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  1. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Anti-submarine warfare for carriers.

    Learn to dodge , maybe even ball up with the rest of the fleet for protection ,or get gud. I hope they do not give CVs ASW , just so they can feel the pain
  2. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    sadly, i have had no reply from the purple peanut gallery, so either someone is chicken or not as good as they think they are.
  3. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    i will take that challenge, T8 CV vs T8 BB, ocean map 1v1
  4. in RTS days,the DD could cuddle up to an Atlanta or wooster and laugh at the planes hitting the water. AAA actually worked
  5. Wicked_Little_Witch

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    While we are at it,Atlanta needs smoke and 20k torps and a heal would be nice also
  6. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Suggestion for CV play

    Or..... weegee could make a fortune selling special "CV free" premium time packages Its a win for weegee and the players who want nothing to do with the fun police
  7. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Need Sequential Ranked Sprint WeeGee

    To much fun, weegee would never allow that
  8. Wicked_Little_Witch

    There is nothing wrong with divisions in this game

    cant wait to try this
  9. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Carrier Aircraft changes for rockets

    Rockets are slower then bullets, you have to lead with guns don't you ? nice try though
  10. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Next CB season

    The choices should be 2 BB for 1 CV
  11. Wicked_Little_Witch

    CV get's their own Lobby

    The planes would never get close, my Wooster would eat them all up as I escorted the BB
  12. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    This ^^^^ a thousand times !!! Lets see the proof that CV interaction is enjoyable, we dare you WeeGee " woo hoo, we have CV in our match" Said no one ever in game chat
  13. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Seal Clubbing makes newer players want to quit.

    Anyone notice the most important thing in the OP screenshot ? All CV survived the match, that's all Wee Gee cares about !!