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  1. WG just updated the 2 pages containing the incorrect info - the Event page & the webpage containing all the crate odds info for all the crates - What u read, should now be what u get -
  2. hangglide42

    Crate Content Mismatch Issue

    Thanks for the update - WG just updated both the event page & the general container crate odds page -
  3. The website was pulled because the info re: Santa Crate contents weren't matching what was published - see the pusting just before this one. If u picked up a Starter Pack for the Dockyard or purchased a sequential armory bundle that offered a crate - you would find that what was published on the website wasn't matching your crate contents.
  4. Hi All, There appears to be a mismatch between the published contents of Santa Crates & their contents -- I purchased a 10-stage starter pack which gets u an early Santa Gift (Stage 4) & Santa Big Gift (Stage 8) Container. They contained 75 Sierra Mikes & 20K Elite Cmdr XP. Neither are listed as contents of either the Santa Gift or Santa Big Gift Crates. WG has since pulled the event info webpage that conains info on crate contents since the patch dropped, I expect, to remedy the issue. My recommendation is u hold off on anything that can acquire a crate until they fix the issue & we can get clear visibility into what they are dropping again. Fortunately, crate purchases w/ the exception of one case (the sequential armory bundles), don't begin til Friday, but if u acquired a crate thru either this sequential bundle or the dockyard starter packs prior to the crate sales, u may be affected by this issue.
  5. Discount Ship coupons refresh on the 18th if u want to save some for doubloon or resource bote purchases (make sure u use the one u have before the 18th & you’ll get a new one on that date). WG also dropped 3 additional discount coupons for armory doubloon purchases last year — not sure if this will become an annual thing, but a possibility also.
  6. hangglide42

    Alaska Going away? Next Free XP Ships?

    Generally speaking, if u want Alaska or another ship that is about to be removed, you should get it while you can. When FXP ships are introduced, they generally are available for about a year, so even if a new one drops in a couple of months, you'll have over a year to collect enough FXP to get that ship. Having said that, here are some possibilities: FXP ships have been T9 (1M FXP) or T10 (2M FXP) in the recent past. The following ships are in the near term pipeline that fit the tiers - note these could also be designated as Coal or Research Bureau ships by WG & the currencies have not been declared for these vessels. Plymouth (T10 RN CL) Z-44 (T9 KM DD) Marco Polo (T9 RM BB - likely to be offered w/ upcoming Italian BB branch) Vampire II (T10 Commonwealth (Australian) DD) Feng Yang is a T8 Pan-Asian DD & not at a past FXP tier. Hizen, the T9 IJN BB is the New Years Build Event ship so there is a mission/doubloon/Premium Shop price on her. Strasbourg (T7) is a Temporary Campaign ship so there is a Mission/Premium Shop price on her. Mysore is a T6 Indian DD. Flint (T7) & Neustrashimy (T9) have been stated to return for purchase at some point for Coal (used to be Steel ships).
  7. hangglide42

    Continuation of Key battles

    o7 Interesting game concept!
  8. hangglide42


    The second code is one of the mission activation codes that is active only for the duration of the Twitch Stream (which is why it no longer works). If u catch one of the upcoming Official WG Twitch streams - they should drop a new code that gets u the mission sequence.
  9. hangglide42

    In Memorium of Leyte Gulf

    o7 - the West Virginia returns to Surigao Strait...(albeit in her 1941 configuration)....:)
  10. hangglide42

    Happy 245th birthday US Navy Challenge!

    o7 ...the rarest of outcomes... 6 kills & no joy.....
  11. hangglide42

    Battle of Cape Esperance

    o7 Benson at work on the US BB Preview Missions....
  12. hangglide42

    Washington Navy Yard

    So many missions w/ a new patch dropping....Co-op time!
  13. hangglide42

    Operation Source

    Ahhh...the Tirp!
  14. hangglide42

    The Scream of Ipiranga!

    126 more Bonus Wins to go.....o7