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  1. Okay but when? I already signed up but when is this test supposed to begin?
  2. They're different boats but have a similar role. Alaska has slower shells with a longer reload, while Kron has MUCH faster shells and a better reload. Alaska has USN pen angles, but sometimes how fast the Kron shells are can make up for that. Alaska has AA, Kron doesnt really. They're both different and unique, but right now I would get the Kron over the Alaska. It's kinda missing that Thing that makes it interesting. I thought it would be the USN AP angles, but tbh the Alaska needs those angles to be effective. Without them the slow shells would be kinda weak
  3. MattttChris

    HMS Cossack news?

    Lel makes sense
  4. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    You're so right. Thank you for that This'll probably be the last post on the forum for me I just wanted to sink more time into the game :(
  5. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    What did I walk back on? I dragged myself into an argument that shouldn't of even happened Again the point was it would be nice to have that class of ships both at T9 and T10. How it happens I dont carre. The only "Walk back" was me just saying I don't care how it gets done (Wheter Guam is 10 or 9), I just want it The post wasn't even an argumentative post! I was literally asking for a T10 Alaska class in addition.
  6. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    Man you're telling me Something that mattered nothing and had no importance took over the whole feed That is exactly why I have such few posts on the forum here and why my picture is the one it is. People get distracted by one little thing and can't look at the whole purpose of the statement
  7. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    1. It was leaked as a T9-10 possibly steel ship 2. People got pissed because it was steel and not a lot of people have a lot of steel 3. WG came out and said "we don't know how it will be distributed yet" 4. It gets officially announced on the Dev blog as a T9 CA These events are fact. I have not claimed anything except for that. My assumptions are that they saw the response and it made them firmly decide to make it a T9. That's my assumption, that's my story. It's not gospel. It what I theorized. Do my assumptions matter. NO. Do I still want a T10 Alaska class, yes. Does its possible previous tiering matter, NO Does that change that I think having one at T10 would be awesome, NO I don't think that SEA group is gospel. SEA group, dev blog, and daily bounce are the sources I used. Combining the fact that it was leaked as a T9-10 ship and this data mine post I made the assumption it could have been previously a T10. Does that matter, NO. I just want one at T10 so I can play it in CB and ranked This is all i'm saying. Whatever you think I'm saying stop. This is all I'm saying. Ignore my distractions and talking about balance. This, this, this. I apologize for the confusion. This message is all im saying
  8. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    I'm not here to talk about the balancing. I did digress. Yes I can see my errors. However when you jump into a thread and just say "you're wrong" how do you expect someone to respond? And no I'm not confusing the two things. They're separate. You said people weren't pissed, and I showed you people were pissed it was rumored to be steal. This has nothing to do with its tiering. Only that, yes people got pissed.
  9. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    And that's totally fine. I did digress and talk about balance. However I would still love to have one at both tiers
  10. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    Personally I'd drop the T9s front and aft armor to 25 mm, 2.0 sigma and call it a day. For the T10 give it a little more AA, and give it some more HP and keep the current 27 mm front and aft armor
  11. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    I siad they complained about it being for steel. Not the tiering. T10 ships aren't distributed by free xp, only steel (from what we've seen) So I assume when WG saw people get pissed they dropped it a tier so it could be distributed by free xp Here are the people getting pissed, and WG having to come out and say it won't necessarily be for steel. And it still is pointless, you're arguing over semantics. It still hasn't changed. One at T10 and one at T9 would be awesome
  12. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    I quoted one of the more prominent data mining sites. If they're incorrect they are. But with the current stats it seems strong for a T9, I can see it currently being a T10 and being more balanced. . Read the comments. If you can't be bothered to I'll quote them to you. A WG guy even had to come out and say that they don't don't know how they'll distribute the ship yet. Read the comments
  13. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    What does that even matter? I swear you argue just to argue. The point is people want the Alaska class and they don't want it for steel I would love for everyone to get the oppertunity to play the Alaska class (Free XP), but I would also love to play her in late game content. This is why having the Guam at 9 and the Alaska at 10 would be nice. Or if you must reverse it! Alaska at 9 and Guam at 10 I dont even see why you're arguing. I'm literally asking for more of the same because I like it so much lolool
  14. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    Really you never saw all the posts about how people were not happy with Alaska "reportedly" being a steel ship? I mean really?
  15. MattttChris

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    No they do not, thats why I dont think it would be awful to get one at 9 and 10. Really I just want to play her for late game content