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  1. Soshi_Sone

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    It's an above average T5 BB captain'd by a lot of above average/experienced players. I consider T5 the cap end of seal club tiers. A good ship...good captains...and a good bit of seal club MM. A powerful winning combo for the tier.
  2. Soshi_Sone

    Why you will never get Missouri

    I never get manipulated.... Krasny Krym.....Krispy Krym......Krispy Kreme....
  3. It's been the case for everyone who began playing or using spotter planes over the last couple of years or so. Prior to that time, the zoom was ALWAYS to the locked ship range. Somewhere along the line, during a patch, they changed the zoom variable from ship range to cursor range. When this first happened, I thought I was doing something wrong to mess up the zoom; I originally concluded user error? It wasn't until this persisted and others began to comment on it in the forums that I realized that WG messed it up; not user error. As several patches had occurred by the time I concluded a bug had been introduced, I was never able to nail down which patch did it. At first I didn't know what was causing it. How the bug was manifested? Then someone identified the cursor range as the zoom point. That was the epiphany I needed!!!! I experimented and validated the claim. Any cursor position on the horizon is infinite in terms of ocean range...that's when you get the edge of map. If you place the cursor at a range on the ocean and zoom...it will zoom to that range. This works when there is LOS to the target, but when terrain intervenes...not much you can do. As I know how it was before...and I validated how it works after....it's obvious a change did indeed occur. Again, unless you used the spotter in the early days of the game, you will never have experienced the way it worked before. EVERYONE who joined after WG bugged it won't notice it's bugged....to them it's the way it has always been. As is often the case of a bug that persists for years....a bug of two years ago eventually becomes "working as intended" today. The original way becomes folklore, remembered by fewer and fewer players as the game progresses. Zooming to infinity is ludicrous when a ship is locked. I went three rounds with WG on this via a support ticket a year or so ago and I eventually just gave up. They refuse to fix it...or even recognize it as a bug. I post on these threads to keep the memory alive. Maybe one day, someone at WG will see the light, have their own epiphany...and fix it.
  4. I hope you viewed my replays. Both show my aggressive BB style. I admit sometimes I'm TOO aggressive. But I picked two replays that show a very balanced style...pushing forward and anchoring the team. Both instances included very good team play...with excellent CA and DD support. The latter shows how to take a bottom tier Bismarck, drive into a cap (with support, of course...not a yolo), find good cover and stalemate a front that has superior firepower while the rest of you team steamrolls the other front. I eventually had to limp away battered in retreat, just as my team from the other flank was riding to the rescue. Not every game requires (or suggests) a push like those in my replays. It all depends on MM, and how things unfold. I'm always looking to push...but the key is good intel....assess...and execute. Sometimes it's a push..sometimes a hold...and sometimes a kite...and combinations thereof.
  5. We don't need no stink'n superior numbers or superior firepower. Charge!!!! Oh crap...back up back up back up. Look at all those torps. Back up back up back up. Burn a little. Flood a little. Mano mano T8 to T10 a little. Charge again. Burn some more. hydro a DD. Run from a DD. Shoot at DD. Run run run some more. 20181207_013646_PGSB108-Bismarck_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  6. Bring it baby!!!! 20181207_212947_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  7. Soshi_Sone

    New Player Advice Requested!

