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  1. Jenska

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    I thought that was just me. Glad (not) to hear that its endemic. SUX to have a basic operation NOT work right.
  2. Jenska

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    ummm don't you need 800 not 300 tokens to get the T9 Benham? 800 means you have to do just about everything to get enough tokens(800/850 max) The Hill is a T5 and you can get that by finishing the directives or paying for it $$$.
  3. Jenska

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Its worse than that, I think you missed the fact that part one of Resources ends with 2,400,000 credits needed, NOT the 600,000, that the prior stages need. AT 60k stage one needs 4x10+40 = 80; stage 2 needs 4x25+100=200 for a total of 280 SAVAGE games (11/day, not including ANYTHING else) Other aspects of the directives make success less likely even though you can do some in random/coop: 704 ribbons or 7000 FXP , 250000 damage by ramming, all in SAVAGE; At 15k per dd that's a lot of ramming. The smart choice is to BUY the Hill now for $25, get the extra 3 tokens (per day?=75) and take the $15 worth of doubloons when you get the Hill anyway.
  4. Jenska

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    like it or not, the mechanics aren't great either. Since you have no gun control, you can't zoom in on the targets, mu GUI randomly pops into "spectator" view from the tops of the buildings, then returns, right after I missed the shot sighting, etc etc.. Cute idea, bronze medal at best. The opponent list doesn't give any information about the team make-up. Are the last 3 players teammates or opponents? That's a really important piece of information. Is it 1 v3 or 1v1v1v1? Just making them all the same DIV would be an improvement.
  5. Actually its only 1250, but thats not a given in every match, and certainly much harder than he USN 750.
  6. lol I got both flags, Zulu and SM (latest) so I guess I'm in USN now, so I guess I should have 5 points now : IJN 2+1, and USN 1+1. But who knows
  7. lol even though I joined the IJN navy, I got the invitation in-game, and when I logged in from the spawned web page it shows I've joined the US navy - go figure and since there's no recording of results, I dont know what to play maybe they could just add a "notification" message when you collect points, even if there's no tracking. At least that way you'd see something Or even just ONE message when you've reached 10 points to know you've qualified
  8. yep just met the xp req in my fubuki, and no indication of anything. It would be nice to know what you've accomplished.
  9. Jenska

    Premium Ship Review #123: Lazo

    +2 absolutely. Having just cut a vacation short to deal with a blown achilles tendon, I wholeearted agree that getting healthy again is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your reviews and your followers.
  10. tried to download to my tablet - said device hardware doesn't support the game - really a June 2018 Lenovo table doesn't have the right stuff? Seriously? Kinda miffed. I'm sure NOT going to be playing on my tiny phone screen; not when I play on a 28" screen in WOWS.
  11. Yeah it took a while to realize there's no team damage. This seems to be the only game mode my system has frozen up on repeatedly. Not sure if its WOWS or my system, but nothing I see for the hardware stats seems to be me. Just dont play within 3 hours of bedtime.
  12. For the whiners who haven't bothered to read all the posts, THIS AGAIN. That's why the different media have different hidden rewards: to see who reads/watches what and if they respond to the bait.
  13. when you get your daily containers take camo&flags. That way you'll have crappy camo to use for the mission. The NewYearsCamo is very good, so save them a bit until getting double everything is worth it.
  14. I'm guessing its a one-time mission; its not like them to give away unlimited camo. And for keeping track, how many #5's do you have now, minus 20 is where you want to stop; no counting involved.