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  1. cgbosn4

    Z-35 Final Review - Better than I thought

    Yes, outside radar range but for how long? Won’t take long for for folks to figure out where the Z35 is and that they just need to get a bit closer and...boom.
  2. cgbosn4

    Z-35 Final Review - Better than I thought

    No thx. I’ll probably pick her up in a Santa crate, after the California...
  3. cgbosn4

    Multiple Games No DD's

    Agree, CVs are a pain but another group of radar cruisers that can cover half the chart with their radar is another reason playing DD is getting more shall we say, “ Challenging.”
  4. cgbosn4

    Hearing Voices in Binocular View

    I hear them as well... Thought I was going more crazy than I already am!
  5. cgbosn4

    And so it begins, the adventures of Odin

    Congrats! This has been a difficult though doable grind. I should have her in my port tomorrow or Thursday. Trying to juggle the CV grind as well.
  6. cgbosn4

    Hot Damn..Nice Super Container

    DANG! CONGRATS!!! That is the one DD I really want... I was busy with a household move when the grind for her was going on. Spent too much on Santa crates last year trying to get her but she never showed. I did get EVERY PREMIUM CARRIER though. Be nice if I played carriers...
  7. cgbosn4

    Weekend Spree, July 10-12 2020.

    I was lucky enough to pick up the Rhein mission as well on Friday in a daily German container. Quite a surprise! I picked her up yesterday and the Iron Cross camo today. I’m not a CV player (at least in randoms) but I do like her. Managed a random battle with 98K damage! I swear almost every bomb run I picked up one citadel. For some reason I’m more interested in these German CVs than the others, at least at tier 4.
  8. cgbosn4

    server overloaded!? WTH never saw this crap before?

    I play more random than co-op...unless there are tasks to do. With both the Odin dockyard and now German CV tasks available I find I can complete them much quicker in co-op than randoms.
  9. cgbosn4

    server overloaded!? WTH never saw this crap before?

    Same. Just cranking out the daily tasks in co-op...
  10. cgbosn4


    Thanks! Thought it was the CV for a few seconds till I opened the link. Thanks again!
  11. cgbosn4


    One of the new German CV tasks has you get 5 torp hits with either the "Z-35" or A. PARSEVAL. Thought it might be a typo so tried my Z-39 in co-op and after a 5 torp hit game it didn't take it so I assume there's a new German DD on the horizon??? Yes? No? Maybe???
  12. Because it’s there...or will be...
  13. Now I’ll probably have to re-grind the Colorado (ugh) so I’ll be ready to jump into the new T8. Think it took me over a year last time because I find the Colorado so painful to operate.... Time to sacrifice some FXP...
  14. The whole crane animation has been around for well over a year...perhaps two...three? Mine doesn’t seem to give me any problems... I do find that you have to click four times (if memory serves) to open one container. Not sure why it doesn’t open once you’ve selected which one you want.
  15. WGing is offering random bundles (1,500 dubs each I believe) for a “chance” to win one of a group of US premiums. I believe the OP is wondering if you say pull a Georgia from a bundle but already own the Georgia what happens? Do you get doubloons? Another ship? Etc. WGing gambling at its finest! And, since the Benham isn’t one of the random premium ships my doubloon chest will remain closed... Happy 4th everyone!