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  1. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    For those who have played M:TG or other similar TCG or CCG games, you might have come across the situation where you draw multiple cards of the exact same type one after another. I forgot the actual stat, but take a 60 card deck filled with 15 different sets of same four cards, and fully randomize (i.e., adequately shuffle) the deck. The probability of two of the same card being adjacent is not only highly likely, but there is a good chance that more than one occurrence of back to back cards exist. In fact, three in row (I forgot the percentage) was well within reason. Given a properly randomized deck, there is an EXPECTATION to get a clump of the same card...back to back. Not lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be), just the nature of randomness playing out.
  2. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    If by pattern we include the concept of "runs" (a group of all wins or all loses), then over a large number of events the EXPECTATION is that you do get a run. In fact, the absence of a run, given enough events, is an indication of the absence of randomness. In the words of Nicholas Taleb (look him up), "randomness does not look random". For example, given a purely chance outcome (50/50), one can expect to get a ten game run (winning streak or losing streak) ever 1000 games. If, over several such 1000 games one did not get a 10 game run, then the lack of the streak is grounds to question the randomness of the event. Granted, that question would need to be framed in terms of probability (the likelihood of something not being random).
  3. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    With 5000 flips, here are the approximate probabilities based on random chance (50%): 51%: 8% 52%: 0.2% (i.e., one out of 500) 53%: 0.001% (i.e., one out of 100,000) 54%: greater than one in a millions. At 5000 games, you can attribute about 2% (up or down) to the vagaries of randomness. But anything beyond a 3% delta is so unlikely that we can pretty much exclude it from the discussion. Debate skill or rigged all you wish. Anything outside of 3% cannot realistically be attributed to randomness.
  4. Kurfurst secondary build.

    I play secondary builds on all my KM BBs T8 and above. As above, there are many views on the best. Don't forget to factor in play style. I'm a KM brawler. I like to push with my KM BBs. I avoid the yolo, but if the DDs are moving up...and the CAs are in good support..I'm going to be up there the best I can. It's a fun build. Is it the best? I can't say, as I've never run a different build...LoL. But it's fun...and I tend to do well in T8/9, and I'm getting better in T10. Albeit, my T10 is not yet full secondary..but will be soon.
  5. Karma

    Karma is like a "thank you". At least the positive kind. It's not a good idea to reward folks for how many thank yous they get, as then it just opens the system up for more abuse. The karma system depends on a large majority of good folk using it appropriately so as to swamp out those who use it inappropriately. Better to let it run under the auspices of good will vice under some reward system.
  6. Stop Being Useless!

    That's the point. The player did not have my situational awareness as the the DD was NOT on the minimap!!! Except for the DD, the reds were all north close to their cap. All our greens were up there too. I was just forward of our cap line located in the east. I was engaged, at mid to long range against the reds to the North...but I also had that unseen DD on my [edited]...having just watched a torp spread go by my stern. No one at our cap. No one close. If you looked at the mini-map at that moment, I can easily see how one could come to a wrong conclusion. Amagi in back (if one could call the forward cap line the back) all by its lonesome, with everyone else engaged to the north. But it wasn't everyone else....their DD was on the prowl in the east and our cap (and Me!) was the target. I even clicked the two squares of his likely presence a couple of times over the next 30 seconds. Anyone with MM awareness at that tier would know EXACTLY why those boxes were called out. When I got called out...I replied something to the effect that a DD was flanking to our cap. I had the situational awareness to know this...the minimap didn't provide the information I had in my tactical bubble; remember, I just saw a torp spread go by my stern. I played it so the DD had to go through me, or the long way around (probably not feasible due to time constraints and being out of the fight too long) to get there, while also maneuvering a bit to avoid getting a lethal torp spread up my [edited]because the DD was tracking me, but I couldn't see him and no one around to spot it. Was he headed directly toward me, looking for a torp shot? Flanking to the south side, to get a broadside shot? Headed back north to support the fighter there? I had to juggle all this information, while still tracking and engaging targets to the north, and even dodging one TBD squadron that decided to have a go. I could not turn north until the cap threat was detected or eliminated as there was NO ONE on defense but me, and NO ONE who could return to defend in time! Fortunately, I had maneuvering room, as anyone who has run a BB with an unseen stalking DD can attest...it ain't fun!!! That said, it was mentally challenging to juggle all those factors...multiple threats on multiple fronts, with the game coming down to the wire...where winning or losing hinged upon what I did over the next few minutes. Totally absorbing...and yeah...despite the pressure...fun!!! I guess my ultimate frustration is that even though I noted the DD was headed toward or cap, and I needed to defend (which I successfully accomplished), and then landed several game-winning blows, to assist in a very close victory, I was still called out in the end.
  7. Stop Being Useless!