    Okt R is a very fine ship, but I got her after I had a lot of experience with BBs. I place her next to the Cesare as the best T5 in tier. I air spec her. For a T5 BB, she actually has pretty good AA in tier. Not as good as Texas...but enough to thin out attacks. They key to defeating air attacks is mini-map awareness. Over time, it will become automatic. Mini-map is your 360 degrees eyes. When you're looking around in 3D...or scoped in....the field is very narrow. So the mini-map is critical to maintain the necessary SA to avoid or mitigate threats. In a BB, you must begin mitigation maneuvers very early. Either to get your bow into the TBDs...or if time and situation allows, a stern position. The latter even better if you're air spec'd. The Okt R "ace" is the DCP is very short cooldown. The downside, is you have limited number of DCP on this ship. So a critical part of playing to this strength is you must run Premium DCP and run the captain skill that gives you extra expendables. Very hard to burn down or flood out an Okt R played to this strength. Lastly, the Okt R has one of the best bow angle armor of any T5 BBs. Most T5 BB bows can be overmatched (look up this term in WOWS vernacular if you don't know about it) by eleven inch shells! That's right...I bow pen T5 BBs in my Graf Spee cruiser all the time. If you look at the bow armor of the Okt R, it has a reinforced skirt that can withstand overmatch of even 16 inch guns you might get from some of the T6 or T7 ships. Granted, they can still get through if they don't hit the skirt....but when angled well, that skirt works wonderfully. This allows the Okt R to get in a bow angle duel with higher tier ships and hold its own. And if it becomes an HE feast, the Okt R DCP advantage can win the day. Against most T5 BBs...you can overmatch their bow all day, while their shots bounce off yours. All the advantages above said, don't get caught out broadside. Like most T5 BBs, that's the Okt R Achilles heel. This is very important when T6 or T7 BBs are in the match...as they can extract a painful penalty on a broadside salvo. And it doesn't do well skirmishing with DDs either. Again, this is an SA thing. Don't get caught in a closing battle with a healthy DD or it will own you. You usually must put the DD in trail to beat them, and like countering AA threats, you have to be maneuvering into that position before it's too late.
  8. I'll check the replay later, but I can say from previous experience that the method of destruction is sometimes in error. Many reports of ships being destroyed by torpedoes where the source (ship) of destruction doesn't even have torps. The destruction method can also be a function of the damage tic system. If you are on fire, and flooding, and get struck by a round and a torpedo...the method of destruction could be any of the four instances of damage...depending on what damage was ticking when the destruction occurred. And as mentioned at first, the source and the method can be mutually exclusive.
  9. I'm a BB main. In general, the biggest threat from a DD is the DD I don't know is there. So...please fire at me...so I'll know where the torps are coming from. I don't remember the last time I thought "Damn...this DD is burning me down". Many have already made good suggestions....spec for fire. Manage DCP and RT. Then put on the KM BB jacket and get aggressive. I hunt DDs in my KM line. The smart one's run. You think radar is bad in a DD...radar where you can sometimes hang on until it runs out....get caught in hydro from an angry KM BB. From a DD's perspective, hydro never runs out; it's like an infinite detect time. It's either escape or die. There is no wait. Oh, and if the fire spec is still causing issue, get the Okt R. Although it's DCP can run out, the cool down is very short duration. I don't even run the fire flag, because I almost never run out of DCP and never need to let burn past the DT repair delta.
  10. Soshi_Sone

    Well..Wikipedia dun [edited] up!

    "Bad Guy" perspective of December 7. "We kicked [edit]"
  11. Soshi_Sone

    Hey Quick Question

    Quick Answer: One often does not know how to play that which they do not play.
  12. Soshi_Sone

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    Manage DCP properly, and flooding isn't a problem. When I first played this game, and for maybe 1000 games as a BB main, flooding got me several times. Now, flooding almost never gets me. The key? Situational awareness and knowing when NOT to use DCP. I'm an aggressive BB player and have no qualms pushing a cap with enemy DDs present, especially in the KM line. Know the threat vectors. Use hydro. Don't blow DCP on fire when in torp infested waters. Learn to mitigate torp threats when DCP is on cool down. I don't even carry the 20% flood reduction time flag, because I never seem to need it. Granted...there are times I get caught out. It happens. But those are few a far between.
  13. Soshi_Sone

    leaning to spot

    It's best to use this sparingly...but I use it when the team can use it. In fact, it's often how CAs and BBs can help the DDs up front early in the game. My CA or BB is often spotted by the enemy DD, while my friendly DD is unspotted. By clicking on the boxes my detection circle flows across (as soon as I'm detected), this lets my friendly DD know there is a ship (probably a DD) in those boxes. I can sometimes even spot the exact box as the enemy ship transitions through blocking terrain. Just observe the line of site on my minimap across the edge of the terrain and see where that line intersects my detection ring. If not the exact box, then at least the boxes along the LOS from the terrain's edge to my detection ring. The primary method I use as a radar CA is my detection range. Most of my radar CAs have a radar range that is barely under my detection ring. If I get detected....then unless the DD is holding steady in that small delta range between detection and radar (hard to do when I'm barreling forward), then a radar pop will detect him. Wily DDs will runs a course perpendicular to the threat vector (my CA), and as soon as I'm detected, they will haul butt away, hoping I'll pop radar as soon as I'm detected. I try to factor this strategy into my radar approach. Another method is to find good terrain where I can hide and my radar will cover a cap. Even better...terrain where I can hide as the DDs enters the cap...then I can move a little bit...to get LOS...then pop radar and unload on the DD. A guaranteed if my radar circle covers the cap. I seldom radar smoke unless it's obvious I've got coverage. One thing I use is the last known position of the DD on the mini-map. If it's fresh (i.e., the DD recently popped smoke) and that last position is within my radar range...I'll pop radar. If the DD is shooting from smoke, I can sometimes get an approximate range...I'll only pop radar in this instance if It's obvious I have good coverage.