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  1. Service cost

    If your play style nets you a positive credit, that's nigh nirvana. I play any ship...any tier...and fully equip with Premium (paying with credits not doubloons). i waste ammo as if the supply is endless, including softening up land masses when there is nothing better to shoot or firing random long range shots into starting positions at beginning of game. I grind one or two ships at a time, and buy them when research is complete, and fit them out as modules are researched. Service costs...meh. I have half a billion credits banked...and it just keeps getting bigger. Granted, the balance drops here and there when I buy a ship, especially a T10 and fit it out. And I'll have a game here and there where it's net negative. But in the long haul...it just moves ever upward. It's like being super rich. You don't even need to think about money. Just do your thing. Premium consumables. Service costs. Even big ticket items like T10 ships, with all the goodies. The bill gets paid. You don't even notice.
  2. KGV Question

    Personally, I like the KGV AP rounds. I use them a lot. Switch to HE against angled BBs, or when the AP isn't getting it done.
  3. Can't wait for Christmas....

    Ah...Taeyeon....one of the Soshi nine. With that voice...Oh that voice...the voice of an angel:
  4. Warspite vs QE

    Tier for Tier, the QE (air spec'd) is the BEST AA BB IN THE GAME!!!! So YES! She really is THAT good. I enjoy the AA troll so much, that I get really disappointed when a MM doesn't throw me a CV. Even T8 CVs...bring it. As for tactics...I like to get away from friendly AA cover (AA CAs) and even tell the friendly CV I don't need AA support. The goal is to get the attention of the enemy CV captain. Make him see a BB noob in a slow BB off without any AA support. Watch the enemy squadrons line up...do my own positioning...then watch the planes drop like flies. When I can't do that, I try to keep my 7.2km bubble over friendlies...and swat air that is attacking them. I probably get over half my kills on air that flies through my bubble. To be clear, a determined CV captain can put a bomb or torp into you...but you can make them pay dearly for the attack. So you still gotta manage DCP and RT with that in mind. Oh, and don't forget, there is still the battle writ large to deal with. Can't get so wrapped up in the AA role that you forget your main punch. Gotta still be in the ship to ship fight. And for that...those 15 inchers are nice at T6...and the spotter gives them range punch. Note: And one last thing on the cross drop defense. Positioning is critical, especially against T8s. Put them on your stern early and designate one squadron. Then when they split, turn toward the designated squadron, keeping the non-designated on your stern. If all goes well, you will severely deplete the squadron that you are turning into (the one that you're giving a broadside torp shot to). As soon as the torps drop, designate the other squadron on your stern and try to keep it there. If you can't get them on your stern early, that's a problem. Then you put them on your bow and do just the opposite. Put your bow on the squadron that is NOT designated and designate the one your giving a broadside to. But if you get caught out like this with a T8...he can hurt you. Early positioning is critical.
  5. Ramming is a tactic, plain and simple. Use it to advantage. Avoid it when it's not to your advantage. The former is often a no brainer. The latter...that often requires much more experience...as when it's BB to BB, it is usually easier to ram someone than to avoid a ram. Avoiding a BB ram requires a player to mentally look much further into the future. I'm not talking seconds to react...I'm talking minutes...sometimes SEVERAL minutes!!!! React too late, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it other than hopping the rammer is killed before he executes the ram. A classic example is the charge ram of a bow camper. A camper can't back up faster than a rammer can charge in. And for those who play BB, you know it can take several minutes to go from reverse, to forward, to turn, and then gain enough velocity to avoid a charging BB. That's right...you gotta have that throttle pegged forward several minutes ahead of time to ensure you can avoid it.
  6. Yeah..yeah...everyone has one...but here's mine. This "design" is relatively easy to implement in software, provides the measure of protection from radar many have called for, but not so much protection that it overall negates radar, and actually has some basis on real physics (not that that is a necessity in this game, just a nice flavor if one can get there while meeting the other attribute requirements. So here we go: A radar jammer will be a consumable just like radar. It will have a time over which it is activated, a cool down period, and two range values. I'll call these range values "Jammer Range (JR)" and "Burn Through Range BTR)". As with many consumables, the activation time, cool down, and JR, and BTR will be adjustable based on tier and ship type as needed. The consumable can replace other consumables (such as smoke), but this is not a requirement. Having both the jammer and smoke is an option. Having jammer and radar is an option, but running both simultaneously won't work well operationally, it at all as you will see below. The calculations are simple, as such: 1. When activated, a jammer will affect (make ineffective) all radar (red and green) out to the Jammer Range (JR). 2. Any target within the "Burn Through Range" (BTR) of a ship "jammed" as described in (1) will be detected by that radar normally. Although the BTR isn't exactly the way the physics of burn through occurs, I believe it makes for a nice threshold of how effective jamming can be. It allows jammers to negate the long range fringe spotting radars, but becomes less effective in the close range fight where a radar can "Burn Through" the jamming. Note that BTR could also be a function of each ship's concealment rather than the radar itself, but that would be a design choice for practicality and implementation in software.
  7. Personal Rating

