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  1. USSCurtis

    Chapayev help

    The radar tricks you into thinking that you have to support DDs in the early game. Usually you can’t, unless you find that rare island cover that works. Stay at range and start fires. Then late game go after red DDs with your radar.
  2. USSCurtis

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    My turn, again, to be the [edited]: I have researched up through the Donskoi B hull. I sold Schors. Do I have to buy back Schors and regrind it to get the new Russians CAs? Definite buzzkill. Thank you
  3. USSCurtis

    2 Brothers map

    The ship is your problem, not the map. BTW, I actually didn’t hate the Colorado (pre-Russian BBs). Those guns can bring down the Rockies. Sold it right away but still
  4. USSCurtis

    Can we get a basic port?

    I’ve heard that the designer’s table “port” is easier on the CPU. But the designer won’t shut the window and the dog down in the alley WILL NOT SHUT UP.
  5. USSCurtis

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    After update, new Russian CA branch still says “early access.” I can’t get the tech tree Tallinn yet?
  6. USSCurtis

    Enemy Ships Disappear!

    I have experienced this problem too, but only with broadside ships that I am aiming at.
  7. USSCurtis

    Do people even know what 'GG' means?

    Greta Garbo? Get Gude? Got Gneisenau? Good God!
  8. USSCurtis

    New and existing players DL Modstation

    I wish but my graphics options are all set on low so I don’t think my laptop could handle it.
  9. USSCurtis

    Sinop - your first 4pt captain skill?

    I took FP over CE for Sinop and I’m glad I did. I mostly play randoms.
  10. USSCurtis

    Armory Tab not opening

    Thank you. I did not know about the website version.
  11. USSCurtis

    Armory Tab not opening

    I have the same problem, cannot buy signals. The premium shop opens fine in game
  12. The unrepairable alpha damage is just so huge. I recently won a death struggle with a Venezia charging my Edinburgh, but as a result, at about 1/4 health, I had a heal left but NO repairable damage at all, nothing. I’d never seem that before. That impressed me. Unrepairable damage could be important, decisive even.
  13. That used to work. Now it doesn’t. I also can’t get into armory. edit: I got a good, swift response From WG with instructions regarding clearing the cache of the in game browser, also an edit to hardware acceleration. In the end, I just have to wait about 6-7 minutes (no lie), and if I keep clicking on the waiting screen, it eventually come up. I just have to plan my day around going to the armory.
  14. USSCurtis

    Ship Opinions: Des Moines

    Why post if it’s none of our business?
  15. USSCurtis

    April Fool's Joke on me

    Thank you for the explanations. Too dumb to figure stuff out for myself and my game stats reflect that.