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  1. Soshi_Sone

    Best game EVER!

    Well, best ever board game covering the pacific theater. Oldie...but still the best!
  2. Soshi_Sone

    shell color tracer

    Yamamoto FTW!!!!
  3. Soshi_Sone

    Tier 4 - SIX CV's???

    They really should do these CV dumps into 4/5 matches rather than 4 matches. Many five ships have good enough AA to make for a good scrap. I love three T4 CVs when running Exeter.
  4. Soshi_Sone

    whats your opinion

    Bismarck. Good brawler. Can drive caps early and go mano mano with DDs, using hydro to beat torps and dispatch CAs that push up. With DD and CA support, makes an excellent center of gravity for a push when top tier. Up tiers very nicely, once one figures out how to modify its play style to work against stronger opponents. If you like to be in the middle of the action...and/or FORCE the action you want...it's a great ship.
  5. Soshi_Sone

    mmm vs XVM

  6. I don't recall WG ever telling us the algorithm...probably for good reasons. Use it as a ROUGH approximation of capabilities. Don't take it for gospel.
  7. Soshi_Sone

    Trading Steel for coal

    Hold on to the steel. Seriously. You might be tempted to get the coal. Don't do it...even if you never think you'll need the steel. Because when the day comes when you find out steel is useful, you won't have any...or won't have enough.
  8. Soshi_Sone

    Map tactics...

    Borders give flank protection, while providing flanking opportunity. Whether it's a good place to be depends on the map, the battle type, the MM mix, and the evolving nature of the match itself. The problem I see is not so much players using the border for good positioning, but getting fixated on that position without transitioning based on the overall development of the match. For example, if a group has local superiority, it's important to know when and how to transition from the border position into a overrun push. Sitting on the border with superior numbers means your team is likely stressed on another flank and is subject to overrun themselves. That said, if you're winning the attrition battle from a border position, without a significant points bleed on caps and your other flank secured, then sticking to that status quo is fine. Work the attrition. Then it's just a mop up exercise. Again, knowing when it's good to be there and when it's time to move. That is critical!
  9. Soshi_Sone

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    Like most ships in WOWS, it has a play style. Play the style it's designed for, and it does well. Try to force it into a style it's not designed for, and it tends to do poorly. When I moved through the tiers many moons ago I did poorly in Colorado. Didn't really like it. Going from twelve guns to eight guns just seemed....wrong. And I looked forward to the NC with nine...but SIX in front. After I learned the BB ropes, I re-visited my Colorado and discovered a really beautiful ship and a fun play style. Same for West Virginia. Two beauties.
  10. Soshi_Sone

    What is RNG

    In other words, if you can cherry pic your videos, it makes you look like a hot gun. The following video is an example. I could play that situation a hundred or more times and I would probably not exceed the result I achieved in those opening moments. Of course, you would never see those hundred other times because showing a bunch of shells straddling a ship at long range is ho hum normal ops. You get that every day; it's NORMAL. It's only when I get something extraordinary is it worthy of video or posting. As viewers only see these extraordinary videos, it makes the gamer look...well...extraordinary. On a final note, you still gotta give RNG the CHANCE! If I never fired, the following would NEVER have happened. If I didn't put the enemy ship within the dispersion pattern of my shells...again, it would never happen.
  11. Soshi_Sone

    War in Space?

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2020 WAR in SPACE Wargaming Group Limited, the developer of famous online multi-player games such as World of Tanks and World of Warships announced today the development of a new battleground series, War in Space. Now players can captain starships as they maneuver and fight for space supremacy. Ships are exquisitely modeled in terms of size, armor, and various technical characteristics. This includes accurately modeled ship radar cross sections that varies based on direction, exotic sensors, emissions detection and control, communications and fire control jamming, and chaff. Weapons include directed energy, missiles, mines, and a few other surprises. According to product developer, Andy Fisher, WIS will have the same twenty-minute gaming experience of its other flag ship products. “This seems to be the sweet spot in our community today”. Expect early release sometime in the last quarter of this year. It will be Another Fantastic addition to an Already Famous line of games. ###
  12. Soshi_Sone

