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  1. ty ty ty, up thru 7.7 I've experienced the following: the spotting ribbon appears, then the minimap outline and finally the combat image. They are virtually simultaneous now. My system is i7-7700, gtx-1060. Tough to do ranked with so few people though, I'm skipping that part.
  2. Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    go to the other tab "program settings". You should get a list of programs and be able to specify which graphic processor to use.
  3. Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    I believe this is the first time I moved a captain since the 7.7.0; the problem is that I can't accelerate the training with any choice but the Senior Command for 500 doubloons. Moving the cursor doesn't enable either the 200,000 silver, naval academy, or the basic training options. Mods are disabled. This was already the case before he was in any matches(started at 12500/25000)
  4. +1 for GO Navy and the special in match "missions". I am concerned that some players will put the missions above a match win though, so don't make them too rewarding +1 for the new crate choices
  5. After looking at some of the recent mission and campaign requirements it seems that it would be REALLY nice if the larger numbers could have commas , the "," , (or better the localized) numeric separators, so we can EASILY tell the difference between 400 thousand and 4 million (you know, 400000 vs 4000000) without having to count the zeroes. This would be particularly welcome to those of us with less than perfect eyesight. thank you for your consideration
  6. how are we supposed to complete a tier 10 battle when all the T10 ships need 500K xp to research?? Is Cherry Blossom going to award that kind of XP? Never mind, I guess the arsenal is the answer
  7. Fine, upstanding people

    maybe because some of them play for fun sometimes? And I've found most of the players to be "fine, upstanding" people, though they get overshadowed by the few really obnoxious ones. I try to use my compliments every day (for what karma is worth), and compliment those who dramatically delete me with "nice *ing shot" . People still play Eve??
  8. No see 'ems BUG

    I've had this happen in open water and ranges where LOS shouldn't be an issue. The rendering lag bug MAY be part of the problem, but if it is, there's also a detection bug behind it to make it disappear in the first place. The rendering lag bug is made much more apparent with the torpedo aiming indicator, which becomes active several seconds before you see the ship again; in that case I know the other ship was not visible at the time, but is going to be immediately.
  9. No see 'ems BUG

    Even LOS might not be the same if one is close to the island (some object), but the other is not (or a different object). The LOS considerations will be asymmetrical and depending on the nature of the bug and which viewpoint is being evaluated, the detection results may be different. As a software developer investigating problems, especially from the outside, I try not to ask "what is this doing (wrong)?", but rather, "what can cause this behavior?" You get more possibilities with that approach. For instance, I don't know what he saw, but an AOBA at 3k disappeared while firing in open water but traveling between two islands. Sooo, what was going on there? My guess is that theres a calculation bug near islands, or else a rendering lag that doesn't represent the "computed" reality on the visual display.
  10. IT would have been helpful if this was listed as a mission or challenge or SOMETHING IN GAME, so it would be apparent to everyone, not just those on the blogs and forums. I had a 15pt capt in the Pensacola and only got 150k points.
  11. They may need to check their code on this, I got TWO Halsey's from the campaign, so the award code made not be quite right if you already have one of the commanders.
  12. Do you have any slots left in the reserves. This was a previous PT bug which prevented assigning captains if there wasn't an empty reserve slot. Try buying a slot and see what happens.
  13. I hadn't put it together, but had noticed that I was getting ribbons before seeing ships. is this the detection (no see-um's) or the rendering problem (mini-map vs combat view)?
  14. No see 'ems BUG

    If its a spotting defect, it might not be mutual, since the conditions at the two ends are different. Most of the time, that I beleive this has happened to me, it has seemed one sided (they see me, I dont see them)
  15. yep, quoted from the wrong post