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  1. USSCurtis

    Is an Ägir worth 1M FXP?

    I hesitated for a ling time but then recently bought it just in time for airship escort. It did really well and was fun in that mode. Printing credits, as they say. Same probably for brawls… except CVs, so nah. I don’t think it works as well in Randoms, but I’m still glad I bought it. Still have plenty Fxp for grinding.
  2. USSCurtis

    Stock Tashkent is so power crept.

    All stock, non-TX ships are by definition power-crept by their upgraded selves.
  3. USSCurtis

    Prop mod 1 or steering mod 1

    The exception is also British cruisers, which have very fast acceleration.
  4. USSCurtis

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    Thank you. You are doing God’s work, Sir.
  5. USSCurtis

    Superships everywhere!

    So a supership player is “complaining\annoyed” about having to play against other superships?
  6. USSCurtis

    How many hours a week do you spend gaming?

    Prolly 7-12 hours for a typical week
  7. USSCurtis

    Question for good/experienced players

    I am neither good or as experienced as others here, but I did stay at a Holiday inn last night (no I didn’t). Especially with rapid fire guns as on a DD or a CL in a close, turning engagement, I will often steer by the mini map, and check on other boats, so I can maintain my aim on my target.
  8. USSCurtis

    Finally !!!! No Renting

    Evil lurks among us.
  9. It is the deep philosophical questions like these that make us question our very purpose here on earth.
  10. USSCurtis

    You Are The Last Hope!

    Wait, you had a coop game game that lasted 8 minutes!?! That must be some kind of record.
  11. USSCurtis

    Late loading or AFK

    I used to be on the other end of this often, then I bought a new computer. It’s mostly people with older PCs. Speaking from experience, it’s more frustrating for the late-loaders/AFKs. To be right in the waiting room, hear the battle around you, but never get in, and then get scolded by WG, is not fun.
  12. No way. The mid-channel is the thunderdome of WOWS.