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  1. Junostorm

    The Great DD Hunt

    The oddity of it all, pre 0.8.0 DD Captains complained about radar post 0.8.0 it is CV's. As for RPF regardless if it should work on planes or not, a good CV player will for the most part figure out where you are.
  2. o CV's are the new overlords!
  3. The title of the thread is not perhaps appropriate given several factors within the community in regards to CV's. A simple "Help a vet fight cancer' could have perhaps avoided this current threads derailment. Basically get up and walk away from the computer for 10 minutes and come back after you have cooled down. I hope everything goes well for this veteran.
  4. Junostorm

    BB and CA players please explain...

    The question should why do players wait at spawn for 1-2 minutes to start moving? The simple reason is they can, other reasons can range from slow load time, 1-2 minutes into the game they can see the initial positions of the reds, they want to know where the other greens are going, they hate DD's, etc... too many to list.
  5. Junostorm

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    Out of down votes this weekend, I'll be back next week.
  6. Junostorm

    Help, I suck at the Baltimore..

    Baltimore AP is nasty, even at angles you do not think are possible, learned this using her in Cherry Blossom, ran the entire scenario with AP only, did over twice the damage more than with HE or HE/AP switching.
  7. It is not a new thing, have done this with Colorado vs a NC on couple times in the past.
  8. How would this be any different then now? I have seen matches where players chase the CV and throw the match, ignore other ships, stop capping, fire on CV at 15 km while a broadside red ship is 6 km away, etc...
  9. Junostorm

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    As long as it comes with two options, one to create a black list of players/classes I do not want to play against/with or a white list where I can choose which classes/players I can play with/against, sure I know it will take +24 hours to get a match but whatever. Extreme no? This is path you chose is leading too by having such an option.
  10. High heels, red lipstick and a street corner or do as @Ace_04 says.
  11. Junostorm

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    Old news is old.
  12. Makes you wonder if players are dropping out of a match due to the presence of a CV, who is at fault if the team loses? Also it makes you wonder if the CV player with an average win percentage is their lack of skill or players just dropping out to avoid the CV.
  13. What is the issue? What ever happened to learning how to adapt and adjust one's perceptive to the new environment? Has your critical thinking reached a point where the only viable solution is make it go away I do not want to deal with it? Is it truly hard to use W A S D or Q W E S?
  14. Junostorm

    Why not just start simple?

    Under the proposed new system, how is this any different than a triple Belfast, Shima, etc... divisions? Under the old system, yes it would pose a serious issue.
  15. At this point, sit on the doubloons. They may offer different ships in the future and the tech tree premium ship sale ended earlier today.