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  1. Junostorm

    Trouble logging in

    It's not me then. I found a quick/interesting solution, though do not know if will work for anyone else. This is what I did; Hit windows key Right click on the game icon in the system tray Select close window, wait a few seconds, Then it will ask do you to confirm to exit game Select no, it should dump you to the ship selection screen. The four times this occurred for me (since yesterday) it seemed to work.
  2. Junostorm

    Get Rid of Mercy Rule in Co-op

    Coop requires a more aggressive stance playing passively will not work effectively. Coop has it's faults however the moment you treat it as something else other than Coop you will have issues.
  3. Junostorm

    The ARP grind and the Gorilla

    As having all of the ARP ships, I do not remember the missions for getting them as annoying as the one for the Gorilla.
  4. I terribly sorry to inform you common sense, logic and sensible thinking are illegal on the internet, please choose from one of the following forms of punishment: Keel haul Yardarm hanging Walk the plank Enjoy. PS nice option to get him if you don't manage it during the event.
  5. Junostorm

    Kuznetsov available for how much coal

    New RU ship??
  6. Junostorm

    Yūdachi, yay or nay?

    The Akatsuki overall better than her.
  7. Junostorm

    Russian Bias

    The Smoky (Smolensk) along with RU BB's join the FotM club with prior members, Minotaur, Worcester, Shimakaze, Khabarovsk, Harugumo, Flint, Belfast, etc.... There will always be a new FotM member. Spend more time addressing the current issues with RM CA.
  8. Pretty much spot on, bots are extremely good at dodging torpedoes. One of the problems, for coop is that some players act as if they are in a Random.
  9. Seems the Yammy player paid more attention to his surroundings/mini map than the Shima player.
  10. Junostorm

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    As always, thank you LWM for your insight.
  11. Junostorm

    Open Fire Friday - The Cruisers

    Salem, Mogami, Atlanta, Atago for Co-op.
  12. Junostorm

    Naval Battles Ruined

    Only once did I achieve +900 base XP game in Co-op, I had to do over 200k, plus a bunch of other things.
  13. Quickly dipping in and out of the cap circle send a message.
  14. Junostorm

    Just choked on my beer!!!!

    I know this, I have a mates that live in Brisbane. He was choking on the beer as he noted it was a Foster's ;)