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  1. Why is Hood T7

    Hood is a battlecruiser, Yamato, Bismarck and Iowa are battleships
  2. and they said Musashi didnt earn credits as good as Missouri it must be taught the lessons of credit earning, but she can do it
  3. The NA forums when Doom makes a thread with much knowledge about ships then they come running to get all the knowledges
  4. RU DD Gunboats are Terrible

    basically how you play Russian DDs, use WASD alot, dont close in if you can help it, keep pew pewing battleships from range as they mostly fail to hit you from 10k + away, farm the salty tears that are bound to come from setting fires constantly because of fast reload, get to Khaba, do all the things i have just mentioned, laugh at the OPness of Khaba, profit
  5. RU DD Gunboats are Terrible

    i dont know, ask players that play USN CVs with their dive bombers
  6. its the players choice to run what they want, you have no place to judge them for playing how they want
  7. so, them asking you for evidence of LWM "personally attacking" forum members is attacking you? then this gif is all i have to respond with
  8. insulting a Dev and WG all in the same comment, this'll end well
  9. so Midway has to suffer having not ony T8 max torp bombers, but soon to be T9 max fighters, why does WG not just add more insult to injury and downtier her DBs while they're at it?
  10. SAIPAN-Pay to Win Ship

    ive seen some of your CV games, youre like the female version of Yamamoto with how good your strategy is with CVs, (also that was Yamamoto's thing right? good with strategy and carriers? correct me if im wrong)
  11. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    this thread is gonna go places
  12. i shall answer your question with my own Does this answer yours?