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  1. yes, but that could change, you never know
  2. ok, so i just did the math, for the 120s, with 1/5th pen, theyd be able to hit 24mm alone, with IFHE, 28.8mm (which i think would be rounded to 29mm), the 113s with 1/5th pen would have 22.6mm and with IFHE would hit 27mm of HE pen, so both the 120s and 113s, if they get the 1/5th pen, should, in theory, be able to at least pen CLs and most CAs(?)
  3. tcbaker777

    WTH is wrong with this

    FTFY, when wet cardboard would provide better armor, its safe to say the ship youre in can be taken out by just about anything and everything that itll see in its tier bracket
  4. tcbaker777

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    2 words, Target Practice
  5. tcbaker777

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    thats....kinda the point, no one starts off a game knowing everything, its supposed to be hard and you learn as you go, wouldnt really be fun if you started out knowing everything about a game now would it? itd get boring very quickly if you did
  6. tcbaker777

    Swearing on Official Channel

    dude, literally EVERYONE starts to swear at some point in their life, its inevitable
  7. she WAS in the game, and playable, but theres a reason WG got rid of anythign and everything having to do with her in the games files, Legends say she had more team kills than enemy kills, plus she'd be horrible in the current meta, becauses she's literally a Kuma hull, with Kuma armor, at T8, with only 4 140mms guns, and ill assume long reload torps, and smoke wont save you anymore, yes she had smoke, she'd be lucky to get off all 40 of her torps before being deleted nowadays
  8. tcbaker777

    KWA v. WG (aka Wargaming’s disregard for the EULA): Part 1

    making another thread about it isnt going to help you, especially since your last one was locked, youre only going to make this worse for yourself, if you keep this up, youre probably bound to get a ban for breaking forum rules and maybe even a perma-ban from the forum
  9. tcbaker777

    Too much bbs...

    thats......kinda the point of BBs, both in the game and IRL, it took alot to put one down, but theyre much easier to put down in the game than they were in real life
  10. methinks a new WOWS meme has been born from this thread, "Diapering ships"
  11. its more about giving CVs a taste of their own medicine when they were saying the same thing to surface ships when AA could do 10K plane damage and still not shot down a single plane, we had to adapt to Cvs being able to strike whatevr they wanted without fear of losing planes, now the shoe is on the other foot and its CVs that have to "adapt or quit" as i saw some CVs say
  12. tcbaker777

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    to be fair, it saves players from having to go through the T6 Pensacola, also, if WG had meant for this to be so players could finish the regrind faster, wouldnt they have released it AFTER the NTC went live on the server instead of months, maybe even a year, before the thing actually hits the live server?