the Bismarck Campaign) as a mission reward type of thing (then it would be treated as a custom cammo). I also could see WG doing this as a monetization feature that they could employ if there's enough demand (i.e. pay for your historically accurate cammo!).