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    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    F3 nerf or not, one successful Attack Aircraft (AAC) squadron of any nation's CVs of Tier 6+ can inflict as much as 5k+ dmg to a DD within 30 seconds, removing roughly half (or more depending on Tier and nation) the HP of almost all DDs T5 - T7; provided the player isn't running SE - then again, a player shouldn't need to spec SE just to dismiss this issue. Regardless, add either a second CV, a radar cruiser or 3, or domination mode into the mix (where DD smoke is quickly becoming an anti CV AAC tactic, and you've got yourself a useless destroyer. Oh wait, I forgot I have up to 6 seconds to 180 and sail an extra 100 meters - 1km to go dark or find island cover from radar that's been extended 5 seconds for 8 ships.
  2. Based on the verbiage in the Developer Bulletin for 7.12... "The second campaign is dedicated to the construction of the heavily armored ships from the beginning of the 20th century. It will be available for purchase through the Premium Shop." Can we get a definition on the word, "it"? Otherwise, the article implies the campaign is for sale via Premium Shop.
  3. @ turbohawk & Elo J Fudpacker These new battle types are aimed at the players and these new ideas are WG's response to our requests. WG mentioned either in Waterline and/or Developer Diaries that Halloween serves as the testing ground for potential future content and mentioned Twilight Battle's theme fit well for Halloween. The initial introduction of new Halloween events like Twilight Battles doesn't necessarily mean the game is heading in a sadistic direction but rather a creative outlet for new ideas and game mechanics. To the players who dislike Halloween battle modes or are PVE fans, Saving Transylvania was the stepping stone for the battle type, Scenarios. In order for a game company to continue to succeed, it needs to cater to it's player base and these Halloween events are a mixture of player demand and game expansion.
  4. WG doesn't require you to have the Orlan in port in order to receive transferred experience (which is why you'll see all Orlan's transferred experience from this year's Halloween events in the ship XP conversion screen. If for some strange reason the opposite was true, Orlan would automatically be granted to you since all tier 1 ships are free to reacquire even if you sold them. Regarding Elite Commander XP, from what I've read, WG only mentioned this for Twilight Battles. If you're not receiving this XP, I'd suggest submitting a support ticket with a post battle XP detailed screenshot so more people don't have their efforts go unrewarded.

    Update 0.7.9 Bug Report

    "Ship Spotting Technology" is still an issue. In other words, delayed ship registration on the screen after the enemy's ship appears on the minimap. I've taken notice twice so far, both times in a ranked match. I didn't attach a screenshot because when I reviewed the picture, the CV's plane was overlaying the DD location on the minimap. I was unable to take a screenshot the 2nd time due to the heat of battle, but if the opportunity presents itself again, I'll update this post. I can't attach a replay because despite enabling the feature 2 updates back, replays aren't recording and I haven't taken the time to contact Support on the matter.

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    This issue is intermittent and affects all battle modes, so if you've been blessed with no issues at all, than you're lucky. For those affected, my advice is to not waste your time and effort since the issue is unresolved, especially if you're playing ranked battles. Don't expect WG to miraculously have a history of your battle log, and credit your account after they fix the problem. I've been told 24 hour premium time is the appeasement but the PT is redundant so long as the issue persists.