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  1. Wicked_Little_Witch

    time to buff the new mexico

    personally, I would rather see mex's speed bumped to about 24 knots and give it cat fighter option
  2. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Pew Pew Pew... The original machine gun...

    With Atlanta,even when you loose, you win
  3. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Santa wish list, please buff this ship....

    Dear Santa. Please give Atlanta its historic rate of fire. ohh and remove citadels from all CLs
  4. Wicked_Little_Witch

    a better border

    How about instead of a border,we have endless maps. Go east,ships comes out on west side,go north and ship comes out on south side. and just think,no more camping !!
  5. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Best WWII ship ever. Ever! This be fun!

    ^^This^^ even the most powerful ship is useless without logistics
  6. Wicked_Little_Witch

    The Potatoes are REAL

    I so need to try to make some, I love sweet potatoes. Thanks for the idea !!!
  7. Wicked_Little_Witch

    The Potatoes are REAL

    I can not believe that no one mentioned potato pancakes
  8. Wicked_Little_Witch

    What?! Girls play this game?

    uhoh,we are now exposed
  9. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Yeah that is something I rarely look at,let alone snap a shot of. but I do pay attention to the damage counter when I do set fires,and most time they get put out pretty fast
  10. Wicked_Little_Witch

    reward open water battle

    Maps with no borders would solve the whole issue of timid game play.
  11. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    The nice thing about IFHE is that you can strip the secondary guns from most BB fairly quicky and get really close to them in open water. Then you can stay out of their slow traversing gun arc and hammer away, or just lob some torps into them and move on to next target. Even with IFHE,you will still get a decent amount of fires. I haven't played Atlanta without IFHE yet,so I cant really compare hit numbers to fires set between the 2 here is a couple examples of fire numbers with IFHE. First one is 326 hits with 8 fires and second is 281 hits with 6 fires.
  12. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    DE is a waste,IFHE is the only way to go and you will notice a big change in salvo damage to BB superstructure right away. here is my 19 point Atlanta build
  13. Played it a few times, thought it was a nice change of pace and would love to see it for mid tier also
  14. Wicked_Little_Witch

    Tier 7 is the new Tier 8

    T 7 is still the most enjoyable tier by far,just think of the extra points you can farm being low tiered ^^
  15. Wicked_Little_Witch


    CL safe zone perhaps ?