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  1. USSCurtis

    Ibuki or Seattle?

    Thanks. Fletcher is a good idea. Benson, a fun boat, will be more enjoyable with the latest CV adjustments. Plus I can just use my saved up credits to pay for my Buffalo grind.
  2. USSCurtis

    Ibuki or Seattle?

    Thanks, lads. I guess this reflects the larger point that none of the tier IXs are upgrades from the tier VIIIs. My Buffalo is OK, but I loved the Baltimore.
  3. USSCurtis

    Ibuki or Seattle?

    Thanks for this selfish topic. I unlocked the Seattle and the Ibuki (and the Charles Martel) a while ago. Now that Seattle is on sale, I can afford either one, I hear/read nothing but terrible, no good, awful things about Seattle, BUT SHE'S ON SALE. I hear/read less terrible things about Ibuki. Which is the better (more fun) boat? I can't play nearly as much as I'd like to, so I usually play randoms with some ops and co-ops. At the rate I play, I might not live long enough to get to Tier X, even using premium time once in a while, so making a Tier IX (or Tier VIII) purchase is a big deal for me. I like all non-CV types, but I seem to do best in cruisers. I am a recovering kiter, sometimes camper when the situation presents itself. I like team play. Though I usually like the 203's, I really liked the Mogami and Cleveland. I love Hipper, but I'm a long way from Roon, (and Donskoi and Neptune). I liked the Algerie OK but not too exciting (Is Charles Martel more of the same?). Should I wait for Roon? Could be waiting a long, long time. Thank you for your advice.
  4. USSCurtis

    Revenge of the Red - 10th - 17th

    Not my best but,
  5. My favorite is the American Dasha, but it’s not the bandana, it’s the plaid shirt! I have hear on my New Orleans.
  6. USSCurtis

    Should I start grinding IJN Cruisers?

    The IJN cruisers generally have weak AA, which would be a problem in the higher tiers. Then again, my NC, which is supposed to have very strong AA, gets bullied and humiliated by aircraft routinely, so it may not matter anymore.
  7. USSCurtis

    Does AA gun Mod really needed in this meta?

    From Sub_Octavian dev blog: Actual average number of flak bursts is: base flak bursts parameter, multiplied by Hit chance. Got it. Thank you for your patience.
  8. USSCurtis

    Does AA gun Mod really needed in this meta?

    Could you please suggest some reading that explains how to find these AA numbers for a specific ship, or how they are derived? Thank you
  9. USSCurtis

    Is Cleveland just a big tyrd now?

    Yammy and Monty can cit most CLs from almost any angle.
  10. USSCurtis

    Is Cleveland just a big tyrd now?

    I do better when I latch on to a good-looking friendly BB in early going. I’m not above digging in for a while if there are good targets, but I don’t actually pitch a tent or dig a latrine because Kiting is much more fun. The lack of any lind of torps, even 4km ones, is a big tactical disadvantage.
  11. USSCurtis

    Can the Baltimore get her repair party back?

    Agree, I have unlocked Buffalo but I wish I could just take Baltimore to T9 with me, heal or no heal.
  12. USSCurtis

    Why do people "bot"?

    I wish I shared your faith in humanity.
  13. USSCurtis

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    On a relate note, I have ARP Haguro and Mogami, Is there any reason to keep the Myoko? (other than for different builds, I don't think I'll have enough high-point captains to do that) Likewise, I have ARP Hiei and Nagato, is there any reason to keep Kongo? Just trying not to do something dumb, again. Thank you,
  14. It will take me two months to grind the Colorado, so that would have to be one. Scharnhorst just for the giggles.