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  1. cgbosn4

    Military Flag

    Ahhh...no. I have it and I like it. Sorry you weren’t around then but just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean others shouldn’t ... Since WGing is a business, and businesses like to make money, I’m surprised that they don’t offer a permanent flag with similar bonus that folks can purchase. They may look back at the original MMC flag as a mistake, but I think they should look at it as a way to make $$$, even if they turnaround and donate the proceeds to a military charity. $0.10.
  2. Agree. Just was looking to get a jumpstart on the grind. If I KNEW I would get it in my first random bundle than fine. If I have to wade through 20 at 20K in dubs, no thanks...
  3. Morning, Trying to wrap my head around the armory's random bundles to get the MOGADOR... Once I clear all my "Symbols of France" I'll have 260 in stage four where you need 500. If I purchase the SIROCO ($27.49 which I get back as 3,500 dubs if I complete the current mission) and complete the 15,000 XP mission I pick up 250 French tokens and can move to the final random bundle section. This is where it gets muddy for me... I know there are 30 random bundles. Each random bundle costs 1,000 dubs. I know you can see what each bundle contains before you buy it. My question is do you have to buy them in order (buy one to see the contents of the next bundle) or do you get to bounce around and look at the contents off all and select what you want? Does the contents of a random bundle change from day to day? From the web site: "Update 0.8.6 brings in a new temporary in-game currency that can be earned by players. With the release of Update 0.8.6 the Armory will offer the sequentially available set of bundles in exchange for Republic Tokens. Having obtained all these bundles, a special random bundle will become available for doubloons. For random bundles all the rewards are visible in advance: the bundles’ contents and their amounts are displayed when viewing the currently available bundle. After each random bundle exchange, one new random bundle opens out of 30 available. One of the random bundles drops Tier IX French destroyer IX Mogador with the French Navy permanent camouflage." I just don't want to have to spend 30,000 in dubs to finally get the MOGADOR... Help...
  4. cgbosn4

    Server Down?

    No coffee & ships? What the heck WGing? 6:48 and still no boom boom...
  5. cgbosn4

    These matches are [edited]!

    When I lose four in a row I shut it off and take a break. After four I find I push bad situations and make even more mistakes. Walk away...
  6. cgbosn4

    Gonna take a break

    I’m in the middle of moving from New England to the mid-Atlantic to be closer to my kids and granddaughter. Needless to say I’ve been very busy cleaning out the house and getting ready to pack and move. Have only been able to play a fraction of what I normally did and...I’m ok with that. Love the game, but I can’t say I’m missing it as much as when I couldn’t play for extended periods before. After 3+ years maybe I’m burnt out... It’s ok to take a break...
  7. cgbosn4

    Another submarine Naval Legends video...

    I hope they have windows so we can see fish swimming by...
  8. cgbosn4

    Why Karen Carpenter needs to reach you.

    Maybe “sappy” isn’t the right word. Simple and clean perhaps... Anywho, I too would rather listen to their music all day long rather than today’s “artists.” As for the times back then, much simpler as well. While I love today’s technology, I feel like it does more harm than good at times.
  9. cgbosn4

    Perma HE Rain

    Agree. Was in a T10 DD last night with two T10 radar cruisers for support. Decided to try to cap but they went to hide behind the closest island which was to far away to making their radar useless. Ended up watching four ships (3 cruisers and one BB) hide behind an island for the first eight minutes or so. Then one at a time they tried to run and were deleted. That was fun...
  10. cgbosn4

    Why Karen Carpenter needs to reach you.

    I’m 55 so I grew up with the Carpenters since my parents loved them. Kind of sappy 70s mellow rock but she really did have a wonderful voice.
  11. cgbosn4

    Why is there no Clan Battles for coop clans???

    “Best of the best” clan on co-op battles? Does that get you a free coffee somewhere? Now, if they were the “Best of the best of the BEST”, well, now that’s saying something...
  12. cgbosn4

    It's over!

    I believe the HILL and BENHAM will be the first two freemiums I will not acquire in my 3+ years with WoWs. Just don’t have the time or desire. In the middle of moving five states away to be near my granddaughter (Yes, I’m kinda old...) so I’m kinda busy right now. I must admit, was away from the game for two-weeks while house hunting and didn’t miss it much. Used to love it, now...meh...
  13. cgbosn4

    Team shooting again (In operation)

    No such thing as kill stealing in my book. Shoot till they’re dead... Sometimes you do 90% of the damage and someone else gets the last 10%, sometimes it’s the other way around. Don’t worry about it, just keep shooting!
  14. cgbosn4

    Bored with game

    I agree... Too much going on (mission wise) to keep track of what I need to do To get whatever. Throttle it back some WGing...
  15. cgbosn4

    Can we turn off mini-map ship names?

    Yes, please make the names go away...