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  1. Even without economy flags it does well
  2. Wicked_Little_Witch

    If you could only keep three ships

    Atlanta,cause well.... dakka dakka and salt collecting Massachusetts,cause its just plain fun Fletcher,cause my dad served on USS the sullivans
  3. Wicked_Little_Witch

    HE vs BB's and IFHE - another long time problem.

    I have done this in Atlanta sevral times, it is 100 % doable
  4. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Which one?Atlanta or Enterprise?

    Atlanta is a lot of fun,without flags it prints credits very well. If you slap a couple flags on it,you can easily break 1 million credits in a game As others have mentioned,islands are detrimental to survival,atleast in beginning of match. But once the field has dwindled,don't be afraid to go open water and harass the ships that are preoccupied . As for capt specs,this one works really well
  5. Wicked_Little_Witch

    French Event: What Are Your Free Mission-Drop Crate Results?

    got the T 6 and 7 both in free crates
  6. Wicked_Little_Witch

    More Tiers

    WeeGee should start at the beginning ,with the first Battleships
  7. Wicked_Little_Witch

    So what did Atlanta do to get crushed with the nerf bat?

    IFHE is top priority for Atlanta,nerfing it will make my mothball fleet even larger then it is now. if weegee wants to nerf it, I would be ok with get rid of the fire chance completely on it,that would balance it better then messing with the pen values.
  8. Wicked_Little_Witch

    julia's best - can you beat me :)

    7 perhaps
  9. Wicked_Little_Witch

    What is the A line?

    A line is a style of dresses
  10. Wicked_Little_Witch

    CVs: The Worst Gameplay Experience Of WoWs

    and it also has several meanings,pick up a dictionary sometime and learn those differences
  11. Wicked_Little_Witch

    CVs: The Worst Gameplay Experience Of WoWs

    sorry to bust the bubble that you live in,but I never once told anyone in this game to go F themselves,or have I refered to the players as cancer. the CV its self is the cancer, learn the difference cupcake
  12. Wicked_Little_Witch

    CVs: The Worst Gameplay Experience Of WoWs

    suck it up buttercup, get GOOD...oh and adapt is also the thing that CV players tell the rest of us.
  13. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Why were OWSF and 2km smoke firing removed from the game??

    kinda sounds like fighting with CVs
  14. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Spam FIre is over powered :v

    we see you
  15. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Just gonna take a break until this CV nonsense is resolved

    i am in same boat,i used to play at least an hour or 2 each night and keep a monthly premium subscription. not to mention all the premium ships sitting in my port rotting away,my purse is closed until this mess is delt with.