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  1. This is a good idea too. It would make green team communication easier without the red chatter, and even if the trash talk is kinda funny at times, I would like to eliminate it when people get out of hand.
  2. How about that if you MUTE someone they are MUTED, NO chat text, NO f-Keys, NOTHIN AT ALL. I muted them for a reason, not so I could watch them spam the f-keys anyway. Then , maybe, we wouldn't need to turn off chat completely (just make it 100% transparent ).

    An alternative would be like some sports: you get x substitutions up until the trade deadline, then you're finished. That would allow some fine tuning of multiple teams, but not allow massive re-rigging them to hack the final standings. and it would allow early changes for "personality" issues that sometimes happen.
  4. yep, seen this several times, both loading into a match and leaving it as well.
  5. feedback

    yeah, this. Especially since it does block the view of your last salvo of whatever.
  6. And use Ctl-X to lock the guns in the desired direction when switching to torps so they don't move while you aim the torps.
  7. So what good does a support ticket do here. Can they credit me the 45k XP I did today toward the mission? I've had to do the other stuff in the meantime thats harder for me
  8. 1. At match start, moving from pre-match team lineup to "start", occasionally getting disconnected. Reconnecting enters in-progress battle 2. Same happens when leaving post-match statistics 3. Battle of North Cape, Mission 5, task 3 didn't update in-progress with XP from T9 battle (first battle after accepting). Will update this after additional battles 0 XP showing from battle 4330 Actual XP gained second match T8, still no update to XP progress. Task states T5-T10 third match, T5 BRITISH cruiser, NO progress Kill battleships Task Does update
  9. Seems like Aftvent Day 17 and Winter mystery are not updating properly. I've won 4 matches tonight with 4 kills and flooded and fired multiple ships and show no progress on either mission.
  10. this has shown up on and off lately, not your system in particular
  11. Not sure if its a bug or not in 6.15, BUT it seems like I've been getting shot a lot when I'm not even located(no marker). This is even before I've been located, not just because someone guessed right after my spotting ended. As an IJN DD I have a good margin of detection versus torp range, so its not like I'm getting spotted without noticing it.
  12. TORP BUG: After locking aiming (shift-x), and then re-aiming, torps may not fire at all, or fire in 180 degrees off aiming point. Added a hot key so the firing was not related to mouse button, but that didnt work either.
  13. BUg not specific to 6.15 but to the downloader in general. If a folder , say res_packages, is linked (junction, mklink, etc)to a different device , like an ssd or fast usb drive, then the download fails.
  14. you should be able to do this every rental session