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  1. cgbosn4

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    Picked up both in this year's Santa's crates. I use my 19 point Worcester captain on the Boise. I also used FXP on my Nueve captain to get to 14 points so I have both concealment & IFHE. Great ships, fun to play and the heal really helps you stay in the game...
  2. cgbosn4

    Pan Asia ships SUX. Period

    So, decision made on an entire line of ships based on one PvP game in the only cruiser it has, not the destroyers? Hummm... I like the PA DD line and think their deep water torps offer a nice twist to the game. The Huanghe is also an enjoyable cruiser (similar to the Perth) but struggles in a T8 MM world...
  3. cgbosn4

    Tier 8 MM needs to be fixed.

    I still think MM should be based on server population. If there are say less than 5,000 on the server, leave it as is. I don’t want to wait forever to get into a match. If there are more than the 5,000 on the server, then it should switch to a +/-1 tier for MM. I’d rather wait an extra 30 seconds for a more equal match.
  4. cgbosn4

    Does the Vanguard belong at tier 8?

    Kinda feel that way about the Gascone...
  5. I purchased the PEF when it first came out so I could get a jump on the missions that she was needed for. Figured I'd get my purchase price back in doubloons which I did. Anywho, since I was able to finish all the PEF required missions early I was bored and decided to purchase the Steel Monsters Campaign ($60). Thought I'd share my results so if anyone is on the fence they can see how someone else made out. It took me nine days to finish the campaign so I think the six-month limit they put on it is more than enough for anyone, even if you just do co-op. First, I figured you get back approximately $40 worth in items that can be purchased in the premium shop. These include (all prices approx): 2019 doubloons ($11.00), 4 big Santa crates ($12.00), 1 mega Santa crate ($5.00) and 28 days of premium ($12.00). I did see some sales in the premium shop that included premium time & doubloons, buy 5 Santa crates for $12.75 rather than 4 for $12, etc. So yes, better deals are available for certain items. The campaign also included some good camo and flags which are kind of hard to put a dollar value on. You also sail away with 4,000 in steel which cannot be purchased so I have no idea of a cash value for that. To me it came down to the crates and what they held. My Santa crates contained a total of: 20 New Years Streamer camos, 7,500 in coal, 15 hydra flags and 2,000 doubloons. No ships :-( All in all I'd say I broke even. $60 is a lot of money and had I pulled in a premium ship I'd say I had made out like a bandit. However, in the end I feel it was kinda...Meh... Good luck to anyone else that tries it. May your Santa crates be full of wonderful things!! Semper Paratus!
  6. I didn’t see the Massachusetts on your list but if you like secondary fighting she is a blast! Great guns as well...
  7. cgbosn4

    Mah new bote!

    Congrats! I was looking at the Flint but went with the Black instead since I like DD play the most. With any luck I'll be able to pick up the Flint when the next coupon comes out (which isn't until June...ouch...). By then I should have enough steel stockpiled. I wonder if WGing is going to offer similar "steel earning" campaigns during the year or only around the holidays...
  8. cgbosn4

    Thank you, War Gaming

    Not sure I understand your point... What does "how many" have to do with a ships operation? The kamikazes are wonderful ships, IMO. It was a prize ship & I don't think it sucks. It's supposedly so good it's been placed up with the, "No longer available" crowd like the Belfast. If we're talking about "prize" ships for completing a challenge/mission, the ARP Takao is a clone of a $40+ Atago. Again, prize ship, wonderful IMO. Other prize ships (Graf Spee, Duke of York, Emden, Shinonome, etc.) all have their good & bad points. To label EVERY prize ship as crap is painting with a pretty broad brush...IMO.
  9. cgbosn4

    Your very first Premium was?

    My first purchased premium was the Murmansk which I purchased for ranked season 2 (my first). If memory serves you needed a tier 5 to get to rank 15 so I bought her just for that purpose. She is a great premium and I still take her out from time to time. First premium won was the Emden which was a Christmas prize ship three seasons ago. I had no idea about challenges/missions back then, just played. Next thing I knew I had the Emden in my port! Wasn't sure how it got there but I'll take it!
  10. cgbosn4

    Thank you, War Gaming

    Sorry, but my Kamikaze R which I earned through the “Pearls” missions a few years back is a wonderful ship and considered OP by many. This is probably why you can no longer buy it but can only win its twin (Kamikaze) in a Santa crate.
  11. cgbosn4

    Thank you, War Gaming

    I find she does well at tiers 5 and 6, struggles at tier 7 and is pretty much, “Do what you can...” at tier 8. I cranked up her secondaries, dropped my Bismarck capt’n on her and off I go. No, she isn’t wonderful but I like her “battle cruiser” play style. As the Blues Brothers would say, “Wada you want for nothing...a rubber biscuit? Bow...wow...woo..woo...woo...woooo!”
  12. Any news on when & how she’ll be released?? I’ve got coal & FXP a plenty but blew all my steel on the Black...
  13. cgbosn4

    Invisible plane?

    Checked again. Neither fighter or spotter shows up in port on the catapult. Tried in co-op with fighter, no plane visible until you launch it then it shows up. Must be some kind of glitch...
  14. cgbosn4

    Invisible plane?

    Can’t see it...period. Both in port and during play. Shouldn’t it be on the catapult? I use fighter more than spotter. I’m a horrible shot with spotter... I played it this morning and don’t remember seeing it but believe something launches. I’ll have to check it again I guess...
  15. cgbosn4

    Invisible plane?

    My GASCOGNE says it has a plane... A plane takes off when I launch it...I think... But I can't see it...