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  1. _Fr0g_

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    Utility: u·til·i·ty /yo͞oˈtilədē/ noun 1. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial. ---------------------------------------------------------- You offer one form of utility and use it as the umbrella for all utility. Thus a second flaw in your argument. Keep playing, learn the hard way. A number of players far better than I have tried to point out flaws and point you in better directions. Your obstinance will preclude you from improving in the long run. Good day to you.
  2. _Fr0g_

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    BB having less utility and less concealment =/= higher skill ceiling. The one statement taken on its own is fact. I don't think anyone will dispute that. That given fact does not lead to the conclusion of a higher skill ceiling. It is precisely what it is. Though some might disagree with the utility, it is simply different.
  3. _Fr0g_

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Can check numbers on your own: http://www.calctool.org/CALC/other/games/depth_press This was just a quickie site I grabbed for illustrative purposes. WW2 era subs seemed to have a collapse depth of roughly 200 meters, though that is collapse, not necessarily failure. Failure started around 90 meters or so. Shockwaves from a depth charge at 60 meters is going to do some structual damage to that hull.
  4. _Fr0g_

    Positive Submarine Changes

    That would be incorrect. At the surface, air pressure is 14.5 psi(one atmosphere). For every 33 feet or 10.06 meters of depth it increases by an atmosphere. If I recall, periscope depth is 3 meters, so 1/3 of an atmosphere. Even if periscope depth were 10 meters, we would be looking at 29 psi which is significant. At 60 meters the pressure would be some 6 atmospheres, or 102.16 psi. That is a significant change.
  5. _Fr0g_

    Hidden Shell tracers

    I've seen that occur when there are so many shells in the air computers aren't rendering the tracers fast enough. Though atleast on my end that is occurring when it is 3 or 4 high DPM ships within view. Just a thought.
  6. _Fr0g_

    ship modification

    This is kinda what the original RB was. It was modification if you will that would give your ship advantages. Your suggestion of a trade-off still isn't going to take away advantages unless these mods provided a net negative effect. . Which is largely why everyone said no to the original creation.
  7. _Fr0g_

    Clans Come and Go?

    That only happens to you.. Lord..
  8. _Fr0g_

    Ranked waiting times

    I would venture to say this is closer to the mark than anything.. I wouldn't blame WG when a large portion of the player base isn't even out of bed or had their morning coffee.
  9. _Fr0g_

    Sync Dropping

    All about this. It's fun shooting at clan members and laughing maniacally at them as they burn.
  10. _Fr0g_

    Quaity of life improvments for DD

    Don't move the goal post, you made a DD thread, thus argue your point about DD's. Or a counter point to the ones I've made. Since we can't see your stats, we really don't know what you play. If you want to make a point about another type, produce a thread about a different ship type.
  11. _Fr0g_

    Quaity of life improvments for DD

    I'm not in an anti CV thread, as such I'm not going to speak toward anti or pro CV since I don't play them much. I'm in what seems to be an anti DD thread, thus I am making that point here. If we are trying to make a CV point, then make a CV thread, not a DD thread.
  12. _Fr0g_

    Quaity of life improvments for DD

    You are mildly amusing.. Do me a favor. Play a thousand DD games with what you are suggesting. Say you purposely max yourself to 3 full salvo reloads. So on a Gearing you have 40 torps. When you fire your torps, you want your hull exposed, so launch a salvo of gunfire into the air as well. Everyone will know where you are. After a thousand games, get back to me on your torp hit percentage. I'm just spitballing, but I'd wager it will be sub 4% and your hull survivability will be sub 25%.
  13. _Fr0g_

    What do you guys think of HE

    Could you site your source? There is absolutely no way, no how a 155 Mogami can take down a T8 or above in one minute with HE unless torps are involved. If my math is correct, and all 75 shells were to hit and pen in that minute it would be roughly 49k worth of damage. Perhaps a T6, but even a T6 Fuso/Arizona, etc can remove a Mogami in a single salvo. Perhaps a Wooster could do it from behind and island, but I would think that would be about it. At least for now.
  14. _Fr0g_

    clan treasury

    Okay.. Forgive me, but this is from memory.. For every win a player in your clan participated in within each league up to 15 wins they earned steel. Something like this: Gale 80 steel/win Squall 120 steel/win Storm 160 steel/win Typhoon (I don't recall) Hurricane (I don't recall) So all of the players got steel if they won(participated) a match in said league and it is on their own accounts. Are you now suggesting that all clans should get steel as well so the command group can give out said steel as they so choose? I don't think that that is a good idea. Personally I think the treasury in general is a bad idea since it can cause clans to rip themselves apart due to favorites, etc.
  15. At a 1/4 speed, if and when detected by the CV, how does a DD then maneuver to dodge rockets/bombs etc. Said DD would have to ramp up to speed, and in those 15-30 seconds that DD would be essentially a sitting duck..