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    gonna file this one under, "useless whine thread that accomplishes nothing whatsoever and makes wild accusations against WG that we only have OP's word to go off of" i need to think of shorter names for these files
  2. but im the cute shark of HINON, just look at my profile pic, LOOK HOW ADORABLE OF A SHARK I AM
  3. ah, using the TFS quotables, i have taught you the ways of meme well
  4. you forgot me already? im hurt by this, Murasame

    only the Missouri, Master of credit income could stop them, but when the world needed her most, she vanished, about a year and a half passed and we discovered a new USN T9 premium, a young large cruiser named Alaska, and though her fighting skills are great she has alot to learn before she becomes available, but i believe Alaska can save..........something *Avatar: the Last Airbender music plays* This is a horrible parody and i sincerely apologize for it
  6. holy crap that looks creepy..............i want it
  7. as your shark companion, can i bite them?
  8. Subs...WOWS Rubicon

    how about because its their forum and you'll more than likely be permanently banned if you continue this little tantrum? hows that for a reason?
  9. Subs...WOWS Rubicon

    no, that was them letting you off with a warning not to do this sort of thread again, looks like you've chosen to learn the hard way
  10. Subs...WOWS Rubicon

    its their game, they can do what they want with it, also didnt you have another thread that didnt end too well for you?
  11. IF subs come to PvP, i imagine the Germans because the U-boats are probably the most well known submarines of WW2
  12. vote kick bad gamers

    i foresee this thread being locked sooner than later
  13. for PvE and operations sure, but if WG brings them to PvP it'll be one of their biggest gambles ever, they do it right, it brings more people in, they screw up, and WG will be having a bad time, its all a matter of if people like them in this operation, its pretty much the test bed for submarines

    inb4 the Russian sub line gets those giant Typhoon class nuclear subs as their T10