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  1. Perhaps it's just a mindset, not how one actually plays the game. Embrace the idea of solo fun. Employ it actually in game, who knows. Have fun, the rest evens out in the end.
  2. Ideally yes. We might all be huddled in the Clan Battle rooms that are not open to the public. Though there are still members playing randoms during clan battles. On off nights, during the evenings most of the public rooms will be filled with div's. Come on out, hang out, enjoy the evening!
  3. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Are you suggesting that we need to remove hydro or smoke on every RN CL in the tech tree as well? They have the means to conceal themselves as well as a means to generate its own spotting with hydro. Range of said modules is irrelevant.
  4. @CavCat Welcome! Application has been received. Please drop into our TeamSpeak, div with people, get to know some of the current members if you have a chance. An invite has been sent to your email to further the application process through our Ryver app.
  5. One Elegant Winter (a WOWS story, part 1)

    Yep, a frog is always watching... Well done.
  6. Can I just have a Koenigsegg Agera RS and call it even? Blows the doors off everything.
  7. Have had this happen a few times, though only in the Guilio Cesare. No other ships were affected.
  8. WoWs updated Mod policy

    I think you missed the part in the beginning.. I'm aware that monstro markers shows the state of consumables on the green team. It ALSO shows the state of fires on red teams. So I don't have to look at the ship. It offers any and all available information that you can discern with your eye. So before you accuse me of not having my facts straight, or whining, perhaps you should actually use your eyes and read the thread. No one was whining until you started slinging insults.
  9. WoWs updated Mod policy

    So you are in favor of people just staring at other peoples ships to see if they used their damagecon, or are chaining hydro, or radar and AA.. No, would disagree with that. If they want to know, announce it over coms.
  10. WoWs updated Mod policy

    I would disagree. Your eyes looking at the ships, physically looking at the ships, should be the only thing that says that they are on fire or not. If there are spotted, but behind an island and you can't see them, you don't deserve to know if they are on fire, or flooding, short of the tick of their HP bar. And if it is a team game, then let your teammates call out if a fire is out. Adding too much information is not beneficial.
  11. WoWs updated Mod policy

    We all have eyes. Most of these mods are enhancing things that we would not normally see in game, but for a few people that are hyper involved. Running lights mod, can for the most part be determined by zooming in and watching the smoke stack. Navigator mod, zoom in, watch the ship turn, check the relative angle on the minimap, all of that is now placed in the middle of the screen, relative to your ship. As well as the coloring of the optimum angle to fire at. Monstro mod (I think that is the name. mod that shows which green ships are using their consumables and red ships burning). Fires specifically can be seen if/when you zoom in on the ship, also the indicator disappears when the fire is out, thus giving info that would be otherwise not seen by most with out being zoomed in. All of those mods give relatively unavailable information when not in binocular mode. Enhancing the game in a way to be seen from a more global perspective to make decisions more quickly. My point being is if people would just use there eyes problems would be solved. All of them give added enhancement and should be removed.
  12. I never claimed a doubloon refund. What this does is set a precedent for nerfing other premium ships. In a specific manner, not a global nerf.
  13. Tis interesting. How often do they nerf a premium ship? The deck armor change on the Sims would be just that, however tiny.
  14. Re-rolls, big deal? Not so much. Other than two reasons I can think of. 1. Working within another clan as a spy (highly unlikely, but this is a game and people do weird stuff) 2. Attempting to erase one's past because in said past they used cheats and or were just unnice people. (bit more likely) That's all I can think of. It is what it is. If people can't own up to their own past and want to hide it, fine. The truth will come out eventually. just me.
  15. Let's talk about mods

    I'm curious how many people that are complaining about the Mini-Map cross hairs as being a cheat even attempted to try what they are suggesting. I mean, under fire, attempt to hit a ship by its last known location, 8-15 km away. I don't think it is very useful or even remotely efficient trying to place that X on the last known location while kiting, or even running broadside while dodging torps and shells from other vessels. I'd wager, talking about it is far easier than in practice while in a match. .02