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  1. DakotaViking

    What do you listen to in-game?

    Never could see the point of playing with music in the foreground, until I stumbled across this... Pink Floyd - MADley - Mixed Collection (Audio) Sometimes it just fits.
  2. DakotaViking

    They still have WG Texas challenge coins available

    Yeah, I also have one for Diana. Those are the only two I know of. Sort of a mixed blessing they haven't continued, or I might have bought a coin for every ship in port.
  3. DakotaViking

    They still have WG Texas challenge coins available

    Just dug up my coin from the original event way back when... #596, so they obviously didn't ship them sequentially. Or maybe they went out high to low, and they only have low numbers left.
  4. DakotaViking

    I has a new shiny....

    Nice, picked up the Friesland in a box a couple days ago.
  5. DakotaViking

    "B" Ship Personal Assignements Not Working?

    Ok Duh, mybad... was looking for the answer. Thanks.
  6. DakotaViking

    Thanks WG

    With all the negativity hurled at Wargaming in the forum, I'd like to give them a little thanks. Kind of appropriate considering the holiday coming up. Just got a notification in port that this was the fourth anniversary of my first game. With this I got a thank you from them, a distinctive insignia and 25 "for meritorious service" camos. Then another box appeared to thank me again and a 30% off coupon for the premium shop. As I never remember this anniversary, this was a pleasant surprise. So, thank you again WG. Thank you for creating and maintaining, a game that keeps me (us) playing for four years and more.
  7. DakotaViking

    For the most part...

    With you on this. Everyone else, your mileage may vary.
  8. DakotaViking

    The what did you get from the T6 ship crate thread...

    West Virginia "41. Had been going back and forth with purchasing, now its settled. Thanks Warships.
  9. DakotaViking

    Can't call bad players potatoes anymore

    But, but ...Tapioca is good. Three terms we used when I was in the USN. Rock- generally unintelligent,to the point of being scary Bug- unintelligent with a side note of disgusting Nub- new to the ship and clueless
  10. DakotaViking

    Can't call bad players potatoes anymore

    There I gave one for you a year and a half later. why you didn't in that time ...grumble Just having fun
  11. DakotaViking

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    Saw, "mowcowbell" and just had to type out "Don't Fear the Reaper" had a funny exchange in chat until the red team showed up. That being said, "Don't Fear the Reaper" is a pretty cool way to start a game. After the game I had to go watch the SNL clip of Christopher Walken and BOC. More Cowbell !
  12. DakotaViking

    Hello Again

    Welcome back aboard ! MM1, pit snipe, 85-94
  13. DakotaViking

    That sexy clipper bow...

    Such a shame to see these impressive creations shackled to the land by chains. They're meant to be out on the open ocean unfettered in their environment. Then again, it's nice to see them intact after all these years.
  14. DakotaViking

    Modern robotics

    I've told my children, don't get into a profession that a robot could do. Better yet train and learn to repair the robots. Or wait for the John Connor route: "Smash them to junk" Fix and repair route is better.
  15. DakotaViking

    Bring Back Ocean Map

    Ocean, scaled bigger or smaller, depending on tier, would be most welcome, in higher rotation.