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  1. tcbaker777

    How to Vermont.

    the Tillmans were never meant to be built, they were just drawn up to shut up the prick that was Senator Tillman who whined about the US making ships bigger and bigger and just wanted us to go ahead and make the biggest thing we could, but, as Drachinifel said in his video about the Tillman designs "Senator Tillman then did everyone a favor by dying in 1918"
  2. tcbaker777

    after careful consideration......

    it makes it so trolls and lowlife scumbags cant screw over their team by taking out 2 ships by Tking and reflected damage, would you rather have it so someone on your team could TK your teams only DD because they didnt go where THEY wanted the DD to go? or because the DD didnt bring smoke or doesnt have it? or have them bring one of the teams BBs or cruisers down to half health or lower because they "stole my kill"? if you cant see that THIS is what the change has done, then maybe you might have been part of the problem and youre just mad you cant screw your team over anymore, its the only reason i can think of that would make sense for you not being able to see what this change was for
  3. tcbaker777

    2nd US BB line

    well, if you notice on the new Dev Blog it says they added a Vermont clone thats basically made for close range combat, maybe this is a precursor of something to come?
  4. honestly, same, especially if its flags that i literally NEVER use
  5. and when was the last time current issues stopped WG from doing something that added more issues
  6. tcbaker777

    A dedicated Battle Cruiser line

    Germany and the UK would be in the #1 spot for the first ones to come in, as they were, afaik, the biggest users of battlecruisers, namely in WW1, the US had, again, afaik, 2 designs that could be put under the battlecruiser tab, and those were the original design of what became the Lexington class CVs and the Alaska class, other than those 2 i got nothing, France, im not sure, i think the only battlecruiser-ish ship i know of for them was the Dunkerques and i was told recently that those ship were, in fact, battleships, and not battlecruisers
  7. theres either going to be new tier added, or we're going to have OP missile ships at T10, because if WG can bring Russian CVs and subs in, then you KNOW these clowns are gonna try to add missiles, even though they tried it once and found that it wasnt balanced, i guarantee its going to happen at some point as for those 2 super BBs, dont think those are just going to go away after this event is over, you all know as well as i do WG is going make those 2 into T10 premiums later on, possibly RB ships so they can cash out on them, its not that hard to see, this company has become far too predictable
  8. unrewarding? yes, in the terms that you cant do what a BB can do best, get into the action and tank for your team, because WG has made the game in such a way that it actively PUNISHES that kind of play in PvP
  9. tcbaker777

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

    why would you involve innocent doggos with such dangerous weaponry? have you no shame?
  10. quite literally what it sounds like posing as a T
  11. everyone knows T-posing is now the superior way of showing dominance, first was Teabagging, then dabbing, now its T-posing
  12. this is, what, the 3rd or 4th thread by you alone complaining that now rocket planes require an iota of skill (ie, leading your target like literally everyone else has too)instead of just being point and click? dude, get over it already, youre acting like a child that got their toy taken away and its no longer entertaining to watch
  13. tcbaker777

    Is Enterprise still OP?

    the mere presence of the Enterprise is what makes her OP, she has the intimidation factor against other CVs, mainly IJN
  14. tcbaker777

    What Does This Symbol Resemble?

    not much, how about you?