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  1. DD's are told to adapt to the new meta. They can no longer get out in front or flank or they'll get vaporized. The rough engagement range of most DD's at TX is about 10 km. Thus, most DD's need to get within that range to be effective. Putting themselves in harms way and have to run back to the blob for protection. Be it from planes, radar etc. How 'bout instead of the DD's running back, the rest of the boats get off their tubby butts and move up, thus protecting said DD's and forcing engagements on their terms, instead of engaging at 14+ km. WG has been trying for years to make the engagement range for every ship at high tiers roughly 8-12km, the sweet spot. But it seems that the overall playerbase atleast on NA prefers 14+ km. Move up, protect teammates and engage the reds.
  2. Forgive me, but it wouldn't be 2 minutes. Once a plane is launched it can essentially drop it's payload. And planes can close on a target in under a minute, in fact I've had planes close on me in under 20 seconds, where I could see the planes but not the CV. Lastly, it wouldn't be 5 or 6k, it would be 9k per torp, as I said, the damage reduction is already baked in. So, if you hit 2 torps thats 18k, 3 27k.. not 5 or 6k. So as I was saying it is spitballing, trading time for a larger alpha, that's it.
  3. I'm okay with CV's having to trade time to load ordinance for potential damage. A Shima needs about 2 minutes for each torpedo battery to be loaded and the torps do about 17k damage. Given that, the hit rate is about 5%? So, then lets say a TX CV needs to wait roughly 45 seconds to load out 9 planes. Up the damage to roughly 8k, though not 17k to account for the significantly higher hit percentage. Thus, selecting torpedo bombers, the CV would then have to sit for 45 second before his planes launched, traded time for damage. Sound about right @mavfin87? Though this would be antithetical to WG's approach to keeping players fully engaged in a match. This is just spitballing, take it as such.
  4. _Fr0g_

    Lag spikes

    Yep, rubber banding to 300+ ping. No more botes this evening.
  5. Or perhaps, in a more polite society, don't say anything that you wouldn't say directly to someones face. The anonymity of the internet hiding behind screens and the failure of simple common sense and courtesy is what this comes down to. The threats, insults, rantings that go on in all of these games would be quite quickly ended if they were made in a public setting where there isn't anonymity and people were accountable for their words and deeds.
  6. Could do what NO_CV did last season. They leveled both A and B at the same time, playing the lower rating until it exceeded the higher rating. Then switching.
  7. _Fr0g_

    update delayed by one week

    Perhaps the patch is still occurring tomorrow and then the April 1st events, start, well, on April 1st?
  8. _Fr0g_

    Solar powered ships?

    On certain ships at certain speeds, for whatever reason at range the smoke from stacks disappear. Usually seems to happen at 1/4 to 1/2 speed greater than 10 km. Just me.
  9. To all those out their that pick. I'd like to participate in this event. While I've never been on the turkey/pirate/corgi side, I've hunted them with glee. The pirate corgi flag is raised upon all of my ships, and I enjoy a good event. If you are no longer picking players, wholly understandable. I remain, _Fr0g_
  10. Calling for a removal of the targeting line for torpedoes is akin to removing the cross hairs for main batteries. Are you cool with the removal of the cross hairs so you have no reference to distance and time to target? The assist line as you call it is essentially the same thing.
  11. _Fr0g_


    You mean they attached little parachutes to the back of the bombs when deployed to slow them down just a tiny bit...
  12. _Fr0g_

    So, the was Cesare Stealth Nerfed...

    Can we surmise that the in game armor layout viewer was never able to show this "beak" and that the only way to see it is through an outside application? Further limitations to the in game armor layout viewer? With out gamemodels3d would we have ever known this?
  13. _Fr0g_

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    umm.. err.. Sure...
  14. _Fr0g_

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    @Ducky_shot Well written. This is my take on WG. They will move GC to tier 6, with whatever minor buffs they need to make it fit there. This will allow them to have a proper dreadnought class Conte di Cavour class Battlership at T5 in the tech tree that will be inline with all of the other dreadnoughts of that style(NY, Texas, OktRev) It will go a whopping 21 knots and have 13 barrels of Italian fury. They can secondly place a refitted Conte di Cavour(like GC) at T6 in the tech tree. Third, they will then be able to release a premium RU BB at T6, the Novorossiysk some time in the future. This being the Guilio Cesare after it was surrendered to Russia for war reparations. WG will buff it accordingly, and they will not have to deal with the Gremy/Gnevny(Fushun/Anshan) tier mismatch. There already is abundant data to move the Gremy, I'm sure. All of this will allow WG to place the Andrea Doria(yes it will be grossly underpowered) class at T7, which fits nicely with the Littorio class already at T8. Leaving paper for 9 and 10.
  15. _Fr0g_

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    I'm not sure where you got the info that WG is a publicly traded company. Here is their business profile on Bloomberg, showing a privately held LLC: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapid=115945991 If you have a different profile that is public, it would be fantastic if you could provide it so that I might study their revenue stream. Much Thanks!