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  1. Good luck Niko & thanks for EVERYTHING!! My boy Griffin says good luck as well!!

    Someone must have had a bad BB day... I’m sure he doesn’t mind it as much when he deletes a DD or cruiser with one volley from 20 kms away. Good bye & good luck to you.
  3. I completed the "French Addition" missions today. Received all 12 crates and not one of them had the mission to get a French BB early. Do these missions only come in the crates you have to buy??? Anywho, thanks for the camo & flags. I'd say my collection is about 60% complete. Will keep chuggin...
  4. I know a bunch of us are waiting (and waiting...and waiting...) for our little "Flottentorpedoboot" to arrive which makes me wonder if WGing has a special plan for that little German gem... We have three (not one...not two...but THREE) special premium ships available for free XP. ALL of them are battleships. Perhaps the great minds at WGing are planning on the T-61 to be the first premium destroyer made available for purchase using free XP...
  5. I'm sure you've tried this but does your mouse need new batteries??? I've been mid-battle and had the same thing happen. New batteries work wonders...
  6. For some odd reason I feel like I stop receiving items if I have 25 duplicates in my collection. Noticed the same thing during Yamamoto collection. I let the duplicates build up, why waste them until you have enough to cash out. However, I feel like when I get to 25 duplicates I stop receiving items. Today I cashed out 10 of my duplicated for two items and the next container I received had an item, duplicate of course but an item. Strange... Oh well...
  7. Perhaps not major buffs but a tweek here or there would be nice. My biggest complaint would be detect distance. Drop it 0.5 kms and I'm good. She does kinda stand out in a crown right now...
  8. I was dropped into the OCEAN map today in my CHUNG MU! I thought that map was sent to the Map of Fame... Great map for my CHUNG, but felt bad for the cruisers that were with me. We had aggressive DDs on the team and managed a wonderful victory! With seven years of sea time in my career I can tell you that the OCEAN map is the most accurate map they have...bar none.
  9. the team kill system..

    I was TKed yesterday by a MAHAN shooting his torps at a Z23 that I was engaged in a gun battle with. Here's a map of the battle: MAHAN-------ME (Z23)------Enemy Z23. I was BETWEEN the MAHAN and the enemy Z23 and somehow I was to blame. Also had a team mate chime in and say it was both of our faults for lack of communication. Not sure about you, but when I'm in a gun battle with another DD I'm kinda busy and not watching the chat (of which there was no warning anyway). While we're on the TK subject I noticed another issue. Was in a battle with a pink BB. He just put the hammer down and headed straight into the battle like a fool. One BB vs four didn't go well for him or our team. I could only think he was just running through games to get rid of his pink status. Is being pink REALLY that bad? I've been pink a couple of times and would guess most people have been as well. It doesn't hurt, my family still loves me (I think) and I sleep OK even if I'm pink. It does bother me though that it MIGHT have an effect on game play like I possibly witnessed yesterday. Might be time to do away with the pink color and find another way to punish for causing harm to one's teammates...
  10. Ramming

    Bush league tactic? Perhaps... Does it work? Yes. Should it be your last resort? Depends. Remember, this is just a game and your goal (IMO) should be to do as much for your team as possible. Play for the win. If you're in a circumstance where ramming is your best option for your team then I'm OK with it. I'd rather take someone with me, or damage them more that I could with my guns/torps with whatever health I have remaining. Just my $0.10.
  11. Yes, very upset and surprised the T-61 hasn't been released yet. Guess WGing doesn't want my money... The AIGLE looks interesting, especially after it's recent buffs but I was looking forward to the T-61.
  12. I liked the Hipper and was going to keep her as one of my T8 cruisers until I received the Prinz in a Santa crate two Christmases ago. I dumped my Hipper but for some reason I've had a much harder go with the PE. I think most of my issue is with match maker since I tend to end up in T10 matches quite often and no matter how much you angle, any T10 BB can delete you from 3/4s across the map. She's a beautiful ship with some strong features but against T10 (and even 9)...painful... I've chimed up several times about Atago's heal, Mik Kut's smoke and Chappy/New Orlean's radar, these help in battle. The Prinz has the Captain XP increase but this does NOTHING in battle. Heal, smoke, radar, longer torp, anything for the Priz would be helpful...
  13. Can I shut off badges?

    I will not cry if they go away with the next update...
  14. Hey! check your history... Coast Guard has much bigger boats than this... I used to operate 22 footers...
  15. I believe Metallica does a cover of this... Pretty good...