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  1. ranked and "strait"

    Remove this garbage biased map from ranked. It is hard enough to keep your entire team from going YOLO style broadside to the entire team.Do not include asymmetrical advantaged maps in ranked; no matter what the dev team thinks is a balance between the two it is not equal.
  2. 4 CV random matches

    Yes, my biggest gripe in 4CV matches is that you are at the mercy of you allies load out choice. If the strike load out CV won't coordinate with you for a CV snipe; kiss you winrate goodbye.
  3. 4 CV random matches

    I ranted about using all my XP+ camo, flags, and daily win against a AS bogue and barely cracking 1kXP. Since then I have changed to the mindset of keeping greens from being sunk in those games, at least until the midgame where the reds are more spread out. Ive gotten 3 Krakens, a Solo warrior, and a couple Confederates since. If you read my post from before I edited I apologize for the concentration of salt. That said a good AS Bogue can pretty much shut me down almost the entire game, but in that case I still can delete one ship, harass others into turning broadside, and spot torpedoes. In my mind, that is the essence of playing against AS and scratching out a win or at least as much a favorable outcome as can be expected. Thanks again, if WG allowed 2 CVs in a div I would love to Div up with you someday.
  4. 4 CV random matches

  5. AA rating overlay mod?

    I know there are mods that show the gun & torpedo ranges overlayed next to the ships' health. Is there a mod that does the same for the ships AA? I ask because its tiresome to frantically write down all the AA ratings of ships before a match begins and the only mod that shows AA rating is a sidebar mod reporting the AA of a fully upgraded ship and not the true AA of each particular ship.
  6. 4 CV random matches

    I just want to let you know that this advice has helped tremendously. Although with the caveat that I am doing less damage overall, I seem to be winning a lot more matches. I will say spotting DDs, trying to cross drop them at least to make them turn broadside to a CL, and spotting between them and the friendly fleet for their torpedoes are the other reasons for the increase in my win rate. Thanks again sir, I am starting to get to the end game still with fighters in reserve to seal the deal so to speak.
  7. 4 CV random matches

    I will concur about the point of attacking enemy ships that are pushing up towards my own. It seems to be the best target both in ability to mitigate losses and actually help the team. Sometimes I simply dont attack them because I do not want to aggro my own teammates by "stealing" their kill (I know the xp for the actual kill is negligible, but I still get flak for it). Is there a reference for the spotting distances of planes to planes and ships spotting planes? Also what are the dimensions of each square on the map? I have always wondered. I appreciate you responding my friend; I just want to make that clear. I will let you know how it works out.
  8. 4 CV random matches

    I know double post is bad mkay, but after a dozen game losing streak in 4 CV games with IJN T5 CV I need help. Even if the enemy team spreads their ship across the entire map A barely competent USN CV can have his and his buddies fighters strewn about such that any strike lead to the complete loss of a squadron. I have completely lost enjoyment from playing this class of ship. I get so frustrated only having two sorties each round! I can cross drop DDs and ensure DOT on BBs, but I am gimped to being useless when against more than one CV unless they are both IJN. The Bogue is always AS and the Independances can strafe! Any advice is much appreciated.
  9. 4 CV random matches

    That is a good tactic and I have used it to good results, but if the enemy CVs group up all their fighters to follow yours you have to split them up. Yes someone pointed that out. Is there any reason why they removed manual drops to reduce CVs ability to wreck people in lower tier games, but kept the games with 2 times the CVs? I fail to see how that makes any sense.
  10. 4 CV random matches

    I regularly focus a cruiser to death in the first wave and get 60k+ damage in matches against 2 bogues. Would you be able to say that for the most part I am doing my best? Lately I picked up how you can help spot torpedo salvos but even that is difficult with two AS Bogues. If you are still open to letting people add you as a contact I will be doing so. Thanks for your input.
  11. 4 CV random matches

    So basically im f*&#ed. Good to know. Why are these type of matches only banned t8+?
  12. 0.6.8 Bug Reporting

    Issue: Crash after conclusion of random match, at the screen that reports statistics of the match Expected Result: The page should load and not crash the client How to Replicate: Play the game in a random battle with Bogue CV after running 'check & repair' Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: zip file of two crash reports of /crash folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B86wHOAt8RZ1WmM3S0N6VEtmVUU
  13. 4 CV random matches

    Thanks for your time. I feared that was the case and it seems to be true for my purpose.
  14. 4 CV random matches

    How do you guys deal with 4 CV matches as IJN? I can regularly dominate 1v1 CV matches and have little issue with scouting and deleting with audodrops (meh, wouldnt be so bad if the UI wasnt so unresponsive) and DOT. If the match is 2 IJN vs 2 USN I cannot convince the other CV to try and CV snipe with me. If its balanced USN and IJN on my team against two USN CVs I cannot convince the USN to help out with the fighters and am limited to following his planes around and friendly AA ships (even then they wont engage the fighters I bring back over friendly AA). do not dismiss me because I am objectively complaining. I am simply inquiring more experienced CV players of their thoughts and strategies for these 4 CV matches. Any insight would be much appreciated.