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  1. Soshi_Sone

    Pommern main guns

    Actually Bismarck's 15s have their nuance...but they do have punch when delivered well. And that's just eight. Twelve? Nice! Can't wait....but currently priced too high for me.
  2. Soshi_Sone

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    Because we can't have EVERYTHING at once.
  3. Soshi_Sone

    How does someone with 35% WR end up in rank 7?

    Skill in Ranked is more about how fast you can progress than whether you can progress. High skill players will tend to progress quickly and rank out. As the skill level drops, it doesn't mean you can't rank out. Just that it will take more games. Also, as higher skilled players rank out, the next level of skill will be the proverbial high skilled in the remaining player pool. There will be a point of diminishing returns as the skill range sigma compresses, but if one is willing to play lots of games, advancement is possible...even for the low win rate player. Keep in mind that for every low win rate player you see at...say...tier 7...there are probably hundreds or more who are trying but can't get there. So you might be seeing a 1% chance when you see a 35% at tier 7. You can actually do the math. Given a certain win percentage you can use the binomial distribution to compute probabilities of getting the necessary win over loses. So...all said, being at a particular rank does not mean you are necessarily good. Those who get there fast...or on a regular basis...most of those are good. For every good player that ranks out, there will be many more good people that rank out with them. Of good players who try, perhaps 90% make it. Those who get there slowly or sporadically might not necessarily be good...just persistent. For every poor player who ranks out, there will be thousands of poor players who tried, but never made it. So unlike the 90% of good players who try that get there, we're talking 0.1% of poor players who try and get there. And everyone else inbetween. If you play a game and just happen to have the .1% player on your team with that Rank 1 icon next to their name and the 40% WR...well....there you go.
  4. Soshi_Sone

    Cartoonish game

  5. Soshi_Sone

    Ungreateful players?

    Keep in mind that there are a certain percentage of people that have disabilities of some kind. Physical. Cognitive. Neurological. Not to mention just the normal maturity of growing up. I'm sure a certain percentage of WOWS players fit into those categories. With many of them, there is simply nothing you can do to help. Not because they are bad people, but simply because they have certain limitations that your advice cannot overcome. Although some people are fully capable in many game regards, it's very difficult to distinguish the difference between the lack of skill/experience and someone who has a disability that prevents them from reaching a certain level. So....it's OK to offer to help...but never take an ignore, decline, or an LOL as something against you.
  6. Soshi_Sone

    California Loves CVs

    Yeah...but I killed both CVs! Granted, my team did the lion's share of the attrition on both, but getting two CV kills in a slow lumbering beast of a California...that's an achievement. And that 23km spotter kill...that was super cool because when I fired he was...like 75%(?) or so health and I was just hoping to attrit a bit. I was already working the MA when the kill symbol/sound popped up...very surprising to me. Had to check the replay to see what happened...the CV took a lot of damage while my shells were in flight so that landing one was enough to finish it. One other important thing about California in general, that some are not aware of. I wasn't aware until after my first 50 or so games, when I decided to look over the armor profile more closely. It gets bad marks for having overpen armor (that many T7 BBs have), but the Easter egg of sorts is WG gave it 31 mm top plate over a portion of back of ship. If I did the numbers right (someone can correct me if I'm wrong about the other 18 inchers), the only ship that you will meet that can overmatch that is Musashi. So an angled kite position will give you some protection against everything but 18.1 inchers. You're still vulnerable to 15 inch overmatch in the rear, and over the rear. But as RNG will spread some of the rounds to the mid rear deck, some of those "would be pens" become ricochets. I was using this positioning at the end versus the MA. Any 16 inchers that hit the 31mm plate will richochet. When you gotta squeeze everything you can from an engagement, that 31mm can make a difference.
  7. Soshi_Sone

