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  1. Depends on what you like to play... I have the Sims, not the Indy. I wasn't a fan of US DDs (gun arcs are too high at distance) but I received a Sims in a Santa crate last year and LOVE IT! Not sure what's different about her but she is a fun DD to play. As far as the Indy goes, I have no interest in her...none. Wasn't a fan of the Pensacola or the New Orleans so I figure the Indy is similar. Maybe I'm wrong but I'll hold onto my money. Good luck & Semper paratus!
  2. Glad someone remembered! Kinda surprised WGing didn't have a one-day special mission or something to bring to light this special day. Took my Arizona out this morning and got her a nice win! Will take my Mighty Mo out later to close things out. Semper Paratus!
  3. While we're at it, let's do something about torpedoes...they make holes in my hull... We have to do something about HE shells...they burn my beautiful paint job... We have to do something about BBs AP shells that delete that poor T8 cruiser 3/4s the way across the map in one volley?? Heck no! Keep that!! I like that!!! Now back to me & my battleship... Stop shooting from inside the smoke, I don't like that, I can't see you... And those wee little boats...what are they called...destroyers...yeah those...make them visible from beyond their torpedo range. Heck, get rid of their torpedoes and give them only AP shells...
  4. Whoa...I like soup (tomato w/water not milk) & grilled cheese sandwiches but that doesn't get me an Arkansas Beta ... Stick around long enough and these "special captains" might come back round... There are things players have that I don't because they've played longer than I, I can live with that. Semper Paratus!
  5. Hello all. Like many of you (or perhaps not), I spent plenty of time this weekend grinding the new Pan-Asian (PA) destroyer line. Probably the biggest thing I noticed was that enemy (non-PA) destroyers were not afraid of me in the least but rather they hunted me down with pleasure... I'm sure you've heard the saying, "I'll fight you with one hand tied behind my back!" Well, that's what playing PA destroyers feels like, at least against non-PA destroyers. IMO, destroyers are scouts and should seek out the enemy. Quite often, the first enemy vessel they come across is another destroyer. Since non-PA destroyers do not fear any type of torp attack from you because of your deep water (DW) torpedoes, 50% of your possible threat is gone. Meanwhile, you've got the normal concerns of possible incoming torps as well as gun fire to think of. Pop smoke & hide? Don't bother...you know torps are on the way as well as the destroyer itself! I seemed to face this scenario numerous time this weekend...often ending in my destruction. The loss of 50% of my weaponry vs a common foe was rather difficult to overcome. While I did manage some good games in the PA destroyers, overall I found them to be a let down. I found that DW torps offered no real damage increase. I hit a Tirpitz with six torps from my Gadjah Mada and only knocked it down to 1/4 health. Behold the power of damage control & repair I guess! In addition, I also find the PA line difficult to build captains for. Since these ships come from several different countries their captain requirements too are different. Some have quick turret traverse, some not so quick. For the most part, the entire Soviet line has slow turret traverse so you can build your captain accordingly. This line jumps all over the place build wise so it's more difficult to train a "standard" captain you can move up. Again, just my opinion. Anyway, I'll keep grinding because I like the challenge, frustrating though it may be at times. See you out there. Semper Paratus!
  6. Can't say I'm a big fan of the PA DDs. DDs should be out in front to spot the enemy. What do they tend to run into...other DDs that are doing the same thing. I find the lack of torps in this situation (PA DD vs. other DDs) a huge disadvantage. All other DDs can launch torps & then blast you without fear of being torped themselves. Can't tell you how many times I fed another DD with hits & kills. Won't be in such a hurry to grind this line...
  7. Just won my fifth Pan Asian game & received my bonus of 129,000 commander XP. Unfortunately (kinda) I was in my Loyang... I thought it was going to be "Elite" commander XP (should have read it more closely) but instead it's "normal" commander XP and it's instantly credited to whatever captain you won your fifth battle in. Oh well, I must say I like my Loyang much better than any of the new PA DDs...so far.
  8. I was amazed today at how many PA DD drivers were firing their torps at other DDs... It was a strange sight to see after NUMEROUS articles and videos showing the PA deep water torps and that they will pass RIGHT UNDER ANY/ALL DESTROYERS! Behold the power of reading...
  9. AFK to the rescue!

    Nice job! Semper paratus...even during computer crashes!!
  10. Christmas Is Coming

    Santa crates were great last year and I hope WGing offers them again! However, I wonder if the chance to win a premium will go down this season... With the release on numerous new camos and bonus flags I wonder if they will show up in your crates and reduce your chance of receiving a premium ship. Camo and flags are great but getting that premium in a $3 crate is wonderful!
  11. Hello all! Last fall during my grind with German cruisers I enjoyed my play with the T8 Admiral Hipper, so much I kept her in my port as one of my T8 keepers. With 80 games played my WR was 56%, PR was 1,407 and average damage was 40,238. Nothing Earth shattering but not too shabby either. Then much to my pleasure I received the Prinz Eugen in a Santa crate! Wonderful I thought and proceeded to sell my Hipper figuring they were basically the same except the Captain training perk. Needless to say, my time with the Prinz hasn't been a good one. After only 40 games my average damage (now 44,237) and PR (now 1,432) have increased slightly but my win rate has dropped to a very disappointing 37%! Why the sizeable WR decrease? I find it hard to believe it's luck of the draw. When I play the Prinz I do feel like I'm being pulled into T10 matches more often than not but hasn't it always been that way or was MM changed? Just wondering if anyone else has come across this same or a similar issue? Semper Paratus!
  12. The new and improved Krasny Kyrm!

    Glazed donut = great! Chocolate covered donut = great! Chocolate covered glazed donut = too much of a good thing of which the KK will never be. Make sure you have coffee with all of the above, except the KK.

    I have to say I've never had a lag issue...before this afternoon. My TEXAS looked like it was having a seizure out there! Very frustrating...
  14. Just an idea since you seem to be looking for more in-game currency AND have $120 to burn. Get a premium account... Then, all of your ships makes extra credits not just the Mighty Mo. Any $ left over, buy some papa-papa flags to ramp up your free XP production which I believe ALSO GOES UP WITH A PREMIUM ACCOUNT! You're welcome...
  15. T6 Light Cruisers!

    Sure! I have both and like each in their own way. If I had to pick one I'd stick with the Molotov (can't match her guns) but the Duca has some strong points as well, mostly her speed. I find Duca to be a strong DD hunter. I'm sure there will be an Italian line showing up someday so you can get a jump start on captain training with the Duca.