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  1. Used it yesterday evening. Works.
  2. Soshi_Sone

    How to fit your team in one square

    A T6 CV, in a T8 match, of all things.
  3. Soshi_Sone

    Okay, help unwrap this guy's thinking?

    Nuance is learned (via experience) and taught (explained by others). The best clans and best players get both. The better clans practice the art, while some clans just have fun playing together, and don't really practice the art per se. They just play the game. I suspect most clans just play together. I know the nuance of many ships. Know many of their capabilities relative to other ships. I've learned this by just playing the game. That said, there is a LOT I do not know. A LOT where I will make the wrong decision because I'm ignorant of the dynamics of the situation. And I'm sure there are a LOT of players in the same boat. That's just the reality of the game we play. For the situation described by OP, I fully understand the logic of a player's desire to survive. Many DD players, when contact is made, their first instinct is to turn and disengage. For those who understand the dynamics...understand DPM vs HP...and the ships involved...those who understand this might play differently understanding the difference. But many do not understand this difference. At least not enough to overcome the automatic "disengage" mantra. This would be doubly so if the other team had a points lead. All should remember (in both this game...as well as life itself), people don't think the same. They don't understand what we understand. They act on a different set of priorities. If someone has superior skill, they will usually understand priorities at a high level than one who has less skill. The one with less skill will take actions that look "stupid" to the person with higher skill but look perfectly proper to the lower-skilled person. This is game life. This is real life.
  4. Soshi_Sone

    frustrated or bored

    Ships with poor AA often have attributes that are better in some other area. If you find yourself in a match without a CV, you have an advantage. You get the strength of the extra attribute without the drawback of poor AA. If a CV shows up, you are at a disadvantage. That's just the way things work. The key here is you can't play the latter game the same as the former. If you play a low AA ship in a style as if the CV wasn't there, then the CV is going to find you and focus you. Low AA ships played with support from high AA ships can do very well. As a CV captain, I seen this a lot. I see a lot of low AA ships I desire to pick on, but I can't get to them. I can't get an attack vector. That said, I sometimes find low AA ships running alone. I'll go after them. Not only do they suffer from weak AA, but that same weakness allows me to run a full squadron and make two or three strikes back to back. That is an enormous DPM advantage given I often only get ONE drop in a high AA environment. You simply cannot run alone in a low AA ship when CVs are lurking. There are some terrain tricks you can use. Terrain can mess up some types of attack runs. It's hard to describe unless you've played CVs. But this is more a nuance that is best applied with good AA support.
  5. Well, there is more to it than simply avoiding attacking high AA ships. The key is determining if the attack benefits outweigh the loses. I go after high AA ships early if they give me the opportunity. Most high AA ships are vulnerable if they are isolated and in a position where they can't evade. Of course, I look for the low AA ships. It's all about maximizing what I can do. I've played a lot of T8 CVs in T10 matches. There are not ANY T10 ships I won't go after under the right circumstances. And yes, this includes Mino and worcestershire sauce. The threshold of those two is very high. But they are not invulnerable. I can put strike on them. They'll just pretty much wipe out the squadron. But I can hurt them. In fact, this is part of the CV meta. You can pretty much hit anything. Seriously. No ship...alone...can avoid getting hit. It's just that the cost in planes can be enormous to the point you will quickly run out attacking this way. So...again...the threshold to attack will be high.
  6. Soshi_Sone

    High tier cruisers...Useless?

    No. It's false.
  7. Soshi_Sone

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    Playing CV requires some thought. Some knowledge. You need to know the AA capability of the ship you're up against, and the HP of the planes you're flying in with the attack. Some BBs have great AA. Some average. Some poor. And even that is relative to tier. Sometimes you dump flights before you go in because you won't be able to make a second strike. Sometimes you F key immediately after a strike because you will lose less this way than trying to exit the AA bubble before F key. Sometimes, you fly like mad to get out of the AA bubble and then F key. The location of back side AA will modify the decision. There are few "cookie cutter" solutions to AA. Most situations are like a puzzle. Who is vulnerable? Can I get to them? if so, can I get to them on an optimal trajectory? Is it worth flying around a screen? Who is on the outer perimeter? Can I get to them? if not, can I make them turn and become vulnerable to my team? How many strikes can I get with my squadron? Should I drop a flight or two?
  8. Soshi_Sone

    Can a Tier X CV be Deplaned?

