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  1. MattttChris

    CA-2D for t10 soon^TM?

    You edited out my comments in the pic:(
  2. MattttChris

    NA Major Stream - Tonight!

    Big rip
  3. MattttChris

    NA Major Stream - Tonight!

    Hi sub, I appreciate the QnA. When playing carriers I find fighters frustrating in certain situations. Sometimes you have to make a strike, or you have to go through an area, and a CV drops a well placed fighter group, or a ship pops one you'll lose a lot of planes. There is close to 0 counter play to these fighters other than avoid, you can't dodge, can't run away, nothing. Could there ever be a more fine tuned fighter system to allow for some kind of interaction with fighters?
  4. MattttChris

    Where are the patch notes for 8.4?

  5. Was the patch delayed? Where are the patch notes?
  6. Lmaoooo imagine saying the most accurate BB with some of the best deck armor, and the only BB to overmatched 32mm armor has been power creept
  7. No wg this is just plain wrong. Wow WG legit this is one of the worst things you have done. For an entire month and longer than that you didn't say anything about the bomb drop speed, and then they got changed "correctly by chance" in 0.8.2 Honestly shocked right now
  8. MattttChris

    They found something! (Brit CV problem)

    To you people complaining there have been other threads. This is sub confirming they found a problem in the game, and they're trying to isolate what happened.
  9. I knew something was going on
  10. You guys really need to actually look into this. Please give more than a "we check, you're mistaken" answer.
  11. Like my reddit post, I would post screen shots every second of the bombs dropping. It makes it easier than having people to have to open client to view the replays.
  12. I am agreeing. (Well minus all the Russian stuff but that's regardless) But what I am saying is that you need to show a drop before 8.2 where they weren't boosting. Apparently boosting in 8.1 you could negate the bomb drop nerf that happened in 8.0.3. To prove that a change happened you need to show un boosted for all 1. Bomb drop speed pre 8.0.3 2. Bomb drop speed post 8.0.3 3. Bomb drop speed post 8.2 You need to prove that bombs dropped 1s in 8.0, than it changed to 2s in 8.0.3, than changed to 4ish in 8.2 all while not boosting during drop