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  1. DakotaViking

    To bad this guy didn’t have a better microphone

    Impressive... most Impressive...
  2. Fair enough... Even as a 1st class I was renowned for my coffee intake, to the point that when I got out, my watch-team requested to have my coffee mug to hide on our watch-station. As far as I know, 26 years later my coffee mug might still be hidden somewhere on that ship.
  3. Leave it to the Chief to want to have Sailors just trooping around...
  4. DakotaViking

    Well, of course they did, they are Marines

    From an old Sailor... Bravo Zulu! Could definitely tell they'd waded through water before. More impressive in dress uniforms. I know how hard it is to keep white uniforms clean. Again, Well Done!
  5. DakotaViking

    The evolution of a world of warships player

    I think every individual sees things a bit differently, based on who they were (and are) as a person, what they've done, what they think they know etc... I cannot imagine being that fresh faced..(okay,okay, hairy faced) Noob I was back then. I just didn't know what I didn't know. I've learned sooo much these past few years, but am still wise enough to know there is still more that I don't know.
  6. DakotaViking

    Are you old enough

    Yup, I confess... and I've stepped on hot sparkler wire too. Quick fused firecrackers going off in your fingers before you can throw them. No bike helmets, child car seats or even seat belts for that matter. One of my favorites, riding in the bed of a pickup flying down a two lane blacktop or gravel road. Thanks for the memories...
  7. DakotaViking

    Sub Hatred

    Love me some warm buttery popcorn......
  8. DakotaViking

    Sub Hatred

    Somewhat understood...
  9. DakotaViking

    Naval History in Photos: Operation Magic Carpet

    That's why he earned it. He did the job that needed to be done.
  10. DakotaViking

    Sub Hatred

    I really shouldn't reply to this, but here goes,... Subs are nothing more than a game quirk, RNJ, radar /sonar, CV's, Islands, fire, over penn, etc, etc. Slow and easy to kill, a ping lets you know where to train your guns, they have to come up sometime, and are super squishy. Why all the drama / angst? I just don't get it. The game hasn't changed for me at all... except now I get to hunt subs (which happens to be fun and easy). If you were taken out by a couple of sub torps then you could just have easily been killed by a lucky bunch of cits, detonation, stealth firing DD, or lucky CV drop. It's all the same, there's NOTHING you can do about it. Punch out, jump into another game, and Have Fun ! The negative reactions... you people are funny, and pathetic. The truth is the truth, no matter how it clashes with your "worldview".
  11. DakotaViking

    Naval History in Photos: Operation Magic Carpet

    Thank you for that. I think he might have earned the right to do just that. Community... I believe. I've seen "potato peelers" in galleys before (strangely, not on any I served on) museum ship USS Kidd has one in her galley, Hornet maybe too, I'm most certain of it. It's a big pot or "drum" with abrasive sandpaper or "no-skid" on the inside, all attached to an electric motor. I imagine, fill it up, turn it on, no skin left... now you get to clean it out, but it has to be faster than a bunch of poor squids peeling by hand. And if you're making beef stew, why not leave the skins on, I suspect they only peeled the potatoes for mashed or hash browns. Maybe that's why I never saw them on modern ships, All the stuff we got was preprocessed, never started with the "raw" potato.
  12. DakotaViking

    My New Meta

    THIS...... exactly.
  13. DakotaViking

    My New Meta

    You don't have to be such a drama queen... just kill them and move on. Have Fun !
  14. DakotaViking

    Happy 246th Birthday to the US Navy

    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the DD-214. WestPac 88, PacEx 89, WestPac 90 & 94.
  15. DakotaViking

    OK Where Are The Fish

    Submariners... "Fish in the water" means Torpedoes !