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  1. Black ships... No thanks!

    Dang... Was hoping to do some buoy tending again...
  2. Semper P. Poetic! I agree with your breakdown of the Icarus, strong but not quite strong enough to keep. Up till I purchased the T61 my "go to" T6 DDs were Shinonome (torps), Anshan (balanced) and Farragut (guns). I think Icarus would have been in the running, but as you stated the T61 is pretty much OP in the right hands.
  3. Just a quick "atta-boy" to a few members of the opposite team this weekend. I'm sure you know who you are... First, hats off to that pesky battleship (or was it a carrier...) that lured half of my team into a chase across the map so they ended up far...far...far away from the caps we controlled. Sure, we got you in the end but it took five minutes for our teammates to get back within gun range only to find them under control of the other team. Win turned into loss... Nice job! Second, congrats to that group of ships that stayed by their own cap (standard battle) that OBLITERATED those crazy kooky members of my team that thought they could beat the odds (which were not good at 5 vs 2) and cap. Yes, we had more points. Yes, we outnumbered the opposing team in ships. Yes, it looked like a win...nope. Medals for you as well!!! Now for certain members of my teams... Please watch the mini-map... Don't chase someone across the map for that one kill...focus of the objective. If you already control the caps, maintain control if possible. Also, it's not a race to cap. Again, look at the mini-map. Odds are if you're going in 5 vs 2 (and you're the 2) you shouldn't try it. Fall back & wait for help.
  4. Graf spee, worth it?

    Graf is a solid cruiser at T6. Guns hit hard (when they hit), good torps and a heal. She is a tricky cruiser to play though because she handles like a small battleship/battle cruiser. With only two turrets (and slow ones at that) she's built more for taking on other cruisers/battleships than destroyers. B-careful... Prinz Eugen would be my choice for a German captain trainer though. Her camo provides extra captain XP and now that she comes with a heal she can stay in the battle much longer. Good luck...
  5. Seemed to work for me, thanks or gracias!!
  6. Tier five...interesting... My first ranked season (Season 2) was in rank 5. I broke down and purchased my first premium...Murmansk. Great ship to zip around in & start fires. Since I prefer DD play though I think I'd run either of my Kamis or my Gremy. I'd still like to see T5 up to rank 15, T6 for ranks 15 -10, Tier 7 for ranks10 - 5 and Tier 8 to rank 1.
  7. I've received every Royal Navy crate possible to date. None of them had a mission inside... I must be clicking the open button wrong...
  8. Personally...I think these ships look great! EVERY ship I was stationed on had rust...EVERY ONE. Went through numerous refresher trainings/TACTs/TSTAs at Navy bases in Little Creek, Mayport, and GITMO. Every Navy ship that was there had rust on it...EVERY ONE. In 30 years of service I worked my way up to Boatswain's Mate Chief & then Warrant Boatswain (CWO4). As they say, "Rust never sleeps." Steel + salt water = rust. You NEVER stop chasing it... I would imagine that ships were even rustier back in the day when you didn't have the types of paint and cathodic protection you have today. The ships look great, leave them alone... Semper Paratus.
  9. Can't say I like the Seattle much... I've had some good games in her but more often than not I feel like I get deleted in a single volley from a BB 3/4s the way across the map. Can't stay bow/stern on to everyone on the map... She need to stay hidden behind islands which just isn't my play style. I'm trying to play her everyday while they have the 200% XP going on but I'll probably free XP her before the 28th to get the Worcester and a super container...
  10. Main battery reload booster

    I’m sure WGing is trying something to get folks to play French cruisers... Just wondering, I noticed the La Galissonaire (butchered spelling I’m sure, you know, the tier 6 tech tree one...) picked up the main batt reload booster but the premium tier 6 DeGrasse (think that’s right) didn’t. Wonder why???
  11. Picked my Kita this morning. One good game, one not so good. Good game I was able to stay hidden and use my torps/guns when I could. Think I only smoked up once. I also had good support from my team. DD + support = good. Bad game I was detected, focused by several ships and destroyed. Guess what, supporting teammates turned tail and ran as soon as I first detected another destroyer in front. I went to hunt the DD, teammates turned tail. DD - support = bad. I try to spot/cap for my team but that does come at a risk. I know this doesn't always work but it's nice to have big brothers behind you for support. As far as being OP, nah. In my opinion she's the old Akizuki with a few tweaks. With numerous ships equipped with radar now sitting in smoke is nowhere near as safe as it used to be...
  12. Khaba or Groz

    Since they gave the Groz a heal she has quickly become one of my favorite T10 DDs. Fast, strong guns, good stealth and fair torps make her a well balanced ship. Throw in that heal and you can stay in the battle much longer. Khab is strong as well. Buzz around at max gun range and burn things is pretty much her play style. Whenever I go up against one they are always that one annoying ship in the distance you can’t hit but can hit you...again...and again. Since she gets a heal as well she too can stay and play for quite awhile. In the end it depends on your play style to see which route you wish to go. Good luck...
  13. Why burn FXP on a ship I want to play? I’ll grind it out like I’ve done on all the DDs that have come before. I also find your second survey question confusing. Are you looking for how much XP I’ve already got on the Akizuki? That’s what I went with...
  14. Nelson. First off, Leander is a GREAT cruiser...GREAT! (IMO). Don’t skip over her to get to Fiji (which is also great...IMO). Nelson is a fun BB with amazing heal & fire start. She’s lots of fun. I’d take whatever coal you have (or $) and make sure you’re running Papa Papa flags in every battle. You’ll have your Nelson soon enough.
  15. How to buy Enterprise

    Ships come & go from the premium shop. Sometimes they never come back though (Belfast & Gremy for example) because they are considered OP by some. Enterprise will probably return someday, hang in there. I do agree with some of the comments above regarding skill level and high tier premium ships (especially carriers). It can be rather frustrating at the end of a loss to see your Tirpitz operator who did nothing sailing around the outer borders of the map only had 200 random games under their belt and has only ground their way to level four in battleships. Anywho, welcome aboard.