    I had a "snowflake" day and got my feelings hurt, and needed some virtual comforting.
  8. A Change in Approach

    Losing is frustrating. Losing multiple times in a row, even more frustrating. I often ameliorate the angst, by looking at my performance. I use my "top of tier rule". Add up all the ships with tiers higher than mine, count that number down from the top of the score, and see if I'm in that group. If I'm in the group, I feel good about my performance...regardless of win or loss. If I'm not "top of tier", but within 10% of the top player, then that too is considered a good performance. Also, reconcile the fact that there are some really good players out there. I'm never going to be that good. There are some games I can't carry. There are other games I get carried. That's just the way it is. Edit: Oh, and don't forget self reflection. If I fall below tier, I ask myself...could I have done something different.... better. A day of play doesn't go by where I don't reflect on something I did poorly...or could have done better. And I sometimes still have those "Oh crap...that was stupid" moments. It hurts, but only mentally. Learn from it...try not to do it again. Over time, I've built up a pretty good "experience" base to guide myself when those situation present themselves in the future. But every day something happens to adjust that base.
  9. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    They are the Illuminati, or those who find favor therefrom, of course.
  10. Stop Being Useless!

    Example of those players who don't have a clue of the battle you're fighting and chat up that you are useless and asks the team to report you. Happened tonight. First chat up was that I wasn't in the fight....I was in the fight, just at a distance. And not camping. At the time, an enemy DD had flanked our force and I was the only ship between the DD and our undefended cap. I had just dodged a torp spread when I got the message. I had to play a dual roll of engaging the enemy in the forward fight, and keeping the DD from getting free run on our cap.. But all this player saw was an Amagi in the back...and started the chat up to report me for being useless...and to "get in the game". If I got in his game....the DD would have capped us and we would have lost. It was a close game at the end. Their DD turned away from the cap attempt and attempted to take our DD out for a points win. I caught him midway. He was almost full health. I put several rounds into him...taking his health down below half and giving our DD the HP advantage...and our DD got the kill to seal the win. Just after performing this work, as the clock tic'd down on our win...the player's final jab at me was to "stop being useless". Here's the final screen shot with the chat. That red on the mini-map is the DDs intended trajectory (about 5 minutes prior) for the cap if I had not been in position to stop him. And here's the final tally. The player calling me "useless" is circled. I rest my case:
  11. Minimap Shooting Mod

    Another "tactic" to use during cyclones is when a friendly is shooting at a spotted target but the target is not spotted by you. Although the target isn't spotted, you will see the explosion of successful hits from your friendly. By tracking these hits, you can get a lead on the target...and fire at that position. Works nicely. Perhaps one situation where a ripple fire (from the friendly with the spot) would help somewhat. But that kind of coordination requires a good comms. But even without that help, you can still pull it off.
  12. Patience is a Virtue!

    And it helps your win rate in WOWS too!!!! Two games today...up on caps...up on points...up on ships. All we have to do is concentrate and defend...make them come to us. But NOooooo....everyone wants to charge into the enemy...ONE AT A TIME....an enemy that is happy to oblige with concentrated fire...one killed...two killed...three killed. Five minutes later...down on caps...down on points...down on ship...game over. We've talked about tactical focus vision...where someone focuses on one target and loses vision on the battle at large. This is strategic focus vision...where someone doesn't recognize a game is won as long as he/she doesn't lemming into the waiting guns of the enemy. The defeated enemy has PATIENCE to wait. Let the winning enemy come to them. Patience..as the winning team loses ship after ship. Then the once defeated enemy, can leisurely advance...mopping up ships and taking the caps. I'm not talking about getting passive on defense. There are still offensive opportunities. But not into a still lethal defending force capable...with a few kills...of turning the game. Sometimes when you're winning...up on caps..up on ships...up on points....PATIENCE is the key. Strategic patience wins games.
  13. Minimap Shooting Mod

    Solid: Spotted within your visual range. Outlined: Spotted by a friendly, but not within your visual range. White: Unspotted last location. Someone on your team had it spotted. If you saw an outlined view, it was spotted but outside your visual range.
  14. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I try to do whatever I can to maximize damage on the enemy. If it's kiting/torping...or driving in for the last kill. Whatever I can do to make 'em play to win.
  15. Standard Haven. Half go right.. Half go left. Soon thereafter, I get detected from what must be a DD. The only vector is up the middle. I square detect for the team. No response. I go undetected (due to terrain blockage)...then detected again...same vector. I square detect for the team again. And a third time. No response. The game progresses. Our base begins to get capped. I pop the automated base defense request three times over a minute or so. No response. Three square detects. Three base defense warnings. Nothing...yada...zilch. No defenders. No return defenders. Game over.