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  1. wonder how we'll be able to get the captains, and if they'll be the 19 pointers that are shown on the website, i wouldnt put money on it though
  2. Graf Zeppelin OP

    id argue that MAYBE Enterprise is the closest balanced Premium CV so far
  3. i think this thread can be summed up now with one picture
  4. Sweet Mother of Montana, this thread was a heck of a read for me, i dont think ive ever seen unicums go at each other that hard before, i imagine its what seeing 2 wild animals fighting would be like
  5. Graf Zeppelin OP

    you expected any different from a premium CV? as a CC once said, iirc, "Premium CVs were a mistake"
  6. oh look, someone who relies on stats, your opinion now has no meaning to me
  7. What does Shift + T do?

    and that does what?
  8. and with that you lost the argument, have evidence shoved in your face with no way to counter it, just says "whatever"
  9. then by that logic my Isokaze, Colorado, Nelson(if im remembering correctly), and Okhotnik(cant remember the other 6 ship i got one in) are all OP
  10. Worchester PSA

    same, thats what ive been calling it, because it just sounds better to me
  11. HMS Hood Buff!

    oh not even close, iirc, ive seen a thread from 3 or 4 years ago be necro'd, theres threads from 2012 still around as well i think, there was also a forumite that did just that, just necro'd old threads, i dont think he's around anymore, last time i saw he was REALLY getting on a Mod's nerves with how many necroes he did
  12. do you have the 2nd hull on Ricky? i think that might be the reason you arent seeing it
  13. it can looks even better, theres a mod that makes Ricky's hull pure white/ VERY light grey with this camo and it looks 10x more amazing, at least to me *Edit* Found the pic of it
  14. Graf Z Needs to be Balanced

    you realize you just asked for a CV, a PREMIUM one at that, to be balanced, by WG, with their track-record of not even being able to keep the IN-GAME CVs balanced