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  1. For the whiners who haven't bothered to read all the posts, THIS AGAIN. That's why the different media have different hidden rewards: to see who reads/watches what and if they respond to the bait.
  2. when you get your daily containers take camo&flags. That way you'll have crappy camo to use for the mission. The NewYearsCamo is very good, so save them a bit until getting double everything is worth it.
  3. I'm guessing its a one-time mission; its not like them to give away unlimited camo. And for keeping track, how many #5's do you have now, minus 20 is where you want to stop; no counting involved.
  4. You can bet its intended, that's why there are different rewards in different media. And yeah, it would be really nice to have a mission to show completion. ANY of the reward camo is better than type 5 so you can upgrade by getting rid of a lesser camo.
  5. Type 5 is a holiday camo? I'll use 20 type 5's to get the 20 freebie's. Or do we have to use at least one of each (as pointed out 11< 20).
  6. Only played a few PT CV matches, but I'm not a fan, and didn't really like it for the above reasons. I'm a potato T6 cv now, and just can't find this playstyle enjoyable. Among other issues of old vs new, is that I want to determine when my fighters protect me, such as against TBs and not DB's, and when I put the fires out, like when I have planes to land and depart, NOT while I'm managing my attacks off in the distance.
  7. Jenska

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    +1 for LWM for every review thats ever been done, and re-done. thank you thank you thank you. looking forward to Prinz Eitel. Bought it cuz I wont have time to finish the campaign otherwise. 6800 doubloons is almost an even trade later, kinda like a 4 week rental for $1.25 or so .
  8. Jenska

    Turning off ARP voices - how?

    +1 to this advice, it still works on 7.9.0
  9. Jenska

    The day submarines invaded General Chat

    Don't even START to bring it up again....
  10. Jenska

    Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    T2 Umikaze is pure grief. 8Km range @ 44 knots, means you can have lunch, and be in the next cap firing again before the first ones get to the targets. T5 Kamikaze (R), Fujin, too much fun
  11. Jenska

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    And now you can get the Mushasi for COAL from the Arsenal, not your precious FXP, so until they find something better to do with coal, you can have your Mushasi and your Kronshtadt too. unless of course you're saving for the Salem.
  12. ty ty ty, up thru 7.7 I've experienced the following: the spotting ribbon appears, then the minimap outline and finally the combat image. They are virtually simultaneous now. My system is i7-7700, gtx-1060. Tough to do ranked with so few people though, I'm skipping that part.
  13. Jenska

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    go to the other tab "program settings". You should get a list of programs and be able to specify which graphic processor to use.
  14. Jenska

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    I believe this is the first time I moved a captain since the 7.7.0; the problem is that I can't accelerate the training with any choice but the Senior Command for 500 doubloons. Moving the cursor doesn't enable either the 200,000 silver, naval academy, or the basic training options. Mods are disabled. This was already the case before he was in any matches(started at 12500/25000)