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  1. DakotaViking

    Take a survey

    Is it wrong that I REALLY want to slap that smug look off her face like her parents should have when she was four?
  2. DakotaViking

    5 Years

    Forum says 31Oct15, player profile says 28Nov15 (seem to recall game not working, took that time to figure out to update my drivers...) So 3-4 months will be 5 years. As someone @Estimated_Prophet stated above, "the bots fight" That my friends (virtual shipmates?)* is why I play mostly Co-Op. * note: I'm reluctant to use shipmate, as it was a derogatory put-down when I served... "Did that lifer just shipmate me?" oftentimes used by Shore patrol or squids that thought they were in charge to get your attention... " Excuse me, shipmate... hey you there , shipmate!" Much in the same way "Sir" can be pronounced with the implied meaning of "cur" . Though the years have dulled the sting of the insult. 26 years after EAOS (end of active obligated service) I may be inclined to use shipmate as a term of endearment. I do reserve the right to use it both ways as the situation may warrant.
  3. DakotaViking

    Karma - Give some to the only other human

    I TRY to remember to throw the karma points around, for all the above mentioned events. I'll also +1 someone lower tier who takes the #1 spot (if I remember... grumble grumble...)
  4. DakotaViking

    Tattoo Contest: Voting

    Guess I'm a strange sailor, no ink, I truly admire the art and history, but... Had plenty of opportunity all around the Pacific rim (3 western Pacific deployments and a RimPac). Never found anything that"stuck" with me. Fun fact#1- Tearing into a boiler repair with a moderately tatted former Marine, He asks, "Where's your ink?" When I reply "Don't have any." He gave me the "stinkeye" like I just spit in his beer. Fun fact#2- My Father HTC (24 yrs. USN) and Brother STS2ss (6 yrs. USN) Both made it through their service with no tattoos, only to get inked years after they got out. Fun fact#3- My wife has more ink than I do... Maybe I should get Huginn and Muninn on my skull like Ol' Ragnar.... That'd scare the normal people...
  5. DakotaViking

    How do you Co-op players generate enough credits?

    Someone wiser than me said (several years ago) "The high tiers are your hobby, The mid tiers are your job." You gotta' spend more time at your job to have enough "money" to enjoy your hobby.
  6. DakotaViking

    How does the AI choose targets?

    They'll also prioritize you if you are in a cap regardless of your health or "closeness". In my experience.
  7. DakotaViking

    Happy 4th of July!

    Yeah... but wasn't Canada fathered by the French milkman? Or more PC... they asked Canada to take the picture.
  8. DakotaViking

    Have you served in the armed forces? When where?

    USN '85-'94. Machinist Mate(nuke), Got out as an MM1(E-6). USS Carl Vinson CVN70. Deployed Western Pacific (WestPac)'88; Pacific Exercise (PacEx)'89; And Westpac '90 &'94. Was in drydock in Bremerton, Wa. for Desert storm, so got to watch it on TV like most of the rest of the world. Got to experience a cat-shot and a trap in a C-2 Greyhound (flew me to and from a school in San Diego) Also got a hop to shore in a CH-46 once for emergency leave. Lots of sea-stories.
  9. DakotaViking

    2 Brothers map

    Do I dare mention we (I'd) like more Ocean maps in the rotation. See it so rarely that it has become my favorite (most wished for) map. How I miss it...
  10. DakotaViking

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Thanks for everything you do @LittleWhiteMouse, so much info, I've (we've?) come to rely on your data so much. Rarely do I make a purchase or outfit a ship and captain without reading your review. Truly must be a labor of love, because we know they aren't paying you. Again ... Thank You ! A Viking must have Odin... Or maybe Odin must have a Viking?! Tusen Takk !
  11. DakotaViking

    When doing nothing is something

    All part of knowing the big picture. A win is a win.
  12. DakotaViking

    Interface questions and Merry Christmas!

    Welcome Aboard ! Good questions, even better answers. A rare occurrence where a post didn't have me shaking my head at least once.
  13. DakotaViking

    Question: What is this chain for?

    will give one of mine
  14. DakotaViking

    RIP Ian Holm, find peace in the Grey Havens

    Never put the two roles together... learned something. Goodnight sweet prince.