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  1. tcbaker777

    Get rid of detonations

    id feel better about them if they had an explosion befitting a ammo mag going up on a warship, that, relatively speaking, small explosion when a BB detonates thats the exact same when it gets sunk by non detonation means just doesnt do it for me, id love to see BBs detonations cause an explosion like how IRL Yamato went out, a giant explosion and smoke cloud that can be seen across the whole map
  2. tcbaker777

    Why do you enjoy or prefer Co-op games?

    from what ive seen on the PT with that mode, its been a faceroll for the human team every time, usually 3 or 4 bots left alive and only 1 human dead
  3. tcbaker777

    Why do you enjoy or prefer Co-op games?

    literally this is the reason for most, if not all, Coop mains, i dont play games to be frustrated
  4. damn, thats a ton of changes, and some to ships that havent been touched by balance for YEARS, very interesting
  5. sounds like OP likes to eat Flak clouds to me
  6. so, if im looking at this right, T8 and T9 are, respectively, a 16" gunned Kongo/T8 Nagato, a 18" gunned Kongo/Nagato, and the T10 is a 18" gunned Amagi
  7. tcbaker777

    Gato is Garbage

    i agree, short ranged homing but long ranged dumb fired, i feel, would make the big problem of subs go down, ie, the long range pinging but this is what happens when you bring in a ship type whose main weapon has the lowest hit rate in the game, can you imagine how trash subs would be if they didnt have homing? torp hits rate throughout the game is, iirc, in the SINGLE digits, not good for a ship that, as mentioned, relies on that one thing to do damage, just a consequence of WG forcing subs into the game, which is sad, because, like carriers, they couldve been a fun addition if they had been handled correctly
  8. "Well well well, if it isnt the consequences of my actions"- WG, when this exact thing inevitably happens, or not, they have the bad habit of burying their heads in the sand with these sort of issues saying "just report those players and CS will take care of it"
  9. tcbaker777

    Vote Now: Free Anniversary Permanent Camouflage

    i LOVE Synthwave, so this should be fun to see whenever it comes
  10. im just hoping that gun pen reduction for WeeVee '44 isnt too much, the last thing we need is it getting the Oklahoma treatment where CA guns are getting more pen at range than a 16" shell
  11. tcbaker777

    DevBlog 445 - Visual Improvements – Closed Test

    "Players ship will be accompanied by a pack of dolphins" as a lover of dolphins, this feels me with joy
  12. hope they keep it as the 12 bots, i got some T9s to finish grinding and this sounds like just the ticket for it
  13. tcbaker777

    DevBlog 444 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.5

    aint no way that Italian BB's gun dont get changed if not completely neutered in testing, given WG's fear of BB caliber SAP
  14. it looks like its about to scream at the top of its lungs "I. CAST. FIST."
  15. tcbaker777

    How many ships are there in WOWS?

    It's like Pokemon, gotta catch them all, granted, Pokemon is over 1000 critters now last I heard