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  1. Soshi_Sone

    The much misunderstood Tiger 59

    Yeah...I noticed this. Lots of negative press. But a few of those players seem to have figured it out...several better then me. Well, it's conceal/radar range fits into an interesting niche at T10. Yes...T10. While there are many radar cruisers that shoot radar further, particularly the RU line, these ships seem to play very conservatively in the early game...as there are often hungry BBs looking for an easy kill. While there are some comparable T8 detect/radar cruisers, they don't have smoke. So they too play conservative in the early game. Enter Tiger 59...one of the few cruisers that can push up early in T10 games, without worrying much about radar, and the ability to smoke up upon detection by any DDs and Radar them! I've had many T10 games where we go up a DD early in the match with this strategy. Now, got to be careful that those RU CAs can't radar from cover...so it takes a good look at the map and the hide points and related ranges. And gotta note any division matching DD smokers and radar cruisers...they can net the same thing Tiger brings to the fight and then some! But haven't run into this yet. And when a DD doesn't show at the cap, guess who gets the cap? Little ole Tiger. I get a good share of early caps in T10 matches. It's EASIER than when Tiger is top tier because T10 is a more conservative tier than T8. Tiger can take advantage of that. It's little things like this that make Tiger work well. Hunt down DDs...EARLY! Get an early cap. Just one of an assortment of the "swiss army knife" functions Tiger offers.
  2. Not that I'm knocking those who've never played it, but the feedback I get in game is pretty much a reflection that few understand how this ship operates. I get condolences when bottom tier...yet, she really shines in T10 matches. There are ways to play her that greatly magnify her attributes in the T10 match. Some techniques are VERY powerful. And then I get feedback about being out of position, either too far back...or too far forward. Again, there is a place to be with Tiger...and sometimes it's at a distance and other times it's up front. And, of course, somewhere inbetween. But based on the feedback, folks just don't understand the ship. On the plus side, this works on both sides of the coin. Reds don't either. And until they do, more dinner for the tiger.
  3. ...taken away in the last few seconds. Sigh. It was monumental. The best last minute comeback ever. Pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. And in those last few seconds, a BB rounds the corner, targets, fires...deleted...points flip...Defeat. And the really nasty part. After pulling out the miracle of events that got me to that point...the level of emotions from defeat to exhaustion to the amazing kill that flipped points for our win....and a sigh of relief and that we had it won....if I had just had the presence of mind to pop my radar (still had a charge), I would have seen the BB headed to the terrain corner in sufficient time to adjust my vector sufficiently to keep terrain blockage for the few remaining seconds necessary to pull out the win. So...in the final analysis....not only did I play to pull out an amazing win....I made the final critical mistake that gave us the loss. It would have been glorious.
  4. Soshi_Sone

    Broken MM

    LOL...print screen key. But be careful. My print screen key is right next to a power button. I've been in battle and reached to hit the print screen and fumble fingered the adjacent power button...oops! I have the power button covered so it can't be depressed now.
  5. 40 torp hits? WOW...Asashio just got a big boost. Half my torp shots at the moment are limited due to potential friendlies in line of fire. Now..I can unload a full spread at range and not worry about the few that "might" hit a friendly.
  6. You know they have to be researching it. It's the next big thing. Many of the new features in WOWS are somewhat adaptable to the post WWII environment. Gotta be somewhere on their radar...no pun intended.
  7. Soshi_Sone

