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  1. Maybe we need a WAR metric.. Wins Above Replacement.. Bring SaberMetrics into WG.
  2. _Fr0g_

    fines for "damaging allies"

    I actually have a copy of this book. Been out of print for a while now, gotten rather pricey!
  3. _Fr0g_

    Blyskawica still sucks

    Mid war gun refit when? 4x2 100mm dual purpose cannons.
  4. _Fr0g_

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    I remember the pearl event.. came up just a few short of the Kami R.. ah well. They could convert this grind into a "campaign" along the lines of Yamamoto and Halsey, in essence, don't have an arbitrary end date. But that could create a whole host of other issues.
  5. _Fr0g_

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    I think in a certain manner, it can remove griefing, but at what cost to dynamic play? I think it can also produce a different form of griefing which I illustrated above. Lastly, as for the illustration of a clan producing a concerted effort to grief an individual(And I know it happens more often than some will admit), said individual would need to produce a library to send to WG and hopefully that would resolve some of the issue. Might have to go through a window of an actual employee than the traditional submission process.
  6. _Fr0g_

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    I think you missed the point.. in drawing #1 I choose to place my BB there to purposely avoid FF. if we remove FF it does not open opportunities for more tactics, it removes dynamic play for DD's, because BB's could blunder where ever they choose with little to know thought of how it affects team dynamics, torpedo lanes, et al. In drawing #2 I choose to place the BB there to ensure I earn more damage, XP and credits, preventing a friendly from doing so. What makes it even worse, is when potato players were to do this with FF off, they could get dev struck, and the red BB lives, the DD then is left vulnerable. No need for your snark. If you want to have a civil discussion, then do so, once it becomes petty, your discussion is largely wasted and ignored.
  7. _Fr0g_

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    It actually does harm the DD in this case. Not by reflective damage, but by lower XP, lower earnings, and lower overall damage in game, thus if you are grinding, would have to grind longer. And believe me, the better players in the game will catch on to this and use tactics like this, cuz it will allow them to earn more XP, damage and earnings by preventing teammates if FF was removed. Me in the position of the DD, would never have dropped torps in the first place, since the risk associated is too high.
  8. _Fr0g_

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    Me brawling red BB, purposely avoiding green torps, ensuring red BB dies by my hand or torps Friendly fire damage turned on. Me purposely blocking green torps in brawl to ensure I kill red BB by blocking one or all torps fired by teammate. Friendly fire damage turned off. Yes there is enough time to make decisions like this in this game, it isn't a lightning fast game. One way there is risk involved, second way, no risk and well can grief green DD's all day.
  9. Call it confirmation bias, but if I play the same ship more than 2-3 battles in a row, I tend to drop into losing streaks when playing solo. Divs is a different matter. So I just bounce around between 4-6 ships I'd like to play right now(grinds or just fun) and tend to have more wins than losses.
  10. _Fr0g_

    Shards map

    Didn't WG sometime back state that they 'lost' the original map of Islands of Ice and they would not be able to reproduce it?
  11. _Fr0g_

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    Utility: u·til·i·ty /yo͞oˈtilədē/ noun 1. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial. ---------------------------------------------------------- You offer one form of utility and use it as the umbrella for all utility. Thus a second flaw in your argument. Keep playing, learn the hard way. A number of players far better than I have tried to point out flaws and point you in better directions. Your obstinance will preclude you from improving in the long run. Good day to you.
  12. _Fr0g_

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    BB having less utility and less concealment =/= higher skill ceiling. The one statement taken on its own is fact. I don't think anyone will dispute that. That given fact does not lead to the conclusion of a higher skill ceiling. It is precisely what it is. Though some might disagree with the utility, it is simply different.
  13. _Fr0g_

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Can check numbers on your own: http://www.calctool.org/CALC/other/games/depth_press This was just a quickie site I grabbed for illustrative purposes. WW2 era subs seemed to have a collapse depth of roughly 200 meters, though that is collapse, not necessarily failure. Failure started around 90 meters or so. Shockwaves from a depth charge at 60 meters is going to do some structual damage to that hull.
  14. _Fr0g_

    Positive Submarine Changes

    That would be incorrect. At the surface, air pressure is 14.5 psi(one atmosphere). For every 33 feet or 10.06 meters of depth it increases by an atmosphere. If I recall, periscope depth is 3 meters, so 1/3 of an atmosphere. Even if periscope depth were 10 meters, we would be looking at 29 psi which is significant. At 60 meters the pressure would be some 6 atmospheres, or 102.16 psi. That is a significant change.
  15. _Fr0g_

    Hidden Shell tracers

    I've seen that occur when there are so many shells in the air computers aren't rendering the tracers fast enough. Though atleast on my end that is occurring when it is 3 or 4 high DPM ships within view. Just a thought.