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  1. I'm SO GLAD to see MONARCH mentioned! Not sure what it is about that ship but I can't buy a win in her...HORRIBLE! Izumo was no where near as bad. I stink at CV play so hats off to anyone that can keep track of all those squadrons.
  2. Outstanding job!! Two thumbs WAAAAAAYYYY UP!!!
  3. For DD drivers, know what your detection range is AND the range of your torps. Players shooting 6 KM torps at ships 10 KMs away just wont work. For cruiser drivers, try to stay as bow on as possible to your closest targets. I know you WANT to use your rear turrets but DON'T. For battleship drivers, that destroyer that you just shot at MIGHT have shot torps at you, change your course & speed.
  4. Asashio Poll

    I always vote for BACON. No BACON option here, why vote?
  5. Thank you for your service - USAF and USMC

    Everyday, military members conduct exercises, rescues, law enforcement and of course actual battle that could result in the ultimate sacrifice. Thoughts and prayers for the family they leave behind. Rest in peace.
  6. Space Battles are a Blast!

    Space battle mod...meh... Graphics are beautiful but gameplay is difficult with regards to depth perception. Basically it's a two dimensional game trying to be 3D. At times difficult to look at and follow. April Fools should be about fun and being silly. This is better (by far) than last year's fake submarine but I still love the bathtub battles. Those were quick games with good prizes. Don't think I'll spend much time in space earning XP on ships I'll never use again... Just MHO.
  7. If you want a T10 Russian gunboat then the Khab is it...no questions asked. GREAT GUNS!! Up your range and you can just run around and burn everything at will. Groz is nice and better rounded with lower detect & torps. Z52 is also nice with the hydro.
  8. Need my Ship Back.. or Refund me

    Submit a ticket. WGing should have record that you have/had the ship and be able to put it back into your account.
  9. Chasing the 1750 base xp

    Got mine in the SIMS as well. Sweet little DD...
  10. Super Containers

    Yes! I received an ATAGO about a year ago. Was quite surprised...
  11. Designer: cgbosn4 Nomination: First Title: Neptune's Revenge Description: My thought was a Neptune figure with a battleship skewered on his Triton. I'm not the best graphics designer or artist but you get the idea. I'm sure the folks at WGing can make it happen. Thanks to Caroline Mathews (Neptune) and smsnavy.com (battleship) for posting their images on Google! Medium: Photo
  12. Pink account name! for nothing!

    Ok, don't play...
  13. Confession: I enjoy my Mutsu.

    I received mine in a Santa crate last Christmas. Don't think I've ever had a good game in her... Her main guns seem to go all over the place... I'd go with my Fuso over the Mutsu anyday, 2X on Sundays...
  14. USS Montpelier?

    I recommended a USS Houston (another Cleveland class) after hurricane Harvey hit last year. Thought it would be a good fund raiser. Either a premium or a special camo you could purchase & put on your existing Cleveland. Anywho, never happened... I grew up about 20 miles from Montpelier and it would be nice to throw the Green Mountain State some recognition! Yes, the state has her rudder jammed hard to port but she might come back amidships...
  15. The Fletcher Four

    I have all but the Black. They are similar & different in many ways...especially the Chung Mu which I really like. I found the Pan-Asian line rather rough till I reached the Fushun but from there they have been great. Fletcher is well rounded and possibly the best T9 DD. Kidd is solid and the repair comes in handy so you can play a bit more aggressive. Like all US destroyers, the guns take some getting used to at a distance but up close they are deadly. Good luck with your quest! Semper Paratus.