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  1. Smak_shed

    Server Statistics and Skill Floors/Ceilings

    Kombat - Great post. I think folks miss out on the value and desirability of having MM generate a somewhat random mix of ships/players/skills for each match. Obviously CVs are broken because of restrictions applied to the MM when including CVs and the head-to-head gameplay between CVs that creates a huge WR difference for the skill range between CV players. This is true, but in addition, I would argue that the best DD players via WR/damage are Gunboating. Do not fear the torpedo as that is NOT what makes a great DD captain as far as WR/damage. The Shima has lowest WR for top 5% skill players and lowest avg damage
  2. Smak_shed

    Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    I don't like playing ships that seem OP. Weird. But I am also a torpedo guy at heart and going full Gunboat on an IJN seems wrong. Also hate hate hate being slow and maneuverable in a DD so I stopped playing the Aki when they nerfed it. I was just planning to move up to the T9 boat that had more speed when it comes out. But if Kombat says it is OP, yep it is, especially for high skill floor players. I'm working on Groz now and I'm sad how much better full Gunboat is on the Groz compared to using Torpedoes. If you are a DD main who likes torps and want a REAL SCARE, look at how good the very best players are in DD Gunboats (Groz first because 120K average damage over 800 games WHAT!).
  3. Smak_shed

    Shimakaze unique upgrade

    I understanding making the Torpedo Tube Reload be SLOWER, but did they really mean to make it take 5x longer? I could understand 50% longer, but not 400% longer. The tip says 80% longer. But it is 5x (400%) longer. Confirmed to not be a bug?
  4. Smak_shed

    Wrong Answers Only: 01

    MV Kalakala after ill-fated CV conversion