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  1. so, can we say this was DOA? because why even bring anything but a Cv into this?
  2. tcbaker777

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    y'know, i wonder if anyone ever wondered why Gneis didnt get 2 gun options, the 11 inchers that she and her sister had IRL throughout their careers, and then an upgrade to the 380s, now thats something im sure many of us would like to see
  3. tcbaker777

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    so now they wont be shotguns at longer ranges AND have killer secondaries? ohohohohohoho, my GK is happy about this, that Salem buff tho, im not sure it really needed that, its tradeoff is a Britsh super heal but a slightly worse Radar, and this is from someone that has her
  4. tcbaker777

    cv vs dd

    the ones ive bolded can also be able to fend off CVs rather well, the Monaghan should have better AA with its alt hull which takes out 2 guns for more AA
  5. tcbaker777

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    and people wonder why there are Coop mains, this is why, this [edited] RIGHT HERE is why
  6. come on guys, we all know that if its got torps as a big weapon, its either hard to do good in, or borderline garbage, subs will be nerfed to the point of useless because WG makes it their job to gut anything that use torps on a regular basis, not to mention that subs right now are boring AF, but a DD that finds a sub is GOING to kill that sub, no ifs ands or buts about it with how powerful DCs are
  7. tcbaker777

    Help a NOOB with comedy.

    RIP Bob Ross, now painting happy little trees in the art studio in the sky
  8. tcbaker777

    Hey WG, with subs coming, can we get this guy back?

    this is a meme long since forgotten
  9. tcbaker777

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    the line splits that people want are probably as follows RN CA line (Now being worked on) USN BB split IJN CLs UK Battlecruisers German Battlecruisers and maybe some other DD line splits (Possibly Destroyer Leaders?)
  10. tcbaker777

    Co-op going downhill?

    the only reason im a Coop main now, is because i got tired of the Randoms teams i was on that managed to throw just about every guaranteed win they got, i may have to do twice the number of battles to get to a new ship, but its worth not feeling like i want to bash someones head in with a 10 pound sledgehammer after every Random battle
  11. tcbaker777


    thats kinda their thing, larger guns take longer to reload and larger,heavier ships tend to be slower
  12. tcbaker777

    Why can't Venezia get the Mod Gen Mod?

    nothing wrong, the Italians cruisers just arent able to use it, maybe because its a full speed smoke and the others are crawling or stay in one spot?
  13. tcbaker777

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    you guys forget that subs main weapon is torpedoes, and WG has shown to hate everything torpedo related, mark my words, within a year or year and a half, subs will be in the same position as CVs, if not worse, AKA, hardly anyone playing them because they were nerfed into near uselessness