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  1. Hula dancers on island three of The Solomons.
  2. I've determined that, once a Des Moines is spotted, all shells previously fired at other ships and still in flight will automatically alter their course and head toward the Des Moines.
  3. Actually, my debate is more about how science is performed, not the object of the science. A "true" scientist FOLLOWS THE SCIENCE...and (for the most part) does not get wrapped up in any particular state of science as we know it at a particular time. I am very open to both sides of a scientific debate. I'm more interested in whether or not those debating the issue are following proper scientific methods, of which "the" Scientific Method is paramount. The beauty of this approach is I don't really need to be good at a wide variety of science topics. Rather, I just need to be good at determining whether the scientist presented the topic is using the proper methods. The method is the same across varied topics. I'm not debating whether [Insert the Science Issue of the Day Here] is real or not. Just that there are ways to build on the science. And if I don't see the proper methods being used...for it...or against it....then that's where I throw the penalty flag. Not on the issue itself...but on the process by which it was/is established. Again...side does not matter.
  4. I don't camp. I like to push. So I'm running Yamato..and I'm pushing. What do I get in chat...."GET BACK". I look around...and everyone...including the DDs and CAs are sitting on a camp line. I'm like...wth? So I start the slow cumbersome retreat from push...only to get surprised by TWO (not one...but TWO) enemy DDs who have not only managed to cap the center cap...but have the leisure time to meander over to the cap I was headed toward and begin to cap that one too. Again wth team? I got toasted, but not before taking one DD down and hurting the other one. We lost...with our team stretched out along a camp line while red simply marched in and capped all three caps. Frustrated at this lack of push, I gen up my Montana. Spawn with a DD and CA in front of "A" cap. I let them know I'm fed up with the camp meta and I'm headed for A. They seem pleased...we roll that cap, flank the enemy...and win pretty easily. Yeah..yeah...I know every game isn't a push in a T10 BB. But C'mon...telling a Yamato to get back 2 minutes in....something ain't right.
  5. Works for me.
  6. They are all entertaining. I can't really say which one is preferred using that metric.
  7. The Scientific Method (for those who have not been introduced to it, please do look it up) is founded upon an exhaustive search for all things that are CONTRARY to the "science" at hand. This is levied not only on the scientist who proposes the "science", but even more so on his peers. A scientist's peers are ENCOURAGED to propose ANY and ALL counter arguments to the science at hand. A science has been put forth..."man made climate change will destroy the planet...or at least our ability to live on it". Those who put it forth should look for ANY and ALL counter arguments in an exhaustive attempt to ensure there are no other explanations for their conclusions. Having done that, other scientists should do the same. This DOES NOT STOP. This continues. Newtonian mechanics was ESTABLISHED science for centuries before a man by the name of Einstein blew it out of the water with a proposal that many thought was crazy. One might have labeled him a Newtonian Denialist. Proposing alternatives to established science is SCIENCE itself. To label those who challenge the science as "denialist" is not the furtherance of science, it is its very destruction. Even more so when challenging science becomes dangerous to one's freedom and well being. Ergo, the "church" requirement that Galileo DENOUNCE that the earth was not the center of the universe but itself revolving around the sun. One might have (the "church actually did!) label him a earth-centric denialist. The beauty of the Scientific Method is it is agnostic to the science at hand. It applies to ALL science. Be it the science of Galileo, Einstein...or even the science of our day...global warming.
  8. Whine is what you get when gripes are allowed to ferment.
  9. Too many folks confuse "climate change" with "man's contribution to climate change". The former is based on centuries...even eons (using ice cores) as records. The latter...from the simple fact we really haven't been around that long (forget industrial revolution...I'm talking as a species) as measured against the age of the earth...that's a bit more difficult to ascertain. Even more so now that it is a political football where most of the proponent and opponents are political figures or entertainers. Because we all know, when it comes to science, it's politicians and entertainers who know it best. Scientific method? The antithesis of the politician. Literally the polar opposite. Oh, and let's just roll it out for the next several billions years...as the sun enters its red star phase. It will most likely expand to engulf the earth. Consumed by...literally incinerated...by the sun. Now that's what I call GLOBAL WARMING!!!!
  10. Let's live on the coast. What are the odds of a hurricane hitting where I live?
  11. Welcome back. Of course, if your title is your life, one week without running water or electricity was probably a cake walk. And yes, it often is the little things...not so much because of the "thing itself", but the thought behind it.
  12. For eons humans have evolved based on the need to survive. To WIN. But not win in the sense we know today per se. Winning many centuries ago was the difference between life and death. Win...survive. Lose...die. Really die. End. Over. While we have become much more civilized over time, the DNA is still there...and to a certain extent needs to be there...as survival of the species is at stake. It's just a "game"? Yes. We know it's a game. But the ability to tap those survival instincts are as vital to winning a "game" today as they were to surviving long ago. And toxicity in deed and word are a byproduct of tapping those instincts. OP is correct in that the biggest schism is between casual players (who might not even care if they win...don't desire to tap that WILL TO WIN) and those who are playing to win. There really is no way to prevent this schism. Because as soon as that is removed (say, by having all-clan matches)...the toxicity just moves to a different level. The best fix..is...maturity. And that only comes with time...a long time...years. Maturity...the ability to disconnect from the survival instinct and kick in the "civilized" instinct. That requires experience well beyond WOWS. So no matter what you do in WOWS...it won't get fixed. It might morph somewhat. But it won't go away. Personally, I really enjoy this game. I either don't see a lot of toxicity...or I have an innate ability to ignore it without seeing it. What little I do see is no more than what I see in any sport..be it electronic or physical. So press on..I say. Press on. Have fun. Have the will to win...I hope. But if casual is your style...so be it (just don't get upset when I say push push push). Enjoy!
  13. Actually, it's more simpler than that. Play with ME!!!!
  14. Exactly! There are two pre-match things I look for when driving a Yamato (or any BB for that matter). 1. CVs in play? 2. Number of DDs in play? Both of those must be managed when it comes to tactics. Both can put a lot of hurt on a static (or near static) BB. Even in a BB...speed is life. The fact some CVs have AP bombers doesn't really change the paradigm. In the same way one needs to be moving in order to properly respond to a TBD attack....one needs to be moving to respond to an SBD attack (even more so vs AP SBDs).