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  1. Soshi_Sone

    Soshi's Last Post

    Good luck and Godspeed one and all!! See you in the game, but probably no where else. Caveat: This is my last post because forum is closing down. if WG decides to keep it, I'll continue to post.
  2. Alone...up hte middle...hunting the CV...and a DD bonus at the end!!!
  3. Soshi_Sone

    Blind Fire FTW

    We have the points, but there is a DD in cap. My BB is too slow to reach the cap before the win. Lost game. But never give up. I'm spotted by air so DD knows I'm coming, but all they really need to do is just stay quiet and/or run to the corner. They fire two torp salvos. So, I'm thinking two places. He either fired while moving off the torp line...or...fired and stayed on the torp line. I pop one turret on the guess he ran off the line and then popped the other turret on the torp line...
  4. Soshi_Sone

    WG what kind of crap it this????

    Not just a division, but a CLAN division! Them the breaks in Randoms. Chalk it up and move along.
  5. Soshi_Sone

    ship recommendation

    I seldom run into a CV game where I'd call it "heavily focused on aviation". I've killed many more CVs than CVs have killed me. CVs are just one of many factors that have to be accounted for in this game. There is a tremendous amout of assymetry across many different ships types and capabilities. Playing well in this game is not just pew pew pew, but in being able to grasp the full breadth of assymetry and how it applies to any particular match. Positioning and timing is as important, if not not more important, than pew pew pew. Reading the strategic situation is critical to entering tactical engagements with advantage. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of cerebral play in WOWS. There is also a good amount of technique. Those who can maximize one or the other can enter the realm of the good players. One can sometimes make up for a lack of cerebral play with good technique. One can sometimes make up for poor technique with good cerebral play. Those who maximize both cerebral play and technique...that's the realm of the elite.
  6. Soshi_Sone

    ship recommendation

    Dallas. Decided to run it for first time in years. Not a steller performance, but it was a T6 vs T8 planes. Only three of the 12 were figthers. Mine is air spec'd. 128/151/71 base, but if you catch them in a re-inforced zone with AA defense, it bumps to 285/340/160. The reach is 5.8/3.5/2.0. Good reach and decent damage at T6. And that's not counting three flak bursts and a fighter.
  7. Soshi_Sone

    12.6 wth?

    If I had a dollar every time I've heard that one....
  8. Soshi_Sone

    do cheat codes exist, and if so how common are they?

    Everything is hackable in some way these days. That said, after tens of thousands of games, of all the strange things I've encountered that appeared like a cheat, the final analysis (100%) was ops normal. The appearance of a cheat was simply myself not understanding how things worked or losing SA. The 100% over many years has led me to conclude that anytime this occurs, my default is always either not understanding something or I've lost SA. I still investigate it afterwards. Not so much that I think it's a cheat, but as a learning experience on what I missed. Every time I do this, the result is, to date, 100% me. If I ever found myself in a situation where I couldn't figure it out., I'd come to this forum with a replay. Again with the conviction, going in, that I missed something. Only after getting feedback from several of our renowned players that something indeed looked amiss would then engage further...with a trouble ticket to WOWS. I've made few queries to the forum over the years and all have come back to me not understanding something or losing SA. So...the first thing is the replay and a self evaluation. if that doesn't work, bring the replay to the forum. Lots of good eyes on the situation will do wonders on bringing understanding. I won't say cheats don't happen. I've just never seen one in play. Also, there are some features that appear to be hacks. For example, targeting a ship over terrain, when the reticle is on the terrain, provides auto ranging on the target. This is a feature, not a bug. <caveat> There have been "bugs" in the game which have been exploitable, but WOWS is usually good at patching those quickly when discovered. So there is an off chance that something isn't a hack, but is a bug. I've never been a victim (as best I can tell). But all the more to bring it to the forums as there are many folks here that can sniff these things out.
  9. Soshi_Sone

    The frustrating mystery of MM

    There is also a probability metric for divisions of elite players. For example, let's say there is an elite 3 player division working a tier. Any player on the same team as this elite division will experience more wins than the team facing the division. Matchmaker is looking to match up a 12 v 12 game. With no divisions, the likelihood of landing on one team or the other is 50%. Basically 12/24. However, divisions MUST be assigned to one team or another. Matchmaker does not split a division (for obvious reasons). So 3 places on one team will be taken up by the elite division. Hence, for all the other random players there are 9 slots on the division team and 12 slots on the other team. What is the likelihood of someone landing on the elite team? It's 9/21 = 43%. Hence, if you're playing a tier range where an elite division is prowling, the likelihood of winding up on the "good" team is as bad as 43%. There are other factors, such as numbers in queue or the existence of other good divisions that can skew this differently. But the point should be clear. There is a corollary to this for poor divisions. If there is a poor division working a tier the statistic is still valid...but to one's benefit. You'll only be saddled with the poor division 43% of the time.
  10. Soshi_Sone

    the best mind set in this game is to..

    "No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy" -Horatio Nelson Optimal play is not playing optimally to one's own capabilities, but in understanding how to play given the capabilities of the TEAM. A suboptimal execution on one's own ship, when integrated into the actions of the TEAM, can result in a greater optimization overall. Play as best you can, but understand there are players of less skill than you and those of greater skill. Finding one's place in the midst of this situation is key. Sometimes it's a leadership role. Sometimers it's a follower role. Sometimes it's a mix. But also remember. Even if you play perfectly within the context I describe above, you can still lose. And even if you potato grandly, you can still win. So part of the mindset is to understand that losses will come no matter what you do. And above all, enjoy the game. I too get salty and yell at the screen when I see crappy things happen. That's all part of the competitive spirit. But I also know I can just crank up a new game and go at it again.
  11. Soshi_Sone

    Bearn completely broken

    Players who don't know Bearn get slapped crazy. Players that know Bearn can mitigate the problem relatively easily. The reason Bearn does so well is many player in its tier range simply don't know how to play against it.
  12. Soshi_Sone

    Torps Torps and more Torps

    If you're running away, and you get pinged on your booty...dodging is easier in a slow BB. Even KC can do it...
  13. Soshi_Sone

    Tier 6 premium BB's

    I love my WVa 41. 16 inchers and spotter FTW!