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  1. cgbosn4

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    Practice...practice...practice... Im currently playing a bunch of co-op to try and figure out the new CV play style. Would rather screw up in co-op than randoms. I also like to clear the first two daily challenges (250 xp, 500 xp) because it’s quick. It’s also great for certain tasks and of course, snowflakes, etc. I do play much more aggressively in co-op than randoms because the bots are rather predictable.
  2. Don’t play her much except for the scenario Narai. She does rather well there but I can get same/better results from Fiji, Boise, Nueve D. Her only saving grace IMO is her heal. Other than that, she’s meh...
  3. cgbosn4

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Put 30 years into the service of your choice, retire. Well, I didn’t retire right away but after 7 years of working on the outside and a recent move to be closer to my daughter and grand daughter, yea, I’m pretty much retired. Good luck with the first part...
  4. Well, maybe he/she plays co-op more than randoms. I never use camo/consumables (unless I’m in a premium or perma-camo ship). I’ve opened 10 token “boxes” and still no sign of a British heavy cruiser. My problem is the randomness of this process. Some will get them, others don’t even though they both earn the same number of tokens. It’s a garbage system for handing out items IMO.
  5. cgbosn4

    Help me choose a tier 9 BB

    Love the Alsace. Fast, strong guns, secondaries.
  6. cgbosn4

    Advice for where to put Yamamoto

    I have him on Yamato and every other IJN premium BB I have (Kii, Mutsu, all four Kongos, Izuchinni, etc.). Also have run him on my premium cruisers (Blue Steel Myokos, Yoshino, etc.) and he does fine.
  7. cgbosn4

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    I saw this in the update video. How does one go about doing this???
  8. I picked up the Enterprise in a Santa crate a few days ago. I’d gladly trade her for a Benham if you happen to have one...
  9. cgbosn4

    CV Autopilot

    This may sound pretty stupid but what key do you hit to go back to “regular ship view?”
  10. cgbosn4

    CV Autopilot

    Fairly new to CV play but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to shut the autopilot feature off once it’s been engaged. I go back to the map view but can’t turn off the autopilot. Appreciate any/all help. Thanks.
  11. I already have these two. Not sure if that’s good news or bad...lol.
  12. I would say he did rather well! I’ve been looking for the Benham but RNG has not been with me. I doubt WGing will make her available again and she will go the way of the Gremy & Kamikazis and only be available by Santa crate. Might make one more purchase before things close for another year. On the bright side, I did pick up the Marblehead Lima...groan...
  13. cgbosn4

    Do you still play the Shinonome?

    She’s ok but I don’t play her much. He turret traverse is sooooo daaaammmmnnn slow it hurts.
  14. cgbosn4

    Which T8 Premium cruiser should I get??

    Well, then I’d go with the Prinz over the Atago. Atago is fun but the Prinz can take more of a beating. Good luck.