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  1. No see 'ems BUG

    Even LOS might not be the same if one is close to the island (some object), but the other is not (or a different object). The LOS considerations will be asymmetrical and depending on the nature of the bug and which viewpoint is being evaluated, the detection results may be different. As a software developer investigating problems, especially from the outside, I try not to ask "what is this doing (wrong)?", but rather, "what can cause this behavior?" You get more possibilities with that approach. For instance, I don't know what he saw, but an AOBA at 3k disappeared while firing in open water but traveling between two islands. Sooo, what was going on there? My guess is that theres a calculation bug near islands, or else a rendering lag that doesn't represent the "computed" reality on the visual display.
  2. IT would have been helpful if this was listed as a mission or challenge or SOMETHING IN GAME, so it would be apparent to everyone, not just those on the blogs and forums. I had a 15pt capt in the Pensacola and only got 150k points.
  3. They may need to check their code on this, I got TWO Halsey's from the campaign, so the award code made not be quite right if you already have one of the commanders.
  4. Do you have any slots left in the reserves. This was a previous PT bug which prevented assigning captains if there wasn't an empty reserve slot. Try buying a slot and see what happens.
  5. I hadn't put it together, but had noticed that I was getting ribbons before seeing ships. is this the detection (no see-um's) or the rendering problem (mini-map vs combat view)?
  6. No see 'ems BUG

    If its a spotting defect, it might not be mutual, since the conditions at the two ends are different. Most of the time, that I beleive this has happened to me, it has seemed one sided (they see me, I dont see them)
  7. yep, quoted from the wrong post
  8. No see 'ems BUG

    NOPE, this happens at under 5k with CA's and BB's. They are NOT that stealthy.
  9. No see 'ems BUG

    yeah, this is similar to many of my occurrences, one of the ships is NEAR an island, but the island shouldn't be blocking LOS.
  10. They've delayed the damage reflection until after the first TK and its warning. In the past, in the case of massive torpedo hits, reflection took place immediately, and caused both players to sink, which adversely affected the other team members by depriving them of both the TK'er and the victim. Now the team only loses the victim, and the perp gets his penalty on any further FF damage they do, preventing serial TK's but not sinking them on the first one.
  11. I like the new TK policy, and if its new I like the XP and $ penalties as well. If I just hadn't noticed them before, I still like them. And thats the problem in a nutshell I'm a DD main, and yep, I hit and sometimes kill friendlies, especially in fur balls including multiple dd's and crossfires. So I turn pink for 2 games and then its over. BIG DEAL. Pay attention and move on. Once I hit a friendly Tirptiz with a single torpedo in a cross fire, normally no big deal, BUT he detonated and I got TK. I got a 7 game penalty due to the amount of damage. Fair, NO, big deal, still no. So what, it doesn't change your game mechanics or rewards, its just a reminder that YOU need to pay attention. As for team ramming, I've seen lots of collisions during manuvering and they do minimal damage. Killing someone during a friendly ram means they must have been under 100 hp and just unlucky. The only intentional ramming I've seen lately is pink AFK's (mostly in COOP), where players join a game and then leave so they get their penalty games in. Even coop players resent free loaders, so you see the occasional intentional ramming of the AFK in that case.
  12. The idea of the forum is to publish items that seem to be an issue to see if others have experienced the same behavior. Filing the bug ticket is a separate task that is not visible to the "public". This IS the feedback AND BUG REPORTS forum.
  13. No see 'ems BUG

    Yeah, I think there's a detection bug that is aggravated (not caused) by islands in the vicinity. I've seen this in the open but mostly NEAR, not behind, island edges. Happened today at 3.2 km with 2 Buffalo's, which is WELL WITHIN the detection range, firing or not, and it was. Flash: maybe there's a 20 seconds bug too, that briefly hides the shooter when the 20 seconds elapses, before it computes that the ship is visible (kinda like the Toyota Brake or Gas bug...).
  14. Two Buffalo's 3.2 k apart, in sight, I have radar up anyway and the red buffalo disappears for 2-3 seconds, during which time he kills me. Again ,this was NEAR, not behind, an island, and besides islands don't block radar or hydro (or even LOS) anyway.
  15. Is it just me or is the torpedo aiming indicator WAY behind the real impact point. Seems like I'm missing to the rear much more often in the PT with my dd's