    What is RNG

    RNG is a "random number generator". At a "modeling" conceptual level, RNG is used to assist in the modeling of variables that are unknown or to model the inability to determine or account for variables in an activity. For example, in real life ship artillery, there are many variables that are simply not known in the fire solution. Barrel wear...charge variability...tolerance variability in the size/weight of the shell, atmospherics (baro pressure, wind, rain..not just where you're at, but along the flight path), tolerance in ship roll mitigation (sea state). Those are just the few I can think of at the moment. Even in real life, there is no way to know all these variables. Now, take a computer model of a shell fired and in flight. When modeling something in a computer, the only variables are those the modeler puts in the model. All the variables I mentioned above are NOT directly modeled in WOWS. There is no model for differences in size/weight of shells...differences in charge, atmospherics, ship roll (sea state) or any of a hundred other variables that affect the shells trajectory. In the computer model, the shell can be computed using perfect initial conditions, known to 64 bits of accuracy (or more, if so desired)! The shell can be propagated using simple Newtonian physics, unencumbered by atmosphere. The entire trajectory can be PRECISELY determined, and an impact point computed to virtual micrometers. So...how can a WOWS modeler account for all those variables without actually modeling them? In aggregate, those variables ultimately lead to a dispersion of where the shells will land. Instead of modeling a hundred variables, which will lead to a particular dispersion pattern, the modeler can skip all that modeling (and all the computing power and time it would take) and instead just model the dispersion pattern itself. This can be done by giving each shell a little random "kick" as it leave the barrel. This changes the initial conditions of the shell such that even though every shell can be projected using the exact same PERFECT newtonian trajectory model, each shell lands at a different point (determined by its initial state...with its random kick). The modeler can tweak the random kick to get whatever end state dispersion spread is desired. In real world modeling, the random kick would be based on live fire tests of the weapon. In the modeling world of WOWS, the random kick can be based on the decision of the developer. Such as giving low tier ships a much bigger kick (to add more randomness in low tiers, which mitigates seal clubbing), and smaller kicks in higher tier ships to give more weight to aiming skill as well as the need for smaller dispersion at the longer ranges. So...how does a computer model create a random kick to apply to each shell. Over many years, the software industry has developed random number generators (RNG). These are software routines that a software developer can call when a random number is needed. In the case of WOWS, every time a shell is fired, it needs a random kick. Somewhere in the code, it gets the value of that random kick from an RNG. Again, the developer BOUNDS the size of this random kick in order to achieve a particular downrange dispersion. But when the software executes in real time, it is grabbing that bounded random value from a random number generator. At the esoteric level, there is a philosophical (and even a technical) debate on what is "random". After all, if the computer generates the value, then is it really random? How can it be random if the computer knows what it is? Suffice to say, many decades of random number theory goes into the more sophisticated random number generators. For the purpose of WOWS and its dispersion model, and its affect on what we experience in-game, we can pretty much say it's random (without getting too esoteric or technical about what is meant by random). Hence, when someone has that PERFECT shot lined up on the citadel of an enemy ship, fires a broadside aimed at that PERFECT point...and the shells land all around that PERFECT aim point...the firing captain exclaims multiple colorful metaphors about RNG. Basically, the random kicks of the shells created a shotgun effect...with no shell landing on the citadel aim point. On the flip side, one can have imperfect aim, and the random kick puts a shell on a trajectory that smacks the sweet spot. Lastly, don't think that NOT aiming at the sweet spot is better because of the random kick. A zero kick (a random kick that comes back zero or near zero) is one of the RNG values...so might as well put it on target and hope for the best.
  13. Soshi_Sone

    Less RNG, more reward for accuracy

    ...is the best T5 in the game! Seriously, this ship is a beast at tier. As for the SINOP engagement, if you reduced dispersion equally, with equally competent players, Cesare is going to lose that fight...it will just lose it faster than now. Cesare might be OP at T5, but it's not so OP that it can readily down T7 when those T7s are captained by competent players.