    You presume the only part of playing CV is launching squadrons. Part of maximizing CV capabilities (just as with other ships) is maneuver and positioning. Sure, CV captains can sit in the back behind terrain and survive. But in only limited situation does this map into proper support for the team. To maximize the chance for the team to win, you gotta move. Sometimes, just like with other ships, it means you gotta get danger close. I'm not talking yolo. I'm not talking stupid play. I'm talking POSITIONING for maximum performance with the proper risk given the current situation. And yes, just like with other ships, this positioning can be "misplayed" resulting in instant...or near instant...elimination. Proper positioning has a double multiplier DPM effect with CVs, and a defense multiplier in general. This can be a BIG advantage. If my flight time to target is cut in half because I've positioned well, then my DPM can be effectively doubled. This also doubles my defensive fighter drops, as well as putting my CV AA near the front as extra protection. Again, pushing can be dangerous. It's a risk/reward thing. And we can get eliminated just as fast as the other guy if we screw it up.
  9. The "T" key. This is T6 and above. T4 cannot call fighters. Fighters are a consumable that squadrons can expend. When you hit the T key, it calls a fighter group to the position your squadron is at when the "T" key is pressed. As soon as you hit "T", a circle appears on the minimap showing the zone the fighters will operate in. A few seconds later, the fighters appear and begin patrolling the zone. They engage any enemy aircraft in or near that zone, and once engaged will chase a squadron a good ways beyond the zone. The term "drop" is used because hitting the T key essentially drops a waypoint on the mini-map at which the fighters will soon appear. The technical phrase is "call for fighters" A CV captain can use fighters in many ways. One way is to drop them over friendly ships to provide protection from enemy planes. They can also be dropped as spotters, to spot ships as the CV player's squadron attends to other business. Or, if a DD is spotted, dropped over the DD so the CV squadron can extend for an attack. Said extend often causes loss of sight of the DD, which makes the attack run more difficult. The fighter keeps the DD spotted making for a more efficient and effective attack run. The fighters can also be dropped to counter other fighters....mutual annihilation. Fighters are EXTREMELY effective against all the attack squadrons in the game. Once engaged, they kill very quickly. Their kills are limited to number of fighters in the patrol, their patrol duration is often of limited duration, and they are VERY susceptible (have very low HP) to AA fire.
  10. If you REALLY want to turn super fast, make the turn at the world boundary. Just make sure your vector when you hit it is going in the direction you wish to go, or you'll just slide along the boundary opposite your turn. On that topic, I'm surprise they bounce planes at the boundary. This can create some weird boundary tactics. A ship at the boundary can set their max AA vector inward. Planes can't reach the low AA side, and after making an attack run, bounce back into the high AA zone. One of my favorite early tricks is to run to a cap edge (red side). If i'm detected, but don't get AA fire, then I know a DD is close. I drop a fighter and move to the next cap to spot. As the first DD moves toward the cap I vacated, he is spotted by my fighter and my team shoots him, forcing him to retreat or smoke up...often short of the cap. This allows me to get good spots on two caps at the same time.
  11. Anyone run the AZ memorial flag on Hiryu? Hood's flag on Bismarck? So many things to do, and no one to notice.
  12. Soshi_Sone

    CV discussion not bashing or promoting

    I've yet to get my T10 CV. But I will take on ANY BB in the game with my T8 CV aircraft. It's not a question of "can", but the cost/benefit trade. In fact, this cost/benefit trade off is a critical part of playing CVs in general. The goal is to maximize what I can do for the win. I can deliver a T8 payload to any BB in the game. If that requires taking a full squadron into the massive AA of a Montana...then that's what I'll do. But there better be a very good reason for it. For example, say the Montana is fighting tooth and nail with a friendly BB. Both equally matched, and the game is on the line. A toss up. If i can just get one bomb pass....put some additional attrition damage...and maybe some fire damage...push the toss up in the team's favor....then that's what I"m doing even if I lose my entire squadron delivering the payload. That doesn't come up often, so for the most part I usually find easier targets that save my planes and allow me to deliver more paylaods to future targets...yada yada.
  13. Soshi_Sone

    CV discussion not bashing or promoting

    Do not position yourself so that your only option is an overflight. Not only will the DD get you, but all those ships on the other side will get you. Detect tangentially. You will know it's a DD. If he shoots you, he is spotted. If he doesn't shoot, then your "detected notification" let's you know. In most cases, you either spot abeam or astern. In both cases turn away and extend away from AA. If it's a weak AA DD, drop a fighter and get a spot. At this point you decide if you will engage, continue the spot, or move on. If you wish to engage, dump all but one flight, and make a run. In fact, you can have these all dumped ahead of time and save the time to dump them when the decision is made to attack. If necessary, get another tangential spot. Make the run, and launch a new squadron. At most, you lose one flight.
  14. Soshi_Sone

    Stop It

    I'm impressed by that Asashio. Not only scoring well, but surviving too! Would have got a karma tic from me.