    Playing one match and then logging off

    The only time I'm one and done is when that's all the time I have. If I get several bad runs in a row, and am still gunning to play, I'll often switch tiers. But everyone must realize, EVERYONE (even the number ONE unicum player in the world) is going to get a potato team that no one (even the best of the best) can fix. So...there will be games where you have a potato team. And there will be games where you are on a really good team. It's the matches in the middle that make the difference. The matches where the balance is good enough that YOUR play...YOUR skill...YOUR effort...makes the difference. And it's good to be introspective. Some games, I look at the result and think to myself..."Good job Soshi...you made the difference". At other times, I realize "Damn, Soshi...you blew that one...YOU (me) lost the game for the team". And that last thought doesn't matter where I place. I could have placed top of the team board with a carry score...but if I didn't make that right decision at the end...a decision that would have won it...than that's on me. Like the star football receiver who catches five TD passes, including several miraculous catches, but then drops the game winner when time expires. All the star performance that got the team there is good...but all for naught with the drop that should not have been dropped. Even a potato team can give you the opportunity to pull it out. Give you the opportunity to get the win DESPITE MM working against you. And when that moment comes....if you pull it off...it feels really really good. YOU did it. Won against all odds. But if you get that chance....and blow it. Well, you really can't blame the potato team no matter how bad they are/were. Lastly, if it were easy...if wins came easily...it wouldn't be the game it is. It's the challenge that makes it fun. The fact you CAN lose is what makes winning exist in the first place. If you can't lose, winning means nothing.
  8. Soshi_Sone

    How to Neptune?

    It is for Neptune!
  9. Well, sort of. Obviously if you're on a winning team and survive, the CV is going to be the final target in most instances. If you're on a losing team, it doesn't matter if the CV pays attention to you or not...it's a loss either way. That said, I don't mind playing against CVs in losses from my own perspective because I know how to handle good CV players. It's the other players on the team that seem to not know what to do. Case in point. I was playing California the other day (yeah, I'm still working her), in mid tier match versus T8 CV. Their CV player was very very good. Won the game for the reds. He came at me several times early game, and I fended him off very well. He decided to go after easier fish rest of match, and topped out in one of those wins where the end game went to the best CV player. I would have loved for him to keep taking an interest in me, but he didn't. He didn't because even though I was T7, I have a very good AA punch, knew how to maneuver against his strikes, and operated at mid range (forcing him to fly longer sorties). To put things in perspective, after the third sortie, I never saw him again. At end of game, I had more aircraft kills than anyone on our team. Also, looking at the MM, if no CV were present I would have gone AP. But since we had a CV, I went HE to do what I could against enemy AA. Destroyed 59 aircraft mounts, including several on a ship the CV was able to run double strikes on. Our CV player wasn't bad per se. It's just the enemy CV player knew what to do AND some of our T8 players didn't play well. Two of our T8 BBs were attempting to chase down the CV, actually bypassing an open cap. You can't chase down a T8 CV even if that CV has an average captain. Do that against a good one, and he will eat your lunch...which he did. But...getting back to the question. Did I enjoy the duel with the CV?...very much so. We lost the match. But I felt like I won the little sub-battle I had with the enemy CV. AND, I felt good about knocking out a lot of AA modules to help out the green CV. Two "feel goods" that would not exist without CVs in play. So, all around, it was a fun game. Would have been nice to win it. But that's just the way things go sometimes.
  10. Soshi_Sone

    How to avoid grinding?

    I'm not sure I'm non-neurotypical, but I'm old enough and been around the proverbial block enough times that I now have a built in warning system. Salespersons learn techniques to make a sale. I know these techniques. So, when I detect their use on me, it's like RED ALERT...RED ALERT...RED ALERT. I'm being manipulated. Instead of me falling into the technique (that the books say should work), I go the opposite direction. I get pissed that I'm being manipulated and it becomes a turn off. All these "half off" advertisements are a BIG turn off. It's not half off. The normal price is double the price. It's not a 50% payment off a 100% price. It's a 100% payment off a 200% price.
  11. I love to play against CVs. I kill a lot more CVs than CVs kill me.
  12. Soshi_Sone

    How to Neptune?

    Thank you. Also, it's a good example of how you can get detonated on one salvo under the 75% rule. The game occurred after WG modified the game so that you must be less than 75% health or a det check is not made. However, if you get enough damage from pens/citadels from a salvo (to get you below 75%) then any additional pens (from the same salvo) get a det check if applicable. Ergo, you can still be insta-deleted detonated on one salvo at full health. It requires a more nuanced and much more rare sequence...but it's still possible.
  13. Soshi_Sone

    How to Neptune?

  14. Soshi_Sone

    Ranks is not broken? Really?