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  1. i dont give a rat's rear end, its annoying watching you go back and forth with a petty arugmeent
  2. get a room or go to PMs please, thank you, no one wants to see you 2 fight like a married couple
  3. kinda hard to tell sarcasm in text on the internet y'know?
  4. words can't even begin to describe how dumb i think this reasoning is "Oh, because im American WG is rigging the game against me"
  5. if its German BBs, go for a brawler(secondary) build the German BBs are the best brawlers in the game, USN BBs and cruisers, you'll wanna go AA build because they can shred planes, but in the current meta where CVs are somewhat rare it may not be needed, but i go AA build on them anyway, IJN cruisers are your fire spitters, as are the French cruisers
  6. just look at the workers, thats the stuff nightmares are made of (click full size to see it better)
  7. as my fellow clan mates have called it "Pasta bote"
  8. ive gotten 2 iirc, in Isokaze
  9. the GOOD DD Mafia
  10. i have no clue whats happening in this gif, but i find it amusing, take a +1 Mr. Forum Cat
  11. its going to the Dark Side, just like Anakin did
  12. yeah, we have machines that can do all that, its a welding/machining shop