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  1. I'm having a huge bug where my FPS will drop from 75 to 12 when I command my planes to move. WG pls help
  2. USN CVs will always be junk. As soon as they're not they get nerfed into the ground
  3. how to yamato?

    Point lolpen guns at enemy, pull trigger
  4. Looking for new clan

    Hello recruiters, I am looking for a clan to do clan battles with. I would like a clan that has regular players on to div with and a moderately competitive clan. I have just over 3k games and a 52% win rate. I'm good with every type of ship but my strength lies in CVs. The clan I'm in now was just a clan with my friends but we don't have enough members for clan battles and I would like to div up more regularly.
  5. Blyskawica needs some major buffs

    I just played my Bkys last night too, it definetly needs buffs
  6. T9/T10 Japanese DD Play

    Sad this is the world we live in (regarding the PC police)
  7. Lol what is wrong with you. A completely normal and well thought out fix, the nerve of some people. But for real this is a great idea however WG has too much on their plate and will never do something like this. It has to be as quick and easy a fix as it is lazy to do. An overhaul will probably never happen.
  8. Return my Midway?

    Or I purchased a product and the product I purchased is different and has been changed. That's why I want a refund. Not that I'm particularly angry, I just want the ship I payed for.
  9. Return my Midway?

    No I was asking where does it say that I can't return my Midway and her camo. I want my money back if they nerf her again
  10. Return my Midway?

    Exactly pal. Tired of this [edited]. Hak has been better than Midway for about a year and nothing. A couple months of *slight* difference and immediate nerfs
  11. Return my Midway?

    Do you have a quote or a link or anything from WG that confirms this?
  12. Return my Midway?

    They're considering nerfing the fighters to tier 9 while the Hak keeps its tier 10s
  13. Return my Midway?

    Lololol already got the Missouri, I don't need any other. Let's hope I can return and get my money back if this dumb change goes through. Got to make sure Americans can't have same tier planes
  14. Return my Midway?

    I spent money on the prenium camos for the Lexington, Essex and Midway. If the Midway changes to fighters go through can I return my camos and get the credits back for my purchase of the ship? I'm tired of the USN CV line getting nerfs and being awful compared to the IJN.
  15. Dunkirk operation?

    Yes the French captain for getting 4 stars and the Jack Dunkirk