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  1. I cannot think of any time I've felt "bad" about a kill. Maybe the colloquial "Poor Bastard" thought. Or..."Ouch". Or..."LoL". But "bad"... Nope. I'm here to win. And if I can cit a CA early and wipe it....so be it.
  2. Five pens on a Conq from a Monarch. That's almost equivalent to two cits.
  3. ^^^This^^^ 1. Experience (shooting). 2. Patience. 3. Pricey (mistakes). These are not mutually exclusive. Failure in (1) and/or (2), often leads to (3). In my case, I had to play a good many (painful) high tier games before I figured out how they work. That is, until I gained the experience and patience to avoid the deadly mistakes.
  4. The triad of BB design. Firepower. Armor. Speed. U.S. Doctrine, which was force projection and, in the case of the Pacific, defending the Philippines...firepower and Armor took precedence over speed. Keep in mind, all of these "Standard" designs were completed before anyone realized the role air power and carriers would play. There were also treaty restrictions that came into play. Once the gloves were off, and the role of air power and fast CVs realized, that's when you see the U.S. ramp up in speed....NC, Alabama, Iowa. The standard BBs became floating gun batteries in support of Island assaults..as well as backup naval power (a la Surigao Strait). As for WOWS, speed can be a handicap. However, the USN line below T8 isn't bad...it just requires a play style that matches that design.
  5. As an aside, that effort was significantly aided by a friendly DD who won a one-vs-one DD fight on my right flank and then turned away a flanking BB. Nothing like being able to sit in a "tanking" position and be able to leisurely pick my targets with my open flank securely in the hands of a friendly DD. And when it was time to push....he was still there covering my push. I would never have been able to achieve that level of damage without his efforts. I gave him good Karma at game end.
  6. If this ever happens again, post a screen shot. It's my understanding the MM should never be more then two tiers off in aggregate. And even then, I don't see that often. I've seen a couple of posts here with a three tier offset, and I recommended those players send in a ticket.
  7. ^^^This^^^ There is a lot of truth to this statement.
  8. I haven't made it to Lion or the Conq, but despite the relatively low caliber WG gave the Monarch, I'm still all in with AP. Didn't start a single fire. Didn't destroy a single ship. Only one Cit. All other damage were pens and over pens....wearing the reds down....one AP salvo at a time.
  9. Something to consider: With the exceptions already noted, the Tirp and Biz are very similar ships. The Scharn and the Gneis are very different. Different because WG gave the Gneis the intended six 15 inch mains (which were unavailable historically and the refit was overcome by events) while the Scharn has the historical nine 11 inch mains. Nine elevens (CA killers) versus six fifteens (BB bruisers). Hence, if variety (and the historical "what if") is part of the decision tree, this difference is something to consider.
  10. I don't play CVs. How does this happen?
  11. Ah, so you "think" you've broken one hundred. This is a computer game, where 101 is only five.
  12. Fortunately, my play style (along with Premium time and camo) seems to keep me in a nice positive credit flow. I'm currently $400 million plus and I jump into T9 or T10 whenever I feel like it...usually two or three per day...without any concern over credits. I don't know if I would recommend changing play style to earn credits. I say play to win. As for pay to play, yes there is a component of that at Tier 10. But it's not as bad as some make it out to be. First off, a healthy amount of games in the mid tiers can support a top tier habit even without premium or camo. That said, if you do run premium and camo, the top tiers will (in aggregate) turn a profit. Yes, you could stay in top tier all day and still watch your credits go up. I run camo and premium, and play a good many mid tier games (not for credits, but just for the fun of playing those ships) and my credits just keep building and building.
  13. In this case we got out to a substantial lead...and then...detonation....detonation...TK. After all that, they almost won. I was so busy on my side of the map, I don't recall the detonation/TK sequencing. My guess is one of the TKs was a detonation...probably a Leander torp. It was crazy fun. After defending our cap, I ran to help attack the red cap...but one of their DDs was unsighted for a lengthy time, so I turned around and went back to our cap...sure enough...he started capping just before I got there. Fired six torps into his smoke, and caught him.
  14. Again, I would not concentrate on the composition of ships but instead the tier offset. I do not believe WG intends to have a three tier offset. I think this is a bug in the MM, not just "poor" MM in general. There is a difference between crappy MM "in the intended design" and buggy MM "not intended in the design". I believe any time (other than a fail division) there is a three tier offset, it is the latter, not the former. And therefore, worthy of a ticket. Unless, of course, WG comes out and says a three tier offset is intended in the design. As an aside, I noticed more of these ever since WG "corrected" for fail division. Yes, I noticed WG accommodates fail divisions in the MM equation, attempting to even out the tiering. It is possible when they fixed the fail divisions, they introduced a bug.