    Wholeheartedly agree. That is why these types of ratings are subjective. Someone "decides" what is important, gives it a weight, and....voila...a rating emerges. As for manual AA, it's not just a click. There is a positioning aspect...both strategically (where on the map I need to be) and tactically (how to maneuver during the engagement). Ship positioning is a "skill" that affects aircraft kills. The developer of the metric does not understand this "skill" piece, and subsequently dismisses aircraft kills because the kill mechanism is all RNG. That's why I say that the best overall, long term, metric is win rate. It boils it all down to one number. Sure, even that number can be subjective in some ways. But it doesn't require any subjective decisions on what should be included or not. Win rate is what it is. Well, I guess you could run solo vs division rates, but that's just for an apples to apples comparison.
  8. Radar Jammer with the following characteristics: Jams all red and green radar out to distance Y, except a jammed ship will detect a target at distance X, where X<Y. Values of X and Y are the tweak values for radar capability. Jammer will go through mountains just like radar. Note the X value pays homage to the concept of radar "burn through". Google it. A jammer's energy at a radar antenna increases/decreases as the inverse squared of distance. A radar's energy (received after reflection off a target) increases/decreases as an inverse to the fourth distance. Hence, there is a point where once a radar gets close enough to the target, it will overcome the jammer energy and detect the target. Although it pays homage to "reality" (which is never a requirement in WOWS), it is also a nice game feature in general as it provides a distance limitation. If the radar ship is close enough to a target, jamming won't help. Radar burns through. The programming calculations to execute the above should be relatively easy to implement.
  9. why does t6 get EFFED by mm?

    Yeah...it goes like this: Player gets to T6..."Wow....what's all these T8s I'm up against...man, I can't wait to get to T8"! Player gets to T7: "Cool, now I'm not the T6 punching bag anymore...but I still can't wait to get to T8 and own those T6s big time"! Player gets to T8: [Rubbing hands together in anticipation of crushing those T6] "Now, it's my turn to rule the roost"! [Hit the battle button, relishing the moment.....] "OMG WTH WTH OMG WTH WHERE DID ALL THESE T10s COME FROM"?
  10. Player psychology in battles.

    Ah...yes....many times it's due to the "Comfort Factor". Your teammates are lulled into a comfortable position not recognizing their other flank is greatly outnumbered and holding on for dear life.
  11. Konig Albert is a mistake

    Oh...I forgot you couldn't see if it was co-op or not. That five player game was a Random match...and only one BB (each side) and T3 match to boot.
  12. ...when I'll get coal in my stocking!
  13. Konig Albert is a mistake

    Took her out tonight for grins, and this is what MM gave me:
  14. Konig Albert is a mistake

    Marketing 101. 1. Tell everyone it's going away because it's OP. Everyone rushes to buy it before it's gone. 2. Wait several months. Bring it back for a "limited time". Everyone that missed the first opportunity, rushes to buy it. What really make KA a great ship is it's a Premium that can take any captain. Veterans, who already have an experience advantage at T3, get to double down on that experience with a 19 point captain. And even throw in Premium consumables and some flags to boot!!!
  15. LoL, I got TWO spotting plane mods last week. One in a Halsey SC and one in a random SC.