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  1. Totally true my dude, good talk
  2. Okay so Missouri is an interesting case. We really know the reason the Missouri was nerfed was because of its earnings and a little for the radar. Missouri is just an Iowa with better credit earning and a radar. Those are the only benefits of that boat really. Removing or nerfing one would have to cause a complete rebalance of the ship, it was probably just easier for them to remove it from the shop than have to rebalance it while taking the backlash from the nerf. Kron and Stalin are different, they have other perks and benefits to counteract this nerf.
  3. Oh I agree, but WG will be WG
  4. They're BBs in game. They should already
  5. I mean what did you expect? They let a lot of people get Stalin, play it in its current form and then they'll balance it. This way more people had the opportunity to play it how it currently is and then they'll balance it.
  6. According to the EU WG Employee LordofDroid, all 4 super cruisers will get 60s fires. The Post Images: This has yet to be officially officially confirmed. On a personal note I am happy the "class" now has uniformity, I agree that they did out preform standard cruisers. However that's what they were designed to do, super cruisers should be their own class.
  7. While off topic yes, you in your own words said ". Plans ge." They aren't finalized plans. They aren't supposed to change. One shouldn't defend going back on the word "ready." That's poor business and practice
  8. I would normally agree with you. However if you look at the track record these changes aren't good. Usually over the top nerfs (like Yue yang who's current stats are extremely low now in a lot of categories) go through anyways unfortunately if you just wait and see, than the worst happens
  9. I would really like to see you not be a WG apologist and speak out. You're really going to defend a professional company for continuous screw ups? If that's not the most twisted thing
  10. No it's a case of the Kron is one of the highest preforming ships on every server. And stalingrad acctually has the armor to negate HE spam unlike the other two
  11. How often do bad balancing changes get reverted. The Yue Yang is still hurting from the sledge hammer it got hit with The problem is the precedent. Either nerf the ships (which is okay) but then nerf the other large cruisers that are already quite strong
  12. Just dropped it in, here's it for you too The Change
  13. The Change These fire changes going into test need to be reverted immediately. Azumas current deck, nose, aft and upper belt armor can't shatter any HE, so the whole line about "it has superior armor" is totally false. As upper tier large cruisers go, Alaska has the lowest HP and it doesn't need this fire duration increase. It also has medium concealment unlike Azuma, so disengagement is harder. Alaska can shatter HE shells on the main deck but so can Stalingrad. IF these changes go through they must include all large cruisers as a class balancing decision to get around the whole "premium" problem. Other than that I couldn't imagine why Kron and Stalin wouldn't be touched... I personally implore every tester testing this to tell WG no and do not move forward with this assinine change unless the whole class gets the change.
  14. MattttChris

    PSA: Don't Sell Saipan or Kaga

    Well, seeing as the CV rework goes live in 8.0, and the snowflakes are only for 7.12. We might have a problem champ
  15. MattttChris

    Why is Gascogne's reload 28 seconds?

    Ships with all the guns in the front can't have nice things. WG has routinely shafted super firing BBs. Jean Bart was close, but then got that 1.9 sigma nerf