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  1. Had a few games yesterday where one fool at a time would try to charge into the enemy’s cap (standard battle) where there was no less than four enemy ships waiting for them. Never ceases to amaze me that folks just don’t look at the mini-map and think, “Gee, 4 vs. 1...no, I’d better wait for help.” Standard battle isn’t a race...
  2. Jean Bart first Impressions

    At tier 9, any idea how this will be released? Free XP? Coal? Purchase? Just wondering...
  3. German DD T61 vs Z39

    Have the Z-39 which is solid. Was able to use her to ramp up my Z-23 captain to 19 points. Will buy the T-61 and use her & the 39 to quickly build up my Z-52 captain. I’ve really learned the power of the 19-point captain and what you can do with all that elite captain XP.
  4. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle... Kinda knew Sharks would be the “go to” team but this seems silly. Thought the element challenge last year (Fire vs Water) was better and more even. This seems to be a Shark runaway...everyday.
  5. Tashkent vs Khabarovsk vs. Grozovoi

    I got rid of my Trashkent long before the DD split. Never liked her much and never went back even though she received some buffs. Khaba is fun for running around and starting fires. She isn’t built for stealth so I don’t have to worry too much about radar in the upper tiers. If you’ve ever gone up against a good Khaba operator then you know what a pain they can be to the other team. The Groz is MUCH BETTER now that she has a heal. She’s more of a “stealth” style of DD play and I enjoy that as well. The Khaba & Groz a very different and which style of play you prefer should be the one you lean towards. Good luck.
  6. The Feeling When...

    Know the feeling... Just finished a battle in my Southern Dragon. Looked up and we were in the lead. BB player typed "push now" into the chat. I said no wait. They pushed anyway right into the mass of their force and were wiped out. Myself & Lyon were holding our own on the other side of the map. I made a comment about that's what you get when you don't look at the mini-map. Next thing I know "Mr. Let's Push" says to report both myself & the Lyon. In the end, myself & the Lyon finished 1-2, "Mr. Let's Push" was 10th. Rough loss...
  7. Let me think...no. Only way she gets in my port will be from a Santa crate and I think I’d rather have two dragon...no...one dragon flag than her.
  8. Received my Indianapolis in a Santa crate last year. Like all the other US cruisers, strong guns, no armor. Have had great games in her and have been deleted in a single salvo by a BB 3/4s the way across the map. Prefer tech tree Fiji and Myoko to the Indianapolis.
  9. Hello. My in game name is cgbosn4 and I’m terrible at US cruiser play. There, I said it. I could say that US cruisers stink but I know many of you like them and their play style. I guess they’re just not for me. I completed the grind (and yes, it was a grind) to the Des Moines right before the US cruiser split. I must admit that I completed every other nations tier 10 cruiser quest before I finished the Des Moines grind. Back before the split the early tiers were meh, Cleveland at T6 was fine, Pensacola…no, New Orleans…no, Baltimore…meh. I find the Des Moines is the best of the bunch by far but still I have no love for her. Now the split happened... Not going to mention the new Pensacola/New Orleans/Baltimore because I have not tried them (except I did do the Pensa mission at the start). I have not tried the Buffalo yet, don’t want to. I burned up tons of camo & flags on my new T8 Cleveland in the Cherry Blossom mission to grind my way to the Seattle. Ahhh…the Seattle…where do I start. Slow, turns like a brick and has guns that hit like a pillow. Have I mentioned the gun arc? Moonshots. Why up the gun range when you can’t hit anything at distance. Yes, it can shoot over islands. No, I don’t want to hide behind an island all match. It has radar…but if you get close enough to use it your “how many ships are targeting you” indicator cranks up to numbers I’ve never seen before… Yesterday, match maker put me up against a Kronshtadt as the only T9 cruisers. Me in my Seattle (something like 42000 HPs) vs the Russian monster at somewhere around 71,000 HPs. I have the Kron. The Seattle is not in the same category let alone tier as the Kron. Let’s just say it wasn’t a Rocky vs. Drago remake… I refuse to use free XP to get to the Wooster (which will probably frustrate me in different ways). I don’t have any problems with the other lines like I do the US cruiser lines. I watch video and try different tactics but I the end I just don't do well in them. Is it me or are the ships at fault? Perhaps a little of both...
  10. I’m sorry I mentioned players that in my opinion ARE WASTING BOTH THEIR OWN AND THEIR TEAM’S TIME sitting in the channel on the two brothers map. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Heaven forbid I do that. I need to go find a safe place now so nobody will disagree with my opinion and I can feel that all is right in the world...
  11. Yes, but only on the two brothers map. These mines are already in place at the start of the match and keep fools from going down the channel. The mines expire 5 minutes into the match. Can’t tell you how many folks WASTE THEIR TIME sitting and waiting for that one ship to come through while the rest of the team is trying to win. It was a bad weekend...
  12. I drop my Yamamoto (my Yamato skipper) onto all of the ARP ships and he does great! Even picked up my first ARP Hagurou (?) kraken today complete with fireworks! The only thing that doesn’t seem to cross over is Yamamoto flag onto the ARP ships. All in all they’re the exact same ship except the ability to change camo on the Atago and not the Takao which will give you a slight difference in detection range between the two.
  13. Atago vs Prinz Eugen

    Have both, love both. Very different play styles. If you had asked me before the PE got a heal the Atago would win hands down. Now with a heal the PE can stay in the fight much longer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either. Best answer would be to get both!!
  14. Free xp premium DD

    Shino isn’t a free XP destroyer, it’s a reward for completing a campaign. I agree, it’s time for a free XP destroyer. T61 works for me...
  15. Took her out twice this weekend with Yamamoto at the helm. First game six kills, second five. Kraken with Yamamoto = fireworks, super heal & rapid reload. I was like a cruiser I was shooting so fast...it was awesome!! Hands down the best games I’d ever had in her. With regards to needing a buff, she’s a T4 BB, she’s fine as is.