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  1. North Carolina's armored athwartships plate and unarmored upper casemate armor values seem to have been somehow switched. The armor that is perpendicular to the casemate belt is now 25mm, while the piece of plating above it is 282mm.
  2. This feels like an all-time low for wargaming, all things considered. Trying to bribe people into referring the game is not something most of us want to be a part of, especially considering the game's current experience. I understand WG wants more players: I get it, they're a business and they need to make money, and I don't have a problem with that. But they need to listen to the community and start fixing the things that are ruining the game's enjoyment and experience for many people. Wargaming, YOU need to listen to us when lots of the community complains about things, rather than tell us to just quit or that were wrong. The fact you are willing to bribe us to get new players shows us that not everything is good as you often claim. World of Warships is not heading in a direction that is healthy for the game, and this is one of many signs that WoWS is starting to sink. The increased monetization and power-creep we have experienced in the past year and a half is proof that you are either greedy, or desperate for enough money to keep the game afloat. Please listen to us soon and make the changes needed to save WoWS, because many of us veteran players have already left or will not be sticking around much longer. And believe me, you cant sustain a game on new players alone, because you will eventually run out of people willing to join.
  3. I posted this a few minutes earlier in game mods but i realized that it fits better here. I ran into a couple people with this really weird division symbol, can someone tell me what it is supposed to be? I have heard rumors that it is a sign of Warpak but I've never seen it before so i don't really know. i have post battle screenshots if that would help. thanks for any possible info!
  4. Can someone tell me what that weird division symbol is supposed to be? I have been playing wows for years and have never seen this thing before. Is it some sort of mod or hack (I've heard rumors this thing is a sign of Warpak) ? i have post battle screenshots in case you guys need more info.
  5. Boobash_15

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    (0.8.9 patch day) every time I load into a random battle the virtual camera will not leave the starting position and will not move with my ship. i can try to provide a snipped screenshot if that would help.