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  1. Shima a good torpedo boat? with 1.7km torp detection? thats a joke right? tell me you're joking, Shima may have been the best at one point, but after all the nerfs the IJN line has had, im surprised people still play them, myself included
  2. oh for RNG's sake, get a room already, i swear you 2 are like a married couple the way you fight every time you see each other on the forums
  3. last time i checked, i have no masters here, especially not unicums
  4. and this thread to going to end just like every other one that gets a conversation about unicums going, Locked or deleted, im calling it here and now
  5. USN CVs are honestly a joke now, only good for one thing and one thing only, fighters, their strike loadout either has one or no fighter squads, meanwhile with IJN, they can go AS or strike, and still have fighters and torp bombers
  6. that was a good movie best part here, at least in my opinion
  7. i cant believe someone asked if they were going to raise the wreck
  8. take it to PMs ladies, no one wants to hear you 2 fight like a married couple
  9. Fun Fact: the name of the game used to be World of Battleships, and no, im not making that up
  10. SPACE, except not dark
  11. a few months ago i found out you could get secondaries and AA mounts to move by checking "Animate small objects"
  12. lower right corner, gear box, click the eye looking thing and they should show back up
  13. strong with this one, the level of sarcasm is
  14. im gonna say it again, go to PMs if you want to fight about this
  15. Girls, you're both pretty, but seriously, take this to PMs if you 2 wanna duke it out instead of using this thread as y'alls battleground please