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  1. It's all part of the business model. Higher tiers cost more in every way. Premium time, Eco camo (soon to be Eco *), and Eco flags all factor in. Pretty easy to turn a profit, even at T11 with all the Eco benefits. But that's the catch. Eco benefits ultimately maps to real money. Granted, you can get these free. But free often runs out. So a little bit of real dollars is needed. Pays for the game.
  2. Soshi_Sone

    I Cant Play Random Anymore

    T10 meta is campy. That's just the way it is. Some ships you just gotta go with the meta. Some you can try to be aggressive, but even then you can't yolo. Mid tiers are less campy, so that's a good place to play if camping isn't your style.
  3. Soshi_Sone

    Harbin Ranked... Challenge accepted

    If I did the math correctly: Priority Reinforcement plus DFAA will yield the following: 6km: 513 3.5km 1305 2km: 1958 Flak burst is in the 2K range normal, so north of 6K on DFAA, with 13 bursts.
  4. Soshi_Sone

    Harbin Ranked... Challenge accepted

    Work the numbers, Sejong in AA build is an AA god!!!! THIRTEEN Flak burst...yikes. And for those who know how to avoid those...the constant aura with AA build is phenomenal. Hell, I chase squadrons in my Sejong.
  5. Soshi_Sone

    Harbin Ranked... Challenge accepted

    What's your equip and Capt's build? Any changes for Random? On a side note, when you get to Sejong, check out its air spec stats.
  6. Soshi_Sone

    New Acoustics mechanic

    Kinda OP, but it only works in calms seas. .
  7. Soshi_Sone

    Do we have to pay to win?

    I'm guessing this is sarcasm. The best way to LOSE, is to pay to win by paying for high tier ships one doesn't know how to play. A top tier ship (which a T11 is always top tier) must carry more for the team than a lower tier ship. In the hands of a an inexperienced player, that is a team liability and ultimately a contributor to a team LOSS. I'll take an experienced player in a bottom tier ship on my team over an inexperienced player in a top tier ship. If I'm top tier and don't rate a top 3 position (win or lose) in Random, I feel like I didn't do my job...with some exceptions.
  8. Yeah, I've always felt the 31mm on the CA rear was the unique buff compared to others in tier. When kiting, 16 inchers don't overmatch, resulting in bounces. Gives the ship a bit more survivability in such circumstances.
  9. Soshi_Sone

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    IMHO opinion, tier-for-tier, Bearn is the best DD killer in the game. T8 thorugh T5 (and the occasional fail T4), those skip bombs are killers. And on the poor AA DDs, you get FOUR PASSES...say that again....FOUR! You gotta get good at dropping the skip bombs...but once you get it down on the DDs...you can wreck 'em. I also have a liking for Tiger 59. I know a lot of folks poo poo it...but it's a great DD hunter because the detected range is basically radar range. If you get spotted, you radar them. And as you also have smoke...you flip the smoke/gun spam rules on the DD. It has super heal and can tank 14 inchers. However, you need a DD mindset when working the smoke. So if you don't like to play DDs (which helps one learn smoke positioning tactics), you might have a learning curve to avoid getting torp gobsmacked in smoke. It combs nicely.
  10. Soshi_Sone

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    Most maps have terrain in the back of the map or other mid range locations that a CV can snuggle up to. Prevents CV snipes from big guns BBs as well as engagement vectors for subs. Can't just go and done. Still gotta watch what's going down as the game progresses and make a move. Gotta track DD locations (or lack thereof)...same goes for subs. A sub that isn't detected...or doesn't detect anyone (a good player will call it out as it's often obvious), then it's either AFK or on a hunt...and that hunt might be the CV.
  11. Soshi_Sone

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    CVs have multiple anti-sub features: 1. They are mostly back field ships. 2. They are mostly cover (terrain) ships. 3. They are screened ships. 4. T'hey have auto DCP. 5. They are good at spotting subs 6. With some exceptions, they are fast If a sub captain can get into position and score despite all six of the above, nine times out of ten one of the following is the result: A. The CV captain failed to take proper countermeasures. B. The sub captain squandered other opportunities in order to go on a CV hunt, resulting in a net negative for the team. C. The game is decided by factors outside the CV/Sub interaction.
  12. Soshi_Sone

    DDs without Torps

    Friesland/Gruningen Druid Ragnar Anyone else?
  13. Soshi_Sone

    Steel Ships, how to get steel quickest

    Already stated, but Ranked is one of the best ways as it is pretty much a constant activity. Takes time, but if you are a long term player, you'll get there. Snowflakes is good too, but it's seasonal.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0B3mvYMHOk
  15. Soshi_Sone


    I got this one a few weeks ago. It's a tough play. Very situational with many variables dictating strategy. I don't division, but it seems there might be a good mix of using this ship with a division...perhaps a DD and a radar cruiser. Might make a good DD kill group...or a smoking spam group. Solo, it seems too limited. Almost relying upon the enemy to make a mistake in order to make a decent impact on battle. I guess the best thing unlocking it has done for me is to show my how easy it is to kill it when I'm playing against one. And the need to keep track of its location in a general way (sort of like you have to do with Asashio). It has some ninja capabilities, but these are situational and often require an opponent to make mistakes. Very hard to set these up. After about 30 games, I'm starting to slip into a good play style. We'll see. Very different than my normal aggressive style.