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  1. I’ll get mine in a Santa crate or not at all...
  2. Yes, I find the 2 PM start for ranked in the east a true slap in the face. Why is it they limit ranked hours? Because they don’t have the players to support random and ranked. Why don’t they have the players? Because they have strange hours for things like ranked battles (besides other things...). Honestly, you’re shooting yourselves in the foot. No wonder this game is dying...
  3. cgbosn4

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    I would have to agree with OP on this... I never reached rank one in the old ranked system but feel like the Jolly Roger flags should be left for those that did.
  4. cgbosn4

    WG..Let's See Some Buffs!

    Hey, it only took 3-4 years for WGing to give the Prinz Eugen a heal! Don’t rush them on the Z-44... All kidding aside, the Z-44 is not a very strong DD IMO. Torps are great but everything else is meh to bad. Throw in that she doesn’t have hydro and she pretty much stay put in my port.
  5. cgbosn4

    Role of the alternate KM DD line?

    I honestly don’t see why they couldn’t have speed boost... I’ve been playing the Z-31 for almost a week and she just isn’t a good (let alone average) destroyer. If you can’t challenge a cap/another destroyer at the start of a match, what good are you? Maybe play her more like the French DDs but this boat isn’t a French DD. I will do the grind and move on. She just isn’t a boat I enjoy playing. If the rest of the line is like this then WGing needs to rethink their idea of fun, especially after the new US BB line which is a complete fail IMO.
  6. cgbosn4

    Z-44 in the Premium Shop

    I got her for coal and she truly is...meh.
  7. Honestly, I think this game is dying... Without a constant flow of new players the lower tiers will dry up and work their way up the chain. Sad, but I think that’s they way of things...
  8. cgbosn4

    Beached all game

    I got stuck in my Smaland the other day in a ranked battle. Still managed to get some torps on target but died a rather quick death. I never broke free. First time this has happened to me in 5+ years.
  9. cgbosn4

    So bad...

    Picked up the Z-31 this weekend. I’ve played 7 games in her with my 21 point Z-52 skipper and so far and I’m 1-6 with one kill. I know you’re not supposed to play her like a “normal” DD. I believe she’s supposed to fill more of a, “sit in the back in your smoke and try to farm damage” role which she doesn’t do that well unless a cruiser or two shows broadside. My question is, why play it? It’s not fun (for me anyway) and it doesn’t do what a destroyer is supposed to do IMO. She’s slow and sluggish. Torp load is slow, torps are slow, no speed boost or hydro. Nothing. You get smoke, that’s it. Detection is high. Just a real POS IMO. I play mostly destroyers in this game and think I’m a slightly above average player after five years. I look forward to new DD lines and love the grind to T10. If the Z-31 is what WGing thinks is an acceptable competitor at T7 then I’m worried about the rest of this line and the direction they are taking us, especially after the new US BB line which I think was complete garbage. Just my $0.10...
  10. I’ve played the old ranked system which was fine. I even think the rewards might have been better. I’d get to rank 11 and stop. No desire to put up with the toxic gameplay that levels 10-1 provided. Currently I play ranked for the steel and the dubs. This means I have to win 18 matches (silver league) to collect everything that is available to me. If you think I play to lose than that doesn’t make any sense. The quicker I can get my 18 wins the happier I am. I have no desire to get to gold or rank out. The Silver works for me. It’s not overly toxic and the rewards are good. Not everyone wants to rank out but I do like to, want to and try to win.
  11. I’d rather not have them but think it’s a done deal. I play mostly destroyers which rely on stealth to be successful. I feel that introducing a new platform that has greater stealth will make destroyers pretty much targets... Either I get detected or I start to fight a sub, either way I’m now detected and exposed. Don’t think things will go well for DDs in the future, maybe that’s what they want...
  12. cgbosn4

    What would you do?

    I had the same issue this morning. I went back to port even though we had the match in hand. Don’t have time to waste watching bots slug it out. This is one of the drawbacks to this new co-op matchmaker IMO. Personally I liked it as it was before or make it three humans instead of two.
  13. cgbosn4

    Italian BB = Sawed off shotgun

    I’d gladly give up my fancy smoke generator for better accuracy...
  14. I knock out the first three missions in co-op. Quick & easy. Then I move to randoms or ranked and let the chips (or wins) fall where they may...
  15. cgbosn4

    server overload

    Same, just moved to co-op for now.