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  1. Note that Massive AA also makes the TBD heal more useful, if I understand the effect properly. But as others have noted, the skill is mainly for LOW AA ships. So the design goal appears to give low AA DDs and other ships that have poor AA a method to extract a guaranteed amount of damage.
  2. Soshi_Sone

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    Here you go: All said...these are with brawlers. Some BBs the best strat is to sit back and rain terror. I don't push like this much in Musashi or Yamato. You can often sit back and kick from mid to long range before pushing up. But every game is different. Every map. Deployments, etc.
  3. Soshi_Sone

    I need a hair cut

    ...cause this comb is too sweet to waste.
  4. Soshi_Sone

    Finally, Someone Who Appreciates the CV

    I get as much (or more) ty in my CV than my other ships. And even when I don't get a chat ty, I'll often see karma compliments at end game.
  5. Soshi_Sone

    Four shells - Four Cits

    I was mentally processing two threats, both from the Neptune. I had spotted him just before he smoked, and he was now undetected. I was frantically turning away to avoid his torps (which I had not seen yet, but as I also play Neptune, I KNOW they're on the way). As I turned to put myself in position to rear comb his torps, I had to give him my broadside. A Neptune can't do much to an angled Hood, but can punish one broadside...and he was making good use of what I gave him on the turn. All the while he was smoked up, so I was all defense getting pummeled without many options. Just get angled to stop the AP bleed and be ready to comb the torps. I guess one of my friendly DDs must have made it inside his detect ring while firing in smoke, and he was suddenly visible. I was able to pull off an aimed shot, but it was while I was still hard over to achieve my escape vector. As a Neptune driver, I know it has a high glass citadel, so I was aiming for it. And RNG gave me a great grouping to the aim point. I expected to hurt him, but not get the DS. His torps appeared after the delete, and I was able to avoid them.
  6. Soshi_Sone

    First time since the rework!

    Correct. Every Det of a ship with 50% plus HP will also get you a Devastating Strike.
  7. Soshi_Sone

    not enough time to complete objectives

    Ah...the true joy of WOWS. Perfect fun. When i want to. As long as I want to...without worrying about what I'm completing or not. Just a blast having a blast. That said, I do support WG with real dollars here and there. I get things I enjoy while helping them keep the lights on and make the payroll.
  8. Quite possibly the best two turret (four shell) salvo I've every fired.
  9. Soshi_Sone

    First time since the rework!

    Inquiring minds want to know: 1. Did the DD wait until getting regular spot before turning on AA? 2. If you had to re-position outside normal detect, did he turn AA off? 3. Did you get him in trail, head on, or broadside?
  10. Soshi_Sone

    I am sad

    Soshi cheer you up:
  11. Hood (me) leading an early game push...Bismarck in trail.
  12. I've showed how a Biz can push early in T10 and make an impact. Now here's an MA push. Note the similar dynamic to the Biz push. A nice rock in the middle for some safety. I pretty much get to be the point man for the push. But the beauty of MA is it's a brawler and can do this. Not all BBs are designed for this kind of action. Get to go Mano mano against a GK at 4km. Well, he has to bow my friendly GK, giving me advantage. And my T10 CA back support is superb, as is our harassing DD. Once the GK is dispatched, we get to focus the remaining ships on our flank, then foll the reds left to right. A subtle minor miscue...shortly after the GK is dispatched I decide to begin a new push at the same time a friendly Salem is pushing on my port side for the rock on my starboard side. Realizing his objective, I had to go full reverse and abort my push to avoid the bump as well as give him a vector to the rock. He needed the rock (that Jean Bart still had some bite) more than I needed to push. The transition made for a good side by side pic. Edit: A bit of big picture strategy/tactics. I didn't notice when I was engaged in the west, and didn't get a good picture until I saw the video. We had an FDG held up at the B cap against a DD and flanking Reds. In his world, he was in a a tough spot. DD ahead behind the rock. Flanking BBs. No help. Looking for a Salem to flush the DD. I fully understand his salt. I've been there too. And would have been a bit salty as well. But to our Salems' credit, they too had their hands full helping the west flank focus down two BBS and roll up the flank. Our FDG got pretty much messed up, and didn't come out very well score wise. But I give him credit...he delayed a superior force...held the best he could, and got rolled. But not in vane. His frustrating experience bought us the time needed, and the team used it for a pretty solid win. Sometimes, in your world, you're all alone against overwhelming odds. As long as the other greens are pushing their advantage to overcome your disadvantage...all can turn out good for the team...even if it turns out bad for you.
  13. Soshi_Sone

    SC drought...

    Yeah...all I ever get are flags. Not complaining. Just the way it is.
  14. Soshi_Sone

    trying to care/FAIL!

    I play 'em all. BB...CA...DD...CV. Lots of fun to be had. The real beauty are those times I get the feeling (unwarranted most of the time) that a type is running wild. In that case, I'll either go with the counter and smash 'em...or go wild and join them.
  15. Soshi_Sone

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    The USN line T7 and below are somewhat the victim of power creep. As they were the first (along with the IJN), the power creep of the following lines have somewhat diminished their luster, with the latest Russian line having an arguable advantage at tier. Even at the time, I struggled with the line, particularly the Colorado. But after running up the line, gaining a lot of experience, I now have a great time with the mid tier ships. Texas, Arizona, Colorado. I find them fun ships to play. And now West Virginia. I think the key to this fun is understanding how to play them. Understanding their strengths and weakness compared to the other lines. And this leads to another important factor. It's probably a good idea to run all the lines! Because the best way to gain an understanding of strength and weakness is to experience it yourself. The Hood, Scharn, Gneis, and Colorado all play differently. All have advantages and disadvantages. Over time, you figure out what works and what doesn't work. Watching videos and examining stats helps. But actual experience is best. I'd run all the lines to T5. Then pick one to concentrate on based on personal preference, while not neglecting the others unless you find one that just isn't any fun for you. Remember to have fun. You can always come back later and discover that what was once unfun, is now fun.