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  1. Mate been a week for me and On Win 10 Wondering if DirectX 12 is the issue. I can only play in windowed mode in 4K on my display it is only accepting the Native resolution. Game plays great amazingly enough and 4K is awesome but the GUI is to small, even on a 55" Display. Still no real answers yet.... Knew I could not be the only one afflicted, I have uninstalled and re-installed 3 Times now. Tried deleting the Preferences page and still nothing. If I try to reduce it to 1080P Full Screen It Crashes.... Everything is up to date and the hardware is way more than capable..... frustrating to say the least Prem. Time Burning Away and Events missed.... Sucks
  2. What does support say?
  3. Contact Support mate: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/category/17361/#category_17367
  4. So any word from Wargaming on this it is getting me grey hair and I have enough already. 3rd reinstrall in as many days computer is a champ there is definitely something with resolution and game settings though. I can get it back by going in safe mode to reset all settings but soon as I adjust the setting to where I play bang same (XXXX) all over again. I have now completely removed all WOWS Files and trying a reinstall 3rd time in as many days 2nd in 48hrs. This time I made sure all files where deleted hoping it is a conflict and this will resolve it..... I Hope! Update. Reinstall completed went to start game but now I am getting a file could not be found. WOW! Installing again with repair hope this does it I only have one hair left. 24Hrs and no response from support yet either. Day 3 of growing problem. Update: As it appears l am able to run the game flawless in 4K as l am using a 4K display tbat l have run at 10i0P no problem until last 4 days is when this appeared. So it is resolved down to a issue of not being able to set a lower resolution. If the GUI where larger l could care less. It runs very well at 4K (3840 by 2160) Native resolution. Graphics card is a ASUS GTX 970 O.C. Direct CUll On a Gigabyte Ga990 UD3 Mobo. 16GB DDR3 RAM on a SAMSUNG 250GB 850 EVO SSD being run by a AMD FX8350 Black Edition CPU >Any advice is appreciated and yes support has been contacted still waiting a reply going on day 2
  5. Exact same thing as me mate I am doing a complete delete and delete of all WOWS content and reinstalling. This is the 3rd time with the issue... Another thing that happens is mid game it will drop to task bar as a tab from full screen and the tab can not reopen the page. It is getting beyond frustrating.... Works flawless for days then hell all over again.... The penalties for this need to stopped it is not fair in anyway shape form or fashion. And yes it is a definite bug!!!
  6. Game keeps crashing

    I am having same issues game will stop and drop to task bar as a tab that will not reopen. it has gotten me a pink for quitting battles early nice eh? Great system when it can not tell the diff between someone hitting the quit battle button and a crash. Doing a complete wipe of all game files and folders and giving it another try. Tiring this will be the 3rd in as many days 2nd in 48hrs. So this time a complete wipe of every trace of the game and fresh fresh install. If this doesn't do it I will be at wits end. Plays flawless for days then a update and headaches... not all but when they do... WOW.... WOWS!!!
  7. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I agree just throwing it out there.... No easy solution for made problems
  8. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Just to add..... as far as DDs are concerned and Radar... How about a Special Torpedo that within a certain Range will home in on Radar... Giving the DD'S at least some way of counter acting the Radar... Right now all you can do is Run.... And that's most of the game lately
  9. Why? If it is a test wouldnt it be better to fully test instead of making it easier.... Making it easier is not a fair biased test IMHO
  10. Never Mind "Weekend Players"....

    Thanks for the heads up mate, l was going to jump in after work this morning but seeing as it is Potatoe weekend l think l will save myself the stress and maybe try tonight... After l signed up for the Lima challenge my win rate dropped line a rock, lost 7 of 8 8attles and that was enough for me to call it a night. Regardless of how well you do a loss is still a loss IMHO. So win rate getting kicked to crap for a T2 Boat just ain't worth it to me.
  11. And l would Soshi Just thinking l appreciate the system it just may make the game play a lot tougher in nail bitter games.
  12. Yep same happens to me mate. I appologize and say sorry didnt see you move into my smoke as it is usually behind me and if l am in my smoke l have other worries to worry about.
  13. Just a little cynical?
  14. OK so lets say you see a mate and he is near dead you just came off a pink for what ever reason.... Now you have a clear shot that could save your mate but your cautious to shoot for fear of being pink again.... Would you shoot to save your mate and the team losing thise points or would you not take the shot let him die (Potentialy losing the game) or would you shoot and save him (Potentialy winning the game) Seems like a clear cut yes or no....... soooooo?
  15. Thanks for the reply mate. What worries me is the new measures may punish good players that are aggresive and force them to be passkve which l am finding a lot of games l am in whike l am up front with a handful and we run into a aggressive mass we end up in a poor way and look baxk to see a lot that are still sitting back. Now in low tiers it is to be expected.... but in the high tiers.... Extremely disheartening. .