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  1. The great submarine debate

    nice personal attack
  2. The great submarine debate

    so again, just because he was in the Army means his word means nothing? thats some flawless logic you got there, im done here, enjoy your delusional world of submarines ever being a playable ship type in this game
  3. The great submarine debate

    oh theres idiots in this thread, but i ain't one of 'em, that i can assure you
  4. The great submarine debate

    hes running out of options now to use as excuses
  5. The great submarine debate

    so just because he's from the Army means his word means nothing, please do tell me your logic there, oh wait, there isnt any, you're just trying to make excuses and pretty pathetic ones at that because you cant come to terms that playable submarines arent coming to WOWS, with every comment you make you prove more and more how big of a troll you are
  6. The great submarine debate

    yeah, stupidity is entertaining to watch
  7. The great submarine debate

    i see this giant steaming pile of a thread is still going
  8. The great submarine debate

    Russia,and as far as i know China, didnt even have ONE CV in the era this game covers, now designs being made? sure, but a operational CV? no
  9. The great submarine debate

    21, and they only get faster as the tiers go up
  10. The great submarine debate

    ive seen some hard-headed people in my years on this planet, but this guy is something else
  11. The great submarine debate

    Translation: "If you don't agree with me or make good points as to why subs wouldn't fit in the game, i'm ignoring you"
  12. When you realize.

    thats probably due to the fact that the DDs teased are to T6 and till T5 or so is usually WW1 and pre-WW2 era, where CVs hadnt yet become the major force of naval combat, and as you said, this PT boat is from 1945, *edit* yup, i just looked them up to the T5, the Acasta, all were WW1/Pre-WW2, so they didnt really have much in the way of AA at the time
  13. the fasest sub in the era this game covers was probably lucky to push 25 knots surfaced, submerged, even the Langley, the slowest ship in th game at 15 knots, could outrun them
  14. this, if you want something good, you better be willing to put time into getting it, too many people just want things handed to them nowadays *edit* and theres the downvotes from the people that want Stalingrad handed to them on a silver platter, simply proving my point
  15. Regarding Alaska...

    hence, "Large cruiser"