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  1. cgbosn4

    The issue with the economic update

    I for one do not like the 3D “Parade Float” camos and have them turned off. Most of the other camos are ok but some like Frosty Fir are painful to look at. I’m fine with rusty gray hulls which in my opinion is about as authentic as you’re gonna get. Remember…rust never sleeps.
  2. cgbosn4

    T10 DD chasing a T10 SS

    Working (or rather not working) as intended…
  3. cgbosn4

    Say it isn't so...Say it isn't so...

    Well, I for one was glad to see the new video if only to see the lavish accommodations that my $$ has gone towards. I especially liked the indoor waterfall in the background of one scene. I don’t expect them to be working on milk crates but it did seem a bit over the top. It will be interesting to see how long the waterfall keeps flowing…
  4. cgbosn4


    Reason #1 why I don’t have any. Look forward to seeing what kinda of surprise reward they’ll pull during the anniversary and Christmas events but till then I’ll hold onto my credits.
  5. cgbosn4

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    None of those ships are listed in the armory as one of the T9s you could receive. They kinda hid the pictures of the available ships just below the cutoff on the screen so you’d have to scroll down to see them. I think you can only win those pictured I’m in the same boat. I can get the T9 crate for 100 tokens but the only one I don’t have is the Gron which i don’t want because I already have Friesland. Not going to spend good dubs on a chance to get tokens to buy a ship I really don’t want. Nor do I want the credits which is what they stated you’d receive if you pulled a duplicate. Seems to be yet another gambling scam dreamed up by the folks at WGing…
  6. cgbosn4

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    You must fight that urge to try to take those little circles early in battle. Ragnar ISN’T built for capping with her high detection range. Try to work with another DD that has lower detectability and stay back ready to assist with your guns and radar. She’s also great sitting at max range pounding cruisers and BBs with her guns.
  7. cgbosn4

    Ranked MM

    While I like having radar ships on my team it really comes down to the player. I've beaten teams that had a huge radar advantage as well as lost with the same advantage. It really comes down to the players and their playstyle.
  8. I always thought some small country flag icons above the carousel (left hand side) would be nice. Click on the country flag and it takes you to the first ship for that country. I know they have them in the search option but that takes two clicks…
  9. Thank you…I guess. Still have zero clue as to how this will be applied in game. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.
  10. Yes, I read your post but how is that going to be applied? Will everyone get these new bonuses? That’s great but what about the things I have now that cost me money? WGing filled Santa crates with these camos and now they’re going to be worthless? This whole thing is about as clear as mud IMO. Somehow, WGing continues to mess up the game I’ve played for six years to a point that I have zero reason to spend any more money on it. Way to go!
  11. Like many of you if have hundreds of great economic camos from years and years of playing…hundreds. Many of these camos I paid for, mostly through Santa crates. Now I’m being told they’re going to be worthless (except for decoration) in the future. Is this correct? No way these camos can be “grandfathered” in, at least for another year or so? How about they be transferred into new or existing bonus flags? So many Frosty Firs = X number of Dragon flags as an example. Good money was spent on these camos and now they’re going to be worthless? If so, just another reason to stop spending money here. #walletclosed
  12. cgbosn4

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    Looks like I picked a good time to go on vacation…
  13. cgbosn4

    Cherbourg - Port queen in co-op?

    Set mine up for enhanced secondaries even though you can’t pick up the focus fire captain skill. Think I’m out to 9+ KMs with her which can be fun at times. Play mine more like Jean Bart than a cruiser. Still trying to figure her out though but she’s nice for a change of pace. Haven’t tried co-op yet though. I could see where her slow reload would cause some problems.
  14. Just wondering if superships will receive any type of reward for WoW anniversary or Christmas holidays. If memory serves, tier 10 ships receive a super container during the anniversary event and one “credit” towards a Santa crate during the holidays. Haven’t purchased any yet but if there’s a prize to be had it might change my mind…
  15. cgbosn4

    How to get black??

    I picked mine up for steel. She’s a good DD but there are others that are stronger IMO. The radar comes in handy at times but it doesn’t make her OP IMO.