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  1. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    I have 4 cats, keyboards are one of their fave stomping grounds
  2. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    Looks like its time to ditch IFHE on my Atlanta and go with a pyro build
  3. This is what makes it fun !! Last night was our weekly sync drop night, we had well over 20 players involved and as always we strive to kill each other
  4. Wicked_Little_Witch

    World of?

    I actually enjoyed seeing CVs in games in the RTS days, when our AAA actually WORKED
  5. Wicked_Little_Witch

    10 seconds into "queue and chill" and MM gives you this look.

    I wonder how much money weegee could make if they offered CV free games for 10 dubs per match. I know I would gladly pay it
  6. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Upcoming 12 v 12 brawl

    12 is fine,looking forward to this CB
  7. Wicked_Little_Witch


    That's nothing, my fave is when planes drop torps on a sandy beach and they arm in the surf
  8. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    Best battle mode ever,i really hope to see more of this in future. its a nice change of pace from the boring stagnate style of play that usually goes with ranked or clan wars. Torpitz was the biggest pain in the butt to face and CVs by far the least
  9. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Why does this game have aircraft carriers?

    Playing with CVs is like playing a board game with a cat running across the board, its annoying. atleast in RTS days the friggin AAA worked and it wasent to bad to play against them.
  10. Wicked_Little_Witch


    Yessssss bring back RTS,at least the AAA worked
  11. Wicked_Little_Witch

    1 ship has ruined 3 tiers of play

    Wooster makes a really good Smolensk killer.... just saying
  12. Wicked_Little_Witch

    This Makes Zero Sense

    IFHE on mian guns has 88mm pen,maybe he got tired of bouncing AP off nose on cruisers and switched
  13. Wicked_Little_Witch

    So F'ed up....6 CV games...coming back after hiatus

    Nice try, lets take Atlanta as an example. in RTS days it had one of the best AAA in the game with a 7.1 km range and CVs avoided it Now its AAA range is cut,it has weak short range AA. The AAA (flack) no longer overlaps into the short range zone,so planes can pretty much park over it with immunity. Play more and post Less, you will learn more about the game
  14. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Atlanta help

    LOL ya ok
  15. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    We see you