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  1. That is the point, there are measures in the game which either reduce or improve certain aspects and the player makes a choice on which path to take.
  2. In essence it is acceptable to be burned down to the keel from BB/CA/CL/CV but not DD.
  3. Junostorm

    The 12 Days of Warships (carol)

  4. Junostorm

    premium shop

    It is the exchange rate from USD into whatever currency used in your country.
  5. Junostorm

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Random blind chain firing into smoke and sinking a ship.
  6. Junostorm

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    The Mogami can work as either a CL/CA with some slight adjustments, if a IJN CL is created.
  7. Junostorm

    My impressions of Tier 6 Italian DD Leone

    Her current state leaves much to be desired, however she is WiP ship atm.
  8. Many players seem not to understand the scenario nor the role a class bring to it.
  9. Does not the Repair Party repair 100% of fire damage?? Are they not Captain skills/flags/upgrades which help with negating fire damage??
  10. Both premium ammo in WOT and premium consumables in WOWS can be purchased for in-game silver, stating there P2W is moot as everyone has access without having to purchase gold or doubloons. You can purchase either for gold/doubloons if one chooses too, however it is not necessary as you can still use the premium version using silver. Plus in WOWS they give out the premium consumables like candy. WOWS is hardly P2W, there are no make me unkillable items. The loot crate/box issue being dubbed P2W items comes from a certain gaming company, that put those types of items in them.
  11. Junostorm

    Quitting until Belfast comes back

    Well I want a refund of the time spent reading this thread!
  12. Having the Arizona, in game whether you play her or not today, serves as a reminder of a moment in history of an event that shocked the US and many other countries. How you choose to honour her today is your choice, respect the choice of another even if that choice is opposite to your own.
  13. Highest was 6 in a Fuji vs another Fuji. Most enjoyable was 3 cit rear turret NC vs a Yammy at point blank range, was about 50 more than needed to kill him.
  14. Interesting question, I hope the response is their silver value