    Something Broken with Devstrike award

    Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. I'm guessing there is a routine that sometimes (but not always) runs during damage allocation that causes the circumvention of the DS check routine or somehow zeros out or redefines the variables used to calculate it.
  8. As others have noted, radar can be managed. I play both sides of the coin. I play radar ships...and I play ships that are typically the target of radar. It takes some thinking no matter which side you're playing. As a radar ship, it's one more thing in my arsenal of "weapons" that can be used in certain situations. As a ship on the receiving end, it's one more thing I have to consider when executing what I need to do. Now, some players make my radar job easy. They play into MY GAME. They maneuver and position where I can get them...and I do get them. Then there are those who make my radar job harder. They play THEIR game. They maneuver and position where I can't radar them, or when I do, they don't take much or any damage. On the other side of the coin, some radar ships make my job easier because they show where they are located, or pop radar when they can't get me. Then there are others who remain coy, and try to work position and maneuver to pop radar when it is most beneficial to them and their team. Radar is just one of MANY factors a player needs to factor in to how they play a match. This factoring is a SKILL. It requires an understanding of the dynamics involved. It requires a basic understanding of which ships carry radar. It requires a basic understanding of maps. I could go on and on. All of this understanding comes with playing the game. I got burned a lot by radar as I was learning about. Now, I seldom get caught out. WOWS is a fun game because it encompasses a LOT of factors. Radar being one of those factors. And as most who respond to this thread have noted, it is a very manageable effect. Might not be easy at first. One might get caught out by radar many times before one figures out how to work around it. But that's the game. Lastly, if learning to manage radar is not a person's bucket of tea. If working around the feature results in an unfun experience that is not otherwise overcome by the other fun factors. Then WOWS is not the game for that person. Everyone does't like WOWS, for a host of reasons. If radar ruins it for a person. It's not fun. That's fine. In that case, I'd suggest moving on to something that is fun. Nothing wrong with that. If I didn't have fun playing WOWS, I would not be here. I'd move on to something else. Radar is here to stay. It's an integral part of a fun (to me) game. To each their own. Find your fun. Have fun.
  9. Here's a game. Warning. Most Tiger replays are kinda boring. No spectacular alpha strikes. Collections of low damage shots. A good bit of quiet down time. So there really are no seminal moments of victory. Just a collection of events that, in aggregate, march slowly toward victory. It's a thinking man's ship. And thinking doesn't play well for presentation purposes. That said, I've annotated this video with some of my thoughts as it unfolded. Still boring, but not as much as just watching a vid. This is a T10 (5/3/4) match. I never really worry about being T8 in T10 matches, and with Tiger, I worry even LESS than normal. She is a great utility cruiser...so the more T10 and T9 ships that can take advantage of the utility, the better. Furthermore, T10 ships, particularly cruisers, tend to play very conservatively due to the enhanced alpha of BBs at this tier. As most of Tiger early threats are radar ships, and most of those are cruisers, (that tend to stay back or with terrain protection) the Tiger can deliver a closer cruiser experience for the green DDs than other cruisers. The trick is finding a location that can't be covered by red radar (from terrain protected cruisers), but can deliver Tiger radar over a cap with smoke protected positioning. I was going for this strategy in the match below, but kinda got side tracked, as explained in the video. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_ATXd854ng
  10. Soshi_Sone

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    Most of the ships I like to play tend to be old style or old lines. At the competition level (clan battles), power creep margins are recognized, and the meta will drive the best to the best ships. At the random level of play, the margin is mostly lost in the noise of the match itself. I perform better in my old line ships than I do new lines, because I know the old lines I play so well. Unless the new line offers me something I'm interested in from a gaming standpoint, I'm happy to go old style. I'll still play new lines to get an understanding of how they play. And some might be added to my play rotation. But I'm perpetually in the old line because even the new lines I adopt are old line by the time I figure them out.
  11. Soshi_Sone

    A word with you

    Those moments when you overshoot your smoke, go quiet to avoid getting focused...finally back back in...and take a broadside full of torps. I've done this TWICE this past week. The ultimate rookie mistake. Reality has a way of teaching one to pay attention to the rules. Rule 1: Do NOT overshoot your smoke (EVERYONE who plays RN smokers knows exactly what I mean here), Rule 2: Do NOT go broadside in smoke (aka torp magnet). Rule 3: Try to get your butt toward the threat as soon as possible (but AFTER the first round of incoming shells). Rule 4: Be cognizant of the cross/flank threat, and depart smoke appropriately. I've discovered if you break Rule 1, that tends to cascade into breaking Rule 2, and subsequently Rule 3...which makes Rule 4 moot. As for Rule 3, although bow in is the other option, at some point you gotta plan your exit. And if the front threat can't be pushed, you gotta turn away...which means violating Rule 2 at a high torp threat moment. Although a bow in edge hug can help the turn out (broadside is outside the smoke...and often outside the torp spread), if anyone is in spot range then you become BB broadside meat. The tail in method allows a torp dodge and easy early (if necessary) escape without exposing broadside to torps or BBs. Note: Knowing how DDs operate (their capabilities and limitations...particularly from the captain's chair) is crucial when playing. Both for avoiding their torps and in executing DD-like escape maneuvers with Tiger. You see from above, all the mental gymnastic this ship brings...if that's your bucket of tea.
  12. Soshi_Sone

    A word with you

    I have some of my really good games, but the replays aren't very cool. Kinda boring to watch. Fun to play. Boring to replay.
  13. Soshi_Sone

    A word with you

    Sort of. The Tiger is a weird ship, with a lot of ways to make it work...and a lot of ways to potato. I've been on both sides of that equation of late.
  14. Soshi_Sone

    A word with you

    T10, Tiger would like a word with you... T8, Tiger would like a word with you... T9...none tonight.
  15. Soshi_Sone

    Epitome of a T8 Utility Cruiser

    Yes, I didn't catch that one. Haven't really researched it (in the traditional sense of the word) either. But first first looks seems it should be able to pull it off. On the flip side, as there is a certain probability of a FUBAR when attempting this (there are smart enemies out there), I'd rather FUBAR my T8 in a T10, than FUBAR my T10 in a T10. But yeah....if those guns are lined up when the DD is lit...oh my. Should be able to toast them in short order. And those torps are nice. Any Plymouth drivers out there? Do you push the early open caps in T10 matches?