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  1. Junostorm

    Open Fire Friday - The Cruisers

    Salem, Mogami, Atlanta, Atago for Co-op.
  2. Junostorm

    Naval Battles Ruined

    Only once did I achieve +900 base XP game in Co-op, I had to do over 200k, plus a bunch of other things.
  3. Quickly dipping in and out of the cap circle send a message.
  4. Junostorm

    Just choked on my beer!!!!

    I know this, I have a mates that live in Brisbane. He was choking on the beer as he noted it was a Foster's ;)
  5. Junostorm

    Why aren't map boundaries solid walls?

    As I recall during one of the Halloween events they had a shrinking fire effect when caused periodic damage over time, perhaps something similar, ice damage perhaps would work in line with the current mechanics of slowing you down.
  6. Junostorm

    Has 200% first win bonus ended?

    Yes it is over, so fudge, however I got a shiny new Buffalo, Bismark & Nagato to enjoy (if and when I buy them). The reset service time is based on PST, which was 4:20 am or 7:20 am EST.
  7. Junostorm

    Al Montpelier Personal Missions X300 vs. X200 Actual

    How it was calculated not how or when it was applied. Which is what the thread is about.
  8. Junostorm

    Manual AA suggestion

    If you want to make AA more effective, start with improving the survivability of the mounts as the match progresses. There are existing upgrades (AAM1) in the game which currently enhance their survivability and Commander skills (PM). If one has done everything to enhance damage and survivability of AA, via upgrades, flags, commander skills, and there is still an issue then something needs to change. However if one is not, then it tends to lead in the other direction.
  9. Junostorm

    Al Montpelier Personal Missions X300 vs. X200 Actual

    The X3 XP bonus is based on them adding the initial 50% first win bonus 3 more times, which makes a 4 times the normal first win amount for 25 matches.
  10. Junostorm

    Just choked on my beer!!!!

    Ah it is about RU BB and here I thought the OP drank a Foster's
  11. Junostorm

    Azure Lane

    Sexually depicting or objectifying the opposite sex is done by both sexes and it is solely in the eye of the beholder.
  12. Ideal perfect drop on a stationary target does not validate your argument as whole only for the scenario where is along the length of the ship. One could turn the drop ellipse 30 to 90 degrees and make an argument how it does the opposite.
  13. Junostorm

    Poaching - you know what it is?

    They are offering something similar in Blitz to play on PC.
  14. Reminds me of a Prinz Eugen game I had, where I was chased/targetted by over nine of the enemy, as the theme always reminds me of the